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Chapter Ten


Chapter Ten

The Weekend!

Cyrax dragged Sub-Zero, Frost, Smoke, and Sektor to the Star Wars Convention in the nearby city. Once they enter the building, Cyrax, who was dressed up like a Jedi, became extremely delighted.

“Oh my gosh!” he cried out like a school girl. “This is the best day of my life! Now to finally go find Princess Leia!” He began running around the convention. His friends stood there in silence.

“Well look on the bright side,” said Sektor. “At least we’re not on an actual ship…”


“WHEE!” Cyrax cried out driving a Podracer in outer space. “I am invincible!”

However, his friends are in the back seat clinging on to dear life fearing that Cyrax’s bad driving will cause them to crash.

(End of Flashback)

Smoke shuddered. “That’s true.”

Then Sektor took out a magazine. “Well, time to kill some time.” He opened a random page revealing a centerfold of Sub-Zero’s Mom. “Oh my.”

“Gimme that!” Sub-Zero shouted grabbing the magazine and shredding it. “Well might as well sink more into Cyrax’s obsession…again.”

“Well, do whatever you please,” said Smoke. “I’m going to go pick pocketing.”

“And I’m going to that strip club across the street,” said Sektor.

“And I’m going to the Chip-n-dale place next door,” said Frost.

“None of you are going anywhere!” demanded Sub-Zero. “We’re Cyrax’s friends and we all stick together. Now hopefully, probably not, we can attempt to get him out of there sooner. Let’s go.”

The three growl and follow Sub-Zero deeper into Cyrax’s obsession.

Meanwhile, Tanya, Mileena, Sharon, Karin, Morrigan, and Kira go out of town for the weekend.

“Say, what town are we in anyways?” asked Sharon.

“Like, who cares!” cried out Morrigan. “We’re out of town!”

“WOOT!” the girls cried out.

The girls drive around for a bit in Tanya’s beat up, extremely old, yellow Dodge Caravan. After a little bit of driving, the van suddenly shut down.

“Stupid thing!” cried out Tanya. The girls got out of the van. Tanya gave it a kick and then the whole thing suddenly collapsed into pieces. “DAMMIT!”

“Hey wait a sec,” said Kira. “We can go to that club over there.”

The girls turn and look at where the club was and see cute men going in.

“Now that’s the place to go!” cried Karin.

“Let’s go in.” said Mileena.

The girls go into the club. They look around and find many good-looking men and pretty girls around.

“This place just needs to do one more thing,” said Tanya. “Get rid of these bimbos in here.”

“Hehehehe!” the girls said.

In another meanwhile, Blanka and Felicia are trying to figure out what to do.

“Well,” said Felicia. “Dan -meow- went away for the weekend to -meow- visit his grandma.”

Blanka nodded.

Felicia did some thinking for a bit, and then finally got an idea. “I -meow- know! Why don’t we go on a date…at the pet store!”

Blanka grinned and nodded with excitement.

“Let’s -meow- go then!”

The both curled up into a ball and quickly rolled their way to the nearest pet shop.

While that was going on, Jax and Rolento are trying to straighten their ties.

“I can’t believe we’re doing this…” said Rolento.

“I know,” Jax agreed. “Who knew that Sonya Blade, the biggest tomboy in Capcom-Midway High, was into the ballet…”

Rolento shrugged. “I guess every tomboy really does have their feminine side. But I mean, a ballet? Come on…”

Then, Sonya came in wearing a black dress and held a small whip in her hand. “Are you boys ready?”


Sonya began lifting the whip in the air.

“Yes ma’am!” Jax and Rolento cried out right away.

“Good. I’ll be doing the driving so that you two don’t drive somewhere else. Now come along.”

The two male teens gulped and then followed Sonya to her car.

At the mall, Li Mei and Cammy are going shopping.

“O! Look at this,” cried Li Mei holding out a lavender shirt. “Isn’t this cute?”

“What’s a cute?” asked Cammy confused. “And where are those stars?”

Li Mei sighed. “Well I like it, I’m going to go buy it. I’ll be back.” Then she left to the cash register.

Cammy stood there wondering what to do next when Vega spotted her and came by. “Hello there Cammy,” said Vega. He whipped out a lollipop. “I got candy!”

“Candy!” Cammy cried out and grabbed it. Vega began walking away and Cammy followed her.

A few minutes later, Li Mei returned holding a bag. “I’m back!” but then she realized Cammy wasn’t around. “Cammy? Where did you go?”

Li Mei looked around for a bit. Cammy was far gone. “Oh no! She must’ve been kidnapped! I gotta so save her!”

She took out her morning star and began looking for Cammy.

Back at the Star Wars Convention…

Frost and Sub-Zero looked around for a bit.

“Where did that yellow metal head go?” asked Frost.

“Who knows anymore,” replied Sub-Zero. “For all we know, he may have found a cardboard cut out of Princess Leia and is making out with it.”

