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Chapter Fourteen


The next day- Outworld

Kitana woke up from her deep sleep which were filled with nightmares. She didn’t have to take the time to adjust her eyes much since the room she was already in was dark to begin with. Only a small single window brought her little light, which wasn’t much since Outworld didn’t have much sunlight during the day as oppose to other realms.

She knew she was in a cell of a palace in Outworld, but that was all. Nothing else occupied the cell but herself, locked in by a heavy steal door with a very small caged window. Kitana sat up from the sticky brick floor, aching from the uncomfortable sleep her body endured.

So I’m here again,’ she thought to herself. ‘Even with Shao Kahn dead, Edenia still suffers.

It didn’t matter anymore though. Her fan blades were taken away and she felt weak all over. Even if she tried to fight her way out, she would be taken down in no time.

All of her memories began to flash before her, especially of all those she ever cared for and loved. Of all of them, Kenshi appeared the most. ‘Why couldn’t I die with him?’ After many years, Kitana then realized…she was cursed…all those she came in contact with die…or betray her in any way.

Tears steamed down her face then. She crawled herself into a corner and quietly sobbed for what seemed like hours.

After a while, the door to her cell opened, but the Princess was too busy in her sorrow that she didn’t even realize it. That was, until the person who came in gave her a kick hard enough to send her nearly across to the other side of the cell. When she stopped, she heard the door closed.

“You pathetic fool!” cried out a male voice.

Kitana immediately recognized the voice. It belonged to Rain. She didn’t bother to turn around to look at him, but then he forced her over on to her back, then slapped her.

“Look at me when I speak to you!” Rain demanded. He was in his Edenian General uniform, but with his status pendant ripped off.

Kitana finally managed to speak. “What do you want with me…I have nothing anymore.”

“Oh, but you will soon enough,” Rain replied. “You may think different of the Outworld army now than when you were a child…but that will change…you will have everything you’ve ever desired…even better than those you loved.”

Kitana said nothing then and only glared at him. If he really did love her, he would know better of what she truly deserved. Then again, she was cursed.

“Now,” Rain continued. “I’m to take you to people of higher ranks, but first, they gave me permission to fulfill my request.” He then placed a hand on her face. “I want to finish what I started in Edenia…this time, the blind fool will not get in the way.”

Quickly then, he gave Kitana a violent kiss and went on with the sadistic deed.


Kenshi woke up from a long sleep. At first, he couldn’t think and wondered why he was lying on sand and not a bed. The wind blew in a mild speed shaking the plants around him.

Then, he remembered. They had destroyed the village…they nearly killed him when he was thrown off the cliff…but worse…they had taken Kitana.

Kenshi surely would had been killed from the fall, but he had managed to grab on to one of the edges along the way and held on. He used his telekinesis to keep his katana from getting lost. When he couldn’t hold on anymore, he left himself go and it turned out not to be a long fall. Unfortunately, he hit his head on a rock and had been unconscious until now.

He got himself up slowly, picked up his katana, and put it back in it’s scabbard. He believed that he was about 200 feet from a cliff. The smell of smoke lingered in his senses. The fire was no longer there, but he could imagine the devastating site of what was once a village of friendly people. A bit of rage filled up within him.

Kitana, I’ll get you back somehow…

Kenshi realized that he had to find a way back up. He was able to fly with his powers, but it would only take him about 50 feet. His only choice was to climb back up. He stretched himself out before making the long climb up.

By the time he felt exhausted, it was only luck because he finally reached the edge. He lied down on the green grass. The smoke’s stench was much stronger now. He forced himself to get up and made his way towards where the village once was.

The closer he was, the strongest the smoke was. Eventually, he was able to smell the burned wood and the corpses. He was just near there when it got too strong to him that he had to back away.

When he did however, he suddenly sensed a person nearby…a living person.

Someone must still be alive!’ he thought. He called out trying to get the person’s attention.

He found himself in the green area again. This time, he was able to hear the person, who was crying. He immediately knew it was a child causing him to frown a bit. When, he managed to sense the child’s natural odors, he was extremely surprised because he was able to recognize it.

“Cara?” he asked.

Cara looked up. She had been leaning again a tree hiding from the army. She was filthy from the debris and her face left evidence of her tears.

When her blue eyes saw Kenshi, they widened in surprised. She had thought she was the only one who lived through the massacre. “Kenshi!” she cried out getting up. Kenshi bent down to his knees to match Cara’s height. The young girl embraced him and cried even more. Kenshi stayed quiet as he placed his hands on her back and gently rubbed it to comfort her as best he could.

Soon, Cara pulled away and she looked at the swordsman. “Where’s Princess Kitana?”

Kenshi sighed. “I don’t know…the army took her away from me.”

Cara frowned. “I guess it’s you and me then. I don’t think anyone else is alive.”

Then, Kenshi heard Cara’s stomach growl. “The best we can do now is get out of here and find shelter,” he suggested. “In the meantime, we should get some food.”

“Okay,” Cara nodded wiping her tears away. Kenshi stood up and Cara took his hand. Soon, they both made their way into the woods walking farther away from what was once Cara’s home.

After a while of traveling, they came across a tree filled with fresh peaches. Kenshi grabbed a few and he and Cara sat down under the tree and ate the peaches silently.

Cara only took a few bites of her first peach. “Since my Mommy is in the Heavens now…does that mean you’re my Daddy now?”

