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Chapter Two

"Rena, you're home," said a young woman. Rena entered her apartment and took her brown jacket off.

"Your hair's a mess, what happened to you?"

Rena looked at the woman. "Maki, you're not going to believe what happened to me tonight."

Rena sat down on the couch and took her boots off. Her little sister followed. Rena told her the story; from the moment she left the café to the moment the 'nameless' hero saved her life.

"A nameless hero, huh?" Maki said after Rena finished her story. "Was he cute?"

Rena laughed a little. "Yeah, he was, but very serious. I don't think he even smirked once. Maybe he did, but I was too shocked to notice. All I know is that he was cute and serious."

Rena pictured the young man's face in her head. She remembered his short, dark brown hair, the strands over his narrow face, and his dark, narrow eyes. Who is that man? she thought.

"Sounds like Spider-Man," said Maki. "You know what he is, a hero, but you don't know too much about him, like his name and where he comes from." Maki stood up. "Dinner is almost ready."

"What are we having?" Rena asked.

Maki smiled. "Lo mein."

"Maki! We had that last night!"

"I know, it's leftovers."

Rena growled under her breath.

After dinner, Rena decided to rest in her room. It was a small room with a futon bed, a desk, and two dressers. The walls were filled with photos from Japan and decorations like posters and lanterns.

Rena laid on her bed and looked up at the cream colored ceiling. The man who saved her life appeared in her mind.

If only I knew who he was, she thought. I never got a chance to thank him or even asked him for his name. Tomorrow, when I look for a job, I hope to find him.


The sun set and the streets of Metro City were now dark. The snow still kept falling into the streets.

A young man just entered his apartment. He was surprised to see his best friend sitting on his couch.

The friend turned to him. "Hey, Guy," he said. "You're home."

"Cody?" Guy said hanging up his jacket. "What are you doing here and how did you get in?"

Cody showed him a paper clip, which was bent out of shape. "I came over because some of us back at the dojo were pretty worried about you."

"Really?" Guy said.

"Hey Guy!" said a couple of voices. He turned around and saw ten people behind him; Cody's girlfriend Jessica, Guy's sisters Hokuto and Nanase, and the rest were friends from the dojo.

"We figured," Cody continued. "That this little party will help you relax for a while."

Guy growled under his breath. He wanted to relax but not like this, especially since he hated any type of parties and social events. Then, he just sighed and gave in.

"So Guy," said Hokuto later on. She was fixing her hair as she said, "How was your walk? We expected you to come home before we got here."

Guy straightened himself up on the couch. "Well, something did happen on my way back here."

"Really?" cried Nanase. "Like a fight?"

Guy nodded.

"What kind of fight?!" cried his friend Greg. "Did you kick their ass'?"

"Of course," Guy replied. "As a matter of fact, I even saved a girl."

Now everyone was leaning towards Guy and wanted to listen to the whole story. Guy sighed and told everyone the story from the moment he left the dojo, to the moment he decided that it was safe to leave the girl.

"You mean you just left her there?!" cried Jessica. "If Cody did that to me, I would go up to him and kick his sorry mother-......."

Cody immediately covered her mouth. "You know I would never do that to you." He kissed her forehead.

"Well, we all know Guy," said Greg. "The little Mr. Anti-Social."

Guy sighed narrowing his eyes at Greg.

"See what I mean?" Greg said grinning.

Guy stood up. "I'm going to my room. I need to rest for a while." He walked into his room.

"Oh c'mon Guy!" cried Cody. "It's a party over here. The beers' are on me!"

Guy waved his hand at Cody and walked into his room.

Hokuto laughed. "You know my big brother, always trying to find every way to avoid social events."

Cody took a drink out of a bottle of Heineken. "You're right."

Guy started to feel a bit drowsy as he went into his room and fell on to his bed. He could hear his friends chatting and laughing. Then, someone, probably Cody or Greg, turned on the CD player.

'Great,' Guy thought. He took a pillow and covered his face with it. Then, he began thinking about someone he never thought he would ever think of again.

'That girl I saved tonight, Guy thought. I'll never admit it to anyone, but now I wished I stayed with her until she got to her apartment. I should've stayed to at least learn her name. I could be such an idiot sometimes. I wonder who she is. Maybe tomorrow, I'll go find her.'

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