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Chapter Fifteen
The Face-Off

Wagner, with all the rage within him, sprinted his way towards the Shadowlaw leader Bison. He was the madman who killed his parents, taken his sister and added her among the dolls…now the murderer of his best friend, Sgt. Jake Powers, who’s lifeless body laid next to his unconscious sister.

Wagner threw a punch at him. His entire body was covered in yellow shocks, the power of Ultra. Bison blocked the punch, but because of that, Wagner succeeded in turning the metal covering Bison’s knuckles into nothing but sand particles.

With the amount of rage he had now, Wagner wondered if he just punched Bison anywhere else, he could turn the madman into nothing than what had just fell on the floor.

Bison had almost forgotten about what the Ultra power could do to any objects. He knew the truth though…even if Wagner did managed to land a blow on him, it would already stun him for a moment and nothing more.

They fought for quite some time until Bison managed to perform his knee press nightmare move on Wagner. He performed two double knee presses, jumped up and kicking Wagner twice on the way down, then performed a slide knocking Wagner back.

Wagner landed on the back of his heard hard on the marble floor. It wasn’t enough to knock him out, but it was enough to make him see stars. Blood trickled down his face.

Bison teleported over to him and grinned sadistically. “To think that a mere boy like you can take me down. You know, rage wouldn’t help either.”

Wagner only stared at him with cold eyes. “If you intend to kill me, go ahead. There are too many people in this world after you, so it wouldn’t make much of a difference.”

Bison sneered again, which now gave Wagner a headache. “Fine then. It’s too bad though, you would make quite a good Shadowlaw solider. But then again…I could arrange that after I kill you, just like I did with your sister.”

Before Bison could even begin to bend, he suddenly heard someone scream out, “Sonic Boom!” and then felt an energy coming towards them. Bison teleported away before the energy could even hit him.

Bison went closer to the three who interrupted. He recognized two of them…the warrior Ryu and Air Force’s Guile.

“Well, well, well, you two again.” Then he brought his eyes to Liz. “And it seems that you brought another one of your recruits. I’m shaking in my boots.”

“You may be more powerful,” said Ryu. “But if we managed to take you down once, you can be taken down again!”

“And what can you do about it?”

Suddenly, he teleported in front of Liz and gave her a hard punch to the face sending her to the wall. Liz cried in pain as she made impact and slid to the ground. Wagner watched this in horror. Now Bison was about to kill another one of his loved ones…this time his girlfriend.

“LIZ!” Wagner screamed out. He tried to get up, but pain shot through him forcing him to fall back down on the ground.

“Now to die,” Bison said sadistically, but before he moved, Guile and Ryu jumped on top of him and tried their best to pull him back.

“Liz!” Guile cried out. “Get Wagner out of here. We’ll take care of Jake and the doll.”

Liz immediately got up. She searched the room until she spotted Wagner lying on the ground still alive. She ran over to him and bended next to him.

“Scott,” she said as tears steamed down her face. As she sat him up, Wagner threw his arms around him in a tight embrace. Liz returned the embrace. “Come on Scott, we have to get out of here and get you to a hospital.”

“No,” Wagner managed to say. “I have to kill him…”

“No!” Liz cried out. “You’re hurt, you wouldn’t even make it out if you stay here now.”

“He killed my parents Liz…and he killed Jake.”

Upon hearing that, Liz gasped and turned her head to Jake. Now she was able to see it. His head was in an abnormal position. She immediately realized that his neck had been broken.

Debbie…’ she thought sadly.

Liz turned her head back to Wagner. “Scott, please. Guile and the others will take care of him-”

“I have to…I’ve been waiting -”

“No dammit!” Liz cried out then. “I’m not going to lose you again. I love you dammit!”

They then both realized what she said. Wagner brought her closer and held her tightly, at least it was to him.

“Liz,” he whispered. “I love you too. For you, get me out. I know Guile will win this for me.”

Liz moved a bit and brushed her lips against his for a brief moment before helping him up. Guile and Ryu were fighting Bison far from the door. She managed to make her way towards the door when Chun-Li, Ken, Cammy, and Debbie came by.

“Wagner!” Cammy cried out. She ran over him and embraced him. Wagner used one arm to hold himself up against Liz and used the other to embrace Cammy back.

Liz turned to Debbie. “Debbie, help me get Wagner out of here.”

“Where’s Jake?”

Liz realized they were in a spot where they couldn‘t see Jake. “Let’s go!” she demanded. She didn’t want to tell Debbie about Jake, not until they were safe outside.

