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Chapter One


The harsh winds blew in fast speed, bringing the sand up from the ground. Nothing was seen for miles except one…a figure laid flat on his face in the ground.

After what seemed like a while, the figure looked up as though he was just recovering from a long, deep sleep. He rubbed his eyes and brushed the sand off his extremely pale face. He then opened his eyes revealing a set of yellow iris’ with a tint of red around the pupils. He squinted them trying to keep the blown sand out of them.

This man was known as Quan-Chi, an evil, demonic sorcerer. Just a few moments ago, he had just barely escaped from the 5th plane of the Netherealm, one of the deepest, after years of being tortured by the ninja spectre Scorpion. Quan-Chi managed to find a tablet which would open a portal to anywhere he wished.

He had just managed to get the portal to open when suddenly, Scorpion showed up ready to attack. Quan-Chi was not about to fight, not this time. He immediately jumped into the portal. Scorpion followed, but luckily for Quan-Chi, he was brought to a different area far from the spectre.

Quan-Chi shook the thought out of his head. Now was not the time to think about the past. He had to move forward.

Then, Quan-Chi looked down and noticed a round, golden item on the ground. There were small Japanese writings around the item. In the middle was an eye with a red tear coming out of it, which slightly glowed in it’s crimson color. Next to it was a small scroll.

“…Is this what I think it is?” Quan-Chi asked a loud. He picked up the scroll and unrolled it. Although the very short passage was written in Kanji, Quan-Chi read it a loud in English.

“Chishio No Me…it is a medallion that gives one and their allies all the power in the universe. Use it wisely.”

Quan-Chi looked back down at the medallion, the tear still glowing. He slowly picked it up. As soon as he gloved hand had a hold of it, he felt a sudden, powerful force surge within him.

A sadistic grin came over Quan-Chi’s face. “I had a thought this was a legend, but this is the real thing…The Bloody Eye.”

With all the power in the universe, Quan-Chi thought of endless opportunities with this medallion. Then, another idea came to him, an idea which would satisfy some Outworld natives. He made the decision to inform his plans to the Emperor of Outworld - Shao Kahn.

Emperor’s Palace, Outworld.

“My lord,” a servant said. He kneeled in front of a man who sat in a throne of a very large room filled with different statues and treasures. The man was the Emperor Shao Kahn himself in his attire consisting of a red cape connected to spiked shoulder pads, a skull belt with a sash going down his mid-thigh, and gray knee-high boots with spikes around the knees. He also wore a skull helmet with small horns on top. The only parts of his face that showed was his chin and jaw line.

Shao Kahn looked at his servant. “Yes?”

The servant replied. “There is someone here who wants to visit you.”

Shao Kahn growled. He knew that if he servant did not state the person’s name, the visitor was indeed a stranger.

“You should know by now that I do not allow strangers visiting,” Shao Kahn said, his booming voice echoing throughout the throne room. “Tell them to leave at once.”

“But my lord,” the servant protested. “He holds a medallion in his hand, it has an eye with a glowing red tear.”

Before Shao Kahn spoke again, the servant’s statement of the medallion came to him. ‘Is it true? Has someone actually found the Bloody Eye?

For many years, Shao Kahn had been searching for The Bloody Eye in hopes to gaining more power to rule all realms like h has done many years ago. Many times has he attempted to take over the realms. He did, however, managed to take over a couple of realms, but only for a short time when he was defeated by their strong leaders.

I will rise again…and I will eliminate all who oppose me.’

After some thought, Shao spoke. “Bring him in!”

“Yes my lord.” The servant got to his feet and made his way out of the throne room.

Shao Kahn leaned back into his throne as more thoughts came to him. He began to wonder what kind of possibilities he could do with the medallion…besides taking over every realm in the universe, that was no doubt. Even now, he tried to take over the realms, but with no prevail.

