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Street Fighter Teenz Preview
Rated: M
Cast From: Street Fighter/Mortal Kombat/Darkstalkers/One Character From Resident Evil.  Guests from SNK, Sega, Konami, Squaresoft, Namco, Nintendo.
Pairing: Ryu/Chun-Li, Ken/Eliza, Guy/Rena, Blanka/Felicia, Sub-Zero/Frost...more as the fic goes.
Genre: Humor/Drama/Romance
Contents: Lime, shonen-ai, shoujo-ai, possible lemon
Finished: No
Chapters: --
Publish Date: January 20, 2005


This is the sequel to Street Fighter Kidz, a popular fic on FanFiction.Net until the site removed the story just a few weeks ago for being “script formatted.” The good news is, you don’t have to read SFK in order to move on with SFT, which may bring up moments from the prequel. Below is the cast of SFT. I also gave everyone last names so many of them are not OFFICIAL.  The first 29 cast members were the main cast of SFK;

Ryu Hoshi- The Average Teen

Ken Masters- The Troublemaker

Chun-Li Xiang- The Easygoer

Zhong "Sub-Zero" Ling- The Ice Teen

Hanzo “Scorpion“ Hasashi- The Pervert

Kitana Fucilla- The Popular Teen

Liu Kang- The Drunk Monk

Edmund Honda- The Cool Fat Teen

Sean Matsuda- The Basketball Star

Kenshi Miyagi- The Blind Teen

Elena Shah- The Dancer

Karin Kazuki- The Brat

Sakura Kasugano- The Annoying Teen

Morrigan Aensland- The Snob

Hsien-Ko Chang- The Cheerful Teen

Charlie Nash- The Constantly-Dies Teen

William Guile- The Leader

Felicia Neko- The Wild Cat

Guy Hinato- The Quiet Confident Teen

Cammy White- The Forgetful Teen

Mike Bison- The Bully

Victor Sagat- The Sidekick

Rena Genryusai- The Sweet Teen

Ibuki Yamamoto- The Ninja Teen

Dan Hibiki- The Loser

Fei-Long Sawada- The Drama King

Tessa Narita- The Witch

Yun Lee- The Skater

Yang Lee- The Blader

Jade Ozaktas- The Defensive Teen

Tanya Zietek- The Wannabe

Mileena Fucilla- The Angry Teen

Demitri Maximov- The Jock

Lilith Aensland- The Follower

Maki Genryusai- The Coward

Juli Brown and Juni Green- The “Twins”

Sheeva Ka- The Scary Teen

Blanka- The Sweet Monster

BB Hood- The Insane Teen

Sonya Blade- The Tomboy

Johnny Cage- The Cocky Teen

Xue "Frost" Lin- The Cold Teen

Michael "Smoke" Montabella- The Thief

Jin "Sektor" Meng- The Demented Cyborg

Pierce "Cyrax" Jackson- The Star Wars-Obsessed

Sareena Ni- The Lesbian

Kira McPhee- The Love-Torn Teen

Queen Bee- The Sexy Insect Teen

Makoto Sato- The Karate Girl

Bo’ Rai Cho- The Drunk Slob

Baraka Tarkata- The Creepy Teen

Kairi Hinato- The Sarcastic Teen

Sharon Dame- The Preppy Teen

Blair Dame- The Bossy Girl

Area Remington- The Smart Teen

Peter "Skullomania" Benson- The “Superhero” Teen

Sal "Shadowgeist" Geist- The “Super-villian” Teen

Mavado Fang- The Sneaky Teen

Kabal Tyson- The Deformed Teen

Hsu Hao- The Lacky

Li Mei Yin- The Blunt Girl

Vega De La Cerna- The Gay Teen

Darrius Cane- The Morpheus-Wannabe

Dairou Bai- The Serious Samurai Fan

Havik Konton- The Chaotic Teen

T-Hawk- The Native American Teen

Kung Lao- The Dumb Drunk

Nitara Van Barren- The Boy Magnet

Reptile- The Horny Lizard

Khameleon- The Lizard Girl

Eliza Meyer- The Pretty Teen

Quan-Chi and Shang Tsung- Deadly Alliance in Training

Noob Saibot- The Goth

Ermac Macro- The Multi-Personalities Teen

Nightwolf- The Spiritual Teen

Benjamin "Rain" Tomson- The Wannabe Pimp

Jax Briggs- The Bodybuilder

Rolento Shrueg- The Pyro-Maniac

Sodom Ito- The Japanese Fan

Victoria "Poison" Bauer- The Slut

Hugo Andore- The Huge Teen

Nanase Hinato- The Shy Teen

Cody Orenton- The Flunky

Bishamon Ng- The Ill-tempered Samurai

Hokuto Hinato- The Advice Giver

Pullum Purna- The Fashion Girl

V. Rosso- The Elvis Wannabe

Adon Tang- The Idiot


The Teachers

Mr. Zangief- The Coach/Shop Teacher

Miss Mika- The PE/Coach/Health Teacher

Dr. Raiden- The Earth Science Teacher

Ms. Ashrah- The Sex Education Teacher

Mr. Hotaru- The Criminal Justice Teacher

Mr. Shunjinko- The History Teacher

Miss Rose- The Cooking/Film/Photography Teacher

Mr. Fujin- The Biology Teacher

Mr. Haggar- The Math Teacher

Mr. Eagle- The English Teacher

Mr. Dee Jay- The Music Teacher

Mr. Gen- The Principal

Mr. Stryker- The Crossing Guard

Mr. Nemisis- The Librarian

Mr. Motaro- The PE/Coach

Mr. Shin Akuma- The Detention Teacher

Mr. Q- Security Guard

Mr. Drahmin- Security Guard

Moloch- Drahmin’s Pet



Capcom-Midway High School also have rival schools

Namco High School

Square-enix High School

Nintendo High School

Sega-Konami High School

SNK High School

Marvel High School

DC High School

Thanks to those who have shared ideas for this fic. I’m happy to finally be able to work on this fic for real one year after the completion of Street Fighter Kidz.


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