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Chapter Twelve
Cho Hadouken

 The next morning, Ryu, Veronica, and Mason were awake while the others were still sleeping.

"I hate to say this," said Mason. "But I'm going to get going soon because I've got to finish the investigation here."

"Where do you think you'll be going next?" asked Veronica.

"Not sure," Mason replied. "I'll probably go back to America or something." He looked at his watch. "Whoa! I'm going to be late." He hugged Veronica. "Tell Chun-Li and Fei-Long that it is good to see them again and I wish that I could stay longer to at least say good-bye."

"All right," Veronica replied. Mason grabbed his baton and made his way out the door.

"He's a pretty busy guy so you have to excuse him for rushing out," Veronica said to Ryu. Then a worried look appeared on her face.

Ryu noticed this. "What's wrong Veronica?"

Veronica sighed and looked at Ryu. "I'm really worried about Jasmine. After last night, I became afraid for her. She said that she has no control over that thing she shot out."

"I think I know what it is," Ryu said. "There is a power technique called Hadou that I learned in my travels seven years ago. It looks pretty similar to Jasmine's powers."

Veronica's blue eyes became wide. "You mean you can shoot out energy like that as well?"

"Yes, except my power does not have the electricity Jasmine has. I know a way that I can help her. This afternoon, I'm going to help her control this."

Veronica put a hand over Ryu's. "Thank you so much. I just hope that Jasmine will be all right in the end."


That afternoon, Ryu took Jasmine a few miles outside of London in a grassy field. The place seemed abandoned. A resident told Ryu about this place and he felt that it's the perfect place to help Jasmine with her new powers. Ryu was wearing his white karate gi while Jasmine was wearing her white tank top, blue jeans, and ADIDAS sneakers.

The winds blew softly making the climate cool. Jasmine's long hair lightly flew with the wind.

"So you know about this power?" Jasmine asked.

Ryu looked at her. Her eyes are filled with so much concern and worry.

"Yes," Ryu replied. "It's a technique I learned called Hadou. My Hadou is an energy that is collected from different types of energy from the environment. I learned the Hadou when I was in India."

"Who taught you?"

"His name is Dhalsim. He told Ken and I about the different kinds of Ki energies. Hadou is the one I mastered of course. There are different types of Ki to master. You're very lucky to meet me because I'm the only living person in the world who knows about Hadou."

Jasmine gasped. "So you had to learn Hadou by yourself."

"Yeah, but I pulled through. Before I went to India, I was in Hong Kong when I met this old man at the mall and he was really sick. He wanted to go somewhere private. Then he was surrounded by this blue energy and it all fell to his hands. He swallowed it and it exploded in his stomach. It was his way of curing himself of his sickness. He brought me to his restaurant that afternoon and his explained to me about the technique. It was there that I learned the breathing technique of the Hadou. When I went to India, I knew how to summon it, but I didn't know how to control it."

"But for me," Jasmine said. "It just came out of nowhere."

"But you do have the ability to summon it, that's for sure. Controlling it is a different story, but I found a way to do so. There was a cave there called The Cave of Ancients. When someone entered there, you get this weird illusion unless you try to touch this statue that was in there. Then you get killed. So I went through my illusion, which involved fighting an opponent. I noticed these weird red lines that were around and it seems like they were my opponents intentions. The fight was over when I learned that. Then, I was brought to another illusion, and it was there when I learned how to control it. I summon my Hadou and then these colored lines flashed in front of me. I was the only one there so I figured that those lines were my intentions. I visualized an opponent and I shot out my Hadouken."

"So what you're saying is that I should pretend to face an opponent with my Hadou?" Jasmine asked.

"Yes," Ryu replied. "Knowing your intentions is what is going to help control it."

"Ryu," Jasmine said. "Show me your Hadouken."


Ryu stretched his arms out a little bit then straightened himself. He put his arms out and slowly swung them in front of him in a circular motion. Jasmine immediately started to feel the energy collect towards Ryu.

Then, a ball of energy sucked into Ryu's hands. Ryu cupped his hands with the energy in between them and pulled his arms to the side. He had always been relieved that he could finally summon the Hadou in five seconds now instead of five minutes. He clenched his teeth and tried his best to control the energy. Although it has been a lot easier to control the Hadou now, Ryu knew that the energy could still go out of control if he wasn't careful enough.

Jasmine watched in amazement, her green eyes wide opened. 'That's such an amazing power,' she thought. 'I can't believe that I most likely possess that.'

Then Ryu threw his arms in front of him and the energy flew out of his hands in high speed. "Hadouken!!!" he cried out. The energy made a loud whistle as it flew into the sky. It got smaller and smaller until there was a spark in the sky.

Jasmine was speechless for a brief moment. "That's so amazing!"

Ryu smirked at her. "You know, you do possess that power as well. Now see if you can try it."

Jasmine nodded nervously. She straightened herself up and closed her eyes. She started to spin her arms around just the way Ryu did.

'Could I control this?' she thought. 'I really hope that I can control this.'

After a few minutes, her arms started to get tired, but then she started to get that electric feeling in the pit of her stomach. She could feel the electric sensation starting to run up her arms.

Ryu watched as the electricity started to surround her body. 'It's like it's coming from within her and not from the environment. Where did it come from?'

Then, Jasmine put her hands out, her palms opened. An electric ball appeared right above her palms. Her eyes suddenly snapped open. Once again, the pupils and iris' were gone. All that was in her eyes is a light blue color. Jasmine started to clench her teeth as she started to feel it go out of control. She cupped her hands in front of her.

I need to concentrate!' she thought. 'I can't let this go out of control or else I'll hurt people!'

She looked ahead of her. 'Ryu said that I need to picture of an opponent in front of me.'

She did that. Even though she knew that it was an image in her head, she became a bit frightened of the person who once attempted to rape her. She saw his long braided blond hair and his icy blue eyes. He held up his hand revealing his claws.

'I'll find you one day you bastard' Jasmine thought. 'And you'll feel the pain I'll give you!'

Jasmine screamed and let go of the energy. She lost her balance and fell back. Ryu ran up to her and caught her. Jasmine watched in amazement as she saw the butterfly-shaped energy fly in fast speed into the sky. She watched it until it disappeared.

"I......I did it!" Jasmine cried raising her arms in victory. Then she noticed Ryu holding her from her fall.

"That was great!" Ryu cried. "Now all we need to work on is your balance."

The two laughed a little.

"It was shaped like a butterfly," Ryu said. "I call it the Cho Hadouken."

"Cho?" Jasmine asked.

"It means 'butterfly' in Japan."

"Oh," Jasmine said. "That's a really cool name."

Ryu helped Jasmine straighten herself. They then noticed that the sky was getting dark.

"It's almost dinner time and I'm starving!" Jasmine cried.

"Me too!" Ryu replied. "Let's get back to the hotel."

They started making their way out of the grassy field. Jasmine started to feel a little peace in herself, knowing now that she was able to control her new powers.......and be with someone new who she can trust.

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