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Chapter Six

Scorpion’s Beach Party!

Saturday finally came! Many of the students of Capcom-Midway High School attended Scorpion’s Beach Party. The beach itself was a private beach owned by none other than the famous…Sub-Zero’s Mom!

“NO! My Mom not here!” exclaimed Sub-Zero a bit frustrated.

“AWWWW!” cried the single men at the party.

Ken came to the party escorting Eliza as he promised.

“Thank you for the escort Ken,” said Eliza.

“Not a problem. Now let’s party!”

Ryu and Chun-Li arrived a little while later, their arms wrapped around each other.

“Wow!” cried Chun-Li. “A lot of people came to the party!”

“I think I know one of the reasons,” said Ryu pointing. Chun-Li turned to where he was pointing and saw Liu Kang, Kung Lao, and Bo’ Rai Cho already getting drunk over tequilas.

“Ah, I see. So darling, shall we grab a couple of margaritas then.”

“I guess,” Ryu replied not feeling too sure, but followed his girl to the concession stands.

As they head over there, Social Distortion’s ‘Reach For the Sky’ played.

“Woot!” cried Scorpion holding up a bottle of Budweiser. “Under-aged drinking is great when you are part of a fan fiction!”

“Wait a minute!” cried Hsu Hao. “We’re in a fan fiction!”

Mavado smacked him over the head with a random twig. “Idiot.”


Everyone at the party drank, danced, and had tons of fun. After a couple of hours, nearly everyone at the party was drunk and began to do random things.

When Scorpion went to go change the CD in the CD player, a drunken Quan-Chi went up to him.

“I have a better idea,” he said. “How about I play my own music?”

“Do you have an instrument with you?” asked Scorpion.”

“Of course!”

“Be my guest then.”

Suddenly, Quan-Chi stripped down to nothing but a pink poke-dotted thong and sunglasses and began playing his saxophone. Everyone watched…well, at least they tried…with disturbing looks on their faces.

“Come on everyone!” cried Quan-Chi. “Do the ballerina!”


Finally, Scorpion kicked him off the stage and Quan-Chi went flying into the ocean.

“And that was for tricking my family and clan into thinking Tinkerbell was real!”

Suddenly the real Tinkerbell came flying by.

“…I think I’ll go now.” Then Scorpion walked away.

Suddenly, Shang Tsung stripped down to his purple thong. Everyone gave him a perplexed look.

“…what?” asked Shang Tsung. “You all didn’t seem surprised when Quan-Chi did it!”

As everyone was distracted, it gave Tanya the opportunity to take Mileena to a spot where she made a secret plan.

“You’ve told me you have something planned for those preppy girls,” said Mileena.

“Indeed I do,” replied Tanya. “This is my revenge against them since one of them sent me to the horrors of detention. Now, from the great company of Acme, I give you this! Mileena, step on that red X over there.”

“Um, okay.” Mileena said. She walked over to the red X and stood there. Suddenly, a bunch of throwing stars shoot at Mileena. She saw them in time and dodged out of the way. The stars landed on the sand with the exception of one which stabbed into the back of Havik’s head.

“Hehe, that tickled!”

Mileena’s eyes became perplexed. “And what exactly is that supposed to do?”

“I’m just giving them a scare,” said Tanya. “And make them feel extremely embarrassed in front of the whole party! Muahahahaha-cough-”

Meanwhile, Dan walked around the party by himself. Blanka and Felicia were, um, busy, leaving the poor teen in pink all alone.

“I wish I ended up getting a date to today’s party,” said Dan. “Whah!”

Then, it seemed as though his luck came to him. He saw Queen-Bee standing by herself nearby.

“AH!” cried Dan. “Now I may be able to have a date with the lovely Queen-Bee! And get credit for getting her into the Demi-Human Club!”

Dan put on his best (dorky) grin and began walking over to Queen-Bee. Before he could reach her, Kairi had walked up to her.

“There you are!” cried Queen-Bee. “Let’s dance!”

“All right,” said Kairi. The two left, neither of them realizing they left poor Dan behind.

“Whah!” poor Dan cried.

Meanwhile, Area and her friends sit around bored.

Sakura sighed. “No fair. All the good guys got dates to this party.”

“But you know,” said Elena. “I think it’s more important that we are all good friends!”

