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Chapter Fourteen


After what seemed like a long day at school after the weekend, everyone headed off to what must be done. Before the football game against DC High Steels and the volleyball game against Namco High Jaguars, there was the Phantom rehearsals.

“Okay everyone,” said Miss Rose. “Now that Yang is back in his normal gender, we can continue on with the schedule. Let’s start with the scene where Andre and Firmin try to get Carlotta back into the opera.”

Great, I have to work with those idiots!’ thought Karin as she looked at Johnny Cage and Yun. ‘Well, just maybe except Yun.

The three of them assemble on the stage while holding their scripts.

“Whenever you are ready, begin,” said Miss Rose.

Johnny Cage cleared his throat and began. “You’re public needs you!”

“We need you!” followed Yun.

Karin clear her throat quietly and put on her best (but the worst) Italian accent. “Would you not rather have your precious ingenue?”

Johnny and Yun looked at each other then shouted out, “Signora, no! The world wants you!”

They soon broke out into the song, “Prima Donna,” also joined by Fei-Long, Ibuki, and Hsien-Ko. They are later joined by Felicia, Hsu Hao, and Hokuto who’s parts were to make Karin’s character look pretty for her comeback. All was going good…until Hsu-Hao began putting up the heavy wig being used for the place. He ended up putting it on backwards.

“Umm, sorry,” he whispered. He then tried to turn it around while it was still on Karin’s head. Unfortunately, Karin’s real hair went along with it and began twisting and pulling.

“AAAHHH!” Karin cried out jumping up and began running around the stage. “GET IT OFF! GET IT OFF!”

“Stay still -meow- Karin!” cried Felicia chasing after her.

“Mommy!” Hsu Hao cried feeling bad for what he did.

Finally, the wig fell off by itself. Luckily for Karin, her real hair stayed in place, but the second she looked in the mirror…

“MY HAIR!” she cried out. “It’s knotty and a mess! My social life is over!”

“Oh God…” Fei-Long said under his breath.

Karin then turned and glared at Hsu Hao. “You idiot! You shouldn’t be the wigmaker!”

“I’m sorry!” Hsu Hao cried out. “It’s just that…that…”

“What?” Karin demanded.

Hsu Hao shook a little. “It’s just that…I’m worried about the Evil Gnome that hides under my bed!”

Everyone blinked for a few seconds before bursting out laughing.

“Evil Gnome!” cried Adon. “Good one stupid!”

Hsu Hao only sighed. He then looked over at the off-stage area. Coming from behind the curtains only known to him was a one-foot Gnome wearing a red pointy hat, a green shirt, brown pants, black shoes, and had a long white beard. He glared at Hsu Hao, growled slightly showing off rows of sharp teeth, and pointed his finger at him. Then, in a split second, the Gnome disappeared. Hsu Hao gulped afterwards.

“Okay everyone,” Miss Rose spoke out. “Let’s continue forward. While Karin tries to fix up her hair, let’s go to the auction scene.”

The rehearsal went on for another hour before everyone rushed to either the football game or the volleyball game. The volleyball was to be at Capcom-Midway High, the football game would be at DC High.

On the way to the DC High Game

“Okay everyone!” said Mr. Motaro. The team were on the bus heading to the school. “I believe this will be a great game! These guys are new to the division and it’s the school’s first football year. This means we’ll KICK THEIR ARSES!”

“YEAH!” the team cried except Ryu. Ryu shuddered remembering what happened at the mall when he saw the three large DC players.

Ken gave Ryu a slap on the back. “Hey buddy! Why the long face? We’re going to beat these guys!”

Ryu looked at Ken. “You’ll see.”

“Row, row, row your boat, gently down the stream!” cried the awfully-singing bus driver Balrog. “Come on, sing it!”

Soon enough, the team reached DC High. The bus made it’s way around the building to reach the football field. Once everyone was able to get a glimpse of the football field, horror appeared on their faces. Half of the players were over 7 feet tall and were massively muscular. They were also practicing on human-size dummies, most of them smashed into dust.

Chills ran up Capcom-Midway’s spines. Even BB Hood was a bit iffy about the DC team.

“We are so screwed,” said Sub-Zero.

