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Chapter Twenty-Two


Princess Kitana looked around the large area with sad eyes. Countless flowers surrounded the area as a small group of people stood behind her, sadness within their eyes as well.

The small group were surrounded by stones carved in delicate ways, each one baring a name. Kitana briefly admired the area before turning her head straight forward. Just a few feet in front of her was a six foot wooden coffin, a heavy dark silver cloth draped over it. On the other side, a minister, holding a thick book in his hand, read from it with the Lord’s Prayer.

Kitana didn’t listen to any of it as endless tears fell down her face. On her left side, Jade stood by her, tears falling down her face as well. Both wore traditional black garments as did everyone else at the funeral.

Why?’ the Princess thought to herself sadly. She thought for a while before coming to one conclusion. ‘I guess it was that time…

To her right, a hand was gently placed on her shoulder. Kitana blinked a couple of times before turning her head. Then and there, she came face to face with the man wearing a red blindfold over his eyes…

It had been two years since the events in Outworld. The group containing her, Sindel, Jade, Jax, and Sonya made it safely back to Edenia with the seriously injured Kenshi. Because of Shao Kahn’s death, the remaining Outworld army fled in fear, having no master to give them strength. The Edenian castle was only partially burned, but nothing valuable was truly lost. They brought Kenshi to his room and tended to his wounds. Within a couple of weeks, Kenshi’s wounds healed and he recovered just like last time.

Once they were sure of it, Jax and Sonya decided to take the opportunity to return to Earthrealm. At first, they insisted for Kenshi to come back with them, leaving him with a choice…go back to Earth and return to his old life, or stay in Edenia and live a life of happiness with the woman he loved (though it took him a while to say those words to her). The choice was obvious. The swordsman decided to stay in Edenia to enjoy his new life there.

With that decision, this would mean that Kenshi’s aging process will last just as long as Kitana’s now that he is officially part of the Edenian world. Which means, he’s now considered 10,000 years old in Edenian years.

Queen Sindel recruited him be one of the Edenian knights, their job being to protect the newly built Edenian castle.

The next two years went by with a blink of an eye. Nothing changed, except for the engagement between the Princess of Edenia and the new Edenian Knight formerly of Earthrealm. An engagement party was already thrown and the royal family was just getting ready for the big day.

But before they could proceed with the plans, everything went to a halt when Queen Sindel suddenly fell ill. The illness forced her to be bedridden. Sindel insisted to her daughter to proceed with the plans, but Kitana wasn’t going to do so, not without her mother.

Sadly, the illness took a turn for the worse and it was declared that the Queen wouldn’t last much longer. Everyday, Kitana stayed by her side as much as possible while going on with her mother’s duties at the same time. Then, in the middle of the night surrounded by all those she knew and loved, Queen Sindel passed away, her soul descending peacefully into the Heavens.

That was three days ago. The Queen’s funeral was now in session, her body placed in the beautifully carved coffin, the silver drapery covering it. The funeral was a private funeral, only the royals and riches were invited, including the new Ambassador, a distant cousin of Ladislas Zietek. Thankfully, he didn’t have any children so Kitana didn’t have to worry about whether one of them will betray Edenia.

They were in a cemetery of past Kings and Queens, the place looking more beautiful and peaceful than a normal cemetery. Sindel would be buried next to her late husband King Jerrod. Kitana never knew her father, having been an infant when his death occurred, but she knew in her heart that her mother would be in peace, especially with her husband finally by her side after so many years.

When the prayers were over, Sindel’s casket was lowered into the ground below. The mourners silently left then, but only three remained. Kenshi and Jade stood by Kitana, who held a single violet rose in her hand. She slowly approached the new grave. The young woman stared at the casket, already covered in flowers, before tossing the rose into the grave silently. The rose landed on top of the rest of the flowers.

Kenshi slowly approached her and took her hand. “You can take your time. Jade and I will meet you back at the castle.”

Kitana turned to him then. “Don’t worry. I think I’ve done enough grieving for one day…”

“Are you sure?”

Kitana nodded. “Besides…the last will and testament will be read shortly…”

A month later…

In the Edenian Castle, the royals and riches stood in the front lawn dressed in fancy wears. In front of them, a long red carpet was rolled out and ended just in front of a large throne. Behind them, peasants from various villages tried to get a peak of the event.

