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Chapter Twelve


For the remainder of that week, the village continued with building the new house. With Kenshi’s help, they were able to get the heavier load out of the way quicker.

Everyday for that week, Kitana would watch the men of the village build while sitting underneath the shades provided by the trees around the village. Some times, when Cara was done with her education lessons, she would get the Princess to come play with her. They would fly kites and even play a game of hide and seek, a game Kitana hasn’t played since before she became an assassin. She felt like a child again whenever she joined Cara.

Soon, the finishing touches were done on the house on a mid-afternoon at the end of the week. Kitana, along with Kenshi, joined the younger adults of the village at the saloon to celebrate their achievement.

Once everyone received their drinks, Devante got up on a table and made a speech;

“It’s with great honor to thank you all in helping with this project. It seemed like a long road, but we made it. Hopefully, within the next few days, the house will be sold to good people. I especially want to thank Kenshi, who contributed well with the project.” Devante raised his cup. “To everything!”

“To everything!” everyone cried out raising their cups and began consuming their drinks.

Music played and people danced. After getting her second drink, Kitana joined in the group dancing. Eventually, she convinced Kenshi to join, who sat in the corner enjoying his beer and listened to everyone have fun. Soon, the entire saloon danced to the small band playing and enjoying their drinks.

By the middle of the night, Kenshi, Kitana, Devante, and Keiko came back into the house. Sapphire and Cara were already asleep in their rooms for the night, but Musashi waited for them in the living room.

“Welcome back children,” he said. “I hope you all didn’t drunk too much.”

“Nah, we’re fine,” Devante said slightly slurred.

Keiko tried her best to hold him up, but she too was quite drunk. “Eh, honey, let’s go to bed now…”

They dragged themselves (and each other) up the stairs and into their room.

Kitana looked over at Musashi. “Kenshi and I are fine, we’re just tipsy.”

“Good good,” Musashi replied. “I suggest you two should go to bed. We have a long day tomorrow.”

“What are we doing tomorrow?” Kenshi asked curious.

Musashi laughed a little. “Tomorrow is still the weekend, so we won’t really do that much. Kenshi, you and Devante have been working hard all week, so we’ll give you all a day full of rest. After the weekend, we’ll be doing house chores.”

“I see,” Kitana said not liking the sound of that. “Well, we’ll be going to bed now. You should get some rest as well.”

“I suppose.” Musashi got himself up. “Good night children.” Then he went into his room.

Kenshi turned his head to Kitana and put his hand out to the side with his palm facing up. “After you?” he said with a smirk. Kitana smirked as well and began her way upstairs with Kenshi following her.

Once they reached the room, Kitana went by the stand next to the door to light up a candle. Once she was done with that, she began walking forward, but then stumbled a bit. Kenshi immediately sensed it and caught her with both of his arms. Kitana giggled like a school girl, still tipsy from the alcohol.

“You okay there?” Kenshi said with a little laugh. Hearing him laugh a little made Kitana smile. He hardly did that, but when he did, it was a pleasant laugh, as though he was letting her know things were quite well for him.

Once Kenshi helped her up, Kitana looked up at him and kept her brown eyes on him for a bit before speaking. “Kenshi…I could never figure out how to repay you.”

Immediately, Kenshi knew what she meant. “Please Kitana, there is no need for you to.”

“I still feel that I should. I mean, you’ve helped me with everything that’s been happening to me. I practically owe you my life-”

Then, Kenshi put a finger over her lips. “You don’t owe me anything. Come on, let us rest for the night.”


Neither one of them moved for a few seconds but once Kitana did, instead of heading to bed, she leaned in and brushed her lips against his for just a second.

The kiss came and went, but it still caught Kenshi by surprise. Once the kiss ended, they were as still as stone, not sure what to do next. Kitana slightly shook her head after realizing there was awkward silence. “Kenshi, I’m, I’m so sorry-”

“Shhh,” Kenshi whispered and soon claimed her lips with his, sharing a much longer kiss this time. They moved their lips in a slow rhythmic motion, slightly opening and closing their mouths.

After sometime, they widened their mouths and let their tongues duel with one another. They wrapped their arms around each other more tightly, and Kitana leaned her slim body as close as she could into his lean and cut body. Kenshi slightly rubbed his hands up and down her back before using his telekinetic powers to undo the bands in Kitana’s hair. Her hair soon freely fell to knee-length and he took the opportunity to stoke her wavy hair with his fingers. When Kitana felt this, she brought her hands up and began playing with his hair.

