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Chapter Thirteen


The weekend once again!

Since the film project was due in a few days, Ryu and Havik decided to take the opportunity to work on the project in Ryu’s backyard. Ryu rented a film camera the day before. Once he got everything set up, Havik came over carrying a bag.

“Hola!” cried Havik. “Como estas?”

“Eh, Havik, you don’t need to speak Spanish,” said Ryu. “Now, I got everything set up so we’re ready to film our activities. What’s in the bag?”

Havik unzipped his bag and took out two large heroes. “Lunch! I even made a sandwich for you!” Ryu was quite surprised by this. And besides the fact that Havik used too many salami pieces in the sandwiches, it was quite a normal sandwich for someone like Havik.

“Um, thanks. Say Havik, why don’t you go first in being filmed?” Ryu suggested.

“Sure!” Havik said. He walked in front of the camera.

Ryu began operating the camera then. “And remember, Miss Rose wants us to perform our favorite activities. Ready, and action!”

Havik looked into the camera. “Hello folks, as some of you may know by now, I’m Havik Konton. Today I want to show you my favorite activities. I’ve always enjoyed acting and currently I’m playing Mr. Daae, Christine’s Father, in the school’s production of The Phantom of the Opera. It’s a very small part, but at least it would look good for when I apply to Chaos University. Now, I want to reenact one of my favorite Shakespeare plays.” Then, Havik got down on one knee, unscrewed his head off from his neck, held it up with one hand, and pointed his head with another. Then he put on his best (but really bad) British accent. “To be, or not to be? That is the question.”

Ryu sighed. This was indeed going to be interesting.

At Chicken Warp

Pullum sighed as she came to Chicken Warp wearing their pink and white striped shirt, hat, and solid pink pants with white sneakers. Today was her first day at work and she was obviously not looking forward to it at all.

Once she came inside, the manager of Chicken Warp, Mr. Dudley, came up her. “Hello Pullum, welcome to Chicken Warp! Are you ready to warp those chickens?”

Pullum sighed. “Yes Mr. Dudley.”

“Oh be more cheery! Here, let’s sing you a song!” He clapped his hands twice and every employee at Chicken Warp stopped what they were doing and began singing in the Addams Family theme.

We got ourselves a chicken.

All ready to be eaten.

Let’s make ourselves all sharp.

Welcome to Chicken Warp!

Everyday is so fun.

Let’s go and make a bun.

Hey! We got a new employee!

Welcome to Chicken Warp!

Then, everyone snapped their fingers twice.

Pullum had on the more confused look on her face. ‘These people are insane!

“Now Pullum,” Mr. Dudley said. “Let me introduce you to Ermac and Mileena, our two best employees. They will show you around the place and tell you about the greatest of Chicken Warp. Oh yes, and here’s your name badge!” He gave Pullum a pin with her name on it with a cartoon drawing of a chicken on it’s side and had x marks over it’s eyes.

Pullum sighed, took the pin, and pinned it on her shirt. Then Mr. Dudley took her to the back. He called Ermac and Mileena over and they immediately came over to Mr. Dudley.

“Now you two,” Mr. Dudley said. “You know what to do with the new employee.” The two nodded before he left to do some paper work.

Pullum folded her arms. “Now, just because you both are training me doesn’t mean we are going to be friends.”

“Like I really care to be friends with you any way,” said Mileena.

Ermac sighed. “Let’s just get this over with.”

He and Mileena began walking and Pullum followed. She was already not liking the job.

Dan’s House.

“I’m bored,” Dan said. “Mommy, what should I do?”

“I don’t know sweetie,” said Mrs. Hibiki. “Why don’t you practice your Saikyo moves.”

“But I already did and there’s nothing on TV.”

Mrs. Hibiki sighed. “I’m sorry dear, I don’t have any other suggestions.” Then she continued with whatever she was doing.

Dan sighed and began flipping through the channels. “News, soap operas, cooking shows, boring!”

Then, he reached a channel that was playing a commercial. Everyone was happy as they were riding various rides and playing different games. The commercial was advertising a carnival. Suddenly, a smile came across Dan.

“I have an idea!” he cried out. “I shall make my own carnival! It will be called, Saikyoland!”

He jumped up, ran into his backyard, and began assembling his backyard with whatever he had there. Once he was done, the swing set, teeter totter, seesaw, blowup pool, and other stuff were set up. Then, he put up a sign that said, ‘Welcome to Dan’s Saikyoland! Only 25 cents to Enter!

