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Chapter Nineteen


It had only been a few minutes since Kenshi gave the order to Sonya, Jax, Sindel, and Jade to get out of the palace while he searched for Kitana. All four were baffled by this sudden decision, but they followed orders once the swordsman made his way out.

The four of them didn’t even get a chance to get out of the room they were in when a group of demons came running into the room ready to attack. Gathering up whatever strength they had left, Sindel and Jade took out their weapons and began fighting the demons off. With the fresh strength from their two new allies, they were able to easily take them down within a few minutes. Once they took care of them, the four stood in their fighting stances ready for more. After sometime, they lowered their guards realizing there were no more to fight.

“Let’s keep going,” said Jax.

“Right,” replied Jade.

But before any of them could move, four more shadowed figured entered the room. Sindel immediately recognized them.

“The Emperor’s Generals!” she cried out.

Indeed they were. Standing there was Baraka, Mileena, Reiko, and…

“Tanya!” yelled Jade. “I should’ve known!”

Tanya let out a sadistic laugh. “You think being the Ambassador’s perfect daughter was not just a show?”

“You killed your father and sister…why?” Sindel wanted to know.

“Silence!” Mileena demanded cutting off the conversation. “Enough of this insolence. Now, you all must die!”

Sonya stretched herself out a bit. “This should be easy,” the Lieutenant said. “They are only minions after all.”

“Don’t be too sure,” replied Jax.

For some time, all was silent with no one moving. Not even the sounds of their breathing could be heard as they waited to see who was going to attack who first.

The moment a drip of water was heard, all eight of them charged after one another. Sonya randomly went after Reiko as Jax went after Baraka. Jade was originally after Tanya, but Mileena got to the green-clad ninja first and began attacking her. It was the Queen of Edenia who was left to fight the traitor.

And so the battle began…

As the two made their way out of the dungeon, Kitana finally felt some strength coming back to her. She urged Kenshi to put her down. With one arm wrapped around her incase she fell out of exhaustion, Kenshi led her out of the depths of the dungeon.

They were silent since then, concentrating on finding a way out. Kenshi had thought he knew where he was going, but the more they walked forward, the more he wasn’t sure where he had first entered.

Why can’t I find the exit?’ the swordsman thought frustrated.

“We’re lost, are we?” the Princess finally asked.

Kenshi stopped in his tracks forcing Kitana to do the same. She saw the frustrated look on his face despite the blindfold around his eyes. Nervously, she placed a hand on his shoulder hoping to calm him. To her relief, it did as the swordsman’s face began to relax a bit.

“I’m sorry,” he answered. “I thought I knew the way, but maybe I took a wrong turn.”

“All right,” Kitana said. “We should turn around th-”

Before the young woman could finish her sentence, a sudden blast of fire hit the both of them send them flying a few feet back and hitting the ground. Kitana looked up after landing. She was horrified at the figure before them. It was Shang Tsung, half hidden by the shadows around them, a sadistic smirk laid upon his lips as he slowly approached them.

There was no doubt that Kenshi sensed who the figure was right away. Angrily, he stood up and lashed out his sword, ready for a fight. In response, Shang Tsung slowly drew out his own blade.

Kitana predicted what was about to happen and quickly stood up. “Kenshi, no!”

“Get out of here!” warned the swordsman. “Find your mother!”

“My mother is safe with Jade! I’m not leaving here without you!”

Shang Tsung let out a maniacal laugh then. “You better listen to him young one, you just might get hurt.”

Before either of them could react, Shang Tsung let out yet about blast of fire, much bigger than the last one. The blast hit Kitana sending her flying far back and disappearing out of sight.

“Kitana!” Kenshi screamed out. He began to run after her, but then Shang Tsung teleported right in front of his path.

“Tsk, tsk, tsk,” Shang Tsung said. “Don’t you know to fight an enemy first before worry about your allies?”

Rage began to build up within the swordsman as he prepared to battle with the sorcerer. Memories began to flood the swordsman’s mind of what the sorcerer has done to him and the spirits of his ancestors.

Within a moment’s time, their swords quickly collided, signaling the beginning of their battle.

The four battles continued on. All eight fighters were determined to win their battles, but only four of them were to be the victors.

After some time, Sonya finally took down Reiko with her kiss of death move. She blew him a kiss, surrounded by a purple energy, setting the General on fire until he was nothing but ashes. She then proceeded to help Jax with fighting the Tarkatan Baraka. Together, they managed to take him down with Jax finishing him off by smashing Baraka’s head in with both of his feet with all of his strength.

The battle between Jade and Mileena was quite even and it was truly unpredictable. But the moment Mileena realized that Baraka had died, she went into a fury rage. Jade realized then that Mileena and Baraka were lovers. The green ninja took the pink ninja’s irrationality to her advantage. When least expected, Jade stabbed her staff through Mileena’s head. With all of her strength, Jade took her staff and threw Mileena over her head. The speed and strength of it forced Mileena’s body to leave her head, which now hung on Jade’s staff. In disgust, Jade shook her staff until Mileena’s head fell off.

The only battle that remained was the battle between Sindel and Tanya. Neither one of them said anything as they fought one another. They exchanged punches and kicks and threw their projectiles at each other. It was when Tanya threw her boomerang at Sindel’s head that she finally got the advantage. Sindel wasn’t able to move out of the way on time and was hit. Luckily, the Queen wasn’t knocked out, but she saw stars are blood tricked down from her forehead.

“Traitor…” Sindel muttered in anger.

A sadistic grin was on Tanya face as she approached the Queen with a knife. Sindel’s back was turned to her unaware of what was about to happen.

“Now, you shall die,” Tanya muttered with pleasure.

Jade looked up at that moment. She watched with terror as she saw the traitor, knife in hand, sneaking up behind the unexpected Queen of Edenia!


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