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Chapter Twelve


One week later, Demitri’s Midnight Bliss finally wore off and all the guys and girls who got it are back to their normal selves. Obviously, the girls were disappointed, but that was another story for the guys. We now find Ryu and Chun-Li walking to school together.

“Finally,” said Chun-Li. “It feels so good to hold your hand in public again.”

“I know,” replied Ryu. “Man what a week. I couldn’t even go to the mall without some guy hitting on me.”

“But at least you got a chance to know the real deal of the feminine side,” Chun-Li suggested.

Ryu sighed. “I’d rather know a different way.”

Then, they were signaled to go across the street by Mr. Stryker, who wore nothing but a pink nightgown for some odd reason. Once they passed him, Ryu suddenly felt his butt pinched.

“Eh, Chun-Li…was that you?”

“What are you talking about?” Chun-Li asked completely confused.

Ryu quickly turned around and saw Stryker still waving his arms around. He shuddered and said, “Let’s get to class…”

Inside the building, Guile is slowly walking around the school looking dazed. Charlie walked over to him and said, “Hey, Guile, what’s up?”

Guile got out of his daze and looked at Charlie. “Hey Charlie. Gee, you know, after seven years I’m still looking for Waldo?”

“You mean you still read those books?”

“Well no after I realized Waldo really wasn’t in the books,” Guile replied.

Suddenly, the real Waldo walked by and smacked Guile over the head. “You idiot! I’ve been following you around this whole time and you’re dumb enough to not realize it!” Then he walked away.

A perplexed look came over Charlie’s face. “Eh, I’d hate to be you man, being stalked by a guy with weird clothes and big glasses…”

“I’d rather be stalked by him than die nearly every chapter,” said Guile.

“…You’ve got a good point there.”

Meanwhile, a new program was set up called ‘The Anonymous Psychologist,’ where students with problems talked to the ‘anonymous psychologist’ in a small room which only contained a confessional booth. Sagat decided to take that opportunity and went for a visit. Once he was settled in, he heard a voice;

“You rang?”

Sagat began playing with his thumbs. “Well ‘anonymous psychologist,’ It’s funny…I hang out with all the bullies and I’m known as ‘the sidekick’ according to the cast list in the Preview Chapter. The thing is, I don’t feel like much of a sidekick, but-”

“Ever thought about getting a T-Mobile Sidekick II?” asked the psychologist. “Because everybody needs a sidekick.”

Sagat blinked. “…Eh, no…but my real problem is, I’m kind of getting sick of it. All of this bullying…it’s not really for me anymore…but then I would lose my friends.”

“Peer pressure is the problem. You want to leave your status behind, but yet you still want to keep your old friends. My advice…how about making new friends?”

“It’s not the same though…I’ve known most of them since junior high and some since grade school. Since it’s my Senior year here, I can’t just back out now. I might as well wait until I go to college.”

“What college do you plan on going to?”

“Thai University is what I’m hoping for.”

“Good for you. Now, I need to do one more test before you leave.”

Suddenly, something sticks on Sagat’s temples. “What the-” he was about to say, but suddenly found himself getting a big dose of electroshocks. “AH! THIS HURTS! AH!”

On the other side, the ‘anonymous psychologist’ happens to be Nitara. She sat on the other side wearing a blouse, a skirt, reading glasses, and held a notepad and pen in her hand. “He, he, this is fun,” Nitara muttered.

Period 3- Earth Science

“Good morning class,” said Dr. Raiden. “I apologize for the bottles of chemicals lying around the room. I forget that Dr. Light doesn’t clean his 11th grade chemistry class very well.” On each table there are different types of bottles of chemicals. “Now today class, we will be talking about how different types of weather are created starting with my personal favorite…the creation of thunder and lightning!”

Everyone yawned as he began the class. Tanya sat there wondering how to ease her boredom when she looked at the chemicals in front of her. Then, she looked at Eliza, who sat in front of her, and a sadistic grin came over her face. She slowly reached over to a bottle of red stuff, opened it, and slowly made her way over to Eliza’s beautiful wavy blonde hair.

Just when Tanya was about to pour the chemicals, Li Mei, who sat behind Tanya, suddenly jumped up knowing an answer to a question Dr. Raiden asked. “THEY ARE PRODUCED BY COLLIDING CLOUDS!” she screamed out. When she stood up, she shook the desk in front of her causing Tanya to lose her grip on the bottle and instead of Eliza’s hair, the chemicals spilled all over Tanya’s body.