Dan then stood in front of the entrance to his backyard. “Yup, any minute now, people are going to start having fun at Saikyoland!”

Kitana’s Blind Date.

Kitana stood in front of a French restaurant waiting for her blind date to arrived. She arrived early so she could better prepare herself. There was going to be another five minutes before he would arrive.

He better be cute like Jade said. But I always trust her with that so I shouldn’t worry about it.’

Kitana smoothed out her hair a little. She was dressed in a black shirt with blue jeans skort, black knee-high boots, and beige stockings. She looked around more hoping that she wasn’t ditched already.

After a little over five minutes, she felt a tap on her shoulder. She turned around to get a good look at the person.

“Are you Kitana Fucilla?” he asked with a smile.

Kitana almost went into a daze then. He was more than cute…he was damn good-looking to her. He had the smoothest brown hair and wore a white turtleneck sweater, blue jeans, and black dress shoes. He also wore sunglasses over his eyes.

“Um, yes,” Kitana managed to say while shaking his hand. “And you must be Scott Summers.”

“Yes, but you may call me Cyclops if you like,” he replied. “So, shall we?” He put his elbow out a little.

Kitana smiled and slipped her arm through his elbow. “Surely.”

They both went inside. The date was going quite well so far.

Back at Ryu’s House

It was Ryu’s turn to be filmed. Havik stood behind the camera as Ryu performed his favorite activity, which was his Katas from his martial arts training.

Damn, this is boring!’ Havik thought feeling frustrated. ‘Must…do…some-hey!

Havik spotted Chun-Li coming into the backyard. She saw that Ryu was being filmed and decided to wait by the gate until he was done. Soon enough, Ryu finished. “And cut,” he said. Havik wasn’t listening though because he was too busy staring at Chun-Li.

“That was great Ryu,” she said. She walked forward, but suddenly tripped over a twig and fell into a puddle of mud face first “AAHH!” she cried out.

“Chun-Li!” Ryu cried out. Havik quickly brought the camera over to where Chun-Li was as Ryu helped her up. She was completely covered in mud. “Are you okay?”

“Yeah, I’m fine, but ugh, now I’m covered in mud.”

“Here,” Ryu began to suggest. “My bath robe is hanging on my bedroom door and you can use the show to clean up while I wash your clothes. Just leave them in the laundry room.”

Chun-Li smirked. “Thanks Ryu.” She kissed him leaving a bit of mud on his lips and left to go inside. Then Ryu turned his head and saw that Havik was still filming.

“Could you shut that off?” Ryu asked as politely as possible.

“Eh, sorry dude,” Havik replied and shut the camera off.

At a Daycare Center.

Ken entered a daycare enter where Eliza worked. He saw her reading a book to the little kids and they all sat around listening to her read. Ken smirked to himself, seeing how good she was to the kids.

When she finished reading, Eliza looked up and was surprised to see Ken standing by the doorway. “Hey Eliza,” he said. He took one step and suddenly tripped over a toy truck. The kids immediately began laughing.

“Hey! Let’s jump on top of him!” one kid cried out. Immediately, all of the kids jumped on top of Ken and began play fighting with him.

“Kids, settle down!” Eliza demanded. “Or else we won’t go outside today!”

“Awe man!” the kids cried out. They got off of Ken right away.

“Why don’t you guys go play with your toys for a bit before we have lunch.”

“Yay!” the kids cried out and immediately began playing with the various different toys in the room.

Eliza bent down and helped Ken up. “Sorry about that Ken.”

“No, it’s all right,” Ken replied as they both got up. “Some kids you have there.”

“Yeah,” Eliza replied. “They can be a pain, but they can also be good.” He looked at Ken then. “So what brought you here?”

“Well, Eliza,” Ken said as he began rubbing the back of his neck. “I…I think you are a very nice, sweet, smart girl.”

Eliza felt flattered. “Awe, that’s so sweet of you Ken. You’re not so bad yourself.” She ended that with a smile.

“Thanks,” Ken replied. “I was wondering…if, um, you could go out with me some time.”

Eliza became more flattered then and began blushing. “Awe Ken…well-”

Suddenly, Sheeva busted through the wall scaring everyone in the room. “There you are my big Keeeen!” Ken screamed like a little girl as Sheeva grabbed him and ran off. The children sat there shocked by what just happened.

“Um, it’s all right children,” Eliza said. “That’s just a Demi-Human who loves to kidnapped Ken.” The kids felt assured then and continued with what they were doing. A disappointing look appeared on Eliza’s face.

