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Chishio No Me Bios
This page is for those who are not familiar with some of the characters presented in Chishio No Me, especially for the Street Fighter fans since this fic will be presented in the Street Fighter section of FanFiction.Net.  NOTE: Please keep in mind that the bios DO NOT fully follow the official storylines of the characters, they are only meant for this particular fic.  So don't you dare email me saying that's it's not right.
*= Original Characters

Street Fighter Bios
Yun: (Good) Yun received an invitation to the tournament.  In honor of his grandfather, he participates.
Dan: (Good) A Saikyo 'fighter' who follows a few girls into the Blood Tournament.  He probably has no idea what he is doing.
Yang: (Good) Originally didn't want to participate in the tournament, but when he found out that his crush Maki was participating, he goes with his brother Yun to compete.
Maki: (Good) Not wanting to be left behind, she follows her friends, Cody and Guy, to the Blood Tournament.
Ryu: (Good) A wandering Japanese warrior who receives an invitation to the Blood Tournament.  Knowing that the greatest fighters will be there, he joins.
Rainbow Mika: (Good) A carefree professional female wrestler who just won her first big tournament.  Immediately after, she receives an invitation to the Blood Tournament.  Not backing down from a challenge, Mika enters along with her new friends.
Sakura: (Good) A young girl from Japan.  Her goal is to be trained by the wandering warrior Ryu.  After receiving an invitation to the tournament, she quickly accepts in order to meet her idol.
Chun-Li: (Good) One of the best agents in Hong Kong.  Just as she was resting from finally destroying Shadowlaw, Interpol ordered her and agent Lei Wulong to travel to the Blood Tournament and join with Special Forces operatives.
Vega: (Evil) An insane, sadistic, and twisted individual, he is a former member of Shadowlaw and controls the last of the dolls.  He enters the tournament but is really serving Shao Kahn along with Sagat.
Sagat: (Evil) A Muay Thai master and former member of Shadowlaw, he now serves Shao Kahn.  He enters the Blood Tournament after he discovers that the daughter of a former 'aquaintance' has also entered.
*Wagner: (Good) A Sergeant of the Air Force who accompanies his adoptive father Colonel Guile to the tournament.  His hopes is to find his recently discovered long lost sister aka Viper, the last Shadowlaw doll.
Guile: (Good) The Colonel of the Air Force.  Guile receives an invitation to the Blood Tournament not too long after the fall of Bison and Shadowlaw.  After reviewing intellegence reports, he discovers that former members of Shadowlaw will be at the tournament.  He packs his gear and heads off along with his adopted son Wagner.
Cody: (Good) A former hero turned drifter.  He spent many years running from the law and his past.  He didn't care about anyone or anything until he had a fateful meeting with his ex love Jessica Haggar.  After a long talk, he remembered how much he loved her and what he fought for.  After some mendings, he goes to Japan to meet with his old friend Guy.  Little did he know that fate was about to lead to a battle to save the realms.
Ibuki: (Good) After competing in a tournament with R. Mika, Asuka, and Sakura (and Dan), she receives an invitation to the Blood Tournament with her new friends.  Seeing this as another opportunity to test her ninja skills, she travels in a group to a ship that will take them to Outworld.
Guy: (Good) A former hero along with his friend Cody, he recently reunited with him thanks to his friend Jessica.  Only a few days later, he receives an invitation to a fighting tournament.  He and Cody quickly leave...without informing Jessica.
Ken: (Good) A multi-millionaire martial artist who has settled down with his wife and son after competing in a tournament ran by Shadowlaw.  But to his wife's dismay, he received an invitation to the Blood Tournament.  Knowing that this was an opportunity to face old rivals and new competition, he does his best to convince his wife to go.
Rose: (Good) A beautiful, powerful psychic who forsees the results of the Blood Tournament in a telepathic vision.  Not sure whether it will lead to salvation or doom, she decides to travel to Outworld to secure the fate of the realms.
*Viper: (Unknown) The last Shadowlaw doll who now obeys Vega and submits to everything he wishes.  Her assignment in the Blood Tournament is to assassinate Sgt. Scott K. Wagner...who happens to be the brother she no longer knows.
Akuma: (Neutral) An extremely powerful warrior who sold his soul for unlimited strength.  After traveling around the world for several years, challenging and destroying strong warriors, he entered the Street Fighter Tournament and destroyed the Shadowlaw leader Bison for good.  Afterwards, he traveled to an unknown location to train himself and strengthen his evil intent.
Cammy: (Good) A member of Delta Red and a former Shadowlaw doll.  After discovering the whereabouts of her old companion Viper, she seeks her out by entering the Blood Tournament.
