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Chapter Twenty-Seven
The Final Battle
Part Three

"Do you think we will make it?" asked Fei-Long. He, Rayden, Honda, Sub- Zero, and Kitana were running through the woods searching for Shao's lair.

"We're almost there," Rayden said. "I can feel evil just ahead.

Suddenly, Rayden stopped in his tracks. The other four saw this and stopped in their tracks as well.

"What's wrong, Rayden?" asked Sub-Zero looking at Rayden in confusion.

"I didn't get rid of my immortality," Rayden replied. "With my immortality, I cannot face Shao Kahn."

"Wait a minute, I'm confused," said Fei-Long.

"Me too," Honda agreed. "I mean, you faced Shang Tsung, isn't he a part of Outworld?"

"Yes," Rayden replied. "But Shao Kahn is much stronger and more powerful. I would need to go back to the world of the Elder Gods to give up my immortality."

"Rayden," said Sub-Zero. "We destroyed Shang Tsung and you saved my life. You've done a lot for us during this tournament. Just stay here, the four of us will take care of Shao."

"Are you sure?" Rayden asked.

Sub-Zero nodded.

"We'll be careful," said Kitana.

The four of them made their way through the woods.

Rayden nodded. "Good luck, my friends."


Ryu, Chun-Li, Ken, Guile, Liu, Cammy, Dan, and Mika stood in their fighting stances and looked up at the Emperor of Outworld, Shao Kahn.

"Don't think that any of you will make it out alive," Shao said. "Tonight, you will all die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"That's what you think!" Guile cried. "Face it Kahn, it's eight against one, you're sure to lose."

"Really?" Shao said. "You should never underestimate me Colonel Guile. No one has ever beaten me and lives even if they have a full army against me! I will give you all an offer. Join Outworld and I shall spare your lives."

"Never!" cried Liu. "Outworld has done nothing but cause chaos and we will put an end to it tonight!"

"Fine then. Let the battle to your deaths begin!"

Meanwhile, Sonya and Jax sat against the wall injured from the previous fights. Sonya looked at Jax. "I hate to just sit here and watch."

"They want us to do that," Jax replied. "Our injuries are not well enough for us to go up against Shao."

"I know, but I just want to save the world."

Jax nodded.

The eight fighters stood still and stared at Shao not sure of what move to make first.

"Why are we just standing?" asked Ken. "Let's get him!" With a battle cry, Ken started to run after him.

"I'm with you!" Dan cried following him. Mika did the same as well. Everyone else followed letting out a battle cry.

Ken jumped in the air and pointed his leg out. Shao only grabbed his leg throwing him aside like a fly. Dan started to throw series of punches at Shao, but he blocked every one of them. Shao pushed him aside towards Ken. Mika tried to go behind him to grab him from behind, but Shao grabbed her arms, delivered a hard blow to her face, and then threw her to the opposite wall. Cammy jumped in next delivering her best kicks. Then, Shao grabbed her by her pigtails, swung her around, and then let go. She flew to where Mika was. Guile got under him and attempted his backward somersault, but Shao kicked him in his 'special place.' Guile rolled away. When he stopped he went into some extreme pain.

"Cheap!" he cried out.

Chun-Li went up next, delivering her Thousand-Burst Kicks. She became shocked when Shao blocked all of her kicks. Shao delivered an uppercut to her jaw sending her flying backwards.

Ryu jumped in next throwing series of raging punches and kicks. Shao blocked them all of course. Then, he took Ryu by the head and threw him aside. Liu jumped in doing the same thing as Ryu. Shao only laughed and kicked Liu hard in the stomach sending him flying backwards.

Ken and Dan recovered and got up. "Let's get him," Ken said.

"Yahoo!!!" Dan cried out. The two ran after Shao from behind. Ken jumped on his back while Dan grabbed one of his arms.

"Got him!" Ken cried out.

Everyone else except Mika ran over to him and started grabbing him and jumping on him. Shao struggled through the grips.

Mika slowly got up.

"Mika!" cried Dan. "Come join the great piggy-back ride!"

Mika laughed a little and ran over to the group. As she got closer, Shao managed to free his arms from Dan and Guile. He took Cammy by her head and smashed her hard to the ground. Cammy screamed in pain.

"Cammy!" Mika cried.

Ryu, Ken, Chun-Li, and Liu remained on Shao's back. Ken managed to reach over to Shao and cover his eyes.

"Now you see us, now you don't!" Ken said.

"Ken, this is no time for jokes!" Liu cried. He ended up losing his grip on Shao and slipped off his back.

Shao became angry and grabbed Ken by his wrists. Ryu and Chun-Li let go of Shao and slid off his back. Shao threw Ken in front of him, jumped, and kneed him hard in the chest. As he jumped, green shadows followed him.