Back at Saikyoland

The winds blew in high speed. Debris passed by in the air and a bunch of tumbleweeds passed by on the streets.

“Yup!” Dan cried out. “Any minute now, business will be rolling!”

Back On Kitana’s Date

Kitana and Cyclops just ordered their lunches for the day and began a conversation.

“So,” said Cyclops. “What are your interests?”

“Well,” Kitana replied. “I really love fashion so I love to draw out my own designs and go shopping for the latest fashions. What about you?”

“I love golfing and scrolling around the park,” Cyclops answered. ‘Damn, she reminds me of Jean Grey.

“How did you meet Jade?” Kitana asked with curiosity.

“We had the same Bojutsu class last year. I wasn’t too good at it and left, but we kept in contact through IM and email.”

“That’s good. Jade and I have known each other since junior high and been best friends since.”

They fell silent for a bit then, both not sure of what to say next. Then, Cyclops spoke again. “What do you plan on doing after high school?”

“I’m hoping to go to into a fashion institute. How about you?”

“I know I want to go to Marvel University, but I’m not sure exactly what I want to do. Hopefully I’ll be able to figure it out by the time I get there.”

Soon, their plates of food were put on the table and they began eating. Kitana noticed that Cyclops was still wearing sunglasses over his eyes. “Say,” Kitana said. “I notice you still have your sunglasses on.”

Cyclops sighed. “My eyes are, eh, light sensitive and it’s best that they didn’t come off even in my sleep.”

“That’s sad,” Kitana replied. “I bet you have nice eyes.”

Cyclops smiled feeling flattered. “Thank you. And you have nice, warm, firing eyes as well.”

Kitana almost raised an eyebrow, finding it strange for him to describe her eyes that way. She shook it out of her mind then, thanked him, and continued eating.

Back At Ryu’s House

The project was done and Ryu and Havik decided to have lunch together while Chun-Li took a shower.

“That wasn’t so bad,” said Ryu. “I had fun doing this.”

“Me too,” replied Havik. “Next time, we should do something crazy!”

“Like what?”

“Hmmm…so many possibilities, so little time!” They ate silently for a bit until Havik got up. “Excuse me one moment while, I, eh, get something in my bag.” He quickly left and went down the hall. Ryu sighed and continued eating.

Meanwhile, Chun-Li was taking a shower. She managed to get all the mud off of her including her hair, which took a while to do. Unfortunately, she didn’t know that Havik entered the bathroom quietly.

He, he, now for some real fun!’ He took his eyeballs out and walked closer to the bathroom. He was about to toss the eyeballs into the shower, but unfortunately for him, Chun-Li had just finished showering and opened the curtain to step out to dry off.

As soon as Chun-Li saw Havik, she screamed bloody murder. Even Havik screamed by the sudden surprise.

“What the hell are you doing in here!” she demanded quickly covering herself with the shower curtain.

“I, eh,” Havik tried to say looking around. “I was, eh, here trying to, eh, brush my teeth!”

“You liar, you wanted to see me like this!” She gave him a hard punch in the face, forcing Havik to drop his eyeballs in the open shower drain.

“NOOOOOO!” Havik cried out. “Those were my last pair of eyes! Now I have to…OH! Dead rats!”

“GET OUT!” Chun-Li demanded. Havik quickly got out of the bathroom and out of the house. Chun-Li managed to get herself in a towel when Ryu came in.

“What just happened?” Ryu asked.

Chun-Li sighed. “Let’s just say Havik won’t be seeing anything for quite a while.”

Back at Chicken Warp

“And this is how we dip the chicken into the marinade,” said Mileena dipping some raw chicken into a bucket of marinade. Then, she took out another raw piece of chicken. “Now you try.”

“No way!” cried Pullum. “I’m not sticking my hands in those.”

“You better be happy that you have a job like this,” said Ermac. “Would you rather be killing and gutting the chickens yourself?”

Pullum sighed and forced herself to take the raw chicken in her delicate hands. Then, she forced herself to dip the chicken into the bucket of marinade. A disgusted look appeared on her face. “Ewww, how could any of you do this?”

“Eh…because unlike you, we use latex gloves,” said Mileena.

Pullum looked at her hands and realized that she wasn’t wearing gloves. “AAAAAHHH!” she cried as she ran off.

Ermac sighed. “Well, let’s toss it, I don’t think anyone would want to taste nail polish in their sauces.”

They were just about to do that when Pullum came running back screaming…followed by a random chicken. “AAAHH! KUNG-FU CHICKEN!”

