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Chapter Nine


Friday finally comes. People began planning their weekend including Cyrax, who ran over to his friends Sub-Zero, Frost, Sektor, and Smoke holding up five tickets.

“Hey guys, guess what?” Cyrax cried out excitedly.

“You finally met Princess Leia,” said Frost sarcastically.

“I wish. Anyway, are any of you doing anything this weekend?”


“Good! Because just today I managed to snag five tickets to this year’s Star Wars Convention which is tomorrow!”

“Again?” asked Sektor bummed out.

“Hey, isn’t that Ryu’s headband?” asked Sub-Zero looked at Smoke, who wore Ryu’s headband over his head.

“Eh…………….no,” Smoke replied. Just as he said that, he managed to steal a Bon Jovi CD from Kairi’s pocket. “Yoink!” He looked inside the case. “Damn it! There’s no CD!”

“Well anyway, I’ll do the driving I guess,” said Sub-Zero.

“Great!” cried Cyrax. “With Sub-Zero driving, we can get there much quicker!”

Sub-Zero sighed. “I’m going to class.” He kissed Frost before walking away.

“Farewell Subbie-wan!” Cyrax called out making Sub-Zero growl a little.

Meanwhile, Tanya, Karin, Morrigan, and Sharon are at their lockers getting their books for classes.

“Ugh, I’m like, so mad!” cried Morrigan holding her hand out. “I broke my pinkie nail. This is the worst day ever!”

“Don’t worry,” said Karin. “No one will hardly notice.”

Then Havik walked by. “Haha, Morrigan has a broken pinkie nail!” Then he ran off leaving Morrigan to fume more.

“Well, I’m having a good day so far,” said Tanya. “I have this great plan with getting closer to destroying all the popular girls?”

“What is it?” asked Sharon excitedly.

But before Tanya could continue, Scorpion came by and gave her a slap on the butt. “Hey sweet cheeks!” he said. Reminded by what happened at the beach party, Tanya let out a ‘Whah!’ and ran off.

Sharon walked over to Scorpion in a seductive voice. “Hey you, wanna go to the make out closet?”

“Hell no!” Scorpion said before walking away leaving Sharon quite mad.

Nearby, those who auditioned for the Phantom play waited impatiently for the cast list to be posted up. After what seemed like forever, Miss Rose finally came by and put the list up. Fei-Long pushed everyone away and was the first one to see the list. He didn’t have to look for his name too long.

“YES!” he cried out. “I’m going to be playing Raoul!”

“Congratulations Fei-Long,” said Honda, who looked at the list next. “Yay! I’m playing Piangi!”

Adon managed to get past everyone and went next. “Auctioneer? I’m an Auctioneer? Hell has been frozen over!” He stomped away angrily.

“Oh boo hoo,” Karin said looking at the list. “Carlotta! No way! I should be Christine!”

“Serves you right,” said Felicia who looked at the list. “Carlotta’s -meow- maid?”

“Well, well, well,” Karin said. “We’ll be working together along with Hokuto being the wigmaker and seamstress.”

“Thanks a lot!” cried out Hokuto stomping away.

Yun and Yang were just passing by when they saw the group.

“Isn’t that the call for the Phantom cast?” asked Yun.

“I think so,” replied Yang.

The two of them watched either happily or angry as they found their names next to their characters. Once most of them were cleared away, they walked over to the cast list. Yun managed to take a peak first. “Firmin? Who’s Firmin?”

Ibuki heard this. “He’s one of the two new owners of the Opera. It’s quite a good part. Unfortunately, Johnny Cage is playing the other owner, Andre.”

“Doh!” Yun cried out. Then he looked at Yang. “So, what part did you get.”

When Yang looked, he was very surprised to see his name on top of the list. Then he looked over at who he was playing. “…I’m…The Phantom.”

“Woot! That’s the biggest part in the play!” said Ibuki. “You must be so excited. I’m play Madame Giry, who plays an important role in the play.”

Yang sighed. “I don’t know…”

“Oh come on bro!” said Yun. “Miss Rose obviously saw great talent in you. I mean, after that singing, I’m not surprised.”

“I guess…by the way, who’s playing the leading female?”

