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Chapter Twenty-Two

 Christmas Day.

Music played and food was served at the dojo's Christmas party. All of the trainers, their trainee, friends, and family gathered together to celebrate the day Jesus Christ was born.

Haggar attended the party as well along with Jessica. He stood on a chair and whistled getting everyone's attention.

"First off," Haggar said. "I've been to all of these fancy parties before, but I must say that this is the best party I've ever gone to. Probably because I didn't have to wear a suit this time."

Everyone lightly laughed. Haggar looked back at his daughter, who was with Cody, Guy, Rena, Kairi, Greg, Maki, Hokuto, and Nanase. He smiled and said, "I also have a gift for the citizens of Metro City. Since the death of Belger, the headmaster of Mad Gear, the gang has crumbled to their knees and are no longer a threat to our city."

Everyone cheered as their heard the good news from the mayor. "I would like to thank the ones who have done that and saved my baby girl's life. Cody, Guy, Kairi, Maki, Greg, Hokuto, and Nanase........thank you."

Guy smirked at Haggar. "And thank you helping me save the love of my life."

The room cheered once again as Haggar said thanks. He got off the seat and walked over to Jessica and the others. "Really, thank you."

"No problem," said Kairi. "And you've done the same for my brother."

"Wow," said Greg. "So many thanks in one week since we saved the girls."

"Well," said Nanase. "Not only did we finally throw Mad Gear out of their operations, but we've also saved two lives."

"And I will make sure that this city will be safe from future criminals," Haggar promised.

"Well, it's all behind us now," replied Cody. "Let's celebrate the holidays."

That's when Frank Sinatra's "White Christmas" came on.

Cody lit up. "Hey! It's my favorite song!" Suddenly, Cody began singing and trying to sound like Frank Sinatra.

Immediately, everyone covered their ears, even Jessica!

"AHH!!" cried Kairi. "Make it stop!"

"He did this four weeks ago!" cried Greg.

"I love holiday songs, but not like this," Guy said. He clocked Cody in the face making him stop.

"OWE!" Cody shouted. "What was that for?"

"For singing horribly," said Nanase.

"And imitating the great Sinatra," said Guy.

Cody rubbed his face. "Well, it's Christmas, what do you want me to do?"

"Cody!" Jessica cried. She pointed to one of the doors. Above it was the mistletoe.

"Sweet!" Cody cried. He grabbed Jessica's hand, ran under the plant, and began kissing.

"Don't be too frisky now!" Haggar said. Cody replied with a thumb's up.

Guy and Rena turned to each other and smiled.

"I told you I'd be home in time for Christmas," Guy said.

Rena wrapped her arms around him. "I knew you would. And thank you, not just for saving my life but also for being a great person to me. I don't think there is any man out there who is like you."

Guy smiled more feeling flattered by the comment. "You're welcome." He placed his forehead onto hers. "And I don't know where I would be without you."

"Me neither," Rena answered. Guy leaned in more and pressed his lips against hers. They shared a kiss for a brief moment before pulling away.

"I love you," Guy said stroking her hair.

"I love you too."

They held each other close as everyone around them shared laughter and good cheer. Rena couldn't help but stare into the eyes of her lover, Guy, the hero of Metro City.

[The End]

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