“That’s not a Kung-Fu Chicken,” said Mileena. “That’s my pet Larry.”

“Larry?” Pullum asked all confused. “You are all freaks!”

“Blok!” cried Larry.

“Yes we are!” Ermac yelled. “And so will you! You will soon have multi-personalities and Tarkatan teeth! Muahahaha!”

Pullum let out another shriek before screaming, “I QUIT!” and stormed out.

Mr. Dudley heard the commotion and can running into the back. “What happened here? And where is the new girl?”

“Trust me,” said Mileena. “You don’t want her as an employee. Ermac and I just did you a good favor.”

“Um, okay.” Then Mr. Dudley left.

But has Pullum really left Chicken Warp for good?

Back at Dan’s House

Dan had spend the whole day waiting for people to have fun at his Saikyoland. Not one people wanted to come in. Just when Dan was about to leave, two young boys walk down the street.

“Customers!” cried Dan. He ran over to the kid. “Hello there little boys, would you like to have fun at Saikyoland? It’s only 25 cents to enter!”

“Saikyoland sucks!” cried one kid. Then, they both kick Dan in the shins.

“OOF!” Dan cried out and fell to the ground. The boys laughed and walked away then.

Then a two-year-old girl walked down the street holding her mother’s hand and eating a lollipop. She looked down at Dan when she got up to him. “Place stinky,” the girl said before dropping the lollipop into Dan’s hair and walking away.

“Whah!” Dan cried. Then, by his luck, he saw Blanka and Felicia walking down the street. Dan got up and ran over to them. “There you two are! Since you are both my best friends, you may enter Saikyoland for free!”

“Saikyo -meow- land?” asked Felicia curious. “Let’s go take a look Blanka.”

“Ah! Ah!” cried Blanka. They both walked over to the entrance and saw Dan’s ‘carnival.’ “…eh?” goes Blanka.

“Eh, Dan,” said Felicia. “This is a -meow- carnival?”

“Yes it is,” Dan said crying. “But I don’t think anyone likes it! Whah!”

Blanka walked over to Dan and patted his back. “O, e, o! (It’s all right)!”

“Say Dan,” said Felicia. “Blanka and I will make it better. How about some -meow- ice-cream, our -meow- treat!”

“Gee, I don’t know Felicia…” Dan said depressed.

“I’ll get you -meow- bubblegum, you’re -meow- favorite!”

“YAHOO! Let’s go then!”

And so the three of them go off to the nearest ice-cream parlor. When they were far enough, two kids saw Dan’s backyard.

“Cool place!” cried one kid. “Let’s go play!”

“Yeah!” cried the other kid. The two go in and start having fun in Saikyoland.

Back at Kitana’s Date With Cyclops

After their lunches, Kitana and Cyclops decided to go to Boon and Tobias Park. Kitana found it odd that the ‘Tobias’ part was crossed off on the sign, but soon shrugged the thought out of her mind. They walked around and talked for a bit, getting to know each other more, before they stopped at a bench in front of a small crystal clear lake.

“Well,” said Cyclops. “I had a lot of fun today.”

“So did I,” replied Kitana. “It’s nice to meet new people, especially when you learn new things that can make a person unique.”

“That’s true. Have I told you that you are one unique person?”

Kitana smiled at him. She could tell that he was looking into her eyes even behind the glasses. Then, the both of them began to slowly leaning towards each other. Everything seemed to go in full motion before their lips were an inch away. That’s when Cyclops spoke.

“You are so beautiful Jean…”

Jean!’ Kitana cried out in her mind. She brought her head away from Cyclops, which startled him a bit. “Who’s Jean?”

“Jean?” Cyclops replied. “Oh! I’m so sorry, I was, eh-”

Suddenly, a red-haired woman covered in flames came flying towards the two. “SCOTT!” she cried out being quite pissed.

“JEAN!” cried Cyclops quite surprised.

So this is Jean!’ Kitana cried out quite pissed.

“Where have you been?” Jean screamed. “And who is this?”

“Jean, I have a confession to make!” Cyclops cried out. “I still love you! Please take me back!”

“Awe, Scottie, I love you too!” Then Jean scooped Cyclops in her arms.

“I’m sorry Kitana,” said Cyclops. “But you are a nice girl! Bye!” Then they flew away.

Obviously, Kitana was now VERY pissed. “I’LL NEVER DATE GUYS AGAIN!” she cried out before storming out of the park.

And so our teenz end up with not-so-great days…except maybe Dan.

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