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Chapter Fifteen



Things just couldn’t get any bad for the Princess of Edenia. Though Kitana now knew that her mother Queen Sindel was well and alive, the situation had just taken a turn for the worse. Standing before her while held in her mother’s arms was the man thought to be deceased. It was Outworld’s Emperor, Shao Kahn.

Despite her physical and emotional pain running through her veins, Kitana managed to sit up a bit and gave a deathly glare to the Emperor. “YOU! YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO BE DEAD!”

Shao Kahn replied with a sadistic grin. He let out an evil laugh as he took a few steps toward her and Sindel. “You thought so didn’t you. When you heard of my so-called ‘death,’ you had forgotten the most important thing…I’m Shao Kahn. How I faked my death was this…One of my guards managed to find one of your spies. Shang Tsung here devised a plan to fake my death in order to force Edenia to let their guard down much more easily. Under threat of death, we managed to get the spy to write a letter back to the ambassador telling him of my demise. Of course, we killed the spy afterwards knowing that he will tell the truth. We waited just a few more days until we finally invaded your home. And now, I have what I want.”

“You’re nothing but a coward!” cried Sindel. “You only attacked when we least expected it! You’re afraid that you would be defeated when we are on guard.”

“You have it all wrong my Queen,” Shao Kahn answered. “It was only a plan and it was perfect one indeed. Now, I’m tired to babbling, I have other things to attend to.” He looked over at his guards. “Take them away! And put them in the same cell so they can catch up before they become my concubines.”

“WE WILL RISE AGAIN!” Sindel cried out before she and Kitana were taken out of the room and dragged into the dungeon once again. After a while of walking through the dark, dank halls, they were put in a small single cell with nothing inside, and were locked in. Once they couldn’t hear the guards’ footsteps, Sindel and Kitana held each other and the daughter softly wept a bit.

“Mother,” Kitana managed to say. “I thought-”

Sindel let out a small hush. “It’s all right my dear. I’m here now.” Then, the Queen realized something. “Dear…where is Kenshi?”

Upon hearing the swordsman’s name, Kitana wept more. She tried to answer, but Sindel realized that there was no need for her only child to talk, her weeping told her the answer. A couple of tears fell down her face feeling sorrow for Kenshi. Sindel had only wished that she knew him a little longer.

A while longer passed before Kitana finally pulled her head up a little and placed it on her mother’s shoulder. “I should’ve known Rain and Tanya were traitors.”

“I know dear,” Sindel tried to assure. “None of us had an idea.”

“Mother…” Kitana said. “Even though I have you back…I feel like I’ve lost all hope for freedom. Our home has been taken from us again. We’ve lost so many who we loved…and Kenshi…oh mother…I’m not too sure, but I think I loved him…”

Sindel held Kitana close to her again. They were silent once again and when Kitana stopped sobbing, Sindel realized that she had fallen asleep. Kitana cling on to her like a child afraid to let go. Sindel stroked her hair a bit and then kissed her on her forehead.

“Sleep now,” she whispered. The Queen’s eyes drifted down a bit. She gasped slightly when she saw some dry blood on Kitana’s inner thighs. She assumed that her daughter was going through her monthly cycle, unaware of the truth.

Edenia, Two Days Later.

The journey had been a long one, but Kenshi and Cara were soon relieved when Jade announced that they had finally reached the small town. Luckily, it had not been touched by a single Outworld soldier. The village was completely surrounded by surviving Edenian guards having heard of the attacks and now are putting their lives on the line to protect the town.

The guards immediately recognized Jade as a royal bodyguard and they were let in. They went straight to her relatives’ home where Cara would be staying while she and Kenshi went to Outworld to save the royal family. Once that was taken care of, the two began their journey to the portal, which was a two-mile walk.

It was a chance for Jade to fulfill her promise to Kenshi then. “The Queen and I went down to the main hall to fight as many of the soldiers as we could. Many of our men were slain and eventually, the number of allies we had were dwindling.”

Kenshi listened to the green-clad ninja with a slightly grim look on his face. To him, there was no need to say anything as Jade continued with the story of what happened in the Edenian castle.

“Sindel fought her best, but she was overpowered. I tried to save her, but then the army tried to attack me as well. I fought them, but by the time I finished them off, the Queen was long gone and I knew they had taken her to Outworld. I managed to escape through the secret passageway near Kitana’s sleeping quarters, though there were a few army men who found the trail. I got out of there safely. Knowing that the Queen was taken to Outworld, I began heading towards the portal and in the meantime searching for you and the Princess. We’re the only ones who can rescue the royal family now. I know Edenia depends on it.”

