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Chapter Forty-One

Cave Grounds

After taking a moment to set up the campfire, Sonya Blade sat done just two feet away from the rocks that surrounded the newly lit blaze. She sighed deeply as she took a cup of tea in her hand and took a small sip. A part of her wished that she was drinking coffee at this very moment, but to her dismay the cave didn’t have any coffee and she didn’t feel like walking over to the main palace just to get some.

She looked up briefly at the sky. It was still light out, but she guessed that it was going to be another two to three hours before the sun completely set for the night. To her, those few hours were going to feel much longer than that.

“Is everything all right?” a voice suddenly said. Sonya shook her head as though she was just dazing out. She then turned her head and noticed Cammy just sitting next to her.

“I’m not sure,” Sonya replied looking down at the cup of tea in her hands. “When you and Delta Red gave that report to Rose this afternoon, I feel like…well…I’m not even sure how I really feel…”

“Is this about Kenshi and Alex?” Cammy asked with curiosity.

Once again, Sonya sighed. “I just don’t understand it. The worse thing Alex has done was jump on the ship to this island when she wasn’t supposed to. She’s not the type to just run off for a long period of time without telling anyone. Something obviously happened and I hope that nothing horrible has happened to her. As for Kenshi, I’m not too surprised that he ran off without telling anyone, but he’s been gone for a long period of time as well.”

“Like Guile said,” Cammy said. “He’s most likely out looking for her.”

“But why didn’t he tell us? I mean I know he doesn’t like to talk a lot, but this is urgent-”

“I know,” Cammy cut in. “But he most likely wanted to take care of this by himself and if he had told us he was going, we definitely would’ve gone with him no matter what.”

Sonya nodded. “Yeah…but still, I wish he had told us. I just hope that, somehow, they both come back here alive.”

“I’m sure they will,” Cammy replied. “Just have faith. Just wait until an hour after sunset as Rose said, then we’ll head out to look for them.”

“I just want to look for them now,” Sonya said. “I really don’t want to wait around and let every minute tick by. But Rose is right…with our main mission, it’s too risky.”

Cammy placed a hand on Sonya’s shoulder, a way to assure her that everything was going to be fine. “Let’s just hope that, no matter what happens, that they’ll be well and alive.”

“I hope so,” Sonya sighed. “I’m still worried, but I do hope that they’re okay.”

Then, silence fell between the two and they ended up staring at the fire in front of them.

Near the Cave

Returning from dinner, Julia Chang was just beginning to reach the cave grounds. Since she had been by herself between the time she left and her recent return, she felt relaxed. It’s been a while since she has been completely by herself for more than fifteen minutes (besides from bedtime) since coming to Outworld, so it was definitely nice.

As she continued walking, she noticed Ryu about twenty feet from her. Since he was kicking and punching at the air, Julia immediately knew that he was training intensively and she stopped in her tracks for a moment to watch him. She knew that he had already made it to the fifth round of the tournament and wanted to train for it, considering that the tournament was getting more competitive with each passing time.

As a matter of fact, tomorrow was the last day of round four of the tournament. At that thought alone, Julia was nearly baffled by how quickly time went during this particular round.

Soon enough, we’ll be reaching round eight, the final round,’ the young woman thought.

Julia continued to watch Ryu train for a couple of more minutes. Just before she was about to leave, she heard some footsteps coming near her. She turned her head and noticed Mika just beginning to stop in her tracks. She looked over at the same direction Julia was looking, now finding herself watching Ryu train as well.

It took Mika another few seconds to realize that someone was right next to her. She turned her head and finally noticed Julia, who was once again watching Ryu.

“Enjoying yourself?” Mika asked.

Julia turned her head to Mika, looking a bit shocked by what Mika had just said. To Julia, she felt a bit of a harsh tone coming from her. Obviously, from their previous encounter, this wasn’t the first time she had done something like this.

“Why are you being rude to me?” she asked. “I never did anything to you!”

Mika seemed to give Julia the same shocked look as she did just now. “What are you talking about? I wasn’t being rude at all!”

“Well you gave me that harsh tone!”

“I didn’t mean to! Though now that I think about it, you did deserve it after all since you overreacted.”

“Overreacted? I didn’t overreact at all!”

Unknown to the two, Ryu had notice them arguing. He stopped what he was doing and immediately walked over to them. “What’s going on?” he asked the moment he reached them.

