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Chapter Eleven


Chapter Eleven

After the weekend, Sub-Zero, Frost, Cyrax, Sektor, and Smoke come running into the school. Once they got inside, they fall and topple on each other. Kabal witnessed the whole thing.

“Eh,” said Kabal. “What is going on?”

“We are doomed to extinction!” cried Cyrax.


Sub-Zero sighed. “Kabal, don’t say anything but-”

Suddenly, a truck with the words, “Kung-Fu Chicken Patrol” pulled up. The doors open and the Kung-Fu Chickens pushed a tied up Tanya, Morrigan, Karin, Sharon, Kira, and Mileena on to the sidewalk before driving away.

Now the entire school witnessed that.

“Oh my God!” cried Guile. “The Kung-Fu Chickens are back!”

The entire school went into chaos. People ran in small circles, hid in random places, and few banged their heads against the wall. The only person just standing there was Havik, who raised his arms up and cried, “MAY CHAOS BREAK THE RULES THAT BIND! HAHAHAHA!”

Principal Gen became nervous and went on the PA system. “Eh, attention everyone, eh, yeah, the KFCs are back, and, eh, we’re all going to die…”

“Gimme that!” cried Mr. Hotaru who just walked in from being toppled over by some students. He grabbed the PA system. “Attention students! Running around the school and causing chaos is against the law! If you are all so nervous about this problem, then I shall force the school to hire better security!”

Then, the students finally calmed down and went on their way.

Principal Gen sighed. “Thank you Mr. Hotaru. I couldn’t have done it better myself.”

“Yeah, whatever,” said Mr. Hotaru. “Anywho, this new ‘security’ won’t be in until Chapter Fifteen.”


A Little While Later…

After giving Dan a swirly, Bison is walking to his locker when he saw Demitri, who looked pale (paler than usual) and had red eyes and a runny nose.

“Oye, Demitri, what’s up?”

Demitri sniffed and talked with a congestion. “I have a bad cold. Unfortunately, my mother sent me to school.”

“That sucks.”

“Thing is Bison…unless you are a girl, don’t go near me, no matter what.”

“Eh, why is that?”

Suddenly, Demitri let out a loud sneeze and in an instant, Bison is turned into a girl! His pants turned into a skirt and is now wearing high-heeled boots. Everyone around them looked at him in utter shock.

“Oh my God!” cried Mavado. “Did Bison actually have a sex change?”

“Whah!” cried Bison. He then tried to run, but because he wasn’t used to wearing heels (duh), he ended up tripping and landed flat on his face. Now everyone couldn’t stop laughing.

“ACHOO!” cried Demitri.

Now it was Jax’s turn! He now had on a black tank top, longer black hair, and a green skirt and high heels. “AH!” he cried out before running away.

Sweat drops appeared on everyone’s forehead now realizing what was going on. Then, they made a run for it leaving Demitri behind. All he did was let out a sigh and continued with the day.

First Period- Health Class

Miss Mika stood up from her desk. “Now for some morning announcements.” She looked on a piece of paper. “Mr. Hotaru assures that there will be new security by Chapter Fifteen since the current he hired don’t do squat.”

Cameras flash to the hallway showing Drahmin, Moloch, and Q sleeping. Cameras then return to Miss Mika’s class.

“Also, there will be a football game again DC High School and a volleyball game against the undefeated Namco High School next week. And, well, that’s it. Now let’s move on with the lesson. Does anybody remember what we learned yesterday?”


Miss Mika sighed. “We’re learning about nutrition. Now, specifically, we will be going over the protein products. Does anyone know how many servings we need a day?” Dan raised his hand with excitement. “Besides Dan.”

“Poo!” cried Dan.

Then Frost raised her hand. “Yes?” Miss Mika asked.

“We need about 2 to 3 servings a day…but my advice…eat more chicken!”

“That’s right,” said Miss Mika. “2 to 3 servings a day is equal to 56 to 83 grams of meat, poultry, or fish. That’s a little smaller than a size of a deck of cards. Unless you are a Panda, that’s not enough.”

Suddenly, a Panda came in the room, ate Charlie, and ran off. Everyone except Miss Mika had perplexed looks on their face. “See what I mean?”

Period 2- Math Class

“And so E equals MC squared,” said Mr. Haggar.

