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Hi everyone, my name is iceangelmkx and welcome to my lair!  The purpose of my site is to host my Fanfiction work whether or not they are featured at FanFiction.Net along with a couple of extra stuff as well.  Enjoy your visit!

January, 3, 2011

Holy  crap, I'm back!  For those who have known where I've been, obviously I've been caught up with other things which includes focus on other sites and/or real-life rearing it's head.

It's been 3 years since this site was updated.  And due to recent circumstances, I've made the decision to turn this site into mostly a fanfiction site.

The Sprites page will be removed, that I decided since I hardly make them any more.  The Articles page will be kept since they do contain Fanfic advice, rants, etc.  I'm undecided about the bloopers page.

The OC page will be revamped, even though I pretty much only use Wagner and Alex these days.  And the links/fanlisting page will also be revamped since half of the fanlistings I have there are no longer active.

It's going to take a bit since, while I post up my older fics (rather than linking them), they will be edited along the way.  I may even take the opportunity to rewrite 'Her Protector' along the way.  'Chishio No Me' will be the first fic to be posted since there will be no editing involved.

That's all for the time being.

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