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If you would like to link to iceangelmkx's lair, you may use any of the buttons below.  I also recommend that you sent your website's link to me so that I can add you to the list.  For now I won't be putting buttons to other sites (except for fanlistings), but once the site is upgraded, I will do just that.


Website Links

  • The Lemonade Stand- The site made by my good friend DeNice which holds fics including Lemons.  You won't be disappointed.
  • The Ryu & Sakura Shrine- The site made by the legendary Trutenor dedicated to the Dragon and the Cherry Blossom.
  • Freedom of Speech: FanFiction Archieves- Not in for strict rules like ff.net?  This is the place to showcase your fics.
  • FanFiction.Net- A good place for the best reviews...be warned, the rules are strict.
  • The Hero Machine 2- A really fun site to use to create your own comic-book-like characters presented by UnderGroundOnline.  You can find some of this stuff on my site.
  • FictionRatings.Com- This site is highly recommended for fan fiction writers.  Sole purpose is to avoid having your site taken down by the very f***ed-out-of-their-f***ing-minds MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America...)
  • Tekken Zaibatsu- Find all cheats, character bios, and more in this site dedicated to everything about the game series Tekken!
  • BaneWolf's Soul Calibur CaS Guide- See the creations of BaneWolf's Create-A-Soul Characters as well as other people's submissions.  Join the forum and you can submit your own characters and request cameo characters as well!

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