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Chapter Eight


“Woot! It’s Thursday!” cried Mavado has he and his gang head to school.

“You know what that means?” asked Sagat.

“Free Sundaes!” cried Hsu Hao. Immediately after, Mavado smacked him over the head. “OWIE!”

“Just shut up,” Mavado replied.

Bison rubbed his hands together. “Hang the nerds on the flagpole!”

“Why are you using a plural?” asked Baraka. “Dan Hibiki is the only nerd in this school.”

“…Oh yeah, you’re right!”

That’s when they saw Dan whistling the theme to Blue’s Clues. Sadistic grins spread over the gang’s faces.

5 milliseconds later…

“PUT ME DOWN PUT ME DOWN!” cried out Dan as the guys laughed and mocked him.

As this was going on, Shang Tsung pulled Quan-Chi aside and showed him what looked like an ad.

“Look at this Quan,” said Shang. “This will surely help us take over the school.”

“But I don’t know how to read!” cried Quan-Chi.

“…oh, I almost forgot.” Then Shang read the ad to Quan-Chi;

Looking to make your school a better place?

Then come to the main office anytime today and

Sign up to become Capcom-Midway High’s

Class President! No experience necessary!

Quan-Chi looked at the picture on the ad. “Hey, isn’t that Mr. Shunjinko?”

Shang Tsung looked at the picture and saw that Mr. Shunjinko was dressed like Uncle Sam. “Come Quan-Chi! We shall go to the main office and sign up!”

“Yay!” Quan-Chi cried out. “We’re going to be the presidents!”

“No you idiot! Only you will run as President because I’m the only one between the two of us capable of being the campaign manager!”

“Can I wear a ballerina dress?”



As they headed off to class, Hsien-Ko and Honda spot the same ad on the school board.

“Look Eddy!” cried Hsien-Ko. “Looks like our school needs a class President. I’m going to go sign up this afternoon.”

“That’ll be fun Koko!” cried Honda.

“Will you be my campaign manager?”

“Sweet like candy!”

Meanwhile, Jax and Rolento talked about today’s upcoming football game against SNK Firebirds. They are wearing their blue and black football shirts.

“You up for the game today?” asked Jax.

“Ready and waiting,” replied Rolento. “I can safely say that SNK is the best of them all and I’ve always enjoyed playing against them. Of all the rival schools, I always have the best games against them.”

That’s when they noticed something new, something that they have never seen before. They saw two people, and only huge monster, in security uniforms. On their name tags they are Q, Drahmin, and Moloch.

Jax let out a gulp. “I heard Mr. Hotaru was talking about getting the school to get security guards, but who knew that would actually happen.”

Then, Adon saw them and suddenly cried out, “The government is here! Run ET run!”

Suddenly, the real ET came running across the hall waving his hands around and screaming until he disappeared. Jax and Rolento blinked a couple of times.

“Eh, Jax,” said Rolento. “Tell me you just saw ET running across the hall like in that one episode of Family Guy.”

“Yes I did,” answered Jax unsure of himself.

“Good, then I’m not going crazy. Let’s just pretend we never saw that.”


They headed off to class without another word.

Lunch Time

Fei-Long and his crew are quietly eating lunch until he spoke up. “Tomorrow, they’ll be posting up the cast for Phantom.”

“I’m surprised this year Fei-Long,” said Sean. “I’d figure you would try out for the role of the Phantom, but instead you went for the second-leading man Raoul.”

“I’d figure I’d do something new. After all, I’ve been playing leading male roles since Junior high and I thought maybe for my last year in high school I can do something different.”

“Have you still thought about going to acting school?” asked Skullomania.

“Still have my mind set on it.”

“Sweet, I still have my mind set on Superhero College in an unknown island!”

Everyone only blinked before Fei-Long spoke again. “Hey Yang, you did quite good in the singing portion of the auditions.”

Yang looked up at Fei-Long after taking a bite out of his sandwich. “It’s no big deal really.”

“It should be. That’s very good talent you have. You shouldn’t let it go to waste.”

Suddenly, Kobra jumped up! “Holy smokes! I’m getting a message from another dimension!” He sat back down. “It says, ‘Oooooooooooooo.’”