When they turned around, they found Cyrax, who found a cardboard cut out of Princess Leia and is now making out with it. Sweat drops appeared on Sub-Zero and Frost’s head.

“Great,” Sub-Zero said. He dared himself to walk over to Cyrax. “Eh, Cyrax, you do realize that’s only a cardboard cut out, right?”

Cyrax did not listen to him. “Oh Princess Leia, where have you been all my life?”

“For crying out loud,” said Frost. She took the cut out from Cyrax and ripped it up.

“NOOO!” cried Cyrax. “Why did you do that?”

“Because you’re embarrassing yourself,” said Sub-Zero. “Now where are Smoke and Sektor?”

“I’m right here,” said Smoke. He was wearing a trench coat that looked quite heavy.

“What did you steal this time?” asked Frost.

“Eh, nothing,” said Smoke. Then, he took the broken cardboard cut out and shoved it into his trench coat. “Yoink!”

“Okay, now where’s Sektor?” asked Sub-Zero.

That’s when Sektor came running towards them. “Guys, you’re not going to believe what I found. Come with me!”

“Yay!” cried Cyrax following Sektor. The other three sighed and followed their two friends.

Back Out of Town…

Tanya managed to kidnap Blue Mary from SNK High. She then took her and shoved her into a closet with the other females from SNK High.

“Now, you all be good girls and there won’t be any real trouble,” Tanya said before shutting and barricading the doors.

Tanya and her friends let out evil laughs.

“Now for some real fun!” cried out Mileena. They began walking over to a group of boys, which contained Kyo, Terry, Kim, Andy, Joe, and Rock.

“Hello boys,” said Sharon, who sat next to Kim. Morrigan sat next to Kyo, Tanya sat next to Terry, Kira sat next to Joe, Karin sat next to Rock, and Mileena sat next to Andy.

“Eh, hi,” said Andy. ‘Where did Mai go?

There was a bit of silence before Kyo spoke. “Enjoying the party?”

“Well,” said Tanya. “We were bored…until now.” She leaned closer to Terry, to tried to back away but didn’t have any room to do so.

“Eh, you know,” said Kim. “We were going to, eh, um…”

“Check our lifespan!” shouted Joe. “Gotta go.”

All six boys tried to get up, but all six girls immediately pinned them down. “We don’t think so!” demanded Karin. “Here, have some Corona.”

“Sweet!” cried Rock, grabbing the drink and drinking it.

Andy sighed. “Well, eh, I guess we could have some too.”

The girls gave the boys a bottle of Corona each.

At the Pet Shop.

“Here we -meow- are!” cried Felicia. Blanka did some backward flips excitedly.

The owner of the pet store spotted them and walked over to them. “Hello there, have you two come on a date?” The two of them nodded with excitement. “Follow me then.”

Blanka and Felicia followed the owner to the back of the store. In the back, a table was covered with a red and white cloth. There were two plates set up and a single lit candle. Blanka and Felicia both took a seat.

“What would you like for dinner?” the pet owner asked.

“Oh, ah, o!” cried Blanka.

“I -meow- agree,” said Felicia. “We’ll have some -meow- spaghetti with some -meow- meatballs.”

“Coming right up.” Then, the pet store owner ran over to the nearest Italian restaurant. Blanka and Felicia talked for a bit before the pet owner came back with a plate full of spaghetti and meatballs. She set the single place in the middle of the table. “Here you go.”

“Thank -meow- you!” said Felicia. Soon she and Blanka ate away. When they got down to the last bits, they start eating a string of spaghetti, one eating the other end. Soon, the string pulled them closer and closer to them with their lips coming closer to each other.

When they were three inches away…Blanka and Felicia looked at each other and suddenly let out a loud growl. They pounced on each other and a cloud of smoke and loud growling noises surround them.

At the dreaded Ballet…

Sonya sat next to both Jax and Rolento looking down at the ballet excitedly. However, both Jax and Rolento looked bored out of their minds and they tried their best to stay up.

The ballet dancers danced away on the stage while dancing to what Jax and Rolento called, ‘repetitive’ music. Just when they were about to fall asleep, Johnny Cage suddenly appeared on the stage pushing the ballets off the stage.

“Hello everyone!” cried Johnny. “I’d like to dedicate this song to a lovely young lady named Sonya Blade!” Then he began singing a horribly done song.

Sonya baby

You’ll always be mine!

Sonya baby

You looking so fine!

Sonya baby

Let’s be together forevaaaaaa

Sonya baby

This all for………evaaaa!

“Get off the stage!” cried someone who threw a tomato at Johnny Cage. Then, everyone else started throwing different vegetables at him.

“Hey, I’m not done!” cried Cage. Then, a kitchen sink was thrown at him, which he dodged out of the way. “Hey! I saw that!”