“Indeed we are,” said Makoto. The girls gave each other a group hug.


“AAAHHH!” cried Lilith. “HOTTIE ALERT!”

“WHERE!” cried both Juli and Juni.

They looked where Lilith was pointing at…Demitri!

Demitri saw Lilith pointing at him and the girls staring at him with starry eyes. “Oh shit!” he cried. “Not again!”

Immediately, the girls stampeded over to him. Demitri quickly made a run for it. Not too far, he spotted Rain who was walking around tipsy.

“Hey Rain!” cried Demitri. “I have a gift for you!”

“Huh?” Rain asked, but then Demitri took off his cape, put it over Rain, and ran off. Before Rain realized what had just happened, all the girls piled on top of him.


Meanwhile, Ryu had left to go to the bathroom. As he was returning to Chun-Li, Vega went up to him.

“Hello Ryu,” Vega said. “Nice party huh?”

“Um, yeah, it’s all right,” Ryu replied then sipped a bottle of his Heineken.

“All right then, let’s get to it now!” Suddenly, Vega gave Ryu a quick smack in the butt.

Ryu may be drunk, but he wasn’t drunk enough to not realize what had just happened. “Um, I think I’ll go now.” He then began to make a run for it.

“WAIT!” Vega cried as he began chasing after Ryu. Charlie and Guile had witnessed the whole thing happened.

“Sucks for him,” said Guile.

“Yeah,” answered Charlie. “Might be a little worse than having your head chopped off by a chainsaw.”

Meanwhile, on the other hand, Ken was drunk to the core. When he saw Mileena, her veil was off…but Ken only saw the face of a Jennifer Lopez look-alike.

“Ooooo,” he said while drooling.

Sheeva had saw what just happened. She got angry, walked up to Mileena, and punched her.

“You bitch! My big Ken is MINE!” yelled Sheeva.

Mileena let out a loud angry growl and the two began fighting. They both eventually fell into the blow-up pool full of Jell-o and had a monster cat fight. All the really drunk guys surrounded them.

“Oh my goodness!” cried a drunk Sagat. “It’s Jennifer Lopez and Trish Stratus!”

“NO!” cried Hsu Hao. “It’s Dora the Explorer and Barney the Dinosaur!”

“No!” cried Cyrax. “It’s Princess Leia and Padme!”

“No!” cried Kobra. “It’s Michael Jackson and Kevin Bacon!”

Everyone gave him a perplexed look.


Meanwhile, Nitara walked around the beach party looking for some lust. She stood by the concession stand. It was then, by her luck, that Scorpion spotted her and walked up to her.

“Hey there chica,” said Scorpion giving her a little pat in the butt.

Nitara gave him a seductive smile. “So what are you up to?”

“Not much. I was hoping to get some action soon.”

Nitara grabbed him and used her wings to fly away with him so they could go and do ‘stuff.’

Not too far from the concession stand, Johnny Cage came up with an idea to his buddies.

“Let’s go streaking!”


Johnny, along with Fei-Long, Yun, Yang, Guy, Cody, Sean, and…Honda…took all their clothes off and began running around the beach.

“WHEE!” cried Cody. “I’m free like a bird!”

“Me too!” cried Honda.

They passed everyone at the party. The single girls seemed delighted until they saw a naked Honda. His fat flabbed as he ran.

“AH! I’m blind!” cried Morrigan.

The running ended for Yun and Yang when they both spotted Tessa starring at them.

“Oh shit!” they cried. Both of them grabbed their clothes and ran out of the beach.

Tessa sighed. “Figured those boys had a crush on me.”

Meanwhile, Kenshi laid on a bench by himself. He was quite drunk like everyone else and was daydreaming away. As he did, a drunk Jade and Pullum walked by him not realizing he was there.

“Woot!” cried Pullum. “Nice party!”

“I know!” cried Jade. “Woo…”

Pullum collapsed in the sand. As for Jade, she ended up sitting on Kenshi’s face!

“MMM! MMM!” Kenshi cried as he struggled to get out.

Jade sobered up then and got herself up. She looked down and saw Kenshi coughing.

“Oh my goodness!” exclaimed Jade. “I’m so sorry!” She then ran off full of embarrassment.

“Wait!” cried Pullum. She got herself up and followed Jade.

Kenshi sat there for a second. “What just happened?”

