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Chapter Seven


After the long (not really), crazy (more-so) weekend, the students return to another week at Capcom-Midway High, very much to their dismay. Guy, Rena, and Cody head to the cafeteria since none of them had time for breakfast this morning. Rena is pulling on Guy’s ear and yelling at him about Saturday night.

“I heard what you did at that beach party from Eliza!” Rena yelled pulling on Guy’s ear more. “Why did you run around naked! You could’ve been attacked by some psycho girl!”

I think he already is being attacked by one,’ thought Cody trying to withhold his laughter.

“AH!” cried Guy, a sweat drop on his forehead. “You’re gonna rip my ear off! I’m sorry Rena!”

Finally, Rena let go. Guy tried to rub away the pain on his ear lobe.

Then, Rena turned to Cody acting like she didn’t do anything. “So Cody, how are you and Jessica Haggar?”

“Pretty well,” Cody replied. “It’s too bad her father put her in Capcom Academy.”

“Well you know Mr. Haggar,” said Guy.

They reach the cereal bin. Cody looks through the bin. “Let’s see…Cheerios, Lucky Charms, Cinnamon Toast Crunch…aha! Trix cereal!”

As he got his hand on the cereal, suddenly, the Trix rabbit came by and grabbed the other end of the cereal.

“Silly rabbit,” said Cody pulling the cereal away from the rabbit. “Trix are for kids.”

Suddenly, the Trix rabbit’s eyes glow red. “What the hell! Lucky always gets his Lucky Charms, Buzz always gets his Honey Nut Cheerios, Sonny always gets his Cocoa Puffs, and that old man chef always gets his Cinnamon Toast Crunch. WHY CAN’T I EVER GET MY DAMN TRIX!”

Then, the rabbit took out a huge mallet, knocked Cody out, and takes the cereal. He turned and saw everyone look at him. “Come on! I dare you to take my cereal again and say that damn line again! HUH? I dare ya!”

Everyone got scared and ran out of the cafeteria leaving behind an unconscious Cody.

“I thought so.” The rabbit turned to the lunch lady. “Do you have any milk?”

“Sorry son, we’re out.”

“BLAST! Just when I finally got my Trix after 20-something years!”

Period 1-Criminal Justice Class

The bell rang for class to begin. Mr. Hotaru stood up to begin his lessons of the day.

“I am sure all of you now know the laws of the classroom.” Then, Morrigan raised her hand. “Yes?”

“Isn’t it, like, supposed to be called ‘rules,’ not ‘laws?’”

“They are LAWS!” Suddenly, Mr. Hotaru pressed a button on his desk. A chain wrapped around Morrigan’s wrists and pulled her up.

“AAHH!” Morrigan cried.

“Any more questions students?”


Then the door opened and Scorpion walked in. Mr. Hotaru eyed him. “You are late Scorpion.”

“Sorry Hotaru, the make-out closet locked me in-”

“That’s Mr. Hotaru to you!”

Suddenly, a cage came up from the floor, locked Scorpion, and pulled him up. “What the…no!”

“Quiet.” Suddenly, he pressed another button and Bo’ Rai Cho got the same method as Scorpion.

“Hey man, why me?” Bo’ asked slurred.

“That’s for coming into my class drunk and smelly,” Mr. Hotaru said. “Now, let us begin the lesson. Today, we will discuss some of the crimes that were committed like The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, the REAL story of the Amityville Horror, and The Summer of Sam.”

Everyone kept silent and still, extremely afraid to make the wrong move and end up like Morrigan, Scorpion, and Bo’ Rai Cho as Mr. Hotaru went on with the lesson.

Period 2- History Class

“Good morning class,” said Mr. Shunjinko. “Today we will be discussing the Revolutionary War.” Then Sodom raised his hand. “Yes Sodom?”

“Kore wa bakabakashii desu!” cried Sodom.

“No Sodom, this is not stupid,” Mr. Shunjinko replied. “It all began when the British began taxing the Colonists of America after the damages of the French and Indian War. Of course, the Colonists were outraged and tried many ways to rebel which included the Boston Massacre and the Boston Tea Party, which we will talk about in later lessons.”

Then Chun-Li raised her hand. Mr. Shunjinko called on her. “What did they mean when there was a ‘shot heard around the world?’”