"KEN!!!" Ryu cried as he heard his best friend scream in pain. Shao simply dropped Ken after that. Ken landed on the ground and then put his hands over his broken ribs. Shao landed back down afterwards.

Shao turne to Cammy who was barely conscious. "Two down, six to go!"

The remaining six fighters ran towards Shao again. Guile jumped in the air and attempted a roundhouse kick. As Shao blocked the move, Mika slid under Guile and attempted to trip Shao. Shao quickly saw this, jumped a few feet in the air, and stomped on her. Mika screamed in pain.

"MIKA!!!!!" Dan cried out. He jumped in the air and performed his Dankuu Kyaku. Shao saw this and blocked the move. Then, he managed to grab Dan's leg and threw him aside again. Mika quickly rolled out of the way ignoring the pain in her stomach.

Guile went after him again and threw series of punches at Shao. Then Shao grabbed his right arm. Guile expected to be thrown to the side again, but to his surprise Shao quickly twisted his arm. Guile growled in pain as he felt his elbow being dislocated.

"Am I cheap now?" Shao asked. Guile fell to the ground and held on to his arm.

The remaining five fighters ran towards Shao letting out their battle cried. Shao opened his mouth. A green fireball came out of his mouth at high speed. Everyone dodged out of the way, but as Dan moved, the fireball hit his side sending him flying backwards. Dan hit his head on the wall knocking him out unconscious.

"DAN!!!!!" Mika cried out. She looked at Shao with rage and ran towards him. She jumped in the air, both of her feet extended out. Shao blocked the move. Mika quickly jumped back and landed on the ground. Shao lunged at her and threw a few punches at her. Mika blocked the first few, but then missed one fast punch from Shao and was hit square in the jaw.

The other four fighters ran over to help, but then, Shao took out his sledge hammer from the air using magic, and slugged Mika hard with it. Mika spitted out blood as she flew backwards in the air. She landed on her side. Mika tried to get up, but felt too weak to do so.

Ryu, Chun-Li, and Liu got close to Shao again. Liu jumped in the air, brought his legs forward, and darted towards Shao. He attempted his bicycle kick, but Shao managed to block the move. Then, he did a backward flip, his leg extended, and kicked Liu's back. Liu fell to the ground in pain. Chun-Li ran over to him again but before she did anything, Shao took out his hammer again and hit her side hard enough to break one of her ribs. Chun-Li cried in pain as Ryu ran over to Shao and threw more punches and kicks at Shao making him drop his hammer. Then, Shao threw an uppercut punch at Ryu's jaw. Ryu flew back a little and fell to the ground.

Shao stood over everyone and laughed. "Like I said before, never underestimate me."

Sonya growled in anger. She slowly got up and starts running towards Shao.

Jax saw this and looked at Sonya with terror. "Sonya, NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!"

Sonya jumped in the air and performed her scissor kick. Shao grabbed her by the legs and threw her to a wall in fast speed. Sonya hit her head hard on the wall knocking her out.

Jax slowly go up. "Sonya!" He looked up at Shao. "Shao Kahn!!! You're going to get it!!!!!!" Despite the intense pain running throughout his body, Jax ran as fast as he can towards Shao. Shao's back was turned to Jax. Jax jumped in the air with his leg extended. To his surprise, Shao stepped aside. Jax flew past him and landed hard on the ground making his injuries worse.

Shao looked at everyone. "You all lose! Now you will all die." He looked down and saw Chun-Li right next to his feet. He bended down to her and grabbed her by the neck. "And this one will be the first to die."

Ryu, who was only two feet away, quickly looked up seeing Chun-Li in Shao's grasps. Like with Ken inside the lair, Shao began to twist her neck.

"SHO-RYU-KEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Ryu cried out. He jumped in the air, his arm raised. He managed to hit Shao under his chin. The three of them fly high in the air. As Shao landed on the ground, Ryu managed to catch Chun-Li in his arms. He landed on his feet while Shao landed on his side.

It was then that Liu got up and ran over to Shao. Just before Shao could recover from the blow, Liu got to him and rapidly threw punches and kicks at Shao.

Ryu laid Chun-Li down back on the ground. Chun-Li looked up at Ryu. "You saved my life again."

Ryu smiled. "Don't worry. Liu and I will take care of Shao. You and the others rest."

Chun-Li nodded. Ryu got up and ran over to aid Liu.

Shao managed to throw a punch at Liu but as he does, Ryu jumped in and rapidly throws more kicks and punches at Shao. Shao only managed to block a few, but Ryu then threw a regular uppercut sending Shao flying in the air.

Shao landed on the ground. Ryu and Liu watched as Shao slowly got up. "Lucky shot, but you'll still die!" He ran over to them. Liu ran towards him as well. Shao threw a few punches, but Liu blocked them. Then, he gave him a hard slug, and then kicked him in the chest. Ryu jumped in and threw a hard punch at his face, his jaw, and then his stomach.