Suddenly, Havik came by (with the star still lodged in his skull), spinning his head and arms around. “Dude, some green girl sat on you!”

“Oh…” was all Kenshi said. He shrugged it off, then laid back down on the bench.

Suddenly, Felicia saw Kenshi on the bench.

“MEOW! Pile up!” She jumped and landed on Kenshi.

“OOF!” Kenshi cried out. Then Felicia fell asleep on him. Suddenly Blanka jumped on Felicia crushing Kenshi. “Can’t…move!”

Meanwhile, Chun-Li, who was tipsy, was still waiting for Ryu to come back from the bathroom.

“Hmm, he’s been gone for some time now. I should go get some more tequilas while I wait.”

When she got to the concession stand, Sub-Zero had come to the same one to get tequilas as well for him and Frost. The two of them looked at each other for a brief moment.

“Hi,” said Chun-Li.

“Hi,” replied Sub-Zero. “It’s been a while since we last talked.”

“Yeah. We were quite occupied in middle school.”

“Yeah. Tequila?”


Chun-Li handed Sub-Zero her cup and he poured some tequila into her drink. He then poured himself two cups of tequilas and set one down.

“Haha,” said Sub-Zero. “It felt like elementary school was only yesterday. Now here we are, seniors in high school.”

“I know the feeling,” answered Chun-Li. “And to think most of us will be heading off to college next year.”

“Do you know where you want to go?”

“I was thinking about going into the police academy? How about you?”

“I’m hoping to go to the University of Antarctica.”

“I never heard of it.”

“Nobody has.”

They both fell silent for a minute before Sub-Zero spoke up. “How are you and Ryu?”

Chun-Li forced a smirk. “We’re doing great.”

“Wow, I mean, you two have been dating since…”

“Fourth grade.”

“Yeah. I remembered when I like you around that time.”


Once again, they fell silent. But not that long after, to Chun-Li’s surprise, Sub-Zero learned in to kiss her. He only managed to get a little brush of her lips before Chun-Li quickly backed away and slapped him across the face.

“Don’t ever try to pull that again!” cried Chun-Li with anger. Sub-Zero only stared at her for a brief moment before taking the other cup of tequila and walked away.

Then, Chun-Li became nervous. ‘I hope nobody saw that!’ The only ‘witnesses’ were Liu Kang, Kung Lao, and Bo’ Rai Cho, where had already fallen asleep.

Meanwhile, Tanya was still waiting for a preppy girl to come by and step on the red X to face humiliation.

“Come on already,” Tanya said frustrated. “I want to finally get my revenge!”

Finally, after some time, she saw Kitana walking towards the red X.

“Yes! This is it!” Tanya yelped.

Kitana stepped on the red X…and nothing happened. Tanya became confused and walked over to the X.

“Why did that work?” Tanya examined it and then stepped on the X. Suddenly, the throwing stars dart out and were only close enough to cut Tanya’s bikini right off leaving her fully exposed. Then, all the weapons landed on the sand except for one which Charlie in the head killing him. His body fell into the water.

“Oh my God!” cried Jax. “They killed Charlie!”

“Oh my God!” cried Rolento. “That is getting OLD!”

Everyone noticed Tanya and stared. No one did anything until Scorpion, who just came back from being ‘busy’ with Nitara, came up to her and gave her a little spank. “OOO nice buns!”

Everyone started laughing.

“WHAH!” cried Tanya as she ran off.

After that, everyone continued with what they were doing.

The next morning…

Everyone had fallen asleep on the beach. Chun-Li woke up to find Vega holding up shorts. Apparently, he managed to get them off Ryu while he was asleep leaving him in only his briefs.

“Look what I got, look what I got!” cried Vega like a school girl.

Area and her friends saw the shorts. “AAAHH!” they cried with excitement.

Chun-Li sighed and walked over to Vega. “Hand them over.”

“Oh poo,” said Vega handing the shorts over to Chun-Li.

“Speaking of shorts, have you guys seen my clothes?” asked Cody.

“Last I remembered,” said Hokuto. “BB Hood threw them in the ocean.”

“NOOOO!” Cody cried. He and the rest of the boys who went streaking last night jumping into the ocean to find their clothes.

Everyone else got up feeling quite groggy. They all gathered their things and headed back to where they lived.

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