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Chapter One
Good Friends

The chief of Interpol held up the newspaper. "Shadowlaw destroyed!" He looked at his employees seriously. "But another organized group that's even worse are beginning to take over, a group that is not about drugs. It's a group that wants to destroy the earth and take the souls of innocent people." He pointed to a blond woman and a black man with metal arms. "This is Jax Briggs and Sonya Blade. They are agents investigating this group and have come to us to provide us with this information."

Jax and Sonya stood up. Jax cleared his throat. "This group is nothing like Shadowlaw. They have only given us a month to destroy them or else they will destroy us and take out souls. They call themselves; The Outworld."

A Chinese woman lifted her brown eyes up to Jax. She only stared at him as he continued. "Their location is the Underworld. Once you are there, there is no escape."

The Interpol chief cleared his throat again. "One of my best agents, Chun-Li Xiang has agreed to come with the two of you to this mission that you planned."

The Chinese woman stood up.

Sonya nodded. "We will be united with others in a tournament taking place in an island off of the Phillipines. We believe it is connected with Outworld." She looked at the Chinese woman again. "Chun-Li, this is a warning that this mission is very dangerous. You must win every fight you compete in or else Outworld will take your soul."

Chun-Li nodded. "I'll take my chances."

"Bring others as well," Sonya continued. "We will be leaving tomorrow for the island. We will be having others with us as well."

After the meeting, Chun-Li returned to her medium sized apartment in Hong Kong. She laid on her couch and sighed. She thought about everything that has happened. She had come so close to destroying Bison and Shadowlaw.

But Outworld has done her duty, and she lost her chance to avenge her father.


Chun-Li came face to face with the man who killed her father years ago. He stood there with an evil smile on her face.

"So, little-miss-Interpol-agent. You really think you can stand the chance against my psycho powers?"

Chun-Li got into her fighting stance. "Bison, I will make you pay for what you did to my father!"

Bison also got into a fighting stance. "Then let's see if I will pay for what I did to your father."

Just before Chun-Li could make a move, a big thunderbolt crashed between them. They both lost their balance and looked up into the sky. The clouds became a bright purple and balls of flames grew. Then, a big man dressed in a cape connected to spiked shoulder pads appeared. Like Chun-Li, he also had spiked bracelets. His horned helmet covered his head and his face was covered that a skull-looking mask. Only his chin showed.

He laughed evilly. "This is interesting," he said.

"Who are you?!" cried Chun-Li.

The big man lifted his fists above his head. "I am Shao Kahn, leader of The Outworld." He looked down at Bison. "Even an immortal like you can't stand the chance against me."

Shao Kahn put both hands out. Chun-Li saw the horror on Bison's face as thousands of little gray droppings came out.

Bison got up, but before he could teleport, the droppings surrounded his whole body.

Chun-Li watched as Bison shrinks into the size of a golf ball. Then, he was sucked into Shao Kahn's hands.

Her hands turned into fists. "You idiot!" She cried. "It was my job to destroy him!"

Shao Kahn laughed. "Really? Well then, I guess you have to destroy me now for whatever mission you were on." He turned his back. "I’d take your soul too like Bison, but right now, I have to go. My Outworld army is about to wake my Queen Sindel from the dead and I don't want to miss it." His body turned into flames and jumped into the sky. All that he left was the rumbling of the clouds.

*End of flashback*

Chun-Li let a few tears fall from her eyes. She couldn't believe she let Shao Kahn destroy Bison.

She looked at a picture of her father on top of a dresser. "(I will avenge you father, even if it means my own death)”

That night, Chun-Li met up with her long time friend Fei-Long. With him are Ken and Ryu who were visiting.

"So," said Fei-Long. They were waiting for their food at a Chinese restaurant. "You've been chosen to fight the Outworld? Sounds pretty dangerous to me."

"It is," said Chun-Li. "If I don't win the tournaments I get in, I could be killed."

Ken sighed. "You sure you want to do this?"

Chun-Li nodded. "They asked me to bring others, but I don't know if I want to risk my friends' lives."

Fei-Long smiled. "We'll be happy to go with you."

Chun-Li looked at Fei-Long seriously. "Fei-Long, once you're dead, Outworld will take your soul into Hell."

Ryu, who was too busy eating his fifth bowl of Wonton soup looked up. "At least we would die honorably."

Ken shook his head. "That's expected by someone who just joined in the conversation. Ryu, not only do you die, but your soul suffers, almost like how Bison wants to control your mind."

Ryu blinked. "Wow, that's worse than death itself."

"Exactly," replied Chun-Li.

"I'll go too," said Ken.

"What about your wife and son?" asked Fei-Long.

"I'm saving the world, aren't I?"

"Yes," Chun-Li replied. "And we have a month to do it or else the whole world will be destroyed and every soul will be suffering."

"Then I'm in," said Ryu. "This might really improve my fight."

"Who else will be there?" Fei-Long asked.

"I teamed up with American agents Jax and Sonya. They know about the Outworld more than I do and they're also bringing in a group too."

Their dinners came and the waiter carefully put them on the table. Ryu immediately dug in and was halfway done before Ken could finish his first fried dumpling.

Chun-Li smiled. "Thanks guys. I really appreciate you coming with me, even if it means your own death."

Ken gave her the thumbs up. "No problem. So, when do we leave?"

"Tomorrow. The tournament's being held in an island off the Phillipines." The men nodded and continued eating.

Chun-Li stared out the window. She shivered at the worst thought.

"(Did Shao Kahn take my father's soul as well?)"

Fei-Long patted Chun-Li's shoulder. "Don't worry, I'm sure everything will be all right."

When Chun-Li returned to her apartment, she packed a few things. As she did, she looked at the picture of her father on the night stand. She slowly took it and placed it in her bag.

"(I will avenge you.)"

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