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Chapter Seven

The next day after work, Rena and Nanase walked outside the restaurant. Waiting for them was Maki.

Rena smiled and walked up to her blond-haired sister. "Glad you can make it."

"Yeah," Maki replied. "I need to make new friends anyways. You should see the people at my job."

Rena laughed a little. She then remembered how she got her sister to start meeting her new friends.


"Hey Rena, you're home a little late tonight," Maki said as her older sister walked in through the door. "Did they make you stay later at the restaurant."

Rena took off her coat and hung it on the hanger by the door. "No, they actually wanted me to go home early. Since the holidays are starting up, the restaurant has been a bit empty, since families want to eat at home more."

Maki nodded. "Then why did you come home late?"

Rena sat down on a black sofa. "Well, there's a girl who works there, her name is Nanase." She smiled nervously. "Well, she has a few close friends, and a few siblings......and......" she began to fumble with her fingers. Just thinking about Guy brought butterflies to her stomach.

Maki saw her sister's hands. "Um, should I be worried?"

"No, no," Rena laughed. "Well, Nanase has two brothers, both older than her, and the oldest one.......um, his name is Guy."

Maki smiled. "Uh oh! Do you have a crush on some guy named, well, Guy?"

Rena shook her head quickly. She could feel her face burning. "No Maki. But Guy......he......he's the one who saved me last week."

Maki's mouth dropped open. "You mean you found the man who saved your life in this BIG city?"

Rena nodded.

Maki jumped up and down with excitement. "I can't believe you two found each other! Metro City has so many people, who knew that you could find the same person again!"

Rena stood up. "And not only did I meet him, he just walked me home."

Maki stopped jumping and put her hands on her hips. "And you don't introduce me to him?!!"

"I didn't feel that it was the right time to invite him in."

Maki sat down then. "So what is he like?"

Rena put a finger on her chin. "Surprisenly, he's pretty shy. He disipline is something called Bushin."

Maki smiled. "The Bushin Arts, I know a few things about that."

Rena nodded. Her sister had taken martial arts in the past.

Maki's smile turned devilish. "Shy, huh. Didn't sound shy when he saved your life."

Rena raised an eyebrow. "I think when someone attacks you, people forget who they are and try to save you."

Maki nodded.

Then, Rena remembered something she promised Guy she would do. "Hey Maki, what are you doing tomorrow?"

Maki shrugged. "Well, I'm off from work so I'll probably end up being bored. What do you have in mind?"

"I was wondering if you wanted to meet me at my job tomorrow after I get out. Then you could come with me to meet everyone, including Guy. They usually hang out at this dojo where Guy works."

Maki smiled. "That would be great! I do need new friends you know!"

Rena then yawned. "I think I'll go to bed now." She started walking towards her bedroom. "See you in the morning little sister."

"Good night big sister."

(End of Flashback)

Rena pointed at Nanase. "Maki, this is my co-worker Nanase. Nanase, this is my sister Maki."

The two girls smiled. "Hi," they both said.

"Shall we get down to the dojo?" asked Maki.

"You bet," Nanase replied. "It's only two blocks down. My brothers, sister, and our other friends will be there."

The three girls began walking down the streets of Metro City. As they did, Rena noticed the snowflakes beginning to fall down towards the ground. She put her hand out and let the snow fall onto her black leather gloves. She looked at the shape of each flake.

Before she knew it, they arrived at the dojo.

"Oh great, what is Greg up to now?" Nanase said out loud. The three girls walked into the dojo. They noticed Greg trying to set up a fake Christmas tree near the back.

Nanase, remembering what he did to the tree back at the restaurant, huffed and put her hands on her hip. "GREG!!"

Greg jumped up and drops one piece of the tree. "Nanase! Don't scare me like that!"

Nanase stomped over to him. "Who brought that tree?"

Greg smiled. "Me. Aren't I just the most thoughtful person?" He gave her an innocent smile.

Nanase's face made it look like that she was ready to attack Greg. "What about the ornaments that you broke back at the restaurant?"

"Uh, I couldn't afford them!"

'Moron!' Nanase thought slapping her forehead. She knew that a box full of ornaments were cheaper than a fake tree.

Greg then noticed Maki. "Whoa! Who is that?" His face made it look like as though he just seen someone like Pamela Anderson walk in.

Nanase got even more mad, her face now turning red. "Yes Greg, that 'babe' has a name!"