“The character Christine will be played by…” Ibuki looked over at the list. “…Nanase?”

“Surprised?” asked Yun.

“Yeah. Usually Karin and Felicia play the leading roles. Guess this is material they’re not used to.”

“Guess I’ll be kissing her…” Yang said.

“Actually, Fei-Long’s character does the most kissing. I believe you only kiss her once.”

“Good.” Then, Yang’s mind was filled with Tessa. ‘She should’ve been Christine. Instead, she’s a dancer…

Suddenly, they heard a loud scream. They turned around and saw Ken being carried by Sheeva. The three of them blinked and walked away to their classes.

“Put me down!” Ken begged. Then he found himself being dragged into the girls’ bathroom. “Not again!”

“Yes again my big Keeeen!” She shoved him into an empty stall, went inside, and began making out with him.

“MMM! MMM!” Ken muffled. Finally, after some struggle, he broke himself free and crawled over to the other stall. Unfortunately, there was Pullum.

“AAHH!” Pullum cried out. “Get out of here you perv!” She kicked him back to the stall where Sheeva was waiting.

“You’re so cruel…” Ken said before Sheeva began making out with him again.

As this was all happening, Sakura was in front of the mirror doing her makeup. “Such a pleasant day, isn’t it?”

She looked over at Vega who was doing his nails. “Yes it is indeed. I’m happy to be the only male actually welcomed into the girls’ bathroom.”


During third period, Cammy went to go to the bathroom, but ended up getting lost and found her way into the library.

“STARS!” Mr. Nemesis cried out for no apparent reason.

Cammy went over to him. “Excuse me Mr, do you know where the bathroom is?”


“Um, okay.” Cammy continued inside the library. “Stars, stars, where are the stars?”

When he reached the back of the library, she was surprised when she found a little leprechaun standing there.

The Leprechaun smiled and held out a box of cereal. “Buy my Lucky Charms cereal, part of your complete breakfast!”

Cammy stared at Lucky for a minute before saying… “Are you stars?”

Now it was Lucky who looked at her. “Umm…well, there are stars in my cereal. Try some, they’re magically delicious.”

Suddenly, Sodom came by and grabbed Lucky. “Watashi kaze Lucky! (I caught Lucky!)” he cried out before running off.

“NO!” Lucky cried out.

Cammy, more confused than usual, said, “That was strange. Now to find stars.” After a while, he walked out of the library.

Period 8- Film Class

“Class,” said Miss Rose. “Today, before we begin our lessons, I’ll be giving out your very first assignments of the year. With the skills that you’ve learned so far, you will be filming yourself doing your favorite activities. Since it normally requires two people to do this, I’ve already assigned partners. You will have two weekends to do this project.”

Nearly everyone growled a little except Dan, who obviously went, “YAHOO!” Miss Rose took out a piece of paper and began reading out the pairings.

“All right, we have…Shang Tsung and Scorpion, Morrigan and Eliza, Kenshi and Kitana, Jade and Dairou, Queen Bee and Yang, Demitri and Dan-”

“WHAT?” Demitri cried out ready to die.

“Yahoo! We’re going to have so much fun, right Demitri?”

Demitri only grumbled to himself.

Miss Rose continued. “And finally…Ryu and Havik.”

Havik twisted his head 180 degrees to face Ryu and waved to him. Ryu nervously waved back. With Havik as his filming partner, the project was going to be quite interesting.

After Sports

Chun-Li came home to a quiet house, assuming her father wasn’t home and out on another police mission.

“Well,” she said to herself. “I might as well start up on my Sex education homework.”

She normally did her homework in the kitchen. She was wondering what she was going to cook for dinner when she realized…something was already being cooked.

Chun-Li walked into the kitchen wondering what it was and gasped. The kitchen table was neatly set with a cloth over the table. Two candles were lit in the middle of the table, the only lights in the room, and two plates, forks, knives, cups, and napkins were neatly placed in the right spots. Chun-Li looked over at by the stove and saw Ryu cooking away.

Ryu hadn’t noticed her come in. This gave Chun-Li the opportunity to sneak up behind him and wrap her arms around his waist. She planted a kiss on the back of Ryu’s neck. “This is such a surprise,” she whispered.