Mr. Motaro heard this and turned his head to everyone. “Don’t give up yet! We just got here…then maybe we can get out of here in about five minutes…”

“Let’s just get this over with,” said Jax. “They may be worse than we thought, they might not be that great of a team.”

“Actually,” continued Mr. Motaro. “From the reports I got this morning, they already went against SNK High…and five of their players were sent to the hospital by the end of the first quarter…”

Everyone gulped with nervousness.

Back At Capcom-Midway High

Chun-Li, in her volleyball uniform, did some stretches as her team got ready for their game against Namco. Soon enough, their coach, Miss Mika, blew the whistle to get the girls’ attentions. All eight of them; Chun-Li, Ibuki, Sonya, Felicia, Kira, Sakura, Tessa, and Maki, stopped what they were doing and jogged over to their coach.

“Okay girls,” said Miss Mika. “Soon, the Namco team will be here. We know that this will be a tough match since they are a tough team, but let’s give it all we can.” Miss Mika then put her hand out. “Let’s do our best!”

The eight girls placed their hands, one over another. “Go team!” they cried before raising their hands.

“GO CHUN-LI!” Chun-Li hear some female voices cry out. She turned around and saw Jade, Queen-Bee, and Pullum on the stands jumping up and down and waving to her. Chun-Li smiled and waved back to them, excited that she had supporters for the upcoming game.

“Say,” Queen-Bee said as the three sat down. “Where’s Kitana?”

“She couldn’t make it,” replied Pullum. “Something about getting revenge on a Phoenix. Beats me.” Her two friends shrugged.

Soon enough, the Namco volleyball team came in wearing their black and purple uniforms. The team are Ivy Valentine, Taki, Julia Chang, Seung Mina, Cassandra Alexandra, Talim, and Ling Xiaoyu. Their team captain Ivy came over to Miss Mika. “’Ello dear, we are ready for the game.”

“Great,” replied Miss Mika. “Where is your coach?”

“I’m the coach as well,” Ivy answered.

“You’re kidding?” asked a confused Sonya.

“Enough questions!” Ivy demanded. Suddenly, she took out a whip and snapped it in the air. “Let’s begin the game.”

The referee came in between the team a bit nervously. “Um, okay,” the referee said. “Since this is a home game for Capcom-Midway, Namco will spike the ball first. Get into your positions.”

The two teams assembled themselves on the court. Chun-Li stood in her spot and sighed a bit. This was going to be one long game.

Back At the Football Game

The football cheerleaders got off the buses and began heading towards the field behind the nervous football team. They were too a bit shocked by the size of the DC players, but they were relieved that their cheerleaders were of normal size.

“Okay girls!” cried Miss Cheer. “We’re are so going to have a fun game! So have fun!”

“Yeah!” the girls cried except Frost who was the only one who realized that their football team was screwed because of the mass size of half of the DC football team.

The cheerleaders reached their destination and were immediately met by DC’s team captain Harley Quinn.

“HELLOOOO!” she cried out.

“Hi,” replied Nitara unsure of herself.

Harley Quinn began a hyperactive conversation but she was talking so fast that no one could understand her…at least until football player The Joker came walking by. “EEEK!” Harley Quinn cried out. “COME HERE SWEETIE PIE!”

“I’m not your sweetie pie!” screamed The Joker. Harley Quinn began chasing after him while The Joker tried to get away from her.

“That was just weird,” said Karin, who’s hair is miraculously back to normal.

“Well, let’s get going!” cried Miss Cheer excitedly.

Meanwhile, the football team got ready for their game. As they do, some of the big guys of the DC team such as Killer Croc, Lobo, Amazo, and Atom Smasher.

Lobo cracked his knuckles and sadistically grinned at the Capcom-Midway team. “Well, look at here. The fraggin team are here to try to kick our arses.”

Killer Croc grinned as well showing off his razor sharp teeth. “We’re gonna crush you into dust!”

Demitri glared at them, his eyes glowing red. “You wish to start a fight with me? But what for? Is it because you want to tell someone that you are the strongest in the world? If you are ready to risk your life, I may think of accepting your challenge. But I'm telling you that curiosity of yours may be your greatest mistake. Sure, I agree that there is nothing better than fights that risk your life.”

After that speech, everyone looked at Demitri as though he just went crazy.

“Eh, Demitri,” said Rolento. “Just ‘cause you’re the second tallest player on the team doesn’t mean it’s going to make you look better.”