"He's getting weaker!" Liu cried out. "Let's finish this!"

"Right!" Ryu cried out. He jumped in the air, put on leg out, and started spinning rapidly. "TATSUMAKI SENPUU KYAKU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" He hit Shao in the face multiple times. As soon as he landed, Liu jumped in the air, pointed both of his legs forward, and spun his body rapidly bringing himself towards Shao. He hit him hard enough to break one of his ribs.

Ryu collected energy in his hands. Liu quickly returned next to Ryu and put his hands out.

"On a count to three," said Liu. "We release our energies."


Shao slowly got up not realizing what Ryu and Liu were about to do.


"Over there!" cried Honda. He pointed in front of him.

The others saw Shao's Lair. Not only did they see the lair, but also saw their friends scattered around.

"They're not dead, are they?" asked Fei-Long.

Kitana looked at all of them. "No, they're all still alive."

"Look over there!" cried Sub-Zero. The others saw where he was pointing that. Ryu and Liu were up watching Shao struggle to get up.

"What the......" Kitana only managed to say.


"One...." Liu cried out. "Two.........three!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"SHINKU HADOUKEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"


The two warriors released their powers. The energies swirled around each other then unite as one. Then, in very high speed, it shot towards Shao and hit him hard enough to fly backwards.

"NNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Shao cried out before slamming his body against the wall. He fell onto his stomach unconscious. Then, the boulders and rocks above him quickly fell towards him until they buried him completely.

Ryu and Liu looked at the boulders with their arms still extended out. For a minute, there was silence.

"We did it," Ryu said.

"Yes," Liu replied. "He is finally destroyed."

"Whoa!" cried a voice. Ryu and Liu turned around and saw Sub-Zero, Kitana, Fei-Long, and Honda walk up towards them.

"Nice job you guys," said Kitana. "The Outworld is no more!"

Suddenly, a bolt of lightning struck just next to them, startling the warriors. Rayden appeared next to them.

"Well done my friends," Rayden said. "The world is free again. Now, I must go and heal the others."

As he healed Ken, Chun-Li, Guile, Dan, Mika, Cammy, Sonya, and Jax, the others looked up at the sky. It started to turn into an orange color indicating that it was past dawn.

When Rayden finished healing the others, Dan and Mika ran over to each other.

"It's over!" cried Dan as he and Mika embraced.

"Let's go back to Japan and celebrate!" Mika cried. The two shared a passionate kiss.

Guile checked his arm out. "Wow, I'm cured!" Then, he looked up at the sky. "You can rest in peace now, Charlie."

Everyone else hugged each other and then celebrated their victories with cheers.

"Now, there is only one thing left to do," said Ken. Everyone looked at him. "Pack our bags and get off this island!"

"Good idea!" cried Honda. "I can't wait to get home and eat some sushi!"

Jax then looked at Cammy. Knowing that she had nowhere to go, he walked up to her. "How about you come back with Sonya and I. I know a military in England that may take you in."

Cammy smirked a little. "Thank you."

"Wait!" cried Mika. "So if this is all over, who won the tournament?"

Everyone thought for a minute. Finally, Rayden said, "No one did! Even though Sub-Zero killed Shang, you had to fight Shang in an actual tournament."

Everyone nodded in agreement.

"Why are we standing around?" asked Fei-Long. "Let's get out of here while it's morning!"

Ken, Guile, Cammy, Dan, Mika, Liu, Rayden, Kitana, Fei-Long, Honda, Sub- Zero, Sonya, and Jax started walking back through the woods. Chun-Li noticed Ryu looking back at the boulders.

She walked over to him and wrapped her arms around his waist. Ryu felt this and put his hands over her's.

Chun-Li stood on her toes to whispered in his ear. "What are you thinking?" she asked.

Ryu looked over at Chun-Li. "I have a bad feeling about something."

A concerned look appeared on Chun-Li's face. "Like what?"

Ryu sighed. "Like this is not over yet."

Chun-Li placed one of her hands on Ryu's face. "Don't worry, Shao's gone now. It's the end of that......but a new beginning of something else." She gave him a seductive smile.

It took a few seconds for Ryu to get the message. He leaned over to her and the two shared a passionate kiss for a minute. Neither of them wanted the moment to end.

After breaking the kiss, Chun-Li took his hand. "Let's catch up with the others."

"Right," Ryu said. Holding hands, the two ran through the woods to catch up with the others.


An hour later........

The nameless island was now deserted. The survivors of the tournament are now off the island.

At Shao Kahn's Lair, there is nothing left but rocks and boulders scattered around the grounds.

Then, a couple of rocks slid to the side slowly.

A hand slowly merged out from underneath.........

[The End]
To be continued in "Deadly Alliance: The Outworld Sequel." Coming Soon!

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