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Chapter Fifteen

 The next morning.........

Guy and Rena slept peacefully under Rena's sheets in her small bedroom after a night of making love. Despite the buildings surrounding the apartment building, the morning sun still managed to shine through the windows and beamed down on to the floor.

Guy fluttered his eyes open after what seemed to be the most peaceful sleep ever in a very long time. After his eyes adjusted to the light, he looked down at Rena, who slept in his muscular arms. Guy smirked to himself. Rena was indeed an angel to him. He smirked to himself feeling happy that she was here with him safe in his arms.

He bended his head down to her and kissed the top of her head. As he pulled his head back, he could feel her moving a little bit. He looked at her face and saw that she was beginning to open her eyes. Then, she looked up at him and smiled.

"Morning," Guy said with a small smile.

Rena smiled back. "Morning." She leaned up to him and planted a soft kiss on his lips. Guy returned the kiss and they both shared a sweet, passionate kiss, both of them wishing that this moment would never end.

After the kiss, Guy looked into Rena's dark eyes. He took his right hand and stroked her jet-black hair and tucked it behind her ear.

"I'm glad that you moved here," Guy said smiling. "I don't know where I would be right now."

Rena smiled back and took his hand into hers. "Me too, Guy Hinato."

Guy smiled, loving her sweet voice saying his name. He leaned back down to her and kissed her lips again. Rena returned the kiss. Then, she slowly shifted her body so that she was on top of him.

Just before they were going for another round, the phone suddenly rang startling the couple. They both stopped kissing and growled for a little bit.

Guy turned his head to check the caller ID on the phone. "Damn it! It's Cody. Should I get it?"

"Sure," Rena replied. "Then afterwards, we can go back to what we were just about to do."

Guy smiled at her hoping to have his incoming conversation with Cody goes quickly. He picked up the phone. "What?"

"Hey Guy, it's Cody!" Cody said frantically. "Listen, something happened last night! I think Jessica's been kidnapped!"

Guy stayed quiet for a brief second, then he talked back. "Um, Cody, quit joking around. Last time you joked about something like this......"

"Guy! I'm f****** serious about this! I got a call from Jessica's father! Mad Gear f****** kidnapped her!"

Rena managed to hear Cody's voice on the phone. Guy's light-brown eyes were completely wide opened. When Cody cursed, it meant that he was hell not joking around.

"Shit," Guy said. "Listen, where are you right now?"

"I'm at City Hall with Mayor Haggar," Cody replied.

"Okay," Guy said. "Rena and I will be coming down right now." Guy quickly hung up the phone and looked at Rena. "Cody's at City Hall. Jessica's been......."

"I know," Rena answered. "I heard Cody on the other side of the phone. Mad Gear kidnapped her."

Guy put on his boxers and his blue jeans. He looked at Rena again. "I wonder what Mad Gear wants with Jessica?"

"Who knows," Rena replied.


Within an hour, Guy and Rena arrived at City Hall. Cody waited by the main entrance to ensure the security guards that it's all right for them to come in. The three of them walked towards the elevator, which was located in the middle of the large building. They made their way to the top floor. Mayor Haggar's office took up the entire top floor.

When the elevator doors opened, Rena became amazed about how the office looked. It was larger than her apartment floor decorated nicely with paintings and plants. The carpeting was gray and the walls were white. There were many small tables and chairs around with a couple of black couches in the middle of the room. Mayor Haggar's black desk was enough to fit five people. Rena spotted the Mayor himself sitting at his desk looking out the window with a yellow pencil in his hand. Rena's heart filled with a bit of sadness as she saw the grim expression on Haggar's face.

Haggar was an extremely built man and very tall, about 6'7' the least. He had short dark-brown hair and bushy eyebrows. His mustache almost covers his frowning lips and his brown eyes stay narrow.

Cody slowly walked up to him. "Mayor Haggar, my friends are here."

Haggar turned up to Cody, then he looked at Guy and Rena. He stood up and put a hand out. "Hi Guy, it's good to see you again."

Guy put his hand out and shook hands with the Mayor of Metro City. "It's good to see you again as well, but I wish that it wasn't under a time like this."

"True," Haggar answered. Then, he looked at Rena who was standing right next to Guy. He smirked a little. "And who is this young lady?"

Cody was just about to answer, but Guy managed to speak first. "This is my girlfriend, Rena."

Cody's mouth dropped open. 'Girlfriend?!'

Rena smiled a little and shook hands with Haggar. "It's nice to meet you Mr. Haggar."

"Same here." As their hands parted, Haggar's smirk quickly faded. "Those damn Mad Gear crew has kidnapped my daughter because I'm resisting their orders. I have made my promise to my people that I will not let Mad Gear down, but now that my daughter has been kidnapped and I'm just not so sure anymore. I just wished that I could've done better."

"Are the police investigating this now?" asked Rena.

Cody placed a hand on Haggar's shoulder with a grim look on his own face as well. "We might as well take this matter into our own hands."

Haggar looked over at Cody. "It's risky, but it's the only way that we can save Jessica." Then he let out a small sigh. "But there's only two of us, Cody, and Metro City is a big place."