Both girls looked over at Ryu, then immediately pointed at each other. “She started it!” they both said in unison.

Immediately, Ryu sighed to himself, suddenly unsure of how to handle the situation. However, from what had been said, he began to have the feeling that their rivalry was over him. Besides, why else would the both of them stop and watch him train?

“Listen,” Ryu said. “If this is about me, please don’t argue with each other anymore. I want to be friends with both of you and I don’t want to see any more conflict between you two.”

Even after his explanation, both Julia and Mika were silent as they continued to look at him. Just as Ryu was beginning to feel uncomfortable, both of them turned and were beginning to walk away. However, the second they did, they ended up walking towards each other and nearly bumped into each other. Both girls growled at each other, but it was Julia who stepped aside. Once she made room, they both walked passed each other and away from the area.

Ryu sighed to himself afterwards. ‘This is worse than I thought,’ he thought. ‘Why can’t I just have normal friends.’ He then decided to go to bed for the night and began heading back towards the cave.

Unknown Area, Far From The Tournament Grounds

It had been fifteen minutes since Kenshi’s encounter with the mysterious woman a little over a mile away. Since then, he hadn’t ran into anyone else. However, he noted that the closer he got to the fortress, the stronger the dark energy was and he was getting the feeling that Alex may indeed be held prisoner there.

As he got closer, a small part of him wondered how the woman knew that he was looking for Alex. Was it all a trick into luring him here and end up being captured himself? To him, it didn’t matter. If this was the only way to know if Alex really was here, then so be it.

Soon enough, he reached the fortress. He had ended up approaching from the back so no one had noticed him. However, the swordsman knew that he would eventually be noticed.

Kenshi placed a hand up and walked forward until he felt the stoned exterior of the fortress. Using his sword, he ran it over the ground as he walked forward, feeling for any wooden objects. It took him about two minutes before the tip of the sword hit something. He bent down and got a feel for it. It was definitely the plank that the woman mentioned to him. Using his telekinesis, he lifted the plank up and threw it aside before ascending down the stairs.

Upon reaching the bottom, Kenshi stood still for a moment to get the feel of his surroundings. He figured that it was mostly dark, but that obviously wasn’t a problem for him. The floor was sticky enough to cling on to the bottom of his black boots and the sounds of dripping water was heard in the distance. What was more disturbing for the swordsman was the fact that the area had a stench of both blood and death…lots of it. For the first time in his life, he felt slightly uneasy, but ignored it as he took a step forward, his footsteps echoing around the area he was in.

It was another three minutes before Kenshi was able to sense another presence, one that was unfamiliar. Before he could continue to analyze, the presence spoke.

“Who’s down there?” a male voice called out, his own footsteps now being heard.

Immediately, Kenshi jumped into one of the cells closest to him and got himself in the only shadow there. Upon that, he ended up stepping on something, a loud crunch following. Kenshi quickly moved and pointed his sword at the object. It was then that a horrible stench hit his nose and he suddenly realized that he was standing very close to a decaying corpse. He was also able to hear the buzzing flies around it, eating away at whatever was left of the rotting flesh. Kenshi held his breath in order to block his senses from the stench. Because it was strong, he figured that the corpse had been here for quite a while.

Kenshi listened for the footsteps and realized that they were very close. He waited with his sword in both hands until the figure was beginning to come by the cell he was hiding in.

“You better come out!” the figured called out. “Unless you work for Shao Kahn, you’ll be Berserk’s next meal! That is after he finishes with the girl of course.”

Upon hearing ‘girl’ Kenshi clenched both hands tightly on the hilt of his sword. He was starting to be convinced that Alex was down here after all and the woman who sent him here wasn’t bluffing. If she did work for Shao Kahn, then why did want him to rescue Alex? Right now though, it didn’t matter.

The swordsman heard the footsteps and he realized that the figure was walking into the cell he was hiding in. Knowing that he was going to be discovered anyway, Kenshi ran forward with a grunt, his sword out and ready. The figure heard the grunt and was just turning to face him, but by then he felt the sword making it’s way through his stomach and out his back.

Kenshi heard the figure cry out in pain. He waited until he was quiet before he spoke. “Where’s the girl?” he demanded.

The figure only grinned and he lifted up the axe that he held in his hand. “Long live Shao Kahn!”