Kenshi froze for a moment. Not once did he think about such a thing. He turned his head towards Cara. “Do you have any relatives?”

“Yeah, my Aunt Roxy and Uncle Jin…but the army might have got them too.”

Kenshi sighed for a bit. “Well, we’ll have to see about that then.”

Then, nearby, Kenshi heard footsteps coming towards them. His head went straight forward quickly, which scared Cara a bit. “What’s wrong?” she asked.

Kenshi got himself up and took out his katana. “Stay where you are,” he demanded. “I won’t go too far.” Cara stayed silent then as he walked forward.

It wasn’t long before Kenshi was close enough to the figure. The figure had seen him and stood frozen in their place. Kenshi was confused at first until he smelled the person’s natural scent…and was once again shocked when he recognized it.


“I’m just as shock as you are Kenshi,” Jade said. She had heard Kenshi’s footsteps as well and thought of him to be an intruder. “You’re alive!”

“You too…I thought they-”

“I’ll tell you the whole story soon, but where is the Princess?”

Kenshi sighed. “General Rain and Tanya took her back to Outworld.”

Jade gasped by the news. “No…not her too.”

Kenshi was confused them. “Too?”

“As far as I know, Queen Sindel is still alive.”

“That’s great to hear, but we all thought-”

“Like I said, I’ll tell you the whole story soon enough. I know of a portal, about a two day journey from here, which will take us straight to Outworld. It’s the only hidden one that only the riches and politicians know about. If we get going now, we’ll be there in no time.”

“Well, there is one thing,” Kenshi said. “The village Kitana and I were hiding in went down in flames yesterday by the Outworld army. I have a young girl with them…I don’t know her age.”

“I’m 500 years old,” Cara said as she walked towards him.

“Five hundred!” Kenshi cried out.

Jade giggled a bit. “I almost forgot, you’re from Earthrealm. Ages are different here. Being 500 years old, that would be between the ages of 7 and 10 on Earth.”

“Then, how old are you and Kitana?”

“We’re both ten thousand years old, but don’t worry, that’s the same age range as yours.”

Kenshi sighed of relief. “Good.”

“Now,” Jade said. “I assuming Cara will be coming with us?”

“What other choice do we have?” Kenshi replied. “I wish we didn’t have to take her with us. It’s way too risky, but I don’t have any other options and I can’t leave her alone.”

Jade gave it a thought for a moment. “I have an idea. I have relatives in the town where the portal is. They love children and would be more than happy to watch over her while we are in Outworld.”

“Are you going to save the Princess?” Cara asked with curiosity.

“Yes, we will be,” Kenshi replied. “You’ll be staying with some nice people while we’re gone. It’s that all right.”

“Yeah,” Cara nodded.

“All right,” Jade said. “Let’s get going. And Kenshi, once we get her settled, I’ll tell you the whole story.”

Kenshi nodded. Soon the three of them began their two day journey.


It was hours before Rain was finally done, at least if felt like hours. Kitana felt pain all over her body as he finally got up and fixed his pants. “In a few minutes, the guards will be taking you to see the higher ranks.” With that, he shut the door and locked it.

Immediately, Kitana forced herself to crawl into a corner and curled up into a ball, shaken and traumatized. Rain had been rough during the whole ordeal. Every time he pushed, it was much harder and more painful than the Princess could endure. She was thankful that her first time had been with Kenshi and not involving something like this. More tears fell down her face then. She looked down at her thighs and saw the few drops of blood which had stained on to them.

Then, she realized that she was still nude and the guards would be here any minute. She forced herself forward to grab her clothing, which were discard by Rain across the cell. She fastened everything on and just in time because at that moment, two guards came in.

“Get up!” the guard demanded. Kitana slowly got herself up then. Once she was on her feet, the guards grabbed her by her arm and dragged her out of the cell. They walked through a long, dark hole with lit candles on the wall, the only source of light. Soon, they reached the throne room. Sitting on the throne was Shang Tsung.

“Welcome dear Princess,” Shang Tsung said. “We have been looking for you for so long.”

Kitana was thrown down to the floor in front of the sorcerer’s feet. She then looked up at him with rage in her eyes. “You…you killed my family!”

“Not really,” Shang Tsung said. He snapped his fingers and two guards came in holding another hostage. Then the hostage was thrown to the ground and into the light. Kitana gasped when she saw the hostage. All hope was suddenly lifted inside her.

“Mother!” she cried out.

“Kitana!” Sindel cried out as well. The mother and daughter shared an embrace completely relieved to see each other.

“Ah, it’s good to see family unite,” Shang Tsung said. “But at least you two will be working together.”

Sindel looked up at him. “You won’t get away with this you vile demon! Edenia will rise again!”

Shang Tsung let out a sneer. “I don’t think so my Queen. Soon, the both of you will be serving Outworld once again, but this time, Kitana will be under our control, just like her mother had been. Then, we will conquer in dominating the remaining realms!”

“You wish,” Kitana replied. “Without Shao Kahn, it will be impossible. You are weak and will fall.”

At that moment, a figure walked into the room. At first, they were in the shadows, but soon stood near Kitana and Sindel in the light. Horror appeared on both of their faces.

“No…” Sindel muttered. “It can’t be…”

Standing before them, well and alive, was Shao Kahn!

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