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Sgt. Scott K. Wagner

One month later

Wagner sat in his seat with a handful of other recruits on a stage in the gymnasium in full uniform. The people in the audience were in pleasant moods that day. It was a moment Wagner had been waiting for ages…he was receiving his promotion to Sergeant.

As General Abraham McCall gave out his speech, he looked into the audience. Liz had a smile on her face, resisting the urge to wave to Wagner. He then shifted his eyes to the Guile family. He have to guess it, he knew that they were proud of him.

A week ago, Wagner went into a mission he was successful in. Since the failed Shadowlaw mission a month ago, Wagner was determined to take down Shadowlaw. He was one of the first recruits to join the new operation called Operation: Lisa, named after Wagner’s sister. Guile lead the group, all determined to taking down Shadowlaw once and for all.

During their first Operation: Lisa mission, Wagner managed to rescue another Shadowlaw doll by the name of Juni, a young woman reported missing by the

government about 12 years ago. She was currently being cared for by the German government, the place she was originally from. That mission earned Wagner more respect from the Air Force and his promotion.

Wagner’s mind temporarily drifted to the failed mission and he frowned a bit. He gave the eulogy at Jake’s funeral, who was buried at a military cemetery outside of Los Angeles. After the funeral, Debbie officially quit the Air Force. She moved back to her home state of New York two weeks ago to begin her life over again.

Around the same time, a phone call came in asking Cammy White to join with MI-6 in England. It had been a hard choice, but Cammy wanted to do something a bit new with herself. She decided return to her homeland of England and took MI-6’s offer.

Chun-Li, Ken, and Ryu returned to their lives after Jake’s funeral.

After quite some time, General McCall finished his speech and began the official promotions. A few recruits went up before McCall said, “Scott K. Wagner, from Senior Airman to Sergeant.”

Though the audience was not told to clap or cheer until everyone received their badges, they couldn’t help but give Wagner a standing ovulation, clapping and cheering on for him.

Wagner got up and walked over to McCall. He pinned a badge on to Wagner’s uniform before saluting him. Wagner saluted back before McCall patted him on the back.

“I’m proud of you Wagner,” McCall said. “Take good care of Liz.”

Wagner nodded with a smile before sitting back down.

The ceremony soon ended and everyone joined in for refreshments and further celebration. Instead of joining along, Wagner went outside and sat on the large grassy field outside the gym. He watched the jets taking off on the other side of the base doing practice and test runs for a bit.

So this is life for me,’ he thought quite surprised of himself. ‘Even with all the hell, there’s still good things for me…

“Wagner!” he heard a familiar voice cry out. He turned his head and saw Liz jogging over to him. Once she reached him, she sat down next to him. “Why aren’t you inside celebrating?”

Wagner only shrugged. “I just have too much on my mind.” He took her hand then.

Liz smirked and squeezed his hand. “I know it’s been hard for you this past month.”

“I know, and I know it’s the same for all of you.” He sighed again. “I’m happy that I was able to rescue that girl. It’s brought me a step closer to possibly saving Lisa.”

“We will one day, but even if it’s not you, I’m sure another recruit will. The government is already aware that she is one of the ones captured, so every military in the country are aware and ready to rescue when the chance comes.”

“I know,” Wagner said. “And I know that Shadowlaw will be taken down…even if it’s not me.”

They shared a kiss before continuing to watch the jets taking off and landing.

Lisa,’ he thought. ‘We will be united again. I promise you my word.

The End.


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