Kenshi sensed the weapon coming towards him and he immediately ducked and got himself behind the stranger. With a quick swift of his sword, he cut the figure right through the torso. The stranger stood there more shocked for a moment before falling to the ground with a thud in two pieces.

Not wasting any more time, Kenshi quickly left the cell and began walking through the dungeon in hopes of finding, well, anything at this point.

Five minutes passed before he sensed another presence again. He walked himself closer to the presence, whether it was another guard or another prisoner. It was then that a soft moan coming from a female was heard. Kenshi stopped for just a second, letting himself feel the presence.

Now it was familiar.

Quickly, he ran to where the presence was and soon reached a cell locked by two very large doors. He touched the door to feel for the lock. Soon he found it and he used his sword to break it off. The lock hit the ground with a thud twice before stopping. Then Kenshi used his foot to kick the door back. It only went a couple of feet, but it was enough for him to fit through.

He was able to sense Alex clearly now. She was in the middle of the room, hanging from a thick rope by her wrists. Kenshi frowned a bit once he realized this. Even if he didn’t sense the blood, he knew that she had gone through unspeakable torture by her captors. Why she was chosen for this, he wasn’t sure.

Kenshi’s head was aligned with her stomach, he was able to easily reach up to the ropes with his sword and cut the rope just above her hands. Once the rope was cut, she began fall to the ground, but Kenshi was able to catch her around her waist with one free arm before that could happen.

Upon being released, soft moans of what sounded like fear escaped her throat and her whole body began to shake. Kenshi got down on his knees, gently placing his sword down next to him. He then shifted her so that her head was resting on his arm and she was facing him.

“Alex, it’s me Kenshi,” the swordsman assured her. “I don’t know what they did to you, but I’m going to get you out of here. It‘s going to be all right now.”

The moans immediately stopped and she seemed to calm down a bit. Unknown to Kenshi, Alex managed to open her eyes a bit and tried to look up at him, but she saw nothing but blur. She was only able to barely utter his name before losing consciousness.

Kenshi sighed a bit after hearing Alex say his name. Both of his hands were on her back. Her clothes were in shreds and were barely hanging on to her. He felt the countless whipping wounds on her back, which were obviously going to leave life-long scars.

Let’s get you out of here,’ he thought.

Just before he could stand up, however, he suddenly heard a low growl coming from the back of the cell. He then remembered what the guard he killed had said; You’ll be Berserk’s next meal.

Whoever Berserk was, he was right here in the cell!

Kenshi gently placed Alex down on the ground before picking up his sword and stood up on his feet. He then heard heavy footsteps coming towards him and Kenshi immediately got himself in a fighting stance. Soon, the monster Berserk was a few feet away from him and he let out another small growl.

“So,” Kenshi said to him. “You’re the one who hurt her. Allow me to return the favor.”

Before anything could happen, however, Berserk was suddenly surrounded by a glowing green aura. His pale eyes widened and he let out a loud roar as though he was struggling. Kenshi stood there confused for a moment, but then realized why all this was happening.

“Ermac!” he called out.

Indeed, the enigma Ermac was there, standing behind Berserk with his hands out and his entire body glowing in the same green aura. Ermac had heard a commotion while passing the doors to the dungeon and went down to check it out. Because it’s been a while since he visited this place, he never knew that Alex was the new victim down here being tortured by Berserk, much to his shock. However, now wasn’t the time to dwell on it. He had managed to quietly float himself into the dungeon while both Kenshi and Berserk were distracted by one another’s presence.

After another moment, Ermac looked over at Kenshi. “Get her out of here!” he ordered. “The guards most likely heard him and they’ll be down here any second! Go now! We’ll take care of the rest!”

As much as Kenshi wanted to stay behind and help Ermac, he knew that it was more important to be concerned for Alex’s safety. She was already in enough danger as it was. Almost immediately, the swordsman scooped Alex into his arms and quickly made his way out of the dungeon and began heading back towards the cave grounds.


In her room, Julia was lying down on her bed and was looking over at the index card she was given a few days ago. On the card, it indicated her match notice, which was scheduled for tomorrow afternoon at the Courtyard.

Something tells me that tomorrow is going to be a long day,’ she thought with a sigh.

Julia was still feeling a bit huffy about her encounter with Mika just an hour ago. They had only met up twice, but already they were ‘enemies.’ She couldn’t understand exactly what it was that made Mika not like her.