“Eh, Mr. Haggar,” said Fei-Long. “That equation has nothing to do with the lesson we are learning.”

“…Oh yeah!” Mr. Haggar cried out. “…where are we?”

“We’re on Chapter Two on Basic Algebra,” replied Hsien-Ko.

“…Oh yeah. All right, then turn to page 30.”

“ACHOO!” cried Demitri. Poor Yang, who sat in front of him, ended up turning into a girl.

“NO!” cried Yang.

Then, Demitri let out another sneeze and Ken caught it this time and is now wearing a pink flowing dress.

“What the-NO!” cried Ken.

Mr. Haggar blinked a couple of times. “Um…in this lesson, we will be-”

“AH-” Demitri began and in that instant, everyone made a run for it. “-CHOO!”

It was Makoto who caught it. Everyone expected her to turn into a boy, but instead got longer hair and a luscious body. The guys’ mouth dropped at the sight of her.

“So that’s what happens to a girl,” said Hokuto.

“Come on class, let’s get back to our seats,” Mr. Haggar suggested.

As the students came back in, Demitri let out another sneeze and this time, it’s Mr. Haggar who turned into a bulky, skimpy-wearing woman.


In Between Classes

“Ha, ha, Yang’s a girl!” cried Yun.

“Shut up!” yelled Yang as he tried to walk in his heels.

Then, they both shut up when Tessa walked over to him.

“Awe, Yang, you caught Demitri’s Midnight Bliss.”

“Midnight Bliss?” the brothers asked confused.

“Demitri has a gene power called ‘Midnight Bliss,’ which he can make a man a woman and a woman more beautiful under his command. The thing is, it’s out of his control when he gets a cold.”

“That’s a bummer,” said Yun.

“Say Yang,” said Tessa. “I don’t have my wand with me today, but if you want to later, you can come over my house and we can try to fix that up.”

Yang’s eyes became starry-eyed, but because of his looks, it wouldn’t look right to jump on her. “Sure, that’d be cool. Come, I’ll walk you to class.”

As the two walked away, smoke came out of Yun’s ears. “That’s it! Where’s Demitri?”

Suddenly, Sheeva came by holding Eliza in her arms. “Let’s go to the mall my big girly Keeeen!”

“I’m not Ken dammit!” cried Eliza. Then, Sheeva crashed through the wall and out of the school. Ryu and Chun-Li were one of the witnesses.

“What was that?” asked Chun-Li holding Ryu’s hand.

“I don’t know,” replied Ryu.

Then, a blond woman in a pink dress can in. “Sheeva grabbed Eliza thinking it was me.”

“Who are you?” asked Chun-Li.

“It’s me Ken! Didn’t you hear about Demitri’s problem?”

Suddenly, Sheeva came back, dropped Eliza off, grabbed Ken, and ran out of the same broken wall.

“NOOO!” cried Ken.

Kobra was also a witness. “Hey! I want to turn into a girl and be kidnapped by a Demi-Human girl too!” Then he went off to look for Demitri.

“…That was weird,” said Chun-Li. “But what did he mean about Demitri’s problem?”

Suddenly, Demitri came by and let out another sneeze. Unfortunately for Ryu, now he had fallen into the curse of the Midnight Bliss.

Ryu looked down and screamed, “OMG! I HAVE BOOBS!”

“NO!” cried Chun-Li. She tried to look for Demitri, but he was gone. “Damn, we have a date tonight!”

“I know…it’ll look weird if I went like…this…well Chun-Li, let’s go to class.”

Chun-Li nodded and the two continued walking…while holding hands. Everyone gave them a confused look until Chun-Li cried out. “THERE’S NOTHING WRONG WITH HOLDING HANDS WITH A GIRL!”

“I’M NOT A GIRL!” cried Ryu.

Lunch Time

At one point, Jax had to go to the bathroom and headed down. He reached into the bathroom area and realized something…

“…Eh, which bathroom do I go in?” He turned his head to the boys’ room and the girls’ room. “Well, since I’m originally a guy.”

Jax went into the boys’ room. As the door closed, whoever was inside started screaming and Jax quickly went out. He sighed and went into the girls’ room.

“-Sniff-…why does this bathroom smell like a salon?”

In the cafeteria, everyone is eating away. Hokuto and Ibuki are talking again.

“So, what happened with Kung Lao?” asked Hokuto out of curiosity.