Adon: (Neutral)  Adon, a Muay Thai "God," seeks glory and recognition around the world.  He was once a student of Sagat.  He also seeks to defeat the warrior by the name of Akuma.  When he hears of the Blood Tournament, Adon realized that not only would he seek his goals on Earth...he would seek them in the universe.  Little did he know that Sagat was going to be there giving Adon a different purpose in the tournament.
Sodom: (Neutral)  Tired of being mocked, Sodom, an American who wants to be Japanese, seeks out the warrior Guy to defeat him in order to become a great warrior.  When he heard that Guy was going to be in the Blood Tournament, Sodom prusuits.
*Yin: (Good) (Note: This character belongs to my friend DeNice.)   The youngest and the only girl of the Lee family, Yin is a strong fighter who hopes to live up to her own expectations.  When her older brothers receive an invitation to the Blood Tournament, she goes along with them.
Mortal Kombat Bios
Tanya: (Evil) The daughter of the Edenian Ambassador.  She betrays Edenia to join Shao Kahn to eliminate the bloodline of the Edenian royalty.
Kitana: (Good) The Princess of Edenia decided to join in the tournament after receiving an invitation.  Her true purpose is to protect Edenia.
Sonya: (Good) A Liutenant of Special Forces.  She handpicks her own fighting unit to travel to Outworld after receiving intellegence that several terrorists groups are unifying at the Blood Tournament.
*Alex: (Good) Having only a few years of military experience (in Asia and now the US), she was ordered to stay behind by Lt. Sonya Blade.  After identifying a suspicious character following her friends, she had no choice but to pursue them.  She lost the stalker and is now stuck on the ship to the Blood Tournament.
Quan-Chi: (Evil) An evil and deranged sorcerer who found The Bloody Eye medallion.  Knowing it's power, he offers it to Shao Kahn in exchange to be in his favor.
Smoke: (Unknown) A minion working for Noob.  Originally turned into a cybory by the old Lin Kuei clan.  Even though he's programmed to serve Noob, part of his soul remains and his in constant battle to regain his memory and freedom.
*Matrik: (Good) The first female Tekunin cyborg who escapes to find herself.  After regaining some memories of her past, she feels that she needs to face her old master Sektor.  The Blood Tournament was the perfect place for it.
Kira: (Evil) A Black Dragon member who follows her leader Kabal to the tournament.  She's a fierce competitor who does whatever it takes to win.  She also holds a grudge against Lt. Sonya Blade.
Ermac: (Unknown) A enigma with thousands of souls created to serve Shao Kahn.  While he's currently loyal to his master, he's also managing to free his own consciousness.  Shao Kahn orders him to enter the Blood Tournament and eliminate any Special Forces member.
Kenshi: (Good) A blind rogue swordsman with telekinesis and a free agent of Special Forces.  He was handpicked by Sonya Blade to accompany her in the Blood Tournament.  His other reason of going is to hunt down his enemy Shang Tsung.  He's also good friends with agent Alex Walker and regrets leaving her behind.
Jade: (Good) An Edenian ninja who is close friends with both Princess Kitana and Queen Sindel.  After Kitana receives an invitation to the Blood Tournament, Sindel requests that Jade traveled with Kitana as her bodyguard.  Jade, knowing the danger Kitana will face, does not hesitate to agree to the Queen's request.
Sindel: (Good) The Queen of Edenia, she reluckedly leaves the throne to travel with her daughter Kitana to the Blood Tournament to not only stop Shao Kahn, but also to protect her daughter.
Mileena: (Evil) The mutant half sister of Kitana, both were slaves of Shao Kahn before they both regained their memories.  She became enraged and tried to kill her sister.  Even though she failed, Shao Kahn still considers Mileena a daughter and lets her be a general in the Tarkatan hordes.  There, she meets the strongest mutant, Baraka, and they became mates.  She now enters the tournament to kill Kitana and help Shao Kahn rule the realms.
Kabal: (Evil) A disciple of Havik, a priest of Chaos, Kabal reforms the terrorist group known as The Black Dragon.  Upon Havik's advice, Kabal leaves for the Blood Tournament with his most trusted ally Kira.  There, they plan to claim the medallion and bring chaos to all the realms.
Ashrah: (Good) A former demon from the Netherealm, her saviation came in the form of a mystical sword.  This sword released her from the shackles of the demon world, purified her body and soul, and gave her a sense of justice.  Now that she escaped, she learns of the Blood Tournament and decides to purge the evil from Outworld.
Shang Tsung: (Evil) A demon sorcerer who survives by absorbing the souls of powerful warriors.  Throughout his years, he made many enemies including the ronin swordsman Kenshi.  Presently, he serves Shao Kahn and hosts the Blood Tournament.  He looks forward to it all for he knows that shall feast on many more powerful souls.