“AAAAAAAAAAAH!” Tanya screamed. Everyone looked at her then.

“Tanya, are you all right?” asked Dr. Raiden. “You got Tarkatan Essence all over you!”

“Tarkatan what?” Tanya asked all confused.

Suddenly, Baraka sniffed a couple of times, let out a growl, and jumped up, his blades quickly coming out of his arms. “RIVAL MALE!” he cried out looking at Tanya. Then, he began running after her.

Tanya let out a loud shriek and tried to get away from Baraka. She eventually jumped out the window and Baraka followed. Everyone was either confused or giggling. Then, Mileena came running into the classroom. “Where is the rival male?” she cried out before running across the room and jumping out the window.

Everyone was silent for a bit before Dr. Raiden spoke. “Ooookay now…how about we continue with the lesson, but before we do, let me teach you the moral of what just happened…never use chemicals to humiliate someone…they always backfire…badly.”

Lunch Time

“This is so not fair!” cried Pullum.

“What’s wrong?” asked Queen Bee. The popular girls sat at their table eating their lunches.

Pullum sighed. “Well, since I crashed my mother’s car, my parents forced me to…to…” All the girls leaned in wondering what Pullum’s punishment was. “…get…a…JOB!”

The girls blinked. “That’s not such a big deal,” said Eliza. “I work at a Day Care center and I love it.”

“And it could be worse,” said Queen Bee. “I work at the Honeycombs factory and we always have to watch out backs for that short, hairy guy who’s always stealing the Honeycombs.”

“But still, I’m rich so why should I be getting a job!” Pullum complained. “And I just got the only job I could get at…at…” Once again, the girls leaned in wondering the next thing she’ll say. “…Chicken…Warp.”

The girls gasped in horror. “Not the greasy place!” cried Kitana.

“I tried going to a clothing story, but they kept saying I need experience…I DO HAVE EXPERIENCE!”

“Now, now,” said Chun-Li. “Maybe working at Chicken Warp won’t be so bad after all. It could actually be a good experience.”

“No it won’t!” Pullum cried. “I’m going to smell like dead chicken all the time…and those uniforms…yuck!”

“All right let’s change the subject,” said Kitana. “Do any of you girls get anyone to be in the Fashion Show. So far, Jade invited Tessa and Queen Bee invited Hsien-Ko.”

“I’m still trying to get Ken and Sheeva in,” said Eliza.

Pullum sighed. “Okay. Well unfortunately I haven’t got anyone yet and I talked to Vega already and he hasn’t found anyone yet. What about you Kitana?”

“I already talked to Rena,” Kitana replied. “She said she’ll get back to me once she convinces Guy to be part of the show.”

“Great! What about you Chun-Li?”

Chun-Li sighed a bit. “I’ve been so busy…but since Ryu and I are going out tonight, I’ll see if I can get him to be part of the show.”

“Great. Well then that still only makes it officially Tessa and Hsien-Ko. And we have the lineups of Ken, Sheeva, Rena, and Guy. We’re doing good so far, let’s keep it up.”

Meanwhile, the Demi-Humans (and Dan) sat around the table.

“Thank you all for meeting up here today,” said Khameleon. “What I want to disssscussss issss a field trip to the all new Demi-Human Musssseum.”

“Yay!” everyone cried.

“Now,” Khameleon continued. “Hassss anyone convinced Queen Bee to join usss yet?”


“Poo. Well let ussss get her to join up for the field trip sssso then she can get a sssenssse of what her culture isssss all about.”

“Great idea!” cried Dan.

“So when is the -meow- trip?” asked Felicia.

“Sssometime before Thankssssgiving,” Khameleon replied. Then she looked over at Reptile. “Reptile! Are you eve lisssssssstening?”

“Huh?” Reptile jumped as he looked up from his Special Edition of Sarianmates.

“Could you stop reading that porn magazine!” cried Nitara.

“…..Nope,” Reptile replied.

After Sports

Ryu and Chun-Li decided to go to the mall after football and volleyball practice. They went to the food court to eat dinner.

“I’m glad we were able to get away,” said Chun-Li. “By the way, I meant to ask you something.”

“Go ahead,” Ryu said.

“Well, the Fashion Club are going to be doing the Fashion show again. This time, we want to get a few more people to participate to show more fashions and styles. We were requested to invite one girl and one guy each.”

“…and I’m assuming you want me to join?” Ryu asked.

“Please?” Chun-Li gave him a puppy-dog look, which always made Ryu melt.