Fei-Long looked at the can next to him. “Kobra, that because those are Spaghetti-O’s.”

“Wait, wait wait!” Kobra cried out again. “I’m getting another message. It says, ‘Fei-Long is an idiot!’”

“Liar!” cried Fei-Long.

Yun looked over Kobra’s shoulder to see the spoon. “I hate to say it, but he’s right.”

Fei-Long looked at the spoon and saw in caps, FEI-LONG IS AN IDIOT! Fei-Long only sighed and kept eating.

On the other side of the cafeteria, Ibuki and Hokuto are talking while the other samurai gang eat quietly.

“So, any process on the upcoming fencing team?” asked Ibuki with curiosity.

“Well,” Hokuto replied. “The good news is they’ll be starting it up officially for the first time in the spring sports season.”

“…I’m assuming there’s a bad news to it.”

“Yeah…Mr. Shunjinko will be the coach.”

“Poo, why him?”

Hokuto sighed. “Apparently, he has excellent experience with the way of the sword.

(Camera flashes to the teacher’s lounge)

Mr. Shunjinko is training with his sword…blindfolded, thinking he was great in the way of the sword. He was indeed…until he shoved the sword in front of him…and it so happened that Mr. Motaro’s ‘behind’ was facing him…

(Camera flashes back to the cafeteria)

“Well, we could at least give him a chance then,” said Ibuki. At that moment, they heard a loud, agonizing scream. “Did you hear that? Sounded like Mr. Motaro.”

“He must’ve forgot his lucky thong,” Hokuto said with a shudder.

Ibuki sighed and looked over at Dairou, who was silent as the other guys at the table. Once she laid eyes on him, she became all starry-eyed. ‘That Dairou is so dreamy…so mysterious…so…’

Before she could finish her thought, Kung Lao came to the table stumbling a bit. Then, he blurted out, “I like you Ibuki, wanna go out with me?”

Ibuki resisted giving Kung Lao a disgusted look. “That’s nice of you Kung Lao, but I’m not interested.”

Suddenly, Kung Lao scooped Ibuki in his arms and then carried her out of the cafeteria. The samurai gang looked where Ibuki previously was with blank expressions.

Hokuto looked at them. “Kung Lao may be a drunk, but I’ve known him long enough to know that he wouldn’t harm her. So don’t go after him samurai style.”

“Okay,” said Bishamon before they continued eating.

Nearby, Ryu and Ken chat.

“Today is actually a normal day for once,” said Ken. “Nothing chaotic went on.”

Behind him, the make-out closet appeared. Scorpion, Poison, and Blair went inside and shut the door. Ryu blinked a couple of times. “Speaking of which, I felt as though something was quite unusual last night.”

“Like what?” asked Ken with curiosity.

Right then, Havik walked over to Frost. “Hey there coldie, wazzup!”

Frost gave him a look of disgust and freezes him. Ryu blinked again. “Well, when I got home from football practice, I felt like I was being spied on…”

“Don’t worry about it,” replied Ken. “It’s all in your imagination. It‘s not like you‘re crying over spilled milk.”

Suddenly, Charlie came by and slipped on spilled milk. He went out the door and landed in the middle of the road with no cars. He stood up. “I’m alive!” Suddenly, a car came over and squished him like a bug with only his blood left.

“Guess you’re right,” replied Ryu.

Period 8-Shop Class

Chun-Li hummed herself as she built her dream house. As she did, Zangief spoke out. “And remember kiddies, alvays uses pretty colurs to paint zee birdiehousies, like thees one!” He took what was probably the brightest lavender anyone could think of.

Then, Chun-Li began to daydream about Ryu. They both knew they weren’t going to see each other again until tomorrow morning since he had his football game. She only wished she could be able to go to the game, but she had volleyball practice after school in preparations for their first game against the dreaded Namco High School next week, so their coach, Miss Mika, was going to make them work extra hard.

Oh Ryu,’ said Chun-Li. ‘You didn’t join football until this year. What drove you to this?

That’s when her classmate Sareena came over to her. “Hey Chun-Li, can you help me with one quick thing? I can’t seem to keep the wood still when I try to hammer it together.”

