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Debut: April 2005 (created November 2005)

Universe: Mortal Kombat

Debut Fic: "Chishio No Me"

Fics By Other Authors:
Other Fic Appearences: None
Name: Berserk
Real Name: Unknown
Status: Demented Psycho
Alliance: Evil
Age: Unknown
Family: None
Hair/Eye Color: Bald/White
Height: 8'1''
Weight: 405 lbs.
Fighting Attire 1: Torn clothing of a black t-shirt and jeans stained with blood from previous victims.  Also has spiked wristbands and anklets.
Fighting Attire 2: (to be announced)
Fighting Styles: Brute Force
Weapon(s): Axe and hook
Whip Torn: He take out a whip and whips the opponents, eventually slicing their arms off.  Then he grabs them with his bare hands, tears them in half, then tosses them in different directions.
Nothing is known about Berserk, only that Shao Kahn resurrected him from the dead knowing full well that he was once a deadly, demented psycho who tortures and kills his victims in the cruelest way possible.  Shao Kahn is the only one who could command him and others will be killed if they try to command him, they would  have to ask Shao Kahn first.  Nothing will stand in his way.
Connections With Other Fighters
Shao Kahn: His master.

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