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Chapter Twenty-Two
The Last Battle

 Ryu, Ken, Veronica, Jasmine, Fei-Long, Guile, Wagner, Chun-Li, and Mason all stared at the madman who has destroyed many lives and has done many illegal things. All knew that this was the battle to the death and they knew that the one who should die is the madman himself.


It was Ken who made the first move. He ran over to him with a battle cry and attempted to punch Bison a few times, but Bison blocked every one of Ken's moves. Then, Bison easily sweep kicked him causing him to trip.

Then, Mason went after him and attempted to strike him with lightning, which came out of his baton. Bison easily blocked it. Mason then ran over to him and started throwing series of punches and kicks at him until Bison sneered and swatted him away like he was only a fly.

"Damn it!" Mason cried.

"Kikoken!" Chun-Li cried out. She put her hands out and a ball of energy came out. Bison saw this easily and swatted the ball of energy to the side. It ended up hitting the opposite wall. Chun-Li growled, ran over to the madman and performed a series of punches and kicks. As usual, Bison blocked all of them. Chun-Li attempted her thousand-burst kicks, but to her surprise, Bison blocked those as well.

"What?!" Chun-Li cried out.

Bison sneered. "You think moves like that can stop me? Try this!" He threw his right arm in front of him and a purple ball of energy came out of his hand hitting Chun-Li. Chun-Li flew across the room and hit the wall knocking her out.

"Chun-Li!" cried Guile. He turned towards Bison. "SONIC BOOM!!!!!" he cried out. Bison teleported away and ended up behind Guile.

"Guile!" Wagner cried.

Guile turned around to see Bison, but it was too late. Bison clocked Guile in the face making him fall to the ground. When he landed, he began to cough blood.

Wagner growled. "You'll pay for that!"

Bison laughed. "And what makes you think that you can beat me? Last time you tried to face me, you lost."

"Oh yeah!" Wagner cried. "Well, the outcome will be different this time."

"Yes, it will be," Bison replied. "It will be eliminating you for good."

"I don't think so," Wagner said. He ran over to Bison and got ready to attack. Bison sneered and slid his body towards Wagner with his feet out. He did this so fast that Wagner didn't see it coming. Wagner tripped over Bison's move and fell on to his side.

Veronica jumped in the air and aimed her foot at Bison. Bison blocked her kick easily. Then, Veronica landed back on the ground and performed her kung- fu punches at him. Bison blocked them, of course. He then threw an uppercut at her sending her flying in the air.

"Veronica!" Fei-Long cried out as she landed on the ground. Fei-Long quickly ran over to Bison. "Wa-cha!!!" he cried out before throwing his punches at Bison. He attempted to perform his Wing-Chun, but Bison blocked the move like it was nothing.

"What the........" Fei-Long only managed to say before Bison slugged him hard. Fei-Long lost his breath and fell to the floor.

For quite a while, each fighter went to fight Bison, but he would always take them down. Then, he managed to weaken everyone bringing them down to the floor. Chun-Li, Veronica, and Fei-Long were knocked out unconscious.

Bison looked at everyone and laughed. "You all think that you can stop me! The Psycho Drive has given me incredible powers beyond your imagination! Time to die!"

What Bison didn't know was that he missed a couple of people.

Ryu and Jasmine were behind the Psycho Drive and slowly began to tear the wire off.

"It'll be just enough to weaken him, hopefully," Jasmine said as she ripped a blue wire. "Now let's get this madman down!"

"Yeah!" Ryu cried out. They looked over at Bison, and saw their friends down.

They both jumped in the air and ran towards Bison. Jasmine made the first move with her series of punches and kicks. Bison blocked them and swatted her away. Then, Ryu ran over to him and threw his punches and kicks at him. Then, Ryu managed to slug him in the stomach and a few times in the face.

Bison jumped back and sneers. "YOU DARE!!!!!"

"Oh boo hoo," said Jasmine. "So you got hit in that butt chin of yours, big deal."

This comment made Bison pretty mad.

Then, Wagner managed to get up. "Stay back Jasmine, I'll take care of him."

"No!" Ryu cried. "You're hurt!"

Wagner didn't listen to him and ran over to Bison. Bison saw this and grabbed him by the back of the head. He lifted Wagner in the air and then brought him down smashing his face into the floor. The impact left a dent on the floor. Wagner screamed out in pain.

"You bastard!" Jasmine cried out. She jumped in the air and managed to kick Bison right in the face, causing him to jump back. Then, Ryu jumped in and starts throwing punches at his face, chest, and stomach. Ryu ended it with a hard kick in the stomach sending the leader of Shadowlaw across the room.

"I know a way to end it," said Ryu. "Summon you chi."

"Right!" Jasmine cried out. The two of them began to summon their powers.

Bison struggled to get up. "This is impossible! The Psycho Drive is supposed to give me great power!"

"Well, not anymore!" Ryu cried. "Hadouken!"

"Cho-Hadouken!" Jasmine cried.

They both released their energies at the same time. The energies came together and turned into one ball of energy. Then, it flew across the room and smashed right into Bison causing him to fly across the remaining part of the room and knocking him out unconscious.

Ryu and Jasmine stared at the madman for another minute until they saw Guile and Ken get up.

"It's over, isn't it?" Ken said.

"Yup, it's over," Jasmine said.

"But we have one duty left," said Mason getting up. He pointed his baton at the psycho drive.

Fei-Long, Chun-Li, and Veronica got up.

"What happened?" asked Chun-Li.

"It's over," said Guile.

Wagner got up, his face covered with blood. "I don't need plastic surgery, do I?"

Everyone laughed a little. Guile patted his back. "No, you don't."

Everyone looked at the psycho drive. Ken used his Shin-Sho-ryu-ken, Wagner used his ultra break, Veronica used her scissor kick, Fei-Long used his Wing-chun, Guile used his Sonic Boom, Chun-Li used her kikoken, Ryu used his Hadouken, and Jasmine uses her Cho-Hadouken. All used their powers at the same time.

Then, Mason took his baton and put it in front of him. A lightning bolt came out of it and hit the drive. The purple energy disappeared.

"System, overload!" a machine said. "Beginning self-destruction!"

"Let's get out of here!" Guile cried. Everyone ran out of the room.

Five minutes later, everyone made it out alive, just in time to watch the Shadowlaw base explode.

They met up with Jane, Eliza, Liang, and Amy outside.

"Is it over?" asked Eliza.

"Yes," said Ken. "It's over. The world is safe again!"

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