“Shut up,” Demitri replied.

Jax, the tallest player on the team standing at 6 foot 8 inches, shook his head. “I think Demitri lost it. That whole thing just didn’t make sense.”

“Let’s get the game going,” said the referee. “The captains of each team, please step forward.”

Demitri and DC’s captain Superman stepped forward. The referee looked at Demitri. “You call the shots.” He took out a coin and tossed it up in the air.

“Tails!” Demitri called out. Then, a random bird flew by followed by white substance landing on Demitri’s head. “DAMMIT!” he screamed out.

The coin landed on the ground. “Tails it is!” the referee called out. “Capcom-Midway Crows will be receiving first.”

“Perfect,” said Amazo cracking his knuckles. Ken was the only one who heard that and he swallowed hard.

Everyone got themselves set up and began the game. The DC team kicked the ball and began heading towards the Capcom-Midway team. Charlie managed to catch the ball and began running forward.

“I got it! I got it!” Charlie cried out. When he got to the 30 yard line (but only 70 yards away from touch down), Killer Croc went after him. He tackled him there.

“I’m hungry!” Killer Croc cried out.

“Dude, you’re always hungry!” cried his teammate Beast Boy.

“Hey, these 676 pounds didn’t come out of nowhere!” Then, he ate Charlie. After swallowing him, he burped out the football Charlie was holding. “Taste like Air Force!”

“…Yup, we’re screwed…” said a now-more-nervous Guile.

Back at the Volleyball Game

The girls were near the end of the first of three sets of the game. Namco was leading with 14 points while Capcom-Midway held well with 10 points. The best they could do is not let Namco receive another point. If that happens, Namco wins the first set.

It was Namco’s turn to serve. Julia was in the spot where the player would be serving the ball. Julia got herself ready to spike the ball.

“Sprits,” she whispered to herself. “Please guide me.” Ivy suddenly became patient. She took out her whip and snapped it on Julia’s leg. “OWE! What was that for?” Julia cried out.

“That’s for taking too long!” Ivy replied demandingly. “Now MOVE!”

“Okay okay!” Julia cried out. She got herself into position. “Eh, 14 to 10!” Julia tossed the ball in the air, then delivered a quick overhead. The ball immediately went on Capcom-Midway’s side and headed towards Kira. Kira spiked the ball in the air. Ibuki went after it, then spiked the ball to Namco’s side and headed towards Talim. Talim ended up missing the ball and it hit the ground giving Capcom-Midway a score.

“WOO!” the spectators cheering for Capcom-Midway cried out.

While that was going on, Ivy took out her whip again and snapped it on Talim. “OWIE!” Talim cried out.

“Must I do everything myself?” Ivy cried out. She turned around and saw the Capcom-Midway volleyball team, who looked at her with wide eyes. Then, Ivy whipped again and it randomly hit Maki.

“OWE!” Maki cried out.

“Stop staring or else I’ll send donkeys after you!”

“Donkeys? EEEEEEEEEEEK!” Maki screamed in terror before running off.

“Great, now we lost one of our players,” said Chun-Li.

“No problem,” Ivy said. “Talim, sit out!”

“Awe man,” Talim said as she got up and began heading to the bleachers. “At least the winds guide me well.”

They played another round afterwards. In the end, Namco managed to make a score ending the first set of the game. Capcom-Midway had to win the next two sets in order to win because if Namco wins the second set, they win. Everyone went to their bleachers to take a break.

“Well, it’s not too bad so far,” said Miss Mika. “Other than that Ivy girl, we’re doing quite good for ourselves.” Suddenly, Miss Mika felt a sharp snap on her butt. “OWE!” She quickly turned around and spotted Ivy.

“Quick talking about me!” Ivy exclaimed.

Miss Mika tried to rub the pain away after. “…Well, other than that, we’re doing pretty good. Even if we lose today’s game, be proud of yourselves for doing a great job!”

“Yeah!” the team cried out.

“And we still have our football team,” said Chun-Li. “I bet our boys are kicking a-- out there right now!”

Back at the football game

By the end of the third quarter, half of Capcom-Midway’s team were sent off to the hospital due to injuries they received during the game. They had enough players to continue into the fourth quarter. While the cheerleaders did their routines, the guys huddled together to discuss the last three quarters.