Ryu turned around to face her and they shared a brief kiss. “How was volleyball practice?”

Chun-Li sighed. “Exhausting. Miss Mika is really nervous about our first game against Namco.”

“I’m sure everything will be fine. Tell you what, why don’t you go rest in the den while I finish dinner.”

“Okay,” Chun-Li said with a smile. They shared another kiss before Chun-Li made her way into the den.

Later, they enjoyed a good meal containing sesame chicken with mixed vegetables and rice. For drinks, they had some Shirley Temple. They talked about their day and their upcoming sports game. The football team would be going against DC High soon enough.

Once they were finished with dinner, they cleaned up and put the dishes away before blowing out the candles and heading into the den. They sat on the couch, but just as soon, they lied down and began to slowly make out. For a while, they created their heat of passion, both of them wishing this moment would last forever. Eventually, Chun-Li pulled away and looked up at Ryu. She took a hand and rubbed her hand over his forehead.

“Honey…your headband is missing…”

Ryu quickly touched his own forehead. “Heh, I didn’t know it was gone…I wear it so much, it became a part of me.”

“It doesn’t matter.”

They continued with their passion. When Chun-Li found the moment extremely intense, she stopped herself and pulled away. Ryu got the idea and looked at her with caring and concern. “It’s okay Chun-Li. I know you are not ready to go that far yet.”

“I know…it’s just sometimes I get so lost into the passion that I forget my own vow to wait until the right moment came.”

“And you know I understand.”

Then, Chun-Li smirked. “So…what’s the occasion of all of this?”

Ryu stroked her bangs which hung over her forehead. “Because I love you.”

Chun-Li wanted to cry then, but held it back. “I love you too.”

They held each other close, enjoying the moment together.

Meanwhile at Chicken Warp.

Mileena just finished an order for Pullum, Eliza, Kitana, and Jade. “Would you like fries with that?”

“Ew,” Pullum said. “They’re so greasy. Like I said, we only want the chicken salads.”

Mileena held the urge to slap her. “Then that’ll be 12 dollars.”

The girls split their orders and gave their money to Mileena. When she handed them their change, Eliza looked at her. “You know, you don’t have to be so grumpy.”

Suddenly, Mileena let out a loud growl chasing the girls away.

The girls ended up outside and decided to sit on Pullum’s car and enjoy their chicken salads. Pullum looked at her salad. “Ugh, this looks nasty. I’m so glad that I’m rich. I would never work at a disgusting place like Chicken Warp.”

The other girls only nodded before Pullum continued. “So, have any of you girls managed to get anyone for the Fashion show?”

“Well,” said Jade. “I managed to get Tessa to join.”

“I think Queen Bee managed to get Hsien-Ko to volunteer,” said Eliza. “I’m going to try to get Ken, but it’s been hard…with Sheeva and all.”

“How about invite Sheeva along as well?” Pullum suggested. “We could advertise fashion for her height.”

“Good idea.”

They continued to talk about the fashion club until they finished their salads. They soon went into Pullum’s car and drove away.

“So, what should we do now?” asked Kitana as they got on the main road.

“Well, we could-” Pullum began, but suddenly, a squirrel came running right in front of them forcing Pullum to turn her car, but just as soon lost control of it.

“AAAAAAAHHHHHH!” the girls cried.

The squirrels watched as they went down a ditch and hit a tree. Another squirrel came out. Both squirrels looked at each other and began high-fiving each other!

The girls managed to survive the crash without a single scratch on themselves. They struggled to get out of the car and eventually were standing around the car.

“You girls okay?” Eliza said panicked. The girls nodded nervously.

Suddenly, an older version of Nelson from The Simpson’s came by riding his motorcycle. He pointed at the girls and went, “Ha, ha!”

“You’ll get yours in due time!” cried Jade angrily.

“What am I going to do?” cried Pullum. “I may be all right physically, but this was my Mom’s car! She’s so going to kill me!”

“Come on,” said Kitana putting a hand on Pullum’s shoulder. “I’m sure we’ll figure this all out.”

The four of them walked out of the ditch and on to the road to find temporarily shelter.

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