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Chapter Eleven


Kitana had fallen asleep for hours after Kenshi left their room for dinner. She didn’t wake up again until the very next morning. She was laying on her right side when she fluttered her eyes opening after leaving dreams she couldn’t remember. Once she was able to adjust her vision, she looked around the quiet room and spotted a plate of food by her nightstand. Apparently, Kenshi brought up last night’s dinner just like he promised, but since she didn’t wake up until now, it was no longer good to eat.

The Princess sat up on her bed and rubbed her eyes a bit. Then, she was able to smell the aroma of freshly cooked food from downstairs. After a few more minutes, she got out of bed and went into the closet to find something to wear. After searching, she found an simple casual dress in blue. She couldn’t remember the last time she wore a dress, probably since she was a mere child. She stripped out of the clothing on her back and then slipped into the dress. It fit her perfectly. The dress fell to the floor and it showed off her shape. She looked in the mirror for a bit before heading down the stairs for breakfast.

When she reached the kitchen, she saw every person who lived in the house and Kenshi, who she saw helping Sapphire out with the meal. She kept her eyes on Kenshi for bit and smirked to herself. After their talk yesterday, Kitana realized that some are not who they seem to be. Before Outworld invaded the castle, she thought his life had few flaws and was noble. He was noble indeed, but deep inside, he went through as much pain and suffering as she did, but there was one difference. She has her loved ones, he doesn’t.

Well, she did have her loved ones.

Then, Kenshi grabbed a plate full of scrambled eggs. As he placed it on the table, he then said, “Good morning Kitana.”

To hear her name then almost startled her. She then regained her composure and widened her smirk. “Good morning everyone.”

“Good morning Princess,” said Musashi pouring himself a glass of orange juice. “We were quite worried about you last night.”

“I’ll be all right.” She then sat down next to Kenshi and Sapphire’s young daughter Cara.

As everyone placed the food on their plates, Devante spoke. “Well, I am not sure if any of you heard, but they will be knocking down the old saloon today since the new one is built now. The town is hoping to replace the land with a new house. The thing is, we only had enough money for the equipment to build the saloon. We didn’t realize that we were going to be building a new house. This project may take longer than expected.”

From his passage, Kitana had guessed that Devante was a construction worker in the town and that he and his wife Keiko were also financially unstable.

Then, an idea popped in her head. “What needs to be done with those type of equipments?”

“Most of the stuff we’ll be using is heavy,” Devante replied. “We need equipment which will help up lift them with ease. Even with many men, it’s impossible to lift.”

“Perhaps Kenshi could be of help,” Kitana suggested.

Kenshi got the idea and continued for her. “I may be blind, but my keen senses help me detect objects. I’m also a telekinesis.”

Devante’s wife Keiko smiled. “Can you show us?”

Kenshi’s answer was lifting up the pitcher full or orange juice on the table. It was surrounded by a light blue aura and so was Kenshi’s hands and head. He used his hand to guide the pitcher’s movement. After a minute, he placed the pitcher down.

“That was cool!” cried Cara. “Can you lift me up later so I can fly?”

“Now now Cara,” said Sapphire nervously.

“Amazing,” Musashi exclaimed. “You would definitely be great help in the building process.”

Devante nodded. “You would indeed. I’ll give you payment for your help.”

“No need to pay me,” Kenshi answered.

“I insist.”

When the sun completely rose into the sky, the young men of the town began to build the new house after knocking down the old saloon. Everyone watched in amazement as Kenshi placed the heavy concrete, which would be the base of the house. Kitana watched nearby from under a tree. When she wasn’t watching him, she watched Cara and the other children play a game of tag.

By the evening, most of the lower portion of the house was built and the construction workers decided to call it a day. Devante gave Kenshi his payment even after Kenshi’s resistance.

Once the sun was fully set, Devante invited Kenshi to join him and his buddies at the new saloon. Kitana was there with him when he was asked. Kenshi turned his head to her as though he was a child asking for his mother’s permission to go play with the other children.

Kitana smirked then. “There’s no harm Kenshi. Just make sure you don’t come back to the house too drunk.”

“I won’t,” Kenshi replied. Then he, Devante, and the rest of the worker began heading towards the saloon. Kitana decided to go back to the house then. When she came in, she saw Keiko playing with her violin with Sapphire and Cara dancing while Musashi watched in delight.

Kitana then wondered what peasant life was truly like. Sure, there were hard times when it came to money, but these people always seemed to make the best of it with small entertainment and they were always happy. One would think that being one of the royals was the greatest thing, but they didn’t know that it would only bring unhappiness.

To most, you were either rich and sad, or poor and happy. How funny the way that works.

Kitana watched them entertained and had even danced with young Cara when she was asked. After a while, everyone grew tired and began to head off to bed.

“Awe, can’t I stay up a little longer?” Cara asked disappointed.

“You need your sleep dear,” Sapphire replied. “Besides, you have lessons tomorrow.”

“Poo,” Cara said as she followed her mother and Keiko upstairs.

Musashi stood up then and walked over to Kitana, guided by his cane. “You seemed much happier today than yesterday Princess.”

Kitana slightly shrugged. “I guess I’m just trying to keep myself busy.”

“It’s hard, I know,” Musashi replied. “When Outworld took over Edenia, I had lost my family. When we got back on our feet, I had to make the best of what remained of my life, which including this guest house. Even if seems far away now, it will get better Princess.”

Kitana was silent for a minute before she spoke. “I need some fresh air. I’ll be back in a few minutes. If Kenshi comes in, tell him I’ll be back.”

Then, without another word, she walked out of the house. Sadness showed in Musashi’s old face. “So young…yet went through so much…I hope she finds peace one day.” Then he began heading to his room to sleep.

Kitana wandered around the village. Some were heading back to their homes. Some of the men stumbled out drunk and singing slurred songs, but they were of no threat to any lives.

Before she knew it, she found herself in the edges of the forests. The only light she had was from the moon in the sky, which wasn’t much. After a few more minutes, she was just about to turn around and return to the village when she suddenly heard a beastly-like growl behind her. She froze in her place and slightly turned her head. Three wolves stood their with their sharp teeth in show as they growled.

She gulped wondering what to do when the wolves suddenly went after her forcing her to make a run for it. She had been so full of fear that she ended up going another way and went deeper into the woods and farther away from the village.

Then, Kitana’s run was stopped abruptly when she tripped over a fallen branch. “AHH!” she cried out. She scrambled to get up, but by then, the three wolves were only three feet away. They stood there barking and growling at her. One dug their paw into the ground. Kitana closed her eyes tightly preparing for her slow death.

Just before the wolves could move however, they were suddenly surrounded by a blue aura and were tossed aside. Kitana heard their cries and opened her eyes only to see them run off in fear. She looked around until she spotted Kenshi kneeling over to her.

“Kitana, are you okay?” he asked worriedly.

She took a deep breath. “I’m all right. I don’t know how I got this far…one minute I was still close enough to see the town-”

“Don’t worry about it,” Kenshi replied. “All that matters is that you’re all right. Come on, I’ll help you back to the house.”

He scooped her into his arms before she could begin standing up. She would’ve protested, but by then she felt herself grow tired. She needed it anyways.

Kenshi’s hand was over Kitana’s bare arm. Her skin was smooth like silk and to him, it seemed flawless. Just that single touch made his heart race even more than when he sensed her in danger just a moment ago. As he took her back to the house, he suddenly found himself wishing to hold her close to him and never let go…

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