“This sucks!” cried Rolento. “The score is 56 to 0 and half our guys are gone! I don’t normally say this, but…we might as well give up!”

“We can’t give up!” demanded Jax. “Even if we don’t win this game, we can’t let those fools stomp on us like a bunch of bugs!”

“We have to try at least!” said Mr. Motaro. “Let’s get out of there and give our all! …All that we have left at least.”

“YEAH!” the team cried. When the cheerleaders were done with their routine, the two teams went back on the field to prepare for the fourth and last quarter of the game.

In the audience, Skullomania happened to had made his way to the game to check out the DC High cheerleading squad. During their routine dance, he ended up eyeing the most beautiful cheerleader of them all.

The black wavy hair, the sparkling blue eyes!’ he thought with delight. ‘She could be my hero!

Skullomania jumped out of the audience and ran over towards the young woman. He sat next to her, but she didn’t notice him at first. Then he began speaking. “Greetings fair lady. Isn’t it such a lovely day today?”

The woman looked at him a bit oddly, but continued the conversation. “Um, yes, it is…eh, who are you?”

“My name is the incredible Skullomania of Capcom-Midway High School! And what is your name?”

“Her name is Wonder Woman!” screamed out Harley Quinn who was listening in on the conversation.

Wonder Woman gave Harley Quinn a glare. “Mind your own business!” Then she turned back to Skullomania. “Um, listen Skullomania-”

“You can call me Skull if you like,” Skullomania suggested. “All my friends do.”

“Um, right, Skull. Listen, you seem like a nice guy, but I’m not interested in men right now.”

“At least let’s be friends,” Skullomania suggested. “There’s no harm in being friends after all, right?”

Wonder Woman sighed a bit. “That’s fine then.” ‘At least he goes to another school.

While that was going on, another DC player named Batman watched the whole thing happening. “Well, at least she’ll know how it feels to get chased down now. Glad that’s over.”

His teammate Robin came by. “Come on, the game’s about to start Batty!”

“If you call me Batty one more time-”

Suddenly, Robin pinched Batman’s butt and ran off to the field. ‘Life sucks,’ Batman thought before getting on to the field.

Unfortunately for Capcom-Midway High, the play was just the same because about an hour and a half later, everyone was on a bus wearing various bandages, casts, and had external metal plates.

“Well, eh, that wasn’t too bad…” Mr. Motaro said, who ended up getting a broken arm.

“My head hurts,” said Guile who had a bloody bandage over his head.

“That was just so brutal,” replied Rolento who had two broken legs.

“At least we’ll miraculously be all better by the next chapter,” said Sub-Zero who was in a full body cast.

“But gee,” wondered Jax who had a broken arm and an eye patch over his left eye. “Could Namco High be able to stand up to them?”

“I don’t know!” cried Ken who had a broken leg, arm, and a bandage over his head as well. “All we know is that our division is screwed!”

“Well, hopefully, our volleyball team are doing well,” said Ryu.

Back At the Volleyball Game

All of the girls were tired and a bit bruised thanks to Ivy’s constant whipping. They were still in the second set and were tied 14 to 14.

“Is whipping even legal?” asked Tessa.

Ivy gave her a quick whip in the leg after hearing that. “In this fic it is! Now let’s go!”

The teams play the final match. In the end, Namco scored the last point giving them the point, and winning the volleyball match.

“I knew we could do it!” cried Ivy. “To celebrate, I need…a man!” She whipped her whip again and managed to tie up Kairi with it, who happened to be in the audience watching the game.

“What the-” Kairi tried to say, but he was then pulled forward and towards Ivy.

“Let’s go have some fun!” Ivy cried out before running off and dragging Kairi with her.

“NOOOOOOOOO!” Kairi screamed as he was pulled away.

Everyone blinked as they witnessed what just happened. Then, the football team came in and everyone was quite shocked by the sight of them.

“Namco,” Guile said looking at the volleyball team. “You got yourself a big challenge this year…” Then he fainted.

“Ryu!” Chun-Li cried out running towards Ryu, who was in a wheelchair with a broken leg. “Sweetie, are you okay?”

“We’ll all be fine,” Ryu replied. “Just glad it’s over.”

But is it really over?

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