Mr. Shunjinko sighed. “Well my dear, there was one thing history books haven’t told you…I was the fool who gave off the first shot when I wasn’t supposed to…”



Minutemen Captain looked at his men. “There’s the British. Do not fire unless they fire at you…where’s Shunjinko?”

Then, a young Shunjinko came running over to the Minutemen. “Hey men.” Suddenly, Shunjinko tripped and his gun accidentally went off narrowly missing a Redcoat. The Redcoats quickly aimed their guns at the Minutemen.

“Oh crap!” cried the Captain.

(End of Flashback)

Second period ended a half hour later. On the way to their next class, Kitana and Queen Bee walked down the hall together talking about what they did over the weekend when they saw BB Hood wearing multi-colored socks. The girls saw them and giggled.

“Multi-colored fashion was so yesterday,” said Queen Bee.

“I know, what was she thinking?” asked Kitana.

Unfortunately for them, BB Hood had heard them. She took both of them, shoved them into a random locker and slammed the door shut.

“AHAHAHAHA!” cried BB Hood. “And mocking people was so last year!”

A few minutes, Dan was whistling down the hall and singing.

Time to go to my, woo hoo, time to go to my, yahoo, time to go to my English class!

“Shut up Dan!” cried Rolento.

“Thank you Rolento!” Dan called out happily. He goes to his locker and opened it up. Then to his surprise, Kitana and Queen Bee tumbled out of the locker and on to the floor. Dan blinked and then said, “Ooo, neato, two girls came out of my locker!”

“You wish Dan,” said Kitana. “Ugh, I thought your stinger would never stop poking me!”

“Oh yeah,” said Queen Bee. “And I thought your butt would never get out of my face!”

Soon the warning bell rang and (almost) everyone began rushing to class.

Period 6- Health Class

“Good afternoon class,” said Miss Mika. “Now that we are settled down, let’s begin our very first lesson of the year on the different nutrition groups.”

“But we learn that every year!” cried Sharon.

“I know, but the school requires me to teach you all, especially for those who had forgotten.”

Suddenly, Adon cried out, “The Poultry is in the grain group! Am I right?”


“Sorry Adon, but that’s not right,” said Miss Mika. “Now do you see what I mean Sharon?”

Sharon only sighed.

“Now,” Miss Mika continued. “Now, does anyone know…eh, what are you three doing to Yang?”

Everyone turned to where Sakura, Elena, and Nanase piled on poor Yang and giving him smooches. The three girls turned to Miss Mika. “Um, we’re just helping him with the lesson Miss Mika,” said Elena.

“That great girls!” said Miss Mika happily. The girls continued pouncing on Yang as he attempted to call for help.

After School- Phantom of the Opera Auditions

School finally ended after what seemed like a long day. The students who decided to audition for the play began heading to the auditorium. Yun and Yang were just passing by the auditorium entrance.

“What happened to you?” asked Yun looking at Yang, who stilled had kiss marks on him from 6th period.

“You don’t wanna know,” Yang replied.

That’s when they both saw Tessa enter the auditorium. The boys drooled and both followed her to the auditorium. Tessa turned around and saw the boys.

“Well hello,” Tessa replied. “Good luck with the auditions.”

“Uh huh,” the boys replied as they sat down with the other students.

Soon enough, everyone was gathered and Miss Rose came in. “Hello everyone, welcome to the Phantom of the Opera auditions. As some of you might know, the story of this play is a beauty full of love, lust, and betrayal.”

“Isn’t that with every romance story?” asked Scorpion.

(Scorpion may be the pimp, but acting has always been his passion since the Aladdin play in 4th grade).

“Mostly, but it all has it’s own uniqueness,” Miss Rose continued. “Now I know you want to get auditioning so let’s begin!”

What was I thinking?’ Sean asked himself. He had decided to audition for the play after Ryu’s advice on doing more for himself other than basketball.

The first to audition was E. Honda, who did quite decent. Then Fei-Long tried out auditioning for Raoul.

“I love her! Does that mean nothing, I love her! Show some compassion!” Fei-Long put much emotion into that one line.

“Very nice Fei-Long,” said Rose. “Now, let’s hear you sing a line from the song, ‘All I Ask of You.’”

Fei-Long cleared his throat and sang. “No more talk of darkness. Forget these wide-eyed fears. I'm here, nothing can harm you, my words will warm and calm you. Let me be your freedom, let daylight dry your tears. I'm here, with you, beside you, to guard you and to guide you . . .”