Noob: (Evil) A wraith from the demon world.  He has come to Outworld with his student Smoke to serve Shao Kahn.  After he discovers that three past 'aquiantances' entered the tournament, Shao Kahn grants him his wish to face and kill them.
Sub-Zero: (Good) The leader of the newly reformed Lin Kuei clan.  He is a master of the Kori powers.  After training his pupli Frost, he receives an invitation from his rival Sektor to join the Blood Tournament.  Knowing that Sektor poses a threat to his clan, he has no choice but to enter.
Reptile: (Evil) The last of the Zattarans, his original realm is now part of Outworld.  Having no other legences, he pledges his servitude to Shao Kahn until the end of his days.
Scorpion: (Neutral) A ninja spectre who's family and clan were massacred by Quan-Chi.  His purpose is to relentlessly hunt Quan-Chi until he gets his revenge, but after a run in with an extremely powerful demon warrior named Akuma, he decides to enter the Blood Tournament to face in battle and with luck kill Quan-Chi.
Havik: (Neutral) A priest of Chaos from Chaosrealm.  He accompanies Kabal and Kira to the Blood Tournament in hopes of claiming the medallion and bringing Chaos to all the realms.
*Berserk: (Evil) An undead psychopath who left countless victims in his wake.  After accidentally stumbling his way to Outworld, Shao Kahn's Shadowpriests find him and deliver him to the Emperor.  At his palace, he uses the medallion to take control of Berserk.  Now he's a minion who ruthlessly tortures his victims and is looking forward to torturing more in the Blood Tournament.
Sheeva: (Evil) A female Shokan warrior who has risen to power after Prince Goro was slain in battle.  To rebuild the Shokan's powers, she has allied herself with Shao Kahn.  But what she doesn't know is that Quan-Chi placed a spell on her that will change her into a mindless, fearless animal once the Blood Tournament is over.
Raiden: (Good) The Elder God of Thunder and the former protector of Earth.  He has now relinquished his status after finding out that Quan-Chi has found the medallion.  Knowing that the medallion has unlimited power, Raiden now seeks warriors of pure heart and soul to follow him and retreive the artifact.
Sektor: (Evil) Originally created by the old Lin Kuei, Sektor later turned on his old masters and destroyed them.  He almost took over the Lin Kuei but was beaten by Sub-Zero.  He was forced to flee to Japan afterwards.  While there, he secretly created his Tekunin army by transforming many warriors into cyborg minions.  When his most powerful warrior escapes, Sektor diverses a plan to capture her at the Blood Tournament.
Baraka: (Evil) Leader of the Tarkatan hordes and mate to the sadistic Mileena.  Under orders of his master Shao Kahn, he enters the tournament to destroy any oppositions.
Shao Kahn: (Evil) The Emperor of Outworld.  His powers rival even that of the Elder Gods.  After finding out that Quan-Chi found the medallion, he ordered Shang Tsung to host a tournament and invite the most powerful warriors in all the realms.  With this, he would find the solution he needs to break the barriers of the realms and conquer the universe.
Li Mei: (Good)  Li Mei is a young, skillful warrior (despite her witty personality) who was originally enslaved along with her people to construct the Blood Tournament area and serve those participating in it.  She rebelled and fought a minion.  Quan-Chi witnessed this and saw that she was worthy of the tournament.
Nightwolf: (Good)  Nightwolf is a leader of a small Indian Tribe in Montana.  In a vision, he saw that chaos and destruction was to come.  Receiving an invitation to the Blood Tournament, Nightwolf felt that he would recieve answers of his visions there.  He leaves for Outworld in hopes of protecting the future of many.
Soul Calibur Bios
Xianghua: (Good) A beautiful, spunky warrioress of Keisei who accompanies her friends Kilik and Maxi to the Blood Tournament.
Seung Mina: (Good) After being treated like a slave for several years by her father, she finally escapes.  Knowing that her father's henchmen would come after her, she boarded the first ship she found to a new land.  Unknown to her, this ship was heading to the Blood Tournament.
Astaroth: (Evil) A golem created by a mad scientist in Keisei, his mission is to find the medallion.  After Shao Kahn found out about him and his mission, he sent Shang Tsung to recruit him.
Maxi: (Good) A powerful warrior from the world of Keisei, he accompanies his two friends, Xianghua and Kilik, to the tournament.
Yoshimitsu: (Good) The original wielder of the medallion (note: yes he was the General in the Prelude).  After several years, the medallion twisted and transformed him into a demon.  After realizing what happened, he tries to destroy it, but fails.  Knowing that it was now in the hands of evil, he does to Outworld to destroy it.