Is she jealous of me for something?’ Julia thought. ‘I mean, what could she be jealous of? I’m not exactly the most perfect person myself. And for Heaven’s sake, she has a bigger bust size than me! If anything, I should be the one who’s jealous!

After venting in her mind, Julia decided to go outside again before it got completely dark Besides, being outside relaxed her. Taking a book filled with poetry with her, she began to step out of her room when she suddenly bumped into someone. She backed up a bit as did the person she bumped into. When Julia saw the person she bumped into, her eyes widened a bit as she recognized Mika.

Almost immediately, however, they both narrowed their eyes at each other as they thought about what happened during their last encounter.

Unknown to them, Rose was walking by the area and she noticed the two girls. The purple-haired psychic was able to sense a lot of tension between them and she waited for a moment to see if anything would happen. During that, she was able to figure out why there was a conflict between them. When nothing did, she approached them.

“What is going on with you two?” Rose asked them.

Though Julia and Mika still eyed each other, Julia managed to say, “It’s nothing.”

Rose shook her head. “I know that this is about a guy.”

Mika’s eyes seemed to open up more and she turned her head to Rose. “How do you know?” she asked.

The moment she asked that, it came to Julia…now she understood why Mika seemed jealous of her. Mika was crushing on Ryu and she believes that Julia also had a crush on him and felt that she was competing with her.

Rose ended up smirking in amusement. “Don’t forget dear…I’m psychic. Now please, I don’t care how much you hate each other, but please put your problems aside. There are important matters to worry about and I want you to keep your focus on that.”

“Yes Rose,” both girls said.

With that, Rose took her leave. Once she was far enough, Julia turned to Mika. “This is about Ryu, isn’t it?” Mika said nothing afterwards and only looked at her, but she seemed to look a bit more disappointed. Julia continued. “I can assure you that nothing is going on between us. We’re just friends.”

Immediately, Mika left without saying another word. Obviously, she wasn’t sure of what to say about what Julia had just figured out. A bit of anger filled up within Julia, wishing that their rivalry wasn’t just simply over a guy.

Unknown Area, Shao Kahn’s Fortress

A meeting was taking place in Shao Kahn’s throne room. All of his generals were present, standing before the Emperor as he sat on his throne, his war hammer in hand.

“Everything is going according to plan,” Shao Kahn called out loud enough so that the whole room could hear. “Nothing has gone wrong as of yet. With new recruits for our army coming in everyday, we are growing stronger as each day passes. Soon, we will have the power to rule all the realms in the universe when the right time comes.

“However, there are a few people who I still want recruited in my army, those who I believe are most worthy. First and foremost, there’s the one called Heihachi Mishima. As Baraka has reported, he possesses great strength and an unrecognizable power I wish to…get to know more.”

“What about those servants you’ve sent to seek him out?” asked Vega.

Shao Kahn nearly laughed. “Seems as though they have never returned, which is just enough to know that he truly is indeed worthy.” The Emperor then looked at Reptile. “Reptile…you are assigned to retrieve Heihachi. He is staying at the main palace. Begin to seek him out tomorrow evening. Do not fail me.”

Reptile bowed his head to the Emperor. “Yessss massster. It shall be done.”

Shao Kahn proceeded. “There is also the mysterious one named Sodom. I am curious to know what he has to offer. Quan-Chi, that will be your assignment.”

Quan-Chi only nodded.

It was then that Tanya spoke up. “My lord, what of the two demons you spoke of previously?”

“Ah yes,” Shao Kahn replied with a nod. “You mean Scorpion and Akuma. Those two have such strength…if anyone has the most chance of making it to the final round, it’s those two. We cannot allow that to happen. I’ll be proceeding with plans for those two. In the meantime, leave them be.”

Then, the Emperor seemed to look around a bit, his head slightly moving. When he head stopped, a dark energy seemed to suddenly take over the room. “Where is Ermac?” he asked.

It was then that a handful of guards quickly ran into the room. This made Shao Kahn a bit more irritated than the fact that one of his best generals was now missing.

“This better be important!” the Emperor yelled out, his voice booming.

The leading guard seemed to shake a bit before answering. “My lord, there is a situation in the dungeon! We’ve sent our other guards down there, but they are being killed left and right! We don‘t know who is responsible for this!”