Soon enough, he noticed an extremely pale man walking towards his throne. The man wore black pants with black boots and short black fighting gloves. He had a pair of broad swords, one behind his back in his black scabbard, and another in its own scabbard on his left side connected at his belt. On his arms and bald head were red tattoos of Kanji writing of different spells. In his hand was the medallion itself.

After a quick examination, Shao Kahn suddenly recognized the figure. “Quan-Chi! You have escaped the Netherealm.”

“Indeed I have,” Quan-Chi replied taking a bow in respect for the Emperor. “As you might know, I possess something I believe you want.”

“This better be not a waste of my time!” Shao Kahn replied harshly. “The servant informed me of The Bloody Eye you’ve found recently.”

Quan-Chi held up the medallion. “Yes. I found it in the deserts of Outworld and traveled many days to bring this to you.”

“And what is this that you plan to do with the medallion.” Shao Kahn knew Quan-Chi wasn’t just going to give him the medallion, but he was interested in knowing Quan-Chi’s plans for the treasure.

Quan-Chi smirked. “You are the Emperor of Outworld with the desire to merge all realms with yours. Your troops have been searching for the medallion for many years. Everyone who knows about the medallion and it’s power knows that. You are fortunate that someone like me ended up finding this and not some goody-two-shoe out to destroy it.”

For a moment, Shao Kahn stared at the medallion. The tear continued to glow it’s crimson color. But even so, in the back of Shao Kahn’s mind, this could all be nothing but a trick. “You better not be planning a trick on me. Since you seem to know so much, I believe you would know better than to defy me.”

“Not at all,” Quan-Chi answered. He extended his arm out towards the Emperor holding out the medallion. “See for yourself.”

Shao Kahn stared at the medallion for a brief moment. ‘He better be holding the true medallion,’ he thought. Shao Kahn reached for it and took the medallion in his hand. As soon as he brought his hand back, he felt electrifying powers within him. After that moment, Shao Kahn grinned under his mask. It was indeed the real thing.

“With this power,” Quan-Chi began to suggest. “I feel that we should hold a tournament for all the fighters in every realm. That way, we can easily defeat those who can oppose any of our plans. Those who make it through the tournament will fall to our feet one way or another.”

Shao Kahn stared at the medallion for another moment. He could feel so much evil within the object…immense evil that he couldn’t explain. He grinned, enjoying the feeling within his hands.

Quickly, he snapped his fingers twice. In an instance, two of his servants appeared. “My servants!” Shao Kahn called out. “Retrieve Mileena, Baraka, Shang Tsung, Tanya, Sheeva, Reptile, and Ermac at once!”

The servants nodded and left to pursue their assignments.

Shao Kahn turned his attention back to Quan-Chi. “As a gift for your continued loyalty even after all these years, I shall appoint you back as my general.”

Quan-Chi nodded accepting the Emperor’s offer.

“The other generals will be arriving any moment. We will all meet back here soon enough. In the meantime, I will appoint one of my servants to bring you to the dining room. I am sure your stomach is begging for a meal. Don’t get used to this offer though, I rarely do this.”

Quan-Chi accepted the rare opportunity and followed the servants to the dining quarters.

Once everything was settled, Shao Kahn and his generals gathered at the throne room. The generals stood straight up, line side by side next to one another. There was the enigma Ermac, the Shokan Sheeva, the sorcerer and shape shifter Shang Tsung, the Tarkatan Baraka, the Edenians Mileena and Tanya, and the lizard Reptile.

The plans began to unfold. The people of Earthrealm, Outworld, Keisei, Edenia, and various other places would soon hear about the Chishio Tonamento, also known as The Blood Tournament. The best warriors of all the realms would have the opportunity to participate and would be receiving invitations within due time. Once all the warriors were gathered, it would begin.

It wouldn’t be long before everything went according to plan. Soon, all realms would become one and be ruled by Shao Kahn. Nothing, and no one, would stop them.

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