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Chapter Nine


The morning sun rose from behind the tall mountains of Edenia. Not one cloud appeared in the sky and it seemed as though it was going to be a beautiful, happy day.

Little did anyone in the realm realize that hell was about to begin once again.

Quietly, the Outworld army assembled out of the Edenian Portals which were closest to the castle. All stayed as quiet as possible, not even making the sounds of breathing. The last to step out of the portal was Shang Tsung himself. He looked at every member of the army, some human, most Tarkatans. He walked over to the two Generals in command…General Reiko, a human, and General Baraka, a Tarkatan.

“What are our orders, sir?” asked Reiko.

“We will go to both the embassy and the castle first before we invade the rest of the villages. I’ve already ordered to have the Ambassador killed, he should be dead by now. General Reiko, take your army to the embassy. General Baraka, take your army to the castle.”

“Yes sir,” said Baraka in his deep, demonic voice, similar to all other Tarkatans. Immediately after, two blades quickly slid out of both of his forearms, a few drops of blood splattering out. The rest of the Tarkatans followed.

“Kill everyone on sight!” Shang ordered. “But keep Queen Sindel and Princess Kitana alive. I want them captured and brought to me unharmed. That is an order! Let’s move!”

Soon enough, the entire army quietly made their way towards the castle and the embassy. Shang Tsung followed the army heading towards the embassy. He wanted to personally thank the one responsible for this event.


Princess Kitana had just finished dressing for the day to come. She was about to head down for breakfast when a knock on the door was heard. At first, she believed the knocking to have come from Kenshi ready to come down to breakfast with her.

“Coming!” she called out as she finished lacing the top of her blue and black swimsuit-like garment. She checked herself through a full mirror. She had on her gloves, her boots, and her hair was up in a long braid. She then went to the door and opened it. To her surprise, it was Rain.

“Rain!” she cried out a bit.

“Good morning as well,” Rain said as he walked into the room. Kitana shut the door behind her and watched Rain head over to the balcony. She slowly followed him there and stood foot away from him. He didn’t turn to look at her. “Beautiful day isn’t it?” he asked her.

“Um, yes, it is,” Kitana replied.

She quietly sighed to herself. She felt like she was a horrible relationship even if it only started two days ago.

“Rain, I have to tell you something.”

He stayed quiet for a brief second. “Go on.”

Kitana sighed again. “I’m sorry to do this…but, this isn’t working out for me. I like you Rain, but…not like that. I’m sorry I put you in this position.” Rain kept quiet again and stood still in his place looking down at the scenery outside the windows. Kitana continued, “Let’s go to-”

Suddenly, and quickly, Rain turned around and slapped her across the face hard enough to knock her to the floor. Kitana looked up at him in complete shock as she held the cheek which received the hit.

“I know the truth!” Rain shouted in rage. “I heard you last night! If it wasn’t for that blind man, we’d be together!”

“What’s wrong with you?” Kitana screamed in frustration. “Why are you acting like this?”

Rain’s answer: he began stepping towards her again ready to strike her. Kitana managed to jump up to do a backward flip. As she did, the bottom of her foot smacked Rain under his chin causing him to stumble back a bit. When Kitana straightened herself, she looked at Rain. The rage was not just deep in his eyes anymore…it spelt out all over his face.

“You bitch!” he shouted. He ran over to her to strike her with his fist, but Kitana managed to block it. Soon, they found themselves in battle, throwing punches and kicks at one another. Kitana then managed to kick Rain in the abdomen causing him to stumble back into the wall.

As he got himself back up, Kitana stood in her Eagle Claw stance ready for more. “It’s too bad it I used to be Shao Kahn’s assassin.”

Rain almost laughed. “It’s too bad I still work for Shao Kahn!”

Kitana became completely stunned then. “What?”

“That’s right.” Rain said with a sadistic grin. He slowly walked over to her. “He may had killed my father, but my father deserved it. He was nothing but a trader.”

“Just like you are.”

This made Rain grow more angry. He charged after Kitana again and performed a roundhouse kick. She blocked it and did one back flip.

Rain continued on with his speech. “Soon, the entire Outworld army will be invading here. And I will have the opportunity to take you into their quarters. There is only one thing I didn’t lie about this whole time…I do love you.”

Kitana narrowed her eyes at him with anger. “You disgusting bastard.”

Suddenly, Rain put both of his hands out and a ball of purple electric energy quickly came out his palms. Kitana didn’t have enough time to get out of the way and she was hit hard. She flew against the wall hitting her head in the mean time. She tried to get up after, but then Rain grabbed her and threw her across the room sending her towards the mirror. Kitana hit the mirror head first causing the mirror to shatter into many pieces. Immediately, blood trickled down her face from her head.