Debbie did as she told and the both of them made their way to the exit.

Chun-Li turned her head to Cammy, about to tell her to go with them, but Cammy was already heading into the room and charging into battle.

“Damn,” said Chun-Li as she and Ken followed her to where Guile and Ryu were fighting Bison.

Just as the three of them got there, Bison threw both Guile and Ryu over to them knocking them all back and down on the ground.

Bison recognized all three ‘newcomers,’ especially Cammy. “Welcome back Killer Bee. It’s been some time now, hasn’t it?”

Cammy growled in anger. “You will pay for everything…that should be quite self-explanatory for all that you’ve done, especially to those I love, and especially to me.”

She sprinted over to him and performed her cannon drill, which Bison blocked. She then took her by her pigtails and threw her across the room. Chun-Li went up next shooting out a ball of energy at Bison. Bison teleported out of the way, went behind her, and gave her a hard kick to the floor sending her across the floor.

Ryu and Ken double teamed, both shooting out their Hadoukens and following it up with their Hurricane kicks. Bison dodged and blocked the moves. He then took them both by their hairs and knocked them right into each other, then threw them over to where Cammy and Chun-Li were.

Guile went next, performing his somersault shell. Bison once again teleported out of the way. Guile regained himself and then performed his sonic boom once again. Bison swatted the energy away as though it was only a mere fly.

Before Guile performed another move, an alarm went off.

Warning! The base will self-destruct in ten minutes!

“What?” Guile cried out.

Bison sneered. “Seems that one of my trusted right-hand men pushed the red button. It was nice battling you all, but I’m afraid that I’ll have to make my early departure. But don’t worry, I’m sure we will meet again some day. Farewell.”

With that Bison, teleported, grabbed the unconscious doll Viper, then teleported away.

“Damn! He got away!” cried Ken.

“Guile, we have to get out of here!” cried Chun-Li. “I’m sorry…”

“No, we tried. Besides, Wagner was the only recruit alive. The others are dead…” The five were silent before Guile began walking to Jake. “Let’s get Jake out of him and get him to a hospital.”

But when Guile picked him up, he realized how cold Jake’s body was and the way his head fell back when he picked him up. Guile gasped by this sudden surprise. Jake was long dead. The best he could do now was to take him back to the base.

Soon enough, the five of them made their way out of the base.

Bangkok International Airport

Guile, Cammy, Ryu, Ken, and Chun-Li were being driven back to the airport, where Liz and Debbie had taken Wagner. It had been only a day since Bison made his escape. They all ended up separating that day. Liz and Debbie took Wagner to a hospital, where he stayed overnight. Now they were going to head back to the States.

The five of them rode in a truck with the back having it’s seats on the side instead of the middle. In between all of them was a large wooden casket containing Jake’s body. The leather jacket he wore when he died laid on top.

They soon reached the airport. Wagner, Liz, and Debbie waited by the two jets they took with them, one of those jets belonging to Jake. Liz insisted that she will fly the jet back to their country.

Once the vehicle stopped, Guile knew that the hardest part had come. They may had managed to get Wagner back, but the mission was practically a failure. They weren’t able to destroy Shadowlaw and rescue the other seven recruits. And on top of all that, they ended up losing one of their best recruits.

From the vehicle, Guile saw the tears steaming down Debbie’s face. Once they reached the hospital, Liz told her what happened to Jake.

Guile popped the back doors opened and stepped out. He looked at the three young recruits, but especially at Wagner for a bit. Then he turned around and help Chun-Li, Ryu, Ken, and Cammy get Jake’s casket out of the vehicle. Once they got it out, they carried the casket towards the jets.

Once they reached the other three, Debbie walked over to the casket. The five put the casket down to give Debbie the brief time to grieve. She placed her hand over the jacket before placing her forehead on top of the casket and sobbed uncontrollably.

Wagner slowly walked over to Guile, aware of the failed mission. He had also noticed that Lisa was not with them. He didn’t have to ask…Bison still had his grasps on her.

“Guile,” Wagner said a bit choked up as he thought about sister. “That doll we found…that was Lisa…Bison resurrected her…”

Guile became stunned when he heard this. His sister was alive, but as a Shadowlaw doll. He placed a hand on Wagner’s shoulder. “I promise Wagner…we’ll get her back and get our revenge…even if it takes our whole lives to do so.”

Then, Guile wrapped his arms around Wagner. Wagner buried his face into his chest and broke down into what seemed like endless tears. Wagner vowed to himself that he would get Lisa back, even if he died doing it.

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