Greg smiled. "Wow, I was just about to say that! You sure can read my mind."

Nanase growled and started walking towards Rena and Maki.

"Nanase!" Greg cried out. "I was kidding!"

Maki noticed the look on Nanase's face as she returned. "Who was that you were talking to?"

"His name is Mr. Idiot," she replied. "Let me introduce you to normal people."

"We're back!" cried a voice from behind. The three girls turned around and saw Cody and Jessica walking back in with shopping bags in their hands and their bodies very close to each other.

Nanase sighed. "Well, almost normal. Maki, this is Cody and Jessica also know as the Siamese twins."

Cody put the bags down. "Hi Maki, you must be Rena's sister."

Maki nodded.

"Come on Cody!" Jessica shrieked. "Let's go over to Greg and show him the ornaments we got."

"Okay my sugarplum." They walked over to Greg.

Nanase looked at the sisters and sighed again. "The only normal people you'll meet are my three siblings. Hokuto and Kairi should be back here any minute and.........." she turned to the back. "Greg! Where's Guy?"

Greg looked up and scratched his head. "Umm, let's see......"

Nanase growled. "Never mind!" She turned back to Rena and Maki. "How about you two rest for a while."

The girls nodded and walked over to the side of the dojo. They sat down on the wooden benches.

"I'm beat!" Rena said. "My feet hurt."

"At least you're getting exercise at work," Maki replied.

That's when the doors opened. Rena jumped up. Kairi and Hokuto walked in with their work clothes on. Just behind them was Guy. Rena felt her heart skip a few beats.

She shook her head. 'What the hell is wrong with me?'

Nanase ran up to her siblings. "You guys are here! Rena's sister is here."

They walked over to the benches where the sisters sat. "You must be Maki," said Kairi.

Maki smiled. "Yup, I'm Maki, it's nice to meet you, eh....."


Maki quickly looked over at Guy. "If you're Kairi, then you're Guy!"

Guy smirked a little and nodded.

Maki smiled. "Thank you for saving my sister."

"My pleasure."

"And I'm Hokuto."

Maki turned to Hokuto and smiled. "Hi."

"Come on!" cried Jessica. "Do you guys want to decorate the tree?"

Every turned to where Cody, Jessica, and Greg were. "Since when did we get a tree?" asked Hokuto.

"Since today," Cody replied. He started taking out the ornaments from the bags.

Everyone became wide-eyed at the ornaments. "Cody, how many boxes did you buy?" asked Kairi. "There are enough of them for five trees."

"Well in that case," Cody replied. "I'll get four more trees."

Kairi rolled his eyes. "I was exaggerating."

Everyone began to take the ornaments out of the boxes and began to decorate the tree with them. The tree was being filled up with different colors and fluffy streamers. By the end of the decorating, they used up half the ornaments Cody and Jessica brought.

"Something's missing," said Hokuto.

"I know!" said Maki. "A star or an angel for the top."

"Did you get one Cody?" Nanase asked.

Cody's face started turning red. "Ummmm......."

Nanase sighed. "Great!"

The whole time they decorated, the TV was on. A show just ended playing the rolling credits. Then the news came on.

The news reporter began to speak. "Good evening and thank you for joining us here on Metro News Ten. The top story tonight involves the growing criminal organization Mad Gear. Mayor Mike Haggar announced today that Mad Gear's strength is growing rapidly and their power may even overcome the authorities and politicians. Haggar promised that he will not let Mad Gear take control of Metro City and will do everything to stop them. In other news......"

Kairi walked up to the TV and turns it off. He turned back to his friends and looked at Rena and Maki. "Welcome to Metro City. I don't know if you girls are aware, but Metro City is the main capital of organized crimes."

Rena and Maki swallowed hard. "Who are they?" asked Maki.

"They're a group of people who want to rule Metro City," replied Hokuto. "They're also involved with illegal things as well."

"Don't worry," said Jessica. "My Daddy is the mayor and he'll stop Mad Gear."

Guy looked at Rena. Rena turned to him and the two look into each other's eyes. Rena's heart felt a bit dim from thinking about the Mad Gear threat.

Guy walked closer to her. "Is Sunday good for training?"

Rena smirked. "Yes, especially since now that I've heard about Mad Gear."

Guy took her hand into his. "Just be careful. Any member of Mad Gear could strike any minute."

Rena smiled not only because of Guy's words, but the fact that her hand was holding his.

"I promise I'll be careful."

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