Guy looked down at the ground a little bit. He had known Cody since he moved here from Japan. Cody has done a lot for him, even when he did them in the oddest ways.

Then, Guy snapped his head up to Haggar. "Then, I will help you both as well."

Haggar smirked at Guy. "Thank you, Mr. Hinato."

When Guy spoke up, Rena felt her heart panic. If Guy was going to help Cody and Haggar find Jessica, it meant that he would have to leave her and go on a pretty dangerous mission.

Guy looked at Rena and could sense a bit of sadness in her. He reached her hand and took it into his. Rena looked up at Guy as he said, "Don't worry, sweetie. Everything will be fine. We're going to find Jessica and we'll all be all right."

'I hope you're right,' Rena thought as she embraced him.


"Are you ready for this?" asked Kairi looking at his older brother.

Guy let out a deep sigh. It's been twelve hours since he and Rena found out that Jessica has vanished thanks to Mad Gear. Guy was ready to leave with Cody and Haggar from the dojo to look for Jessica. He was wearing his orange traditional Bushin out fit. The words 'Bushin Warrior' was written in Japanese symbols over his heart. Underneath his out fit was his net shirt. He also wore brown fighting gloves, a golden band around his slim waist, and white tennis shoes.

Guy looked at Cody and Haggar. Haggar wore nothing but gray pants, black sneakers, and a single black suspender across his muscular chest. Cody wore a white t-shirt, which was clinging to his chest, blue jeans, and white sneakers. Both he and Haggar have a determining look on their faces.

Guy tightened his gloves. "Yeah, I think I'm ready."

"You guys need to be careful," said Nanase. "I don't want anything happening to you guys."

"Neither do I," said Hokuto.

"Are you sure you guys don't need any help?" asked Maki.

Haggar shook his head from side to side. "Three is enough. It's better to have a small company. That way, Mad Gear won't trace us very easily."

"We understand," replied Kairi.

"I wish I could go with you guys," said Greg.

Rena could feel her hands shaking as she watched the man she truly cared about getting ready to leave to search for Jessica. She knew that Guy was a strong person and was willing to take risk, even for other people. That's what the Bushin arts were about.......fighting for good.

Guy looked over at Kairi. "Take care of everyone," he said. Then, his light-brown eyes turned to Rena. They had determination in them, but yet there was sadness in them at the same time. Tears started to develop in Rena's eyes.

"Do you guys think you could wait outside?" Guy asked everyone. "I want to speak to Rena here alone."

"All right," said Haggar. Everyone else nodded and walked outside into the cold night.

Rena walked closer to Guy. More tears developed in her eyes. "I don't want you to go," she whispered. A couple of tears poured out and dripped down her face.

Guy placed both hands on her face and wiped the tears away with his fingers. "I feel that this is the right thing to do," he whispered back. "Cody's my best friend and he needs my help."

"I know," Rena replied. "I know that this is something you feel is right. I guess........I'm afraid to lose you. I don't want you to get hurt."

She began to sob and let herself fall into Guy's arms. He brought his arms around her and held her as close as he can as she sobbed on his shoulders. "You won't lose me, I promise." He kissed her a couple of times on top of her head.

Rena held on to him tight. She never wanted to let him go and wished she could stop time and never let this moment end. But someone's life was on the line and she knew that it was more important.

She shifted her head to look up at him. Guy looked back down at her. She could see some tears threatening to come out of his eyes. This surprised her because he had always been the serious type and never showed this type of emotions.

Guy bent down to her and presses his lips against her. Their bodies were still, holding on to each other as they opened and closed their mouths and getting into a rhythm. Rena didn't want this to end, but after ten seconds, Guy pulled away. She looked up at him.

A single tear fell down his cheek.

She took her hand and wiped the tear away. Guy embraced her again. "We'll find Jessica, and I will be home in time for Christmas. That I promise."

As he held her, Guy could feel his heart break a little knowing that any minute, he would have to leave the woman he truly cared about. 'Please let me see her again soon,' he thought. 'And let her be safe.'

They looked at each other again. "I must go," Guy replied. Rena nodded. They held hands as they began to leave the dojo.

They met up with the others. Haggar nodded his head to Guy. "Are you ready?"

"Yes," Guy replied. He bent down to Rena and kissed her one last time.

Kairi went over to Guy. "Don't worry," he whispered. "I'll watch over Rena."

Guy smirked at his younger brother. "Thank you, my brother."

Guy and Rena looked at each other one more time. Then, he began to walked away slowly. They kept their hands held until they were out of reach. As their hands parted, more tears fell down Rena's face as she brought her hand to her heart.

Guy walked over to Cody and Haggar. "Let's go," said Cody. The three of them began walking down the sidewalk. Rena and the others watched them walk until they turned a corner and disappeared into the cold, dark night.

Kairi placed a hand on Rena's shoulder. "He'll be fine," he said. "My brother will come back."

'I hope you're right, Kairi,' Rena thought. 'I hope you're right.'

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