“Here,” Chun-Li said holding the wood. “I’ll hold it together and you hammer the nail in. It’s the trickiest part.”

They managed to successfully get the pieces of the birdhouse together.

“Thanks Chun-Li,” said Sareena. “You’re really cool about everything. Maybe we can hang out some time, just you and me.”

Chun-Li gave her a small smile. “Thanks Sareena. I’ll have to see, with my busy schedule and everything.”

“That’s okay, toots. I’ll see you around and thanks again.” Then, Sareena walked back to her seat.

Toots?’ Chun-Li thought oddly.

Nearby, Nitara and Mileena are arguing…and it’s not about the birdhouses.

“Scorpion is mine!” hissed Mileena. “You had no right to go all over him at the party!”

“It was our choice, not yours!” hissed Nitara. “Besides, I don’t think he would want to risk being with you after what you did to Robin from DC High…”


At some party…

“Oooo, you are fine!” cried Robin as Mileena got ready to go down on him.

“You know it,” Mileena replied who had her veil on.

The camera moves outside and all you can hear is a zip, a munch, and an agonizing scream.

(End of Flashback)

“Well, he was a wussy anyways!” said Mileena.

Then the bell rang ending class and their verbal argument.

After school on the bus.

A bandage is wrapped around Motaro’s behind. “All right ladies, today we’re gonna hike up our skirts and kicks those behinds of those SNK students! Just don’t do one thing…don’t use samurai swords…they kinda hurt.”

The football team only sat there and blinked.

Suddenly, the bus driver Balrog shouted. “Okay everyone, let’s sing! The wheels on the bus go round and round, round and round, round and round! Come on!”

Everyone still sat there and blinked.

Then BB Hood stood up. “I have an idea!”

She took out a CD played and Jet’s ‘Are You Gonna Be My Girl’ comes on. BB Hood began break dancing and playing air guitar.

Ken looked at Ryu. “Well look on the bright side, it’s not that bimbo who plays Lizzie McGuire.”

“I actually like this song,” Ryu replied snapping his fingers.

“I was talking about BB Hood.”


After a long drive, they finally reach SNK High School. The football players, who wore red and white uniforms, stopped their practicing to take a look at the Capcom-Midway school bus coming towards the field.

“Well, this is it,” said SNK’s football captain Kyo Kusanagi. “Another football game against Capcom-Midway. We’ve always been cool with them.”

“We’re still gonna kick their a-es like last year!” cried out Quarterback Terry Bogard.

Then they heard the whistle blow. The team looked over at their coach Chang Koehan. “All right ladies! Time to get ready or else I’ll squish you all in my big belly!”

Terry sighed. “Why did he have to be the coach…”

Meanwhile on another Capcom-Midway bus, the cheerleading squad looked out the window to get a look at the SNK cheerleading squad.

“No fair!” cried Karin. “They have shorter skirts than we do!”

“Now, now let’s not get jealous,” said Miss Cheer. “We’re here to have fuuuun!” She raised both of her hands up in excitement.

“Yeah!” the girls cried except Frost who sat in the very back and only went, “Nay…”

“Oh come on Frosty!” cried out Miss Cheer. “Don’t be so down, let yourself out!”

“Don’t call me Frosty.”

Soon the Capcom-Midway Crows got off the buses and began heading down to the SNK football field. The Firebird mascot began dancing around and the Crow mascot joined him.

“I’ve always wondered who was under that costume,” said Guile as he looked at their mascot.

Mr. Motaro and Mr. Chang shook hands before the referee came in. “Are you teams ready to rumble!”

Both teams raised their helmets and cheered out.

“Wait a minute, is that a girl?” asked a confused Kim Kaphwan looking at BB Hood. She then gave him a look, an evil gleam in her eyes sending chills up his spine.

“Will the captains please step forward!” the referee called out. Demitri and Kyo stepped out. The referee looked at Demitri with a coin in his hand. “You make the call.” He threw the coin in the air.

“Heads,” called Demitri. Then, the coin came back down and hit him on the head. “OWE!”

The coin landed on tails (on the ground), which meant that SNK will be receiving first.

