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Chapter Seven
More Training

Wagner would normally spend about a half hour on his morning run. On this particular morning, he ended up running for an hour. A lot ran through his mind that morning, specifically his past.

It had been two weeks since he passed out in his room. When he woke up, he was back on his own bed being checked by on-campus paramedics. Jake had found him about two minutes after and called the medics, then rang Guile. Guile had thought it was something involving alcohol that made Wagner passed out, but he was wrong. It had turned out Wagner had passed out from heavy amount of stress.

The Air Force allowed Wagner a week off to re-cooperate. It had been a boring week for Wagner, doing nothing but push-ups to keep himself in shape, and watching whatever was on television. Of course, he would hang out with his friends, but they had been busy that week with their training.

The run Wagner was running now was his first in two weeks. He had felt that he needed to really catch up on his missed days. After classes, he planned on doing more training with Jake, who he got the chance to speak to yesterday. Jake had agree to meet at the gym at 2pm.

Soon, Wagner reached his dorm and went inside. He decided to take a shower then. He grabbed a towel, went out of his room, and made his way to the shower room. He took about a 20 minute shower before getting out. He dried himself off, got dressed, then went back to his room to get his books for classes. Just before he touched the book, a sudden, quick flash entered his mind.

In that vision, all he saw was a young woman with wavy blond hair and wore some sort of black uniform. Wagner was not able to get the details quick enough. The vision soon went and gone in a snap.

A perplexed look appeared on Wagner’s face, his medium-colored eyebrows narrowed a little. “Where did that come from?” he asked. He shrugged it off before leaving the room.


The afternoon soon came quicker than Wagner expected. When he came into the gym, Jake wasn’t alone. His girl Debbie was there along with Cammy and Liz.

“Hey there,” said Jake as Wagner walked in. He wore a green tank top, black gym shorts, black fighting gloves, and basketball sneakers.

“Hey Jake!” Wagner called out as he put his duffle bag and bottled water down next to the others belonging to his friends.

Cammy and Liz were already sparring on one part of the mat. Jake and Debbie had been sparring as well, mainly waiting for Wagner to come so that the boys would spar.

“All right, “ said Debbie. “I’ll be watching from the treadmill.”

“That’s fine sweetie,” said Jake. They shared a brief kiss before Debbie headed off to one of the treadmills.

Wagner looked around the gym. Even with five people in the room right now, it still felt a bit empty. “I’m quite surprised not too many people come in here.”

“It’s usually quite busy in the morning and evening,” replied Jake. “Besides, most of the other trainees have their own equipment.”

“Cause they’re filthy rich!” cried Debbie as she began starting up the treadmill.

“Well, look on the bright side,” said Wagner. “If ever any of us go to a real college, tuition is paid for by the Air Force.”

“That’s true.”

Wagner then looked over towards where Liz and Cammy were sparring. They were quite occupied with what they were doing that neither one of them realized Wagner came into the room. He stood near them and watched for a bit.

“Cannon drill!” cried Cammy. She darted herself forward, her feet towards Liz. She spun herself around in fast speed. Liz quickly jumped over her and landed on both feet. Cammy straightened herself back up and she and Liz faced each other again.

They ran towards each other and began exchanging moves. After a few seconds, Cammy was on offense and Liz was on defense. The fight seemed as though it was going to be a draw.

It was then that Liz turned her head and saw Wagner. She smiled at him, her blue eyes glittering a bit. “Hey Wagner.”

Before Wagner could say hi, Cammy managed to tackle Liz down. “Pay attention!” cried Cammy.

Wagner almost laughed. ‘Wasn’t that supposed to be the other way around?’ he thought.

“Wagner!” cried Jake trying to getting his friend’s attention. Wagner turned his head to him. Jake began throwing punches in the air with his blue fighting gloves. “Are you ready?”

Wagner smirked at his friend and ran over to Jake. “Let’s get this started!”

Immediately as he went on the mat, Wagner threw his first punch at Jake. Jake blocked it and the two soon began exchanging their moves to one another. For a while, they each blocked one another.

Then, Wagner found an opening and threw an uppercut at Jake’s abdomen. Jake let out an exhale and backed up a bit. Wagner gave him a change to catch his breath, but Jake had tricked him into that. He crouched down and swept kicked Wagner sending him to the floor. Wagner was a bit shocked by this, but then shook it off and quickly got back on his feet.

As soon as he did, Jake landed a punch on his jaw, but the next one he blocked. Then, Wagner jumped up, spun himself around, and landed a roundhouse kick at Jake’s side. Jake stumbled, but then regained himself on his feet. He then charged after Wagner again and exchanged more punches and kicks.

Suddenly, another vision hit Wagner’s mind as he landed a punch on Jake’s shoulder. It was another one of his past memories.

What the hell!’ he cried out in his mind. ‘Why the hell am I getting these visions!

More visions appeared each time he hit Jake. Wagner could no longer stand these visions. ‘Why do they keep coming to me! What is the point of all of this!

His anger soon began to consume him…which meant the only way to summon his Ultra powers. His right had was soon consumed by yellow sparks. Wagner had not even realized what he had done until he landed a blow on Jake. Jake went flying back into the wall in fast speed. When Jake landed on the floor, it had left a huge dent on the wall.

Only Debbie had witnessed what just happened. “JAKE!” she cried out. She got off the treadmill and quickly ran over to her boyfriend, who was quite dizzy from the blow.

Wagner only stood there completely stunned. He couldn’t even finch. All he could do is stare at his friend. ‘I’m going crazy, am I?

Cammy and Liz had not noticed until they saw Jake on the floor and the dent on the wall. They both stopped sparring and ran over to check to see if Jake was all right.

“Jake, are you okay?” asked Cammy frantically.

With Debbie’s help, Jake got himself up. “Yeah, I’m sore but I’m all right. That was one mean punch Wagner gave.”

Liz thought about Wagner then and turned around to where Wagner was standing, but he was gone. All that was moving was the slightly swinging door.

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