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Chapter Six

 After getting back to the dojo, everyone watched as Cody and Greg get ready to spar. Both got into their fighting stances.

Cody smirked. "Just remember, Greg, you're only on orange belt."

Greg narrowed his eyes at Cody. "I don't care. The more experience, the better I'll be."

"Okay you two," said Hokuto. "Can we just get this over with? I'm tired and so are the rest of us."

"Fine," said Greg clutching his fist.

Rena watched as Cody and Greg slowly go closer to each other. Then, Greg jumped in the air and aimed his foot at Cody. Cody blocked the move. Greg landed on the ground with both of his feet.

Guy looked at Rena. "This should go fast. Greg still needs training himself. He's actually one of Cody's students."

Rena looked into his eyes and nodded.

Greg threw series of punches at Cody. Cody blocked every one of them easily. Suddenly, Cody grabbed hold of Greg's forearm and flipped him over. Greg landed hard on the ground on his back. Cody got back into his fighting stance as Greg got himself back up.

As Greg ran back towards Cody, Cody lightly jumped in the air and performed at roundhouse kick at Greg's stomach. Greg tried to block the move, but unfortunately, he didn't block fast enough. The blow hit him hard knocking the wind out of him. Then, Cody hit his jaw with an uppercut. Greg flew in the air and lands hard on his side.

Cody sighed. "Greg, you need more training. Your blocks are weak and you need to learn to react more." He walked over to Greg and put his hand out. "We'll work on it tomorrow."

Greg nodded. He tooCody's hands and pulledimself up from the ground and go back on his feet.

"That's it?!" cried Nanase.

"Yeah!" cried Kairi. "We need more action than that!"

Guy stood up. "I'll take it from here."

Cody grinned and got into his fighting stance. "Great! A real challenge, no offense Greg."

Greg only nodded.

Guy turned to Rena. "Watch the Bushin warrior receives his victory."

Rena could only smile as Guy walked towards Cody. He then got into his fighting stance.

"All right," said Jessica. "Make this one quick." She looked at Guy. "If you hurt my baby, I'm going to have to hurt you myself."

"Don't worry, cupcake," Cody said. "I'll be all right."

The two best friends stared at each other narrowing their eyes. Then, they both ran towards each other.

Guy elbowed Cody, but Cody blocked the move. Then, Cody managed to throw a roundhouse kick, but Guy blocked that move as well. Cody started throwing series of punches. Guy would either block them or dodge out of the way.

Cody jumped back a little. As he does, Guy jumped in the air and flipped over Cody. Guy landed on the ground and performed a high kick at Cody's face. Cody blocked the move. Guy began throwing series of punches at him and Cody blocked every one of them.

"Come on Guy!" cried Nanase. "Get him!"

"Put a can of whoop-ass on him!" cried Kairi.

"You can do it Cody!" cried Jessica.

Guy continued throwing punches at Cody and Cody continued blocking them. Then, Guy jumped back. After landing on the ground with his feet, Guy quickly threw his whole body at Cody and elbowed him. Cody didn't see it coming and was struck in the chest.

"Cody!" cried Jessica.

Cody jumped back. "Damn it Guy! I hate it when you do that."

Guy smirked and jumped in the air. He put out one leg and spun himself around. "Bushin Senpukyaku!!" Guy cried out. Cody was hit in the face a few times before flying backwards. Guy landed on the ground with both feet.

Rena watched the fight with amazement. When Guy performed his Bushin Senpukyaku, her mouth immediately dropped open. She now wanted to know more about the Bushin arts.

Guy ran over to Cody, grabbed his shirt, and throws him across the dojo.

"Ow!!" cried Cody. He slowly got up. "You win."

Guy laughed. "That was too easy for me. I think it's you who needs the training."

Everyone except Rena laughed. Rena was still sitting there amazed by Guy's Bushin moves.

"All right," said Kairi. "Let's go home now. It's getting late."

Everyone packed their stuff up. Guy walked over to Rena. "Do you want me to walk you home?"

Rena looked into his dark eyes. "Sure."

Cody, who heard what Guy said to Rena, walked up to him with Jessica in his arms. "Well, we'll see you two later." He winked at Guy.

Guy narrowed his eyes.

"Rena, come here for a second," they heard Nanase say.

Rena smiled at everyone. "I'll be back," she said. She walked over to Nanase.

Jessica went into a whisper. "You'll be with her soon." She smiled showing off her perfect teeth.

Guy narrowed his eyes more.

Cody laughed a little and lightly punched Guy's arm. "We're just playing with you, buddy. We'll see you tomorrow."