“Awe fine, but I’m not so sure though.”

“It’ll be fine,” Chun-Li assured him as she kissed him. “So, when is your next football game.”

“Monday against DC High. They’re new and they started their football program this year, so we look forward to playing a game against them.”

Suddenly, they heard a loud crash nearby. Ryu and Chun-Li turned around and saw three very tall, very huge men knocking tables and chairs down to make a pathway for themselves. Everyone around them immediately feared them and ran away. Then, they decided to sit at an empty, clean table not too far from Ryu and Chun-Li. What scared the two of them the most was the fact that they were wearing Black and white DC High football uniforms. Ryu gulped hard. He looked at their uniforms and saw their names…Killer Croc, Lobo, and Amazo.

The three of them ate their food, including their plates and trays, in seconds. “Monday, we shall beat those fraggin bastichs, Capcom-Midway, just like we fraggin did with the others!”

Killer Croc grinned showing off his razor sharp teeth. “Yes! We’ll smash them into pieces just like we did to Pac-Man outside.”

“We’ll beat them all!” cried Amazo. “And we sure gave Pac-Man the ULTIMATE CONCUSSION!”

Isn’t he all head?’ Ryu thought to himself nervously.

Soon, the three left knocking down more tables and chairs. A shiver went up Ryu’s spine and Chun-Li looked at him nervously.

“Chun-Li…I thought the Homecoming game against Namco was going to be bad! Those guys were HUGE!”

“I, I’m sure everything will be fine, Ryu,” said Chun-Li.

“Chun-Li…I even wonder if the Namco team even stands a chance! They don’t exactly have that many big and tall players either…wow, this is the first time I’m rooting for them.”

Chun-Li sighed. “We’ll have to see Ryu. Try to think positive.”

Ryu only sighed.

Suddenly, Li Mei and Cammy came over them and Li Mei randomly jumped on Ryu. “Say Monkey!”

“What the-” Ryu said.

“I can fly!” Cammy cried out. She tried to fly but only landed on top of Li Mei and Ryu.

“OOF!” Ryu cried out.

“Don’t ‘oof’ me you pervert!” Li Mei cried out taking out her melon.


Ryu wasn’t knocked out, but now he was seeing stars. “Could you two PLEASE get off of Ryu?” asked Chun-Li.

“Okay!” cried Li Mei getting up along with Cammy.

Then Cammy randomly said, “What’s a what?”

Nearby, Kitana and Jade were going shopping for a new shirt for Jade just because they had some extra money.

“Too bad about Pullum,” said Jade. “But I kind of feel she needs to learn more about the ‘real world’ rather than living in her rich fantasies.”

“I agree,” Kitana replied. “I’m rich too but even I don’t brag about it. Plus I got myself a nice job doing paper work…even if it is for my stepfather.”

“Oh well,” Jade replied.

Then, the two of them witnessed Guy and Rena shopping around. They both had their arms around each other and looked extremely happy. Then, Rena spotted them and they went over to him.

“Hey Kitana, I’m happy to see you,” said Rena. “I was going to call you about the Fashion Club but I might as well tell you now. Guy and I decided to participate.”

“Great!” Kitana said excitedly. “Once we get everything set up, we’ll contact you and let you know what’s going on. I’m glad you are joining as well Guy. You‘re the first, um, guy to join us.”

“Um, yeah,” Guy replied not so sure of himself.

“Well, we should get going, we’re just picking up a couple of things for my Mom’s birthday,” Rena said. “We’ll see you at school.”

Everyone said bye and Guy and Rena went on their way.

Kitana let out a small sigh. “They make such a nice couple, especially having been together since 4th grade.”

“But you realize they did break up for a while?” asked Jade.

“Yeah, but at least they got back together last year,” Kitana replied. “Then there’s Blanka and Felicia…they may seem ‘weird’ but you can’t help but think how cute they are when they’re together. Then there’s Ryu and Chun-Li…together since the 4th grade and never broke up once.” The she let out a sigh. “I wish there was someone who I can go out with.”

“Well,” said Jade. “I do know someone who is also looking for someone to go out with as well. He goes to Marvel High School and he’s a very nice guy, very cute too.”

“Well,” Kitana said. “I’ll give it a try. What’s his name?”

“I’m going to keep my mouth shut on that one,” Jade replied. “Let’s make it a blind date for the weekend. I’ll go call him when I get home and arrange everything. Afterwards, I’ll give you a call.”

“Well okay. Say, there’s a nice shirt!”

The girls continued with their shopping.

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