Ibuki sighed. “He’s nice and all, but he’s not my type. I had to use an inflatable doll just to get out of there.”

“Bummer,” Hokuto said.

Ibuki looked over at Dairou. ‘Still the dreamiest!

Suddenly, Demitri came by and sneezed turning Dairou into a girl.

“…and that was my favorite part in…why did my voice change?”

“Anata ato onna no ko!” cried Sodom.

“Huh?” Dairou asked confused.

Hokuto gave him her mirror. “Eh, take a look.”

Dairou looked into the mirror. The cameras quickly flashed outside.


In Between Classes Again…

“AH-” Demitri cried out. All the guys except Yun and Kobra ran away quickly while the girls ran as close to him as he could. “…false alarm…”

“AWE!” everyone cried and began walking away.


Sakura was the lucky one to turn into a prettier woman with a luscious body and long flowing hair.

“NO FAIR!” cried Karin.

“Is it that big of a deal?” asked Demitri. “The Midnight Bliss only lasts for a week.”

“NO!” cried Jax from nearby.

“Well, better enjoy it while it lasts,” said Sakura. She hiked up her skirt and began walking down the hall. The guys nearby stared and drooled.

“All right,” said Demitri. “I’m going to-ACHOO!”

Bo’ Rai Cho caught this one and turned into a Lucy Liu look-a-like. “Awe man!” Bo’ Rai Cho grumbled.

“Well at least he’s sober,” said Sagat.

Period 8- Math Class

Two blonds came in causing the guys to drool in the class…except Vega.

“Hey, it’s us, Area and Maki, we got the Bliss too!” said Area adjusting her glasses…but then realizes there are no glasses. “Oops.”

Mr. Haggar sat on his desk with his legs crossed. “Well, this is a bummer, I’m the only teacher who turned into a girl today.”

Then Mr. Haggar ran out of the classroom making everyone perplexed. About 20 minutes later, he came back looking more attractive.

“Eh, Mr. Haggar,” said V. Rosso. “I’m afraid to ask why you ran out so quickly and didn’t come back for so long.”

Mr. Haggar sniffed. “I went to Demitri’s Film class to see if he could sneeze. He did, but it only made me more of a woman! WHAH!” Mr. Haggar began sobbing.

“Ooookay,” said Sean. “I, eh, guess class is over…”

“SIT DOWN!” cried Mr. Haggar.

“I am sitting!” cried Sean in shock.

“ICE-CREAM!” cried Hsu Hao randomly clapping his hands.

After-school, Phantom of the Opera rehearsal.

“Okay everyone,” said Miss Rose. “We will begin with the scene where we first see the Phantom’s lair. Yang, Nanase, assemble.”

“Do I have to?” Yang asked nervously.

“Yang, just because you had a temporary sex change doesn’t mean the rehearsals have to stop. Now, go on.”

Yang sighed and walked on to the stage. He tried to put his cape over himself to conceal his chest but it was no use.

“It’s okay Yang,” Nanase said looking starry-eyed. “You look fine.”

Yang only sighed.

“All right Yang, walk around and sing your piece, and Nanase, stand there looking awe.”

Yang cleared his throat and began singing Music of the Night.

Nighttime sharpens, heightens each sensation
Darkness wakes and stirs imagination
Silently the senses abandon their defenses
Helpless to resist the notes I write
For I compose, the music of the night.

“Cut!” cried Miss Rose. “Yang, it’s too high-pitched.”

“I can’t help it!” Yang yelled. “It’s this stupid change! Damn Demitri had to be sick today!”

Miss Rose sighed. “All right, take a break for yourself and we’re going to have to hold off your singing parts until you become a man again. Let’s take it from the beginning!”

Yang was relieved. He took his white half mask off and sat down. Then he heard his name being called. He turned around and saw the now-female Ken calling him over. Yang got up. Though quarter of the school experienced the Midnight Bliss, it was only Yang, Ryu, Ken, Jax, Dairou, Bison, and even Mr. Haggar and Bo’ Rai Cho.

“We got to do something about this!” cried Ken, who had lipstick marks all over his face from Sheeva.

“Demitri mentioned that it would take a week before we are men again,” said Jax.

“Crud,” said Mr. Haggar. “I had a date with Ms. Michelle Chang tonight…now I have to cancel…again.”

“I had a long-planned date with Chun-Li,” complained Ryu. “This can’t wait a week!”