After what seemed like hours, they released their kisses to catch their breaths. Kitana looked at him a bit before reaching her hand to the back of his head to undo the red fabric over his eyes. Kenshi didn’t resist as the blindfold was loosened and taken off. Kitana let it drop to the floor and stared at his pale eyes as she caressed his face with her hands. She was able to slightly see his iris’ and pupils.

“Kenshi,” Kitana soon said. “I was wondering…before you became blind…what color were your eyes originally.”

Kenshi smirked a little. “A lot of people find it surprising when I say that they were blue. It’s part of the heredity from my European side.”

Kenshi then leaned in and they once again shared another passionate kiss. This time, they walked themselves over to the bed. Once they reached it, they stopped kissing and Kitana guided Kenshi as they lied down, but not before kicking off their shoes. Kitana laid on her back as Kenshi went on top of her. He played with her hair for a bit before giving her yet another passionate kiss.

A moan escaped Kitana’s throat as she received the kiss. They wrapped their arms tightly once again and leaned into each other to create more fervor. Both of them could feel each other’s hearts racing as they let their tongues duel once again. Soon, Kenshi slightly pulled away, much to Kitana’s slight disappointment, but he soon found his way to her neck and began planting kisses along her neck line.

As he planted kisses along Kitana’s neck, Kenshi began to undo the laces on her swimsuit-like outfit, which only stopped at the beginning of her abdomen. Once he was done, he slowly pulled it down just enough to expose her breasts.

From there, Kitana slowly peeled away the shirt he wore and carelessly tossed it aside exposing his well-toned torso. Kenshi lifted himself up a bit to let Kitana slowly let her hands rub over his chest and abdomen. She noted the scars on his torso, most likely from past sword duels. She then brought her hands up to his face and guided him down before planting yet another kiss.

Kitana had said kisses like this before, but with Kenshi…it was different. She couldn’t pinpoint exactly what it was, but it would be later that she would realize that in the beginning, he had truly cared for her, not just because she was a Princess. From the day he woke up from near death, he had treated her like a normal human being, which was what she had truly wanted from a man.

Once again, Kenshi moved away from her lips and slowly left trails of kisses and stopped at her breasts. He put his attention on both, caressing them for a bit before planting more kisses around them until he stopped at the sensitive points, where he teased them with his lips and tongue. More than she could count that Kitana let out a moan. This last for quite a while, so it seemed, before he pulled away. He clasped onto to her one-piece clothing and pulled it down along with her undergarment leaving her fully exposed. All that was left was his pants.

When he was done, Kitana lifted herself up so that she was sitting up. She took the blanket and began pulling it over. Kenshi got the idea and began helping her until both of them were under the sheets. Once they were settled, Kenshi wrapped his arms around her waists before placing more kisses along her neck.

As he did this, a thought came to Kitana. She began to realize that so far, he was doing most of the work. She began to roll over, beginning to push him back, but he stopped her. “No,” he whispered. “Let yourself enjoy it.”

Kitana was about to protest, but Kenshi quickly pulled her into another deep kiss. He used one hand to run it up and down her thigh and used the other hand to caress her left breast. All Kitana could do was hold him close and, well, enjoy it.

After a while, Kitana moved her hands down. There was one thing left to do and that was to undo his pants. Kenshi let her unbuckle the belt before peeling the fabric off of him. As with his shirt, she carelessly tossed it aside. She looked under the blanket and saw that Kenshi was ready for her.

Kitana pulled him closer and shared yet another round of passionate kisses. It wouldn't be long before they would become one. Both let out a light moan after another. Kitana tried not to scream since there were other people sleeping in the house. They pushed with another, letting out all the feelings they felt for each other since they day they met. And when it all consummated, they finished. Kitana let Kenshi fall into her arms, releasing her as they wrapped their arms around each other. Kenshi laid his head just next to hers.

Kitana looked at Kenshi and stroked his cheek with the tip of her fingers. “Kenshi, please…don’t ever leave me…”

Kenshi took her hand and held it. “You know I won’t…I care for you too much to do that. You’ve changed me from the day we met. I couldn’t ask for anything better.”

Kitana smiled. They bid their goodnights with small kisses before falling into what was probably the best sleep they had in a long time.

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