And so the game went on, and it was indeed a very close one. At half-time, it was 17-15 with SNK winning. The cheerleaders went up and did their numbers starting with Capcom-Midway. They managed to get a few claps after the dance to their song, ‘Nasty’ by Janet Jackson. Then, SNK went up. The audience cheered for them as they played their number ‘In Da Club’ by 50 cent.

After the competition, SNK’s cheerleading captain Mai Shiranui came over to Nitara. “That was a good number you guys did.”

“Thanks,” Nitara replied.

“You seem like a Goth. That’s pretty cool, you don’t see that many Goths join the cheerleading squad.”

Nitara grinned, showing off her fangs, which startled Mai a bit. “It’s my first time. Say, I didn’t even think I would get along with someone from a rival school.”

“Me either,” Mai replied. “Guess some rival schools can be friends.”

Then the game continued, with the teams still neck and neck. At the very last second of the last quarter, Rolento managed to jump over Billy Kane and land a touchdown, ending it with Capcom-Midway winning.

“WOOT!” the guys cried out. Then, Sub-Zero took the bucket of water and poured it over Mr. Motaro’s head.

“AH!” Mr. Motaro cried out.

After the celebration, the teams congratulated each other. Then, Kyo and Ryu stopped and stared at each other before Kyo spoke. “You did good out there. First year?”

“Yeah,” Ryu replied. “Is it me or do you seem familiar.”

“I was wondering the same thing. Oh well, if anything, we make good rivals, like those two.”

Ryu looked over Kyo’s shoulder and saw Ken and Terry pulling each other’s hair and fighting over the play. Ryu only sighed.

“Well, I’ll see you around, and when you go against Namco, good luck.”

“Same to you. I guess none of the teams can beat them.”

“What team doesn’t?” Then Kyo went off and joined up with the others.

After another moment, the Capcom-Midway team went on their buses and headed home…and tried to close their minds from Balrog’s horrible singing of the song, ‘Pop Goes the Weasel.’

After volleyball practice.

After a long volleyball practice, Chun-Li was taken home by Pullum. She was originally going to walk home, but Pullum insisted because she didn’t want one of her friends walking home by themselves at night.

“Wow, you’re quite amazing Chun-Li,” said Pullum. “You know how much I hate gym. I’ve always dreaded getting one bead of sweat on my face.”

Chun-Li chuckled a little. “This whole athletic thing pretty much runs in my family. My mother was a star track runner in her high school days and my father was a star basketball player. Amazing that they both met in elementary school.”

“Speaking of which,” Pullum said. “Is it me, or has Ryu changed a bit?”

Chun-Li was a bit surprised to hear this from her own friend. “What do you mean?”

“Well, he’s been a sweet guy since who-knows-how-long, don’t get me wrong, but he has slightly changed this year. I’ve always known that he would avoid doing any after-school activities, you know, with all the chaos our school has to offer. But he joined the football team this year…and you do plan on asking him to be part of the fashion show, right?”

“Of course, but I haven’t got the chance to tell him.”

“…Chun-Li, how much time have you spent with him since school began?”

Chun-Li gave it a moment of thought before replying, “Wow, I didn’t even think about it. Even though it’s only been over a week, we only see each other until 6th period, then I don’t see him again until morning. And I only saw him at Scorpion’s Beach Party over the weekend.”

Soon, they reached Chun-Li’s house. Pullum parked her car by the curb in front of Chun-Li’s house.

“You’re a very lucky girl,” Pullum continued. “You and Ryu have been together since the 4th grade. You had your arguments of course, but haven’t broken up once. That is one heck of a commitment most people don’t keep during our school years. Are you two going to the same college next year?”

“Well, no, but we decided to stay home. He was thinking about applying to Capcom University and I want to go into the police academy.”

“Awesome! But any who, I just hope that you two will be together by the end of the year. With everything that will be going on this year-”

“I’m sure everything will be fine,” said Chun-Li. She took off her seatbelt and began getting out of the car. “See you tomorrow Pullum.”

“Good night!” Pullum cried out. Once Chun-Li got into her house, Pullum drove off. Thoughts immediately came to Chun-Li’s mind…no-so-pleasant ones.

I wonder…will Ryu and I still have that hold again this year?

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