Only three peasants managed to get front row view. A now-slightly-older Cara watched along with her new guardians, her Aunt Roxy and Uncle Jin she had mentioned the day after the destruction of her village. She had stayed with Kitana after the Outworld events. Her guardians heard of her survival and managed to get her back by Cara’s own choice. As much as the young girl loved the way of life as a royal, she dearly missed the more free-peasant life and decided to continue life with her relatives.

Just in front of the empty throne, Jade and Kenshi stood on either side of it wearing their normal day clothes, which surprisingly helped the citizens recognize the two.

Jade looked over at Kenshi. “Do you think she’s ready for this?” she asked.

Kenshi slightly turned his head to her, the tail of his blindfold swaying in the light wind. “I believe she is. Her mother prepared her for this well.”

It was at that moment that a white carriage approached the edge of the other end of the carpet. Inside the carriage, Kitana sat inside, an announcer and a bodyguard with her. She wore her favorite purple garment for the occasion, but with one addition…a small diamond tiara was placed on her head, one that her mother wore during her days as Queen.

She looked out at the excited crowd nervously. Her childhood dreams were finally here, but she never knew she would be this nervous. The young woman had wished that her mother was there, but the thing with becoming the new Queen was that the previous Queen, no matter what, would only be there in spirit.

“My Queen,” the announcer said. Kitana shook her head a little and turned to the man in front of her. “Are you ready?”

Kitana looked back at the crowd. She spotted the empty throne ready for her to sit on. That was when she spotted Kenshi and all of the nervousness seemed to have quickly gone away. She smirked to herself, knowing that he was proud of her.

“I’m ready,” she finally said.

With that, the announcer opened the carriage and stepped out. The citizens fell silent in order to hear the announcer speak.

“Ladies and gentlemen!” the announcer spoke. “I am pleased to announce your new royal highness…the new heir of the Edenian throne…Queen Kitana!”

The bodyguard in the carriage got out then and help the new Queen out of the carriage. As soon as the citizens got a glimpse of her, they cheered with happiness. Kitana smiled and took the opportunity to wave to everyone as she walked down the red carpet. She took her time with her walk while acknowledging as many of the Edenian citizens as possible.

Soon enough, she reached the throne. She and Jade bowed to each other in happiness. Then, the new Queen turned to Kenshi, a small smile appearing on his face. Indeed he was proud of her.

Kitana smirked back, even though she knew he couldn’t see it. A few days before, they had talked about whether Kenshi would be king, but the swordsman considered himself more of a fighter than royalty. It was decided that once they married, he would still be considered a knight. Just like her mother had, Kitana would rule with no king, but that she didn’t mind.

The young woman soon took a few steps forward and sat down on her throne looking at the people around her.

So this is what it feels like,’ she thought. "To be Queen of Edenia..."

One month later…

Queen Kitana went into the sky room and looked at the bright stars that littered the sky. She had taken off the tiara feeling that she didn’t need it for now. Many thoughts played throughout her mind, her childhood, her past, the present…her future. What would life be like after tomorrow? Will the wedding go as planned?

It was then that her thoughts were interrupted by footsteps. She had the feeling who was coming. Her instincts were correct when she saw her future husband approach her.

“Is everything all right love?” Kenshi asked her as he stood next to her.

“I’m all right,” the new Queen replied looking at him lovingly. “I miss mother dearly, but I know that everything will be all right now. There hasn’t been any threats for two years. I know it won’t be easy being Queen, but mother always trusted in me that I would show great duty in my new status.”

“She was a great woman,” the swordsman replied. “And I know she is happy for all of us, for everything that we have now.” Then, a big smirk appeared on his face. “Should we tell Jade and the others about the next heir?”

A smirk appeared on Kitana’s face as she placed a hand on her stomach. “Not yet. We only found out yesterday.”

“All right,” the swordsman said placing a kiss on her neck. “I love you my Queen.”

Kitana wrapped her arms around him. “I love you too,” she whispered.

They shared a brief kiss before embracing each other. Kitana felt happiness since her mother’s death. She knew that she was watching over them, but the new Queen had the feeling that her mother didn’t have to worry much, for that her love, her knight, will always be her protector.

The End.

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