She tried to get up, but then found herself pinned down by Rain’s body. He then whispered into her ear, “You are mine. You will always be mine.”


The attack on the Edenian castle began. The Outworld army began their assault on the Edenian army guarding the castle.

“Someone warn the Queen!” one guard cried out before he was slaughtered.

Two guards head this and they both quickly made their way back into the castle and towards Queen Sindel’s room. They frantically knocked on the door until Sindel opened it.

“What’s wrong?” asked Sindel. She could tell the guards were panicked.

“My Queen,” said one guard. “The castle is being attacked by the Outworld army.”

“What?” Sindel cried out. “But I thought-”

It was then that Jade came to her. “My Queen!” she cried frantically. “I just received word from the army guarding the embassy. The Ambassador and his daughter Heather are dead and Tanya is missing! The Outworld army are also attacking there!”

It became too much for Sindel, but she tried to regain herself from fainting. She grabbed her Kwan Do. When she did, Kenshi had come up to Sindel, his katana in hand.

Before he asked about a course of action, Sindel shouted to him. “Kenshi! I have an order for you! Find Kitana and get her far away from her as you can!”

“Will you be all right?” Kenshi asked her.

“I’ll be fine. We will all unite again, even if it’s in the Heavens.” With that, Sindel, Jade, and the guards left to fight off the Outworld army. Kenshi stood there for a brief moment before he began making his way to Kitana’s room.

When he got there, he knocked the door down. He immediately sensed her on the floor hurt and Rain on top of her.

“Kitana!” he cried out.

Rain heard him then. He quickly got up and shot a purple electric energy at Kenshi. Immediately, Kenshi sensed the energy coming. He used his telekinetic powers to stop it from hitting him. Once it did, he reversed it and forced it to head towards Rain in high speed. Before Rain could react, he was hit hard. He flew out the window and fell down to the bottom of the castle.

Kenshi walked over to Kitana, who was battered and bruised. She looked up at him, her eyes filled with tears. “K, Kenshi…”

“It’s all right now,” Kenshi whispered as he picked her up. “I’m going to get you out of here. There’s an invasion on the castle and your mother asked me to take you far away.”

Kitana smirked a little. It nearly sounded like a fairy tail story. But then her smirk faded just as quickly.

Kenshi then made his way out of the room and began heading down the hall. When he reached the stairs, Kitana saw a battle in the main room, which was painted red.

It was then that it hit her. Her dreams had be trying to warn her this whole time. The scene of the battle looked just like her nightmares.

I should’ve known better..’ she thought sadly.

She realized Kenshi couldn’t escape through the room without being seen. Then, an idea came to her. “Put me down, I have a plan.”

“But your hurt Kitana.”

“Please, I insist. I’ll be fine.”

Kenshi tried not to argue with her and put her down. Kitana felt a bit dizzy, but she kept her balance. “Let’s get back to my room. There are patches of vines right by the balcony we can climb down. Right there behind some bushes, there’s an underground passageway. We can escape there.”

She took his hand and they began heading back to her bedroom. They ran through it, out to the balcony, and began climbing down the vines. As they did, Kitana prayed that Rain wasn’t down there waiting to attack.

Well, it wasn’t Rain who was waiting, it was a handful of Tarkatans. Kenshi jumped down and began attacking them. Kitana quickly took out her fan blades and attacked the remaining ones.

All the Tarkatans were slaughtered and the two began their way down the passageway. They crouched down a bit to match the height of the trail and began running down the dark passageway until they reach the end. Kitana pushed the plank up and went out. She checked to see if anyone was around. To her luck, it was all quiet. She stepped out, followed by Kenshi. As soon as Kenshi stepped out, two Tarkatans attempted to attack them. Kenshi decapitated one, and Kitana sliced one vertically splitting him into two.

Kitana looked back at her castle. Parts of the castle was on fire.

“Mother!” she cried out. She took a step forward, but Kenshi stopped her.

“She wanted you to escape,” he said to her. “She promised that we will all unite soon.”

Kitana still stared at the castle. ‘I guess she did it because she knew that if she died, she would want me to escape so I can come back and continue on in her steps.

It was then that she spotted two figures staring at the castle not too far from her. Kitana recognized the one in yellow.

“Tanya…” she whispered.

Kenshi’s senses recognized the other figure. “Shang Tsung!” He unsheathed his sword and was about to go after him, but it was Kitana’s turn to stop him.

“Kenshi, what are you doing?” Kitana asked a bit surprised. “We have to get out of here.”

“Let me at him!” Kenshi growled.

“Kenshi please! We have to get out of here now! We can’t let them see us. If you go after him now, we’re both dead.”

Kenshi sighed a bit and sheathed his sword back in his scabbard. “Let’s go then.”

They escaped into the woods unnoticed by anyone and journeyed to the farthest, most secluded town they could find…

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