Kenshi only replied with a slight nod. He just wanted to get to Outworld get the royal family out of there. They had saved his life once, and now it was his turn. Soon, he asked Jade, “Where do you think Kitana and Sindel are being held?”

“It’s obvious,” Jade replied. “The Emperor’s palace. I believe it because since Kahn is supposedly dead, no one would think they would end up there. There are a few other places we can go, but that’s where we will start first. We should be coming up to the portal soon.”

Once again, Kenshi stayed silent. He began to think about Shang Tsung then and slight rage consumed him. He had the feeling that the evil sorcerer was behind all of this. ‘He may had taken my vision,’ he thought with determination. ‘But they will not take Kitana and Sindel.

Before he knew it, they had finally reached the portal. Jade looked up at the tear-drop-shaped portal, surrounded by decorated steel. Guards were around it and she cursed under her breath. She should’ve known better that the guards would also protect the large artifact in case intruders entered the portal.

“Lady Jade,” one guard called out as he recognized her with a bit of shock. “You’re alive.”

Jade turned her head and spotted the guard. “Yes Shun, I managed to escape the castle, but the Queen and the Princess have been kidnapped and I feel that they had been taken to Outworld.”

Shun was stunned to hear the news for a moment, but then he sighed a bit. “I, I’m sorry Jade. If you and your friend intend to go and rescue the royal family, I cannot allow it. It’s my duty to protect the portal at any cost.”

“And I happen to be their bodyguard!” Jade protested. “And since you now know what happened to them, what do you plan to do?”

“Of course I would report it,” Shun replied a bit shocked by Jade’s protest. The other guards around them began to notice the commotion and began making their way towards the trio. “But I still cannot allow you to pass.”

Suddenly, Shun and the rest of the guards were surrounded by a blue aura and were pushed away quickly. Jade turned and saw Kenshi, his head and hands glowing the same color. She was a bit stunned to learn of the swordsman’s telekinesis, but then she realized why he was doing this. He was pushing them back to give room for her and himself to make their way to the portal.

“I’m sorry Shun,” Jade replied. “But we must do this.” With that, she entered the portal. Kenshi released his hold on the guards and immediately followed Jade through the portal.

Once they were fully though the portal, Kenshi felt a bit shock when his senses kicked in. He felt his feet on the ground, but the environment was much different from what he expected.

“What is this place?” he asked.

“It’s called the Nexus,” Jade replied. “It’s a void between all realms. Only six portals in six realms lead you here and they are hard to find. As a matter of fact, until a few years ago, only sorcerers and deities knew of this void.”

“How was it discovered?” Kenshi asked with a bit of curiosity.

“I’m not quite sure, but we had been able to use this with ease. The artifact surrounded it I thought was just a mere statue of sort, but it was more of that, it concealed the portal. Someone had opened it up, we are not sure of who, but the Queen believes that it was opened by an old monk from Earth.” Jade sighed after. “Shall we?”

“Sure,” Kenshi replied.

Six portals were opened, one leading to each of the six known realms. Jade had only been through the one to Earth and Outworld (other than Edenia), but never had the desire to go to the others, especially the round artifact with the portal being a reddish-orange aura knowing it would lead to the Netherealm. She soon laid her eyes on the artifact with the portal being a purplish-pink aura, the one that would lead to Outworld. She began stepping her way towards there. Kenshi sensed it and began to follow.

Just before they would step up on the riser, Jade stopped suddenly. Kenshi was confused by this. “What’s wrong Jade?” he asked.

When she stopped, sudden thoughts came to Jade, but upon hearing Kenshi’s voice, she shook the thoughts out of her mind. “Nothing…I’m fine. Let’s go.”

Kenshi knew that was a slight lie. He could sense a bit of tension within her as though something didn’t seem right to her. He decided to comfort her then. “We will save them…I will make sure of that.”

Jade smirked a bit, though it didn’t do much for the not-so-good feeling in the pit of her stomach. They both stepped up and went through the portal. Between their exit from the Nexus and their entrance to Outworld, the tension in Jade began to expand.

Why should I be worried…’ she thought. ‘Kitana killed her long ago.

Jade couldn’t help it though. She thought of the person who she had known since as long as she had known Kitana. She was their friend, but turned to evil side to get what she wanted. During the struggle to save Edenia, Kitana killed her in a tournament in Outworld. Though it was sure, Jade just couldn’t get the feeling off her shoulders.

She couldn’t help but to think that maybe, just maybe, that Kitana’s ‘sister’ was still alive…the pink-clad half human, half Tarkatan; Mileena.

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