Shao Kahn growled angrily before turning his head back towards his generals. “Reptile, Mileena…go to the dungeon!”

“Yes Master,” Mileena said as she and Reptile quickly left the room with the remaining guards following them.

Shao Kahn leaned back in his throne frustrated. Only a moment ago, he had mentioned that everything was going according to plan and nothing had gone wrong.

This better be a minor situation,’ he thought.

Unknown Area, Dungeon

A moment ago, Ermac was able to get the new lock, taken from another cell and locked Berserk back in his own cell. Just as he did, Shao Kahn’s guards began to ambush him, having heard Berserk’s growl from their assigned posts.

The guards were indeed foolish. Ermac may be one man physically, but being an entity containing thousands of souls, he was able fight off the guards with ease. Each guard who approached him attempted to fight him, but the enigma easily fought them off either rendering them unconscious or killing them in every way he could with his own bare hands.

Within five minutes, Ermac completely cleared the room. For that moment on, he knew that he couldn’t go back on what he just did. He had betrayed his master…no…former master by not only freeing Alex and helping Kenshi to get her out, but he also fought the loyal guards, half of them he killed. He was now officially considered a traitor and would surely be tortured and put to death for treason.

However, to him, it seemed worth it as of now. Though he was still bound to the Emperor, he was still able to roam Outworld on his own. It wouldn’t be until Shang Tsung’s demise that he would be completely free and officially choose his own destiny, whether it was here or in other realms. At this moment, his journey to freedom was beginning and the firs thing he was going to do was leave this dreadful hellhole.

Before he left, however, he had one other small task to make.

Quickly he ran through the dungeon until he reached a certain cell. Using his powers, he broke off the lock and ripped the single door off his hinges. He walked into the room and, on the floor, saw the only remaining prisoner of the dungeon…Paul Phoenix.

When he heard the door rip off, Paul looked up, looking dazed and confused, weakened from his ordeal. His blonde hair was greasy, his face was dirty and contained an ingrown beard.

“What the-” Paul barely began to saw as Ermac picked him up.

“You’re free now,” was all Ermac said as he threw Paul over his shoulder. He then left the cell and made his way to the back where a set of stairs took him up to the outside world. At that point, Paul lost consciousness.

Freedom at last,’ Ermac thought. While carrying Paul, he disappeared within the darkness of the forest.

A while later, Mileena and Reptile reached the dungeon. The guards that were with them were a bit baffled by the litter of bodies that were surrounding them.

As they searched around, a guard moaned and Reptile walked over to him with Mileena just behind him.

The guard looked up at him. “It…it was Ermac. He was the cause of this…”

“I ssssee,” Reptile said. “But it seems…you have failed to capture him.”

With that, Reptile opened his mouth and a glob of acid came out of his mouth, landing on the guard’s face. The guard screamed in terror as the skin on his face burned off. When Reptile was satisfied with the sight, his long tongue shot out, wrapped itself around the skull, ripped it off it’s neck, and brought it in his wide mouth. After chomping the skull down to pieces, Reptile quickly swallowed the contents down his throat, making a refreshed sigh afterwards.

“Fatality,” Mileena said delighted. She then looked up. “So, Ermac’s a traitor now, is he?” Even with the veil over her face, she seemed to smile mischievously. “I can hardly wait to tell our master!”

Cave Grounds

The sun had finally set, but Sonya still had another half hour before she was able to do anything about finding Kenshi and Alex. At this point, she was starting to feel more frustrated.

Throughout her wait, Cammy stayed with Sonya. The two talked in order to kill time, but even that didn’t help, especially since Sonya was constantly looking at her watch. The fire in the campfire burnt out a while ago, but neither women seemed to really notice.

“You girls want tea?” a male voice said to them suddenly. Sonya and Cammy looked up and noticed Wagner holding two cups filled with hot tea.

“No thanks,” Cammy replied. “I had enough tea for one day.”

However with Sonya, she immediately reached up and grabbed a cup. “I really want coffee,” she said. “But I guess this will do.”

Wagner sat down and sipped the tea that was originally meant for Cammy. “Coffee at this time is not good for you.”

Sonya sighed. “I know, but I could really use it now. However, like I said before, this is good enough.”

With that, the Special Forces Lieutenant gulped down her tea quite quickly. Cammy and Wagner looked at her oddly, wondering if the hot temperature of her drink was even bothering her one little bit.