“Come to think of it,” said Dairou. “Isn’t Demitri on the football team?”

Jax blinked. “Uh oh.”

Camera flashes to football practice. Every guy including Mr. Motaro have turned into a girl with BB Hood becoming more beautiful. Demitri sighed. “Well, look what happened now?”

“This is an outrage!” cried Rolento.

“SORRY!” Suddenly, Demitri let out a sneeze so loud and powerful he turned himself into a girl. “NO!”

The cameras then returned to the smaller group.

“I have an idea,” said Yang. “I’m going to Tessa’s house after rehearsal. She believes she has something to help us change back to normal.”

“Great,” said Ken. “Then we’ll all meet at Tessa’s tonight.”

Ryu sighed. “Well, might as well go on that date…”


Ryu and Chun-Li attempt to go on their date to the bowling alley. They avoid holding hands sadly. They got themselves ready.

“All right, here we go,” said Chun-Li grabbing an 11 pound ball. Ryu then picked up a 20 pound ball, but then fell on to the floor.

“OWE! Since when did that happen?” Ryu asked all confused.

“I think it’s the powers,” Chun-Li said. “Here, try a seven pound ball.”

Ryu sighed and picked up a ball, which was much lighter.

Then, two boys came up to them. “Hey girls, wanna play a game.”

Chun-Li almost became perplexed but realized Ryu’s problem then, so she went along with it. “Sure. I’m Chun-Li and this is…eh…Ryanna.”

“Pretty name,” said one of the guys. “I’m Havok and this is Pyro (Marvel). Let’s get the game going.” He became starry-eyed as he looked at Ryu.

“Eh, okay,” Ryu said unsure of himself.

The four of them played a game of bowling. Ryu and Chun-Li managed to win by a few points.

“That was pretty good!” said Havok. How about I get you both a drink.

“Sure,” said Chun-Li.

As they walked to the concession stand, Pyro took out a lighter, lit it up in his hands, managed to grab a dancing fire. He began using it to make different shapes. Then he made a shape of Chun-Li, who looked at him a bit nervously.

Then, Havok whispered to Ryu. “You know Ryanna. Let’s get out of here, just you and me.”

“Eh, that’s okay,” Ryu said.

Suddenly, Havok wrapped an arm around him and pinched his butt. “Oh come on.”

“We’re out of here Chun-Li!” Then he grabbed her hand and they both ran out.

Havok sighed. “Women. And stop playing with that fire!”

“Sorry,” said Pyro.

Ryu and Chun-Li got outside. “Man, he was hitting on me!”

“I saw that,” Chun-Li replied. “Darn, this date got ruined.”

“When I get back to being a man, I promise I’ll take you somewhere extra special.”

“You mean it? Oh Ryu, you’re the best!” She gave him a hug, then quickly pulled back. “No fair, you have a bigger chest than me!”

Later, Ryu met the others at Tessa’s house.

“Good thing my parents aren’t home,” said Tessa. “Or else they’d be wondering why I’m turning a bunch of girls into boys.”

“But we are boys!” cried Ken.

“Ahem!” exclaimed Mr. Haggar.

“…and man.”

“Let’s hurry,” said Mr. Haggar. “I have my date in an hour!”

“Hold your horses!” Tessa cried. She went into her closet. “Now where is that wand.” She threw random stuff behind her. The boys began dodging out of the way of plastic snacks, handcuffs, a kitchen sink, and other stuff. “AHA! Here it is.” Tessa took out her wand.

“Change us!” cried Dairou.

“Okay now, stay still.” Tessa began waving her wand and said an incantation. A magical sound is heard and the boys are transformed into…

“Oops!” Tessa cried out.

“What?” Ryu asked nervously.

“I apologize for the waste of time, but I realized that my sex change wand never came in.”

“Then what wand was that!” asked Bison.

“…Eh…look in the mirror.”

The boys (and man) looked in the mirror. All of them have been turned into Norimaro from Marvel Vs Street Fighter!


“Well on the bright side,” said Tessa. “You are guys again.”

“I think I’d rather be a girl,” said Ken.

“Me too,” said Bo’ Rai Cho.

Tessa granted them their wish fortunately…but unfortunately they remained looking like girls for the remainder of the week thanks to-

“I SAID I WAS SORRY!” cried Demitri.

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