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Chapter Five
Merry Christmas!

**What happens when Knives is in extreme OOC…*

Chapter Five

Knives: (in his sleep) No…please…I’ll change…please…give me another chance…

Suddenly, Knives shoots up quickly.

Knives: AAAHHH!!!! (gasps)

Knives looks around and realizes that he was back in his room…

Knives: It…it was only a dream…(smiles for the first time in years) It was only a dream. I’m given another chance. What’s today’s date??

He looks at his calendar.

Knives: Ah yes, I thought so! (jumps out of his bed). It’s Christmas Day! The best time of year!

Knives runs over to his window. He opens up both the curtains and the window itself quickly.

Knives: (screams) MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Everyone in Town: (looks at him strangely).

Random Person: *cough*

Knives: …Okay, maybe that approach was a bit rushed (Turns around and spots two huge big bags full of money). Aha! Here we go!

Knives grabs the bag, puts on his slippers and Vash’s Christmas hat which he left at the house yesterday, then runs out the door. He starts tossing the money to everyone he passes.

Knives: Merry Christmas! Feliz Navidad! Happy Hanukkah! Happy Kwanzaa!

As he tosses the money, everyone looks at him in a strange way.

Then, Knives stops at the Saloon where his Gung-Ho-Gun gang were. Knives throws one of the bags on the table.

Knives: Merry Christmas!!

Everyone: o_O

Zazie The Beast: Eh…you didn’t use some of Hopperd’s mushrooms again did you?

Knives: Nope not this time! Just came by to drop off your presents! Merry Christmas! (leaves)

Rai Dai: Hey! Isn’t this the money he owed us?

They looked at each other for a brief moment. Then, they dived into the table and grabbed as much money as possible.

Later, Knives stops at a toy store and buys many toys. Then, he trout 300 iles to December to Wolfwood’s church/orphanage. Knives goes to the door and knocks. Soon, Wolfwood answers it.

Wolfwood: (sigh) What is it Knives?

Knives: I have come for your due.

Wolfwood: Knives…can’t it wait until tomorrow? It’s Christmas.

Knives: (cheerfully) Exactly! (jumps into the house)

Wolfwood: O_o What the…?

Milly: (sees Knives) Yay! Look children! Mr. Knives is here!

The children run over to Knives, curious to know what was in the bag.

Knives: Hey kids! Wondering what’s in the bag right? Take a look!

The kids look in the bag. Inside they see many different toys. The children become delighted. Knives takes the toys and gives them to each child. Then, Knives looks at Little Liam.

Knives: I got you something special. (takes out a very large white teddy bear)

Little Liam (looks at the bear in amazement) Th, thank you sir.

Knives: Not a problem.

Wolfwood: Yes Knives. I don’t know how to repay you.

Knives: Yeah…oh yeah, I almost forgot! (takes out a check and gives it to Wolfwood). This is for the cure for Little Liam.

Wolfwood: I…th, thank you Knives. Merry Christmas.

Knives: Merry Christmas! Now I’m off to my brother’s! (leaves)

Milly: Boy, he seems very jolly ^_^

Wolfwood: (looks at the check) Yeah…

Knives trout back into December.

Knives: (gasps for air) Damn! He lives so far out of town!

Then, Knives heads over to Vash’s house and knocks on the door. Vash answers it.

Vash: Knives? What are you doing here?

Knives: What’s wrong? Can’t a good brother come by and say Merry Christmas?

Vash: Um, sure, that’s fine. Come on in.

Knives walks into the house as Meryl comes by the door.

Meryl: Um, hello Knives.

Knives: Hello to the miss! Merry Christmas!

Meryl: (a little nervous) Eh, Merry Christmas too Knives.

Knives: Now! I know! I’m gonna be a monkey’s uncle!

Vash: O_O How did you know we were…

Knives: Nevermind that! What matters more is the party for tonight! I’m coming and I’m making the cookies!

Vash: Sweet!

Meryl: ^_^ That’s very kind of you Knives.

Knives: Yup. I’m also going to bring…donuts!!

Vash: YEAH!!



***Has Knives really learned the meaning of life or will he go back to his old self the next day? …Truly, we will never know….***

[The End]

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