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Chapter Sixteen
The Appearence of Bison

 "Hotel, sweet hotel," said Wagner. He, Ken, Guile, Veronica, Chun-Li, and Liang had finally returned to their hotel room after a whole afternoon of searching for clues about Shadowlaw. Unfortunately, they came up with nothing.

"What the hell was that?" asked Ken looking at Wagner in a weird way.

"Well," Wagner replied. "We can't say, 'home sweet home,' because we're not home."

"I see," Ken said.

Guile looked around their room. "It's a bit too quiet here. Hmm, where are Ryu and Jasmine?"

Suddenly, everyone could smell a strong stench of gas.

"Gas?" asked Veronica. "Do you think we're having a gas leak?"

"Gas leak?" asked Chun-Li. "I don't think it's that.......I think it's something else, something not good."

Before anyone could figure it out, they all fell unconscious.

An hour later........

Ryu and Jasmine were going up the elevator on their way back to their hotel room.

"So," Ryu said. "You seem all right now. How are you ribs?"

"A lot better," Jasmine replied touching her side. She took a deep breath. Then she let out a cough.

Ryu realized why she coughed. A smell of faint gas burned his nose.

"What's wreeking?" Jasmine asked covering her nose.

The elevator doors opened and the two walked back to their room. Ryu took out a key and unlocked it. When the door cracked, the room was glowing purple.

"I wonder if Veronica brought one of those colored light bulbs." Jasmine walked into the room. Then, she let out a loud gasp. Ryu ran in to see what made her do that.

An all familiar man stood in front of them.

"Bison!" Ryu growled. "What the hell are you doing here?"

Jasmine went behind Ryu realizing who this was.

Bison showed off an evil grin. "Well Ryu, it's nice to see you again too, and it looks as if you have a girlfriend there for me to be aquanted with as well."

Ryu growled even more. "You better leave Jasmine out of this!"

Bison only laughed. "I'm afraid that she must be involved as well. Any one trying to stop Shadowlaw will be stopped without mercy."

"Where are our friends?" Jasmine cried. "And my sister?!!"

"Don't worry Ms. Brewer, they are being well taken care of. You and Ryu will meet up with them soon."

"I'll get you like last time!" Ryu cried. Then, he ran toward him.

"Ryu! No!" Jasmine cried.

Bison only sneered. When Ryu was close enough, Bison only swiped him away like he was only a fly. Ryu flew across the room and hits the wall hard enough to knock him out.

"Ryu!" Jasmine cried out. She looked over at Bison in anger. "I don't care what the doctors said! I'm going to take you down in one kick!"

She ran over to him and then jumped in the air. Bison only stepped aside and as she passed by, he grabbed her by the neck, threw her against the wall, and gripped onto her neck tighter.

Jasmine struggled to get out of his grip, ripping on his hands and moving her body around to try to wiggle her way out. Unfortunately, Bison's strength was no match for her.

"This is what fools get when they act like, well, fools," Bison said followed by an evil laugh.

Jasmine began to collect energy in her hands. Bison noticed this and was shocked by the energy.

"Cho-Hadouken!!" Jasmine cried out sounding raspy. She hit Bison with her energy right in the gut. The energy was very small, but it was enough for Bison to jump back and let go of her.

Jasmine gasped for breath as she fell to the ground, but as she fell, she ended up hitting her head on the nightstand knocking her out. Bison walked over to her. Blood began to trickle down her head.

"Fools," Bison said. Then, he grinned. "Now the real fun shall begin!"

Bison let out a long, echoing evil laugh.

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