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Chapter Thirteen

 Immediately after reading the letter, Kairi called the Metro City Police Department. They came to the dojo to investigate. Although the police were fully aware that this was all in the hands of Mad Gear, there was nothing that could be done.

Guy called the owner of the dojo. The owner told Guy to have the dojo closed down until further notice.

When Rena heard this, she looked at him with worry. "What do you think is going to happen now?"

Guy shrugged. "I'm not sure. For now, the dojo will be closed for maybe a couple of days. Let me walk you home."

Rena nodded. "All right."

Guy and Rena walked back to her apartment. Before going in, they swapped phone numbers, knowing that they wouldn't see each other for a couple of days.


Three Days Later......

"Great lunch," said Maki. "I'm so glad that I finally quit that dumb job."

"Have you been looking for another job?" asked Rena.

"Yes I am. As a matter of fact, I have an interview in a couple of days. If I get this new secretary job, I'll be working from ten o'clock to five o'clock."

"Just like your big sister," Rena joked.

"Ha, ha," Maki replied. "Now, since we're both not working, what do you want to do now?"

Rena shrugged. Then, the phone rang.

"I got it!" Maki cried jumping out of her seat. She grabbed the portable phone from the kitchen counter and pressed the 'on' button.

"Hello?.....Yes she's here." Maki raised the phone in the air and smiled. "It's Guy."

Rena got up and took the phone from Maki's hand. Before she could speak into it, Maki placed her chin on Rena's shoulder.

"Maki!" Rena growled. "Why don't you watch Scooby-Doo on the Cartoon Network?"

Maki sighed. "Darn." Then she walked into her room.

Rena brought the phone up to her ear. "Guy?"

"Hey Rena, how are you?" Guy asked on the other side of the phone.

"Pretty good," Rena replied. "But since I'm off from work today, I'm stuck here with Maki."

Guy laughed. "Try living with two pigs. Heck, they don't even live here, but they're here any ways."

"You're mean!" Rena heard Cody cry out in the background.

"Yeah!" Greg agreed.

Guy sighed and spoke to Cody and Greg. "What happened to your Scooby-Doo movie?"

Rena laughed remembering what she said to Maki a minute ago.

"Guy, we don't know what to do," said Greg. "All we're watching is Scooby hiding and jumping around."

"Yeah," Cody said. "And it also says words like 'Play,' 'Special Features,' stuff like that."

Guy put the phone down. "You morons, you're supposed to take the DVD remote and press the enter button to play the movie!"

"Oh!" Cody and Greg cried out at the same time. Cody gave Guy a thumb's up. "You're so smart, Guy! Thanks." Then, he and Greg left the room.

Guy rolled his eyes and brought the phone back up to his ear. "Rena?"


"Sorry about that."

"It's okay. What are you doing now?"

Guy sighed. "I'm bored."

Rena smiled. "I have an idea! That new movie, 'Flames of a Dragon' came out today."

"The one that Fei-Long's in?" Guy asked.

"Yup, that's the one."

"I've always wanted to see that! It looks like it's going to be a big smash!"

Rena smiled. "So do you want to go see it with me?"

Guy smirked. Not only did she ask him to go somewhere, but he also loved hearing her sweet voice. "Sure. Do you want to see it tonight?"

"Definitely," Rena replied. "I'll see you then."


After seeing the most intense and exciting movie ever to hit theaters, Guy and Rena made their way out of the movie theater, a bit disappointed that the movie was over.

"That was such a great movie!" Guy cried. "I loved the part when he fell off that really tall building and just before you think he's a goner, he grabs on to the poll, slides down, and kicks the awaiting enemy right in the face!"

Rena laughed a little. "I loved the part when he was face to face with the main evil villain and the villain was like, 'Get ready to feel the wrath of death,' and Fei-Long was like, 'No....feel this!' and he kicks him in the stomach and sends him to the opposite wall!"

They both laughed. Guy looked at Rena with a smirk. She was more beautiful tonight in her cream-colored shirt, her black jacket, blue jeans, and tennis shoes. Her black hair was done in a French braid revealing more of her heart-shaped face.

Rena looked back at Guy. He was very good-looking with his white Tommy Hilfigure sweater with a blue and red strip across his chest, black leather jacket, blue jeans, and white tennis shoes.

As a matter of fact, both of their out fits seem to match perfectly.

"So," Guy said. "What do you want to do now?"

Rena shrugged. "Well, I'm kind of in the mood for something hot to drink. How about we go to the café and get something."

"Sure," Guy replied.

The café was right across the street from where they're standing. Guy took Rena's hand into his. When the streets were cleared, they quickly ran across the street. Guy and Rena laughed a little knowing that if a police officer were around, they would've received a ticket for J-walking.

They walked into the café. They were the only customers in the café since it was pretty late and the café would be closing in fifteen minutes. They ordered their drinks and took a seat in the table next to the window.

Rena let out a sigh. "It's been a few weeks since I moved here with Maki. I can't believe all of the things that happened already."

"Like what?" Guy asked.

"Well, I have a great job, met some great employees, including Nanase who lead me to meet more people........including you, the man who saved my life on my second day living here." Rena took both of her hands and took one of Guy's hands into them. "I'm so glad that we met. You've been so nice to me and I love having you by my side. I......I like you Guy."

After hearing this, Guy's heart seemed to light up with joy. He took one of Rena's hands, brought it up to his face, and kissed it. Then, he looked into her eyes.

"I like you too, Rena," he said. Then, for the first time since they met, he cracked a real smile. "You've changed me ever since we met. You've brought me out of my shell. No one has managed to do that before."

Rena smiled back. They stared at each other and held hands. Then, they heard someone say, "Excuse me?" Guy and Rena looked up and saw one of the café workers standing over them. "We're going to be closing in five minutes."

"Okay," Guy said standing up. He and Rena cleaned up the table, threw out their garbage, and made their way out of the café.

Ten minutes later, they stood in front of Rena's apartment door.

"Well," said Guy. "I guess this is good bye again."

"Yeah," Rena replied feeling a little disappointed. "Hey, but at least we'll see each other after work tomorrow."

"True," Guy agreed. He then walked closer to Rena and wrapped his arms around her in a sweet embrace. Rena welcomed it and wrapped her arms around him as well. For a minute, they stayed like this. Rena wished that this moment would last forever. She felt safe and well protected from harm.

Then, Guy moved his head so that the two of them would be face to face. They look into each other's eyes. Guy brought up a hand and placed it on her face. Rena leaned her face into his hand a little.

Then, Guy began to lean his face towards her. Rena realized what was coming. She closed her eyes, leaned in, and parted her lips.

When their lips were just an inch away from touching, they heard a loud scream from within Rena's apartment.

They both snapped their eyes open.

"Maki!" Rena cried out. She quickly opened the door and she and Guy ran into the apartment expecting Maki to be attacked by someone from Mad Gear.

Instead, they find Maki holding on to Greg in front of the TV.

Maki looked up at Rena. "Hey Rena! You're back......and with Guy too!"

"Maki?" Rena asked. "Why were you screaming?"

"Oh, we're watching, 'Deep Blue Sea,'" said Greg. "Maki got extremely frightened just now when the shark popped out from nowhere."

"Oh," Rena replied.

Guy stood there, wanting to bang his head multiple times against the wall. Not only was Greg around every time something went wrong, but he was very close to kissing Rena.

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