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Chapter Seventeen

 Cody brought Guy and Haggar to a subway, but unfortunately, he lead them to the one that took them to the south end of Metro City, far from there original destination, the north end of Metro City. When they got off the subway, it was four o'clock in the morning. They went to a broken down part of the subway station where there were bums sleeping next to garbage pails lit by fires. Guy, Cody, and Haggar slept there and tried their best to ignore the rats crawling around.

When they awoke, it was three in the afternoon. They immediately went back to the cold surface of the city, grabbed some food, and tried to talk to a couple of people to see if they knew anything else about Mad Gear. Unfortunately, they found nothing.

When the sun setted, the three men began walking back towards the subway station hoping to take the next ride to the northern part of the city.

"This time, Cody," Guy said. "I choose the subway we take."

"Oh come on, Guy," Cody said. "I made a mistake last time."

"Cody," Haggar replied. "There were two subways when we arrived at the station last night and you lead us to the one that took us south. This time, we're going to take the subway that'll take us north."

"Whatever," Cody said.

They found the nearest station and walked down towards the subway. Guy looked at the schedule.

"The next train that'll take us north leaves in two minutes."

"Then let's catch it," Haggar replied. He and Cody followed Guy to the correct train and went in. They went towards the middle of the train and sat down. A minute later, the train began to move.

"It's been three days now, Haggar," said Cody. "What if we never find her and Mad Gear did something..........."

Guy slapped him across the face. "Must you ask that question every hour? You just got to have faith, Cody. Hopefully, Jessica is all right."

Cody narrowed his eyes at his friend. "Aren't you worried about Rena?"

Guy stayed silent for a minute. Then, he let out a sigh. "Of course, I do, Cody, but I know that she's safe and my siblings are watching over her for me."

The three become silent. Guy looked out the window and thought about Rena again.

'Is she really all right?'
 he asked himself. Then he shook his head quickly. 'Get a grip, Guy. She's all right. Kairi and the others wouldn't let anything happen to her.'

Just then, the train suddenly came to a quick halt throwing everyone off their seats and on to the floor.

"Owe!" Cody cried rubbing his head. "What happened?"

"I don't know," said Haggar getting up. "But I have a bad feeling that it has to do with Mad Gear."

"How could Mad Gear be involved in a train halt?" asked Guy.

Just before Haggar answered, the train door quickly popped off and landed on the ground. Two men jumped into the subway. One man wore all blue and had long brown hair and a beard. The other one was tall and looked Jamaican with his hair all in braids and wore sunglasses over his eyes.

"Mad Gear is here!" the Jamaican said with an evil grin. "I want everybody to hand over anything worth money!"

Haggar stood up with an angry look on his face. "YOU!! You were the one who was on my television!"

The Jamaican turned to Haggar and grinned even more. "Well, if it isn't the Mayor himself! Damnd's the name, I forgot to introduce myself when we first met."

Haggar raised a fist. "I swear if anything happened to my daughter..."

"Nonsense, Mr. Haggar," Damnd said. "There's no need to get angry. Jessica is alive as we speak...for now." Then, Damnd spotted Cody and Guy. "Well, I see that your daughter's boyfriend is here with you, along with a friend as well." He looked at the man who was with him. "Jake, get the one in the orange. I'll take care of the other two."

Cody and Haggar ran closer to Damnd. Guy got into his fighting stance as Jake walked over to him.

Jake laughed. "Nice outfit. So, you think that you're some ninja warrior or something?"

Guy narrowed his eyes. "At least I fight with honor."

"Ooo, that hurts," Jake answered with a sneer. He took out what looked like a sewer pipe. "Well, let's see how 'honorably' you fight, ninja."

Immediately, Jake began to run towards Guy. Guy stood there in his stance until Jake was an arm-length away. Then, Guy jumped in the air, put one leg out, and spun his body around in fast speedy.

"Bushin Senpukyaku!!" Guy cried out. He managed to hit Jake a few times in the face before he flew a few feet back and landed hard on the ground. Guy safely landed back on his feet and watched Jake slowly get up using the seats as a guide.

"Nice move, ninja," Jake said with a growl. He then ran towards him again. Guy stood there in his stance until Jake was an arm-length again. Guy took a step forward and threw a few punches in Jake's midsection and ended it with an uppercut to the jaw. Jake flew back and landed hard on the ground making him lose his consciousness. Guy brushed his shirt.

"That was easy," he said. He ran over to where Cody and Haggar were fighting Damnd.

Cody threw a punch at Damnd, but he quickly stepped aside. "Ha! Too slow!"

Damnd jumped back, put his fingers in his mouth, and let out a whistle. Immediately, a few more Mad Gear thugs jump into the subway and ran towards the three men.

"Well, he has backup," said Haggar.

He, Guy, and Cody took all of the thugs down with their techniques, which they only had to use once or twice on each of them. When all of the thugs were knocked out, Damnd let out a loud growl.

"Damn it! How could you have taken them down so easily?"

"They obviously don't know how to fight," said Guy.

"Now it's you're turn to go down!" cried Cody narrowing his eyes at Damnd.

"Oh yeah," Damnd said. He put his finger back in his mouth and whistled in a different tone. Someone comes in the subway wearing a blue samurai helmet, an orange shirt with a Japanese symbol in the front, blue jeans, and white sneakers. In his hands were sais.

"Who the hell is this?" asked Cody raising an eyebrow.

