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Chapter Fifteen
Jasmine's Past

 After another long kiss, Ryu and Jasmine break and looked into each other's eyes again. Neither one of them have felt this way in such a long time.

"Now what?" asked Jasmine.

Ryu looked over at the time; 7 pm. He started to feel his stomach growl.

Jasmine heard this and laughed a little. "Hungry?"

Ryu smiled. "Yeah. How about we go out and get something to eat."

"I'd love that."

Then, Ryu remembered about her ribs and her injuries. "What about your......"

"Don't worry about it," Jasmine replied. "It's nothing to me anymore."

"Are you sure?"


Ryu kissed her forehead. "All right then."


After getting dressed, the two of them head outside of their hotel room and began their search for a good restaurant to eat.

"Have you ever had Thai food before?" asked Ryu.

Jasmine looked at him. "Nope. As a matter of fact, I've never been to Thailand before. How is the food here?"

"Pretty good, it's kind of like Chinese food."

Suddenly, someone bumped into Ryu. He and the person both fell to the ground.

"Oh!" cried the person. "I apologize!"

Ryu looked up to see whom he bumped into. It was a young girl, about sixteen years old. She started to pick up the items she dropped.

"That's okay," Ryu replied helping her pick up her belongings. While they were doing that, Jasmine noticed a necklace by her feet. She picked up the necklace and saw that it's similar to the one that she was wearing. She looked at her own necklace.

Ryu looked at the girl he crashed into. "Hey, wait a minute. Aren't you that girl in Hong Kong who was at gun point because he wanted you necklace?"

The girl looked at him in shock. "Yes."

Jasmine heard this. She quickly put her own necklace underneath her white turtleneck sweater.

Then, the girl looked at Jasmine. "I remember you now. You saved me from him."

Jasmine managed to speak. "Yes. Um, here's your necklace." She gave the girl back the necklace. The girl took it back.

"I'd go crazy if I lost this. It's been passed down from generation to generation since the 1400's."

"That long?" asked Ryu.

"Yeah," the girl replied. "I'm a descendent of the Princess Warriors, a group of warriors that fight for peace and represent a man named Faxon."

Jasmine stares at the girl. 'Could this be my chance to know more about my past?'

"Would you like to join us for dinner?" Jasmine asked. "I'd like to know more about it."

The girl looked at her in shock. "Really? No one has ever wanted to know about them. Sure, I'll come with you."

"What's your name?" Ryu asked.


"Okay Erica," Ryu continued.


Ryu, Jasmine, and Erica sat at dinner waiting for their orders to come. Erica put the necklace down on the table.

"Faxon was a man who could live forever unless stabbed in the heart. He lived for 400 years. During his last 300 years, he became sick of all the war that was going on and wanted to end war soon. He also noticed that there have been women being born with butterflies on their backs and all of them have processed great warrior spirits. Faxon has chosen these women to be in his army. He was stabbed in the heart sometime around the early 1600's."

Jasmine listened to this with interest, but this wasn't exactly what she wanted to hear.

"You know," said Jasmine. "I've heard that there were sisters that went through a time machine and one of them had the butterfly tattoo."

Ryu looked at her knowing that Jasmine wanted to seek the truth.

"Yes," Erica replied. "I'm a descendent of that family."

Jasmine leaned over. "Tell me about them."

Erica smiled. "You really seem to want to know about them. Anyways, there was this family who had four children, three girls and one boy. Two of the girls had the butterfly tattoo. At one point, an army that was against Faxon's Princess Warriors were killing any female infants and toddlers that had the tattoo and their sisters. The parents discovered a time machine that would transport people to the future. When one of the girls was killed, they grabbed their other two daughters and put them through the time machine. There has been a rumor that they had been transported to this time frame. I've traveled the world to search for her."

Jasmine nodded. She wanted to tell Erica that she was the person that she had been looking for, but there were other matters in her life at the moment, and she wasn't ready to tell Erica, not just yet.

After dinner, Ryu, Jasmine, and Erica walked outside.

"Thank you for dinner," Erica said. "It's nice to meet you two."

"You're welcome," Ryu replied.

"Say," said Jasmine. "How about we keep in contact. Do you have an email address?"

Erica smiled. "Yea." The two girls traded email addresses.

Then, Erica looked at the time. "Oh, I've got to get back to my hotel! I'm expecting a call from my mom and I left my cell phone there." She looked back at Ryu and Jasmine. "I'll see you both soon!"

"Bye," Ryu and Jasmine said. Erica began to run down the block.

Ryu turned to Jasmine. "I'm guessing that you didn't want to tell her."

Jasmine shook her head. "I didn't feel ready to do so. I'll let her know one day, now that we have each other's email." Then, she took Ryu's hand and smiled. "How about we get back to the hotel. The others are probably back by now."

Ryu blushed as he felt Jasmine's hands on his. "Sure."

They began walking back to their hotel.

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