When she was done, Sonya placed the cup on the ground, then wiped her lips with the back of her hand. Cammy and Wagner turned her heads away from her, ignoring the un-lady-like habit she just did.

Sonya then looked at her watch again and she seemed to stare at it longer than she did previously. After some time, she flung her hand in frustration. “That’s it!” she cried out.

When Sonya flung her hand, she ended up knocking Wagner’s hand, making him lose his grip on the cup. The cup fell forward and all the tea that was left spilled on the ground. “My tea!” he cried out.

Cammy looked at her surrogate brother. “Scott, that was my tea to begin with so don’t complain!” She then looked at Sonya. “What’s wrong?” she asked.

Sonya stood up. “I can’t wait anymore. I’m marching in the cave and telling Rose that it’s time to go!”

Cammy and Wagner quickly stood up. “Come on Sonya,” Cammy tried to assure her. “We’ve waited this long. I’m sure a half hour won’t be so bad.”

“I know,” Sonya replied. “But I just can’t-”

“Oh my God!” Wagner cried out suddenly.

Both Sonya and Cammy immediately felt annoyed by what Wagner had just said, thinking that he was being a smart-ass during a serious situation. However, upon seeing the horrified look on his face, they knew that he was being serious. Sonya and Cammy quickly turned their heads to the direction he was looking at.

At first, they felt relieved when they saw Kenshi coming out of the shadows. However, that suddenly changed when they saw an unconscious Alex in his arms with her clothes in shreds and blood on her body.

Immediately, the three of them ran over to them and Sonya was the first to speak. “Is she-” she began to say.

“Barely,” Kenshi quickly replied.

Sonya calmed herself down then. “Okay, Kenshi I’ll help you bring Alex to her room. Cammy, go get Raiden and Rose. And Wagner, just wait outside the room.”

Immediately, Wagner and Cammy ran back into the cave without another word as Sonya helped Kenshi bring Alex to her room quietly. Wagner then stopped and waited in front of Alex’s room as Cammy went to the lounge to seek out Raiden and Rose. She found the both of them in the room talking (or arguing, she wasn’t sure, but she didn’t care) and they seemed a bit startled when she came in the room.

“Raiden, Rose!” Cammy cried out as she tried to catch her breath. “Kenshi and Alex are back! Kenshi’s fine, but Alex is seriously hurt!”

Without wasting any more time, Raiden and Rose stood up. Rose quickly grabbed a medical kit and the two ran out of the room with Cammy following. Once they reached Alex’s room, Raiden and Rose went in and Cammy sat next to Wagner, knowing that she wasn’t needed any further.

Once Cammy was able to catch her breath, silence took over. Because they brought Alex in so quietly, no one in the cave had noticed anything and were most likely going about their own business. Cammy and Wagner were only able to hear faint whispering from the room, but nothing more.

Neither one of them were sure how much time had passed. As a matter of fact, both of them almost fell asleep where they sat when the curtain opened. They looked up and saw Sonya. They hearts sank a bit as they saw that her eyes were a bit misty with tears.

“Is she all right?” Wagner asked her as he and Cammy stood up.

Sonya took a deep breath before replying. “I don’t know. She is alive though, her heart rate and breathing seem normal though so that’s a good thing. She has so many scars on her back and has rope burns on her wrists.” She sighed again before proceeding. “Obviously, she was tortured. Why this came to be, we’re not sure. All we know is that if Kenshi hadn’t got her out of there when he did, she could’ve possibly been-”

She stopped for a moment as she took another deep breath. As she did, Wagner placed a comforting hand on her shoulder. “You don’t have to say it,” he said.

Sonya nodded. “Well, we cleaned her scars and Rose is bandaging them up now. The best thing we can do from here now is to see her progress overnight. Most likely, because of what she went through, she’ll probably be out for a couple of days.” Without anything anymore, Sonya turned around and walked back into Alex’s room.

Afterwards, Cammy sighed to herself as she placed a hand over the scar that she had on her left cheek. “I hope that she doesn’t remember any of her horror when she wakes up. I can’t imagine how traumatizing that’ll be.”

Wagner sighed as well as he placed an arm around Cammy’s shoulders. “Come on Cam,” he said to her. “Let’s go take a walk for a bit.”

Cammy nodded to him, his suggestion being a good idea. Silently then, they made their way out of the cave.

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