Everyone applauded at Fei-Long’s magnificent voice.

“That was excellent Fei-Long,” said Miss Rose. “Next!”

The auditions continued with Elena, Lilith, Tessa, Li Mei, Cammy, Quan-Chi, Shang Tsung (forced by Quan-Chi), Makoto, Havik (for the heck of it), Sean, Blair, Kairi, Sodom, Hokuto, Felicia, Hsien-Ko, Skullomania, Karin, Scorpion, Nanase, Johnny Cage, and Ibuki. All did quite well.

Then came Adon’s turn.

“I’m auditioning for the Phantom,” said Adon.

“Go ahead Adon,” said Miss Rose sighing.

Adon cleared his throat. “This face, which earned a mother's fear and loathing. A mask, my first unfeeling scrap of clothing. Pity comes too late, turn around and face your fate, an eternity of this before your eyes.”

Everyone cringed at Adon’s annoying screeching obnoxious voice.

“Um, very, eh, nice,” Miss Rose managed to say. “Now, I’ll regret this later, please sing for us.”

Adon cleared his throat and say WAY off key and very high-pitched causing some of the glasses to crack.

Great, more reparations,’ thought Miss Rose. “Um, thank you Adon.”

Adon did a somersault, took off his rim-thingy off his head, raised it over his head, and cried out, “YEAH!”


“Is that is?” Miss Rose looked around, but then she spotted the Lee brothers. “Oh, you boys ready to audition?”

Everyone turned around and looked at Yun and Yang.

“Is that what this was all about?” asked Yun with a goofy grin as Yang sweat dropped.

“Um, yes boys,” Miss Rose said. “Why don’t you start off.” She pointed at Yun. Yun sighed and got up. He then grabbed a script from Johnny Cage.

“My script!” cried Johnny.

Yun got up to the middle of the stage and turned to a random page, and then read a random script from the character Firmin. “Eh, we need you too…some line…”

“But it was quite nice the way you brought it out,” said Rose. “Now can you sing?”

Yun sighed and sang a random song for two lines.

“Not bad,” said Miss Rose. “Now your brother.”

Yun passed the script to Yang, who went up on stage. He too read a random line from the script from a random page, who happened to be the character Phantom. “Damn you! You little prying Pandora! You little demon -is this what you wanted to see? Curse you! You little Iying Delilah! You little viper! Now you cannot ever be free! Damn you . . .Curse you . . .”

“Ooo not bad,” Miss Rose said quite impressed. “Now, can you sing for us?”

Yang sighed and belched out a few lyrics from a random song. The entire time, everyone‘s, even Miss Rose’s, jaws dropped in amazement. It was like an angel suddenly came into the room. When Yang ended the number, everyone was completely speechless.

Finally, Miss Rose spoke. “That was wonderful Yang. You’re done now.”

Yang went back to his seat glad that it was over and hoped to not deal with that again.

“All right everyone,” continued Miss Rose. “Thank you all for auditioning for the Phantom of the Opera play. You will all know who will be playing who at the end of the week. Have a nice evening.”

Everyone left. As the Lee brothers left, Yun gave Yang a perplexed look. “Where the heck did you learn to sing like that?’

“Mom taught me when we were little, remember? You thought it was too girly to sing and didn‘t want anything to do with it,” Yang replied with a grin.

Yun only sighed.

After Football Practice

Ryu came back from his house sore to the core. Practice had been much more of a pain today, especially with their first game against SNK High School coming in two days.

“Well, at least I’m home,” said Ryu. “I think I’ll have a nice, relaxing hot bath before dinner.”

He went into the bathroom, filled the tub with very warm water, stripped all of his clothing off, and stepped into the tub. He closed his eyes enjoying the bath.

Since his eyes were closed, he does not realize that the Kung-Fu Chickens are spying on him.

“Blok blok! (We will strike very, very soon human!),” said the Kung-Fu Chicken leader.

Behind him, all the female Kung-Fu Chickens jump up and down excitedly trying to get a peak at the nude Ryu. This frustrated the Kung-Fu Chicken leader.

“BLOK! (Stop it now or else I’m send you to Chicken Warp!),” he warned. They stopped and stayed still. After a couple of minutes, they left to return to their mysterious hideout to plan more on their come back…

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