"This here is my pal, Sodom," said Damnd.

"I, Orochi Samurai!" Sodom cried out.

Guy also raised an eyebrow. "Um, okay then."

Cody took out two eight-inch butcher knives. "I'll take care of the samurai. You two take care of Damnd."

"Okay," said Haggar as he and Guy ran over to Damnd.

"Sodom will kill you now," Sodom said running over to Cody. Cody ran towards him as well and when the two were in reach, they threw their weapons at each other. The weapons clinked together and the two of them used their strengths to try to overpower the other.

Haggar got to Damnd first and began throwing series of punches at him. Damnd only dodged them, but didn't see Guy coming from behind. Guy jumped in the air and performed a kick to Damnd's head. Damnd only stumbled forward a bit, then turned his head towards Guy.

"You think that was supposed to hurt?" Damnd asked sneering. He ran over to Guy and tried to punch him, but Guy immediately blocked the move. It gave Haggar a chance to strike. He ran over to Damnd and head-butted him right in the back of the head. Damnd fell forward and crashed to the ground unconscious.

Guy looked up at Haggar. "Did that hurt?"

Haggar rubbed his forehead. "I've done that so much in my street fighting days. No, it didn't."

Meanwhile, Cody was still trying to use his strength to take Sodom down as he tried to push him with his butcher knives against Sodom's sais. He could feel himself going down.

"Sodom overpowering you," Sodom said. "You shall die."

"I don't think so," Cody said. He pulled his arms quickly towards each side causing Sodom to lose his balance and his grip on his weapons. Cody jumped up and kneed him in the stomach, then bended down and performed a sweep kick knocking Sodom off his feet and sending him crashing to the floor weakening him.

Cody took out a chain and quickly tied Sodom's hands together. Guy and Haggar walk up to him.

"Someone here called the police," said Haggar. "They should be here any minute."

"We can't waste time," Cody said. "We have to find Jessica." He began to run towards the door, but Guy grabbed him by the arm.

"Wait," he said. "Maybe we can get some information from these guys. Unfortunately, Damnd's knocked out." Guy looked at Sodom. "Maybe this guy would talk."

Cody nodded and immediately walked over to Sodom, grabbed him by the shirt and pulled him up. "Where is Belger holding my Jessica?!!" He took out his butcher knife and held it to Sodom's throat. "Tell me!"

'Not again,' Guy thought.

Sodom began speaking in Japanese. Cody looked at him in confusion.

"Speak English!" Cody cried.

"Too late," Sodom said. "Sodom told you."

"Heh," Guy said. "He said Jessica's being held in an area called Uptown."

"Hey!" Sodom cried. "How did you know Japanese?"

"I AM Japanese!" Guy answered.

"The Uptown is the Northeast part of northern Metro City," said Haggar. "That narrows it down a little bit."

Cody threw Sodom back on to the ground and put his knife away. "Well let's go." He began running out of the subway.

"Hold up!" Haggar cried. He looked over at Guy. "I just wish Cody wasn't such a hothead."

Guy nodded in agreement. They followed Cody out of the subway and down the track towards the next station.


(A Dream)

Rena was running down a dark alley in her pajamas. She could've sworn that she heard a noise not too far.

'I wonder what's happening,' she thought.

She ran closer to the noise until she spotted a group of people. She ran towards them. Then, she stopped in her tracks and gasped in horror as she saw both Cody and Haggar lying on the dirty ground dead.

"Cody! Mr. Haggar!" Rena cried. She was surprised that no one turned around to her. She ran over to Cody, but before she bended down to him, she looked up and, to her terror, saw Guy being held by a couple of thugs. Another thug was holding a rifle to Guy's chest.

"Let me go!" Guy cried.

"Not until you tell us what you're up to," the thug with the gun asked.

Guy kept his mouth closed and narrowed his eyes at the thug.

The thug laughed. "Have it your way then."

"GUY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Rena shouted and began running towards him. Then, she let out a horrifying scream as the thug pulled the trigger, the bullet piercing through Guy's chest...killing him.

Rena managed to catch him in her arms. She looked down at him and saw that he was dead. She looked up, but all of the thugs were gone.

"NNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Rena cried out holding Guy's body close to hers.

(End of Dream)

Rena shot up from her bed screaming out Guy's name. Then, she realized that she was back in her room in her bed. She breathed heavily and she could feel sweat pouring down her face.

Also pouring down her face were tears.

She drew her knees to her chest and wrapped her arms around her legs. She bowed her head down and quietly sobbed. It was a horrible nightmare indeed.

'Why couldn't I dream of something good?' she asked herself. 'Something that would give me hope and let me know that Guy, Cody, and Haggar are all right.'

She tried to forget about the dream and tried to think positive, but the terror from the nightmare wouldn't allow it making her sob more.

It was then that she heard a crash from the kitchen. Rena quickly looked up.


She slowly got up from her bed and walked out of her room and into the kitchen. She raised an eyebrow when she saw no one in the kitchen. She looked around and saw that everything was in place.


Suddenly, someone grabbed her around the waist from behind her and pulled her back. Rena let out a short scream and tried to struggle out of the person's grip. Then, two other people jumped from behind the counter and grabbed her. The person behind her placed a cloth over her mouth and she ended up breathing in the poisonous chemicals. Guy was the last person on her mind before her body went limp and lost consciousness.

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