Ivy: (Unknown) A rich, powerful swordswoman from Keisei.  She lived a secluded life after she found out that her father was killed in battle many years ago.  After several years, she came to the conclusion that he was possessed by an artifact of immense power.  After hearing that the sorcerer Quan-Chi found the medallion, she travels to Outworld to meet with Quan-Chi's master and the artifact for herself.  After meeting with Shao Kahn, she became enticed by his charisma and power and pledges to serve him.  Even though she is now in servitude of Shao Kahn, her motives are unknown.
Cassandra: (Good) An innocent, wide-eyed girl from Keisei, she is the sister of Sophitia, a beautiful warrior who fought Nightmare.  Originally, Sophitia received an invitation to the Blood Tournament, but weary from her battles, she hands the invitation over to Cassandra along with her sword and shield.  Cassandra, wanting to live up to her sister's expectations, accepts the task and heads off to the tournament.
Siegfried/Nightmare: (Unknown) Siegfried, a Keisei native, came into possession of Soul Edge and became Nightmare, the power having complete control of him.  Nightmare is an extremely powerful demon warrior.  He fought Sophitia years ago but survived thanks to his evil sword.  After many months he hears of the rumors of the medallion in Shao Kahn's Blood Tournament.  Not knowing why, he picked up his sword and travels to Outworld to claim the medallion for himself.
Kilik: (Good) A disiplined fighter from the world of Keisei.  When he was young, he became influenced by an evil artifact that caused him to destroy his family and home.  After the event, Kilik lived as a recluse, afraid of himself and his past, until an man only known as Edgemaster found and purified him of the evil.  Many years later, Kilik has redeemed himself and now travels with his two companions to the Blood Tournament.
Hwang Sung Kyung: (Good)  Hwang is an officer of the Coast Guard in the world of Keisei.  He was, along with other officers, sent out to search the daughter of his master Seung Mina, his own childhood friend.  The only one knowing Mina's inner feelings, Hwang was the only one who saw her enter a ship that was heading to the Blood Tournament in Outworld.  Hwang had a choice...let her go and betray his master or capture her and betray her trust.  Without thinking, he followed her on to the ship...
Tekken Bios
Anna Williams: (Evil) When she learns that her sister Nina will be entering the Blood Tournament, Anna follows her.  There, Shang Tsung offers her a position in Shao Kahn's army and an opportunity to fight Nina.
Nina Williams: (Good?) An assassin for hire who was hired to kill Vega.  She also received an invitation to the Blood Tournament.  When she found out that Vega was in the tournament, she became suspicious by the coincidence.
Heihachi Mishima: (Neutral) The leader of the Mishima Zabatsu.  He finds out about the Blood Tournament after he receives several reports from spies who were after his grandson Jin.  Knowing that this was an opportunity to fight the greatest, he decides to take a personal interest and travels to the tournament.
Lei Wulong: (Good) A long-time Interpol detective and one of the best in China.  He recently is assigned along with Chun-Li to discover the true purpose of the Blood Tournament.
Jin Kazama: (Good) The heir of the cursed Mishima blood.  He soon received an invitation to the Blood Tournament after competing in the King of Iron Fists Tournament.  Even though he could feel the curse of the Devil increase with each battle he fought, he still cannot turn down the opportunity to fight the best in the universe.
Julia Chang: (Good) The adopted daughter of a Native American named Michelle Chang.  After a few years of peace, Michelle went off to fight a powerful demon but never returned.  Julia rentlessly searches for her mother, but to no avail.  A few years after her mother's disappearence, she receives a mysterious letter saying that if she wants to find her mother's whereabouts, she must join and fight in the Blood Tournament.  With no other leads, she packs and heads off to the tournament.
Asuka Kazama: (Good) A young Japanese girl who entered an all-female tournament to raise money to rebuild her dojo.  Even though she loses the tournament, she still receives an invite to the Blood Tournament in an unknown region of Outworld.  Being a stubborn person, she heads off with her new friends.  Little does she realize is that she has the potential to be the savior of the universe.
Raven: (Neutral) A ninja assassin working for a secret organization.  He is a master of ninjitsu and never failed an assignment given to him.  After his organization receives reports of Shang Tsung holding a tournament to decide the fate of the Bloody Eye medallion, Raven is sent to Outworld and to uncover the sorcerer's motives.
Ogre: (Evil) A demon that was released from the Netherealm by the Mishima Zabatsu's scientists.  At the last King of Iron Fists Tournament, he was defeated by Jin, but not destroyed.  Before he was about to die, a Shadowpriest granted him a new life on the condition that he would serve Shao Kahn for the rest of his days.  Orge accepted.
Paul Phoenix: (Neutral)  Paul Phoenix...he believes that he is the best fighter in the world.  However, he didn't receive an invitation to the Blood Tournament and was furious about it.  He trained himself hard and believed that not only will he be the best in the world...he will be the best in the universe.  Paul will prove to the leaders that he is worthy of the tournament.


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