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Chapter Seventeen

 Shadowlaw Base Outside of Thailand...

Ken, Guile, Wagner, Veronica, Fei-Long, Chun-Li, and Liang are chained up to a wall in a dungeon area of the Shadowlaw Base. It's been three hours since Shadowlaw soldiers gas their hotel room in order to capture them. Now they were all awake from the gas treatment.

"I thought a vacation was a good thing," said Wagner. "We were suppose to tour China and......"

Guile gave him a look that made Wagner shut up.

"I wonder if Ryu and Jasmine know that we're here," said Chun-Li. "They're so lucky that they're not in this position right now."

"You're telling me," said Ken. "They made these chains too tight around the wrists and ankles."

That's when the doors of the dungeon opened. A handful of guards came in holding two people. The friends recognized the two people right away.

"Eliza!" cried Ken.

"Jane!" cried Guile.

They watched as the two women are tied up on to the wall as well. Then, the guards left them there and locked the door.

"Ken!" cried Eliza. "Thank goodness you're here."

"Are you okay?" Ken asked. "What did they do to you?"

"Nothing too bad," Eliza replied. "I wasn't beaten or anything."

"Well, when we get out of here," said Guile. "We'll make Bison pay for whatever he's going to do to all of us." Guile then looked at Jane. "Where's Amy?"

"They took her somewhere," Jane said. Tears began to fall down her face. "They wouldn't tell me where."

Guile was about to let out his anger when the doors opened again. Everyone became silent as a black figure walked into the room. The figure walks closer and closer until it stopped under a dim light. The light showed who the person was and there was no mistaking it........


"You bastard," said Fei-Long. "What do you want with us?"

Bison showed off an evil grin. "That is a good question that you asked me, Fei-Long. Well, all of you did try to stop me seven years ago and I will not let any of you interfere with my newest plans."

"No matter what," said Ken. "You will be stopped. Pretty soon, just like last time, Shadowlaw will be extinct."

Bison only laughed. "I do not think so. By the way, if any of you are wondering about your other two friends, Ryu and Jasmine, don't you worry about them anymore. They're being well taken care of as we speak."

"I swear," cried Veronica with anger. "If you did anything to my sister, you'll regret it!"

"Same here with Ryu," said Ken.

"I'd like to see you try," Bison sneered. He turned around. "Guards, I want you to transport Ken, Guile, Veronica, Fei-Long, Chun-Li, and Liang to the room I told you to bring them too."

The guards walked over to the chosen ones and released them from the chains.

"Ken!" cried Eliza.

"Guile!" cried Jane.

Ken turned to his two-month long pregnant wife. "Don't worry. Everything is going to be okay, baby. Be brave for me, okay?"

Eliza nodded.

Guile then realized something. "Wagner! Why isn't he coming with us?"

"It's none of your concern anymore, William Guile," said Bison. "We'll take very good care of your wife, and your little trainee too."

"Hey!" Wagner cried. "I ain't no Toto!" Then he looked at Guile. "Don't worry about me."

"Just don't get into any trouble," Guile said. Then, the fighters were taken away.


Ryu slowly opened his eyes. At first, everything was all blurry. Then, his vision began to become clear.

Ryu looked around the quiet room that he's in. "Where........where am I?" he asked out loud. His head was throbbing, but he didn't care at the moment. He remembered what happened back at the hotel before being knocked out.

That's when he realized something. "Jasmine! I have to get to her!"

Ryu attempted to get up, but as he did, he realized that he's pinned down by ropes.

Ryu laughed. "Are you kidding me? What happen to the steel chains they used on Ken?"

Ryu easily ripped the ropes apart with his body. Then, he brushed himself off and starts running out of the room.

As he did, the alarm suddenly went off.

"What the........" Ryu only managed to say. Then, about three guards jumped in front of him.

Ryu stopped running and smirked at the guards. He wasn't afraid of them, even though they were holding 9mm guns. "Hello," Ryu said. "Ready to have some fun?"

One of the guards pulled the trigger at Ryu. Ryu easily dodged it by tucking himself and perform a forward roll. Then, he jumped in the air and performed a scissor kick knocking two of the guards' guns out of their hands.

The third guard went after them and was getting set to shoot him. Ryu saw this just in time. He bounced off one of the guards' shoulder, somersaults in the air, and then kicked his gun out of his hand.

Then, Ryu landed on the ground. The three guards surrounded him.

"Shinku-Tatsumaki-Senpu-kyaku!!!" Ryu cried out. He jumped in the air and began to spin in circles with one leg out. The three guards get sucked into the vacuum-like air and were hit multiple times in the face, eventually knocking them all out.

Ryu landed on his feet as the guards laid there unconscious. The smirk disappears from Ryu's face.

"Now to find Jasmine and the others," Ryu said. He began running down the long hall not knowing where to go next.


The other fighters walked silently as the guards drag them. They knew that they were being transported somewhere, but where?

Ken sighed. He wondered how Ryu and Jasmine were. He hoped that nothing bad has happened to them.


Ken had broken the wall down. He looked into the room and saw Ryu standing there.

Ken sighed of relief. "Hey Ryu, I found you! Let's get out of here!" Ken waved his arms and began to run out of the room. He only took two steps before realizing that Ryu wasn't moving.

Ken turned around to face Ryu. "Come on, Ryu. We've got to get out of here and find Chun-Li!"

Ryu only stood there. What Ken didn't realize was that Ryu now sported a cyber chip in the lower middle part of his forehead making his pupils red and the white of his eyes pink.

"Come on Ryu!" Ken cried out.

Suddenly, Ryu slowly got into a fighting stance. Ken gasped. He didn't realize what was going on with Ryu and why he was doing this.

(End of Flashback)

Ken sighed again. The battle was intense, but with Ken's Sho-Ryu-Ken and Ryu's Hadouken smashing into each other, the fight ended and the enormous energy ripped the cyber chip out of Ryu's forehead, freeing him from Shadowlaw's grasps.

Guile's hands were in his pockets as he was being dragged. It was then that he felt something round in his hand.

'A grenade?' Guile thought with confusion.

It was then that he remembered. Before getting back to the hotel, Wagner was showing off a grenade he brought, and Guile told him to hand it over until they got home.

'I guess he has good senses with the future and he doesn't know it,' Guile thought.

He slowly took the pin off the grenade.

The guards holding him notice him fishing through his pockets.

"Stop moving!" one guard said. Guile managed to removed the unpinned grenade out of his pocket and dropped it to the floor.

The guards' eyes became wide. "Get out of here! It's a grenade!"

The other guards became so panicked that they ended up releasing the others and ran off. Guile and the others ran to the other side. A few seconds later, the grenade exploded. They ran into a nearby room as the debris passed them.

"Great!" cried Liang. "We manage to escape!"

"All right," said Guile. "We're going to have to find another way to get to Wagner, Eliza, and Jane. We also have to find my daughter, Ryu, and Jasmine."

"He's right," said Chun-Li.  "Let's find them and end Shadowlaw."

Everyone nodded and begin running down the hall.

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