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Chapter Seventeen


Shao Kahn walked over to a switch that was just by the entrance. A sadistic grin came upon his face. “The time has now come. Soon, the both of you will serve me willingly. You shall be my bride and daughter once again.”

Sindel shut her eyes tightly, getting ready for Shao Kahn to flip the switch. ‘This is it!’ she thought to herself. ‘Edenia is forever gone…

But then, she realized she wasn’t hearing the flip of a switch. Instead, she suddenly heard a door busted off it’s hinges and flew a few feet into the room, followed by the sounds of fighting. The Queen opened her eyes, but she could only see dark figures. She then looked over at where Shao Kahn was, but he was now missing.


Soon, only two people were left standing. One figure went over to the older woman, the other to her daughter. Sindel was able to get a better few of the person and was shocked to see who it was.

“Jade!” the Queen cried out. “You made it out of the castle…”

“Yes my Queen,” Jade replied. “Now we have to get you and Kitana out of here.”

Kitana had been in a daze since she was taken out of the cell and into this room. She was no longer caring what was happening to her. Life, to her, was not worth living anymore, but then she was brought out of her daze when she noticed the red cloth dangling just a foot above her. She made herself look up and when she saw her savior, she was in both a sudden awe and shock.

“Kenshi…” she managed to say. Then, because of the sudden surprise and the hell she had been through mixed together, she fainted.

“Kitana,” Kenshi whispered, realizing that the Princess had fallen into a deep sleep. He undid the chains that held her down, then picked her up in his arms.

Jade had managed to get Sindel off as well and was holding her up. “Let’s get them out of here,” she said.

“My daughter!” Sindel cried out realizing that Kitana was no longer awake.

“She’ll be fine,” the swordsman assured. “She’s just tired.”

They then made their way out of the dark room and down the hall. They didn’t walk, yet they didn’t jog either and their speeds caused the lit candles in the hall to flicker.

They soon reached the end and entered a larger room. The group only managed to go halfway when a figure suddenly walked in front of them. They stopped, curious to know who decided to block their path.

“Where do you think you’re going?” said a female voice. “Why are you leaving the fun so fast?”

Jade arched an eyebrow up a bit. The voice was quite familiar to her, but she couldn’t seem to match it with anyone she had known in her past.

The dark figure began to walk a bit closer towards them. As she did, Kenshi, Jade, and Sindel began to notice that there were other dark figures right behind her. The figure then must’ve realized what they noticed because she then let out a sadistic, chilling laugh.

It was the laugh that finally got the green clad woman to match voice to person. “Mileena…Kitana killed you.”

“You wish she did,” Mileena replied grimly. She then stepped into the light revealing herself. The woman wore a black and pink swimsuit-like outfit, but the outfit let it reveal nearly all of her front torso with just her sensitive areas covered. The upper part of her outfit was long-sleeved, the bottom half making a bell. A belt with a gold rim wrapped around her abdomen with another thicker one wrapped around her waist with gold buttons. She also wore knee-high black, pink, and gold boots, a long lace going down to her ankle behind her, and her hair was up in a single high ponytail held up by a gold tie.

The most noticeable part of her outfit was the long pink with black trim veil that covered her face from her nose down. Jade knew this reason. Back when the sorcerer Shang Tsung made her, the clone of Kitana, Tarkatan blood was also used giving her the features of a Tarkatan’s mouth…two rows of angry sharp teeth with no skin or lips to cover it. With that covered by the veil, she looked just like an angry Kitana.

Mileena let out another laugh. “You think I can die that easily? Well that’s where you are wrong. Once the Queen and the Princess of Edenia are rid of, I will be their new Queen.”

“You will never,” Sindel replied.

Mileena took a few steps and backhanded the older woman hard enough to force her to fall to the ground. Sindel looked up at her with anger, holding on to the part of her face which was slapped.

“Shut up you witch! I will get my vengeance for your daughter’s attempt to murder me, my Emperor promised me!”

“Shao Kahn will only turn his back on you when he gets the chance!” Sindel yelled. “You shall see soon enough!”

“Enough! Now it is time to reclaim all of you. As you Jade, welcome back…and to your friend here, welcome.” The figures behind the pink clad woman then stepped into the light as well, revealing themselves. A large army of Tarkatans were behind her, their blades out and ready for battle.

Mileena once again let out a laugh of pleasure. “Have some fun before you die.”

“You bitch!” Jade shouted out. She went after Mileena, but then a Tarkatan jumped in front of her. He began lashing his blades at her. Taken by the sudden surprise, Jade backed off as quickly as she could.

Sindel joined then, getting up from the ground and began fighting off the army. Kenshi let go of Kitana, using his powers to let her flow in the air. Then, he took out his sword and joined the battle.

The battle went on for quite sometime. The three warriors were quite surprised how they were able to hold on their own against a large amount of enemies. At first, it seemed as though they were going to succeed.

As Kenshi fought with all he had, a dark figure suddenly teleported passed and knocked him to the floor. Kenshi had sensed the figure, but because it teleported so fast, he didn’t have time to react. The force of the blow caused him to lose his grip on Kitana giving the figure the chance to once again kidnap the Princess and teleported away.

Once he recovered, the swordsman realized what had happened. “KITANA!” he shouted with anger. He got up and tried to go after her, but the Tarkatans blocked his way slowing him down completely.

The three warriors continued to fight, but it seemed as though it was never ending. They slowing began growing tired. Three was definitely not enough.

“We have to keep fighting!” Sindel called out as she took down a Tarkatan.

“There are too many of them!” Jade shouted.

Kenshi used his sword to stab a Tarkatan, then drew it out once it was dead. “We have to keep going…”

Even if it meant death, they would fight off as many as they could. Sadly, the three of them realized one thing during this battle…all hope now seemed lost…


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