Guy opened his eyes and lightly punched Cody's arm. "Catch you later."

"Bye Guy," Jessica said. The young couple made their way out the door.

Hokuto and Kairi walked over to Guy. "We'll see you tomorrow, big brother," said Kairi.

"See you later," said Guy. Hokuto and Kairi walked out the door.

Then, Greg and Nanase walked over to him. Guy looked at his youngest sister. "You're walking home with him in this city?"

Greg threw a punch at Guy. Guy immediately blocked it. Greg smirked at Guy. "We'll see you tomorrow."

"Bye," Guy said. Greg and Nanase walked out the door.

Now it was just Guy and Rena at the dojo.

Rena looked at Guy. "So, those are the Bushin arts you performed?"

Guy looked into Rena's dark eyes. "Yes. I learned the style back when I used to live in Japan."

Rena nodded. Guy took out some keys chained to each other. "Well, let's go."

They walked out of the dojo. Guy locked the dojo up and then made sure that the door was locked and secured. Then, the two of them made their way down the streets of Metro City.

On their way to Rena's apartment, they tried to keep up as much conversation as possible.

"Where exactly in Japan did you live?" asked Guy.

"Tokyo. You?"

"Osaka. It was all right there, but I like it here better. I've been living here for the last few years with my brother and sisters. I'm the oldest out of the four of us."

Rena smiled. "I'm the oldest too, but I only have one younger sibling."

"Maki, right?"

Rena nodded.

"Maybe you can come back to the dojo tomorrow and bring Maki with her."

"All right, I'll have to ask her then when I get home."

They walked pass a few more streets until they saw a café. It was the same café Rena went to before Guy saved her from her attackers.

Guy looked at her. "Do you want to get something to drink?"

Rena smiled. "Sure."

They walked towards the café. Guy opened the door for Rena. Rena walked in. 'Such a gentleman for someone who is anti-social,' Rena thought.

The café wasn't as busy as the last time Rena was here. Within five minutes, Guy and Rena received their hot drinks and sat down by one of the window tables.

"So how did you know I was in trouble?" Rena asked Guy. "I mean, I was in a part of an alley which no one can see anything."

"I heard you cry for help," Guy replied.

Rena felt her face burn with embarrassment. She forgot that she had cried for help.

"It's okay," Guy replied noticing the redness on Rena's cheeks. "Sometimes when things like that happen, we usually forget the minor details."

Rena nodded in agreement.

After finishing their drinks, they make their way out the door of the café and walked towards Rena's apartment building.

"I actually remember the apartment building you live in," Guy said.

"You do?" Rena asked.

Guy smirked a little. "It's a decently tall concrete building. I think the color was gray. Its building number is two twenty five."

Rena smiled. She couldn't believe Guy remembered that, especially the building's number.

"If you remembered, how come you didn't come over here to find me?" She gave him a seductive smile.

The smile made Guy's cheeks turn red a little. He hoped that the burning of his face was only the bitter cold. "I live pretty far from this area. Plus I think I would've got lost if I tried to find it."

"Okay," Rena said. "I'll accept that excuse."

They made it to Rena's apartment building. They went into the building and towards the elevator. Rena pressed the up button. When the elevator doors opened, they walked in.

"What floor?" Guy asked acting like an elevator operator.

Rena laughed a little. "Floor ten."

Guy pushed the button with the number ten on it. The two were silent as the elevator went up. Then, the doors opened. Guy and Rena stepped out of the elevator.

They walked a few doors down before stopping in front of the door of Rena's apartment.

"I'm so happy that we finally met," Rena said. "It's a good thing I got that job or else we would've never got to see each other again."

"Yeah," Guy said. "It's a good thing Nanase works there or else I would've never saw you again."

Rena laughed a little. Then, Guy looked into her eyes. "Do you want to meet for dinner on Friday night?"

Rena felt her heart flutter as she heard this. She smiled. "Sure."

It was only Wednesday, but now Rena wished that it were Friday.

Guy smirked when he received her answer.

"So," Rena said. "Do you know how to get out of here?"

"Yeah," Guy replied. "I'll just take the Subway back to my apartment."

"All right," Rena said. She sighed. "Good night, Guy."

"Good night, Rena."

Rena opened the door to her apartment. She looked at Guy one more time before closing the door.

Guy sighed and started making his way towards the elevator. He pressed the down button. He couldn't stop thinking about Rena. They wouldn't see each other until tomorrow when she came to the dojo with her sister, but Guy, for some reason, wished that this minute was the minute he would see Rena again.

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