“Here comes a big one!” cried Rolento. He took out a massively large tomato, shoved into a bazooka rifle, then fired. The tomato landed just next to Cage causing a massive explosion. Jax then took out his machine gun and began firing at Cage with spitballs, which land on Cage.

“Whah!” Cage cried before running off.

“Serves you right you stalker!” cried Sonya.

“Hey Sonya,” said Jax. “This was fun, thanks for taking us.”

“No problem,” Sonya replied. “And next time, we’ll go to the Opera.”


Meanwhile, Li Mei still searches for Cammy.

“Cammy! Where are you?” Li Mei cried out. Then Superman came flying down and stopped next to Li Mei.

“I hear you lost your friend. This is the job for SUPERMAN!”

“There is no job with me you pervert!” Then Li Mei took out her morning star.


Superman gets knocked out unconscious. Li Mei then spotted a house with only one light on.

“Cammy must be in there. I’ll go check it out.”

Li Mei climbed up to the window. She tried to look in, but the blinds were in the way. So finally, she managed to get the window opened and climbed in. She found Cammy with Vega all right, but they were doing something she didn’t expect for them to do…

“More tea?” Vega said holding out a pot of tea.

“Yes please.” Cammy said. Vega poured a cup for her. The two of them were having a tea party. Occupying the other chairs are different stuffed animals.

“O! Can I join?” Li Mei asked.

“Sure,” Cammy replied. Li Mei ran over and sat between Cammy and Vega.

“Tea?” Vega asked pleasantly to Li Mei.

“I don’t want anything from you pervert!” Once again Li Mei took out her melon.


Vega is knocked out. Then Li Mei looked at the pot. “Oh! TEA!”

For the remainder of the evening, Li Mei and Cammy enjoyed their tea party.

Back at the Star Wars Convention…

“Check this out,” said Sektor. He, Sub-Zero, Frost, Cyrax, and Smoke look at what they saw. Once Cyrax got a look, he gleamed with delight.

“Oh my gosh!” he cried out. “Storm Troopers! And they’re so little!”

Everyone watched as the miniature Storm Troopers march through the convention. Cyrax jumped up and down excitedly crying out random words no one could understand. Then, suddenly, one Storm Trooper loses his helmet…revealing a chicken’s head.

Everyone looked at the chicken in horror. “It can’t be…” said Sub-Zero.

“BLOK! (We’ve been caught!)!” cried out a chicken. The rest of the chickens heard this and aimed their guns at everyone.

“KUNG-FU CHICKENS!” the five friends cried out in terror just as the chickens began firing away. Coming out of the guns were eggs.

“We’ve gotta get out of here!” cried Frost grabbing Sub-Zero’s hand.

“No!” cried Cyrax. “We still have to check out the trailer for Episode III!”

“Forget it, you can always check online at Star Wars dot com!” cried Sub-Zero grabbing Cyrax.

The five of them attempt to make their escape. Just before they could reach the exit, a bunch of chickens managed to get in front of them.

“We’re gonna die!” cried Cyrax. “And I left my light saber in the car!”

“It’s called a pulse blade!” Sektor corrected.

“But it looks like a light saber!” cried Cyrax again.

“Can we not worry about what kind of weapon Cyrax has and try to escape?” exclaimed Frost.

But before they could move, the chickens managed to fire the eggs. All five were hit and knocked to the floor. The chickens ran off after that.

“Ugh…” everyone muttered.

“It’s over…” said Cyrax. “It’s all over…I’ll never be able to meet the real Princess Leia and get my very own Jar Jar plush.”

Smoke let out a sigh. He took out a Jar Jar plush he stole from a random kid and threw it on top of Cyrax.

“YAY!” Cyrax cried leaping up and hugs the Jar Jar plush. Then he looked at Smoke. “Do you happen to have Princess Leia under that trench coat?”

“No, but I think I put Yoda somewhere in my boots.”


Sub-Zero got up. “Let’s go home before those chickens fire real bullets. I thought we got rid of them in 4th grade…”

His friends got up and the five made their way out of the convention.

The next morning…

Tanya, Mileena, Karin, Morrigan, Sharon, and Kira are all sleeping on a large bed that could actually fit twelve people. In between each girl is a bump.

“Mmm,” Tanya muttered wrapping her arm around the bump. “Oh Terry, that felt so good.”

Then all the girls woke up. Morrigan looked around. “Like, where are those boys?”

They soon spotted Kyo, Terry, Kim, Andy, Joe, and Rock in the corner of the room tied up, gagged, and showing fear on their faces.

“Hey,” said Sharon. “I remember tying them up, but I don’t remember gagging them.”

Then, they felt a rustle under the blanket. The girls looked under it and they spotted something they didn’t expect to see…six Kung-Fu Chickens!

The camera quickly goes outside.


It’s official. The Kung-Fu Chickens have returned!

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