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Chapter Fifteen

For the next month, not much really goes on, just the usual weirdness and some chaos at Capcom-Midway High School and outside the school. A little over a week before Halloween, the teachers have a meeting in the faculty lounge. Some of them are playing video games, and some are playing cards.

Mr. Fujin looked at his cards, then to Mr. Haggar. “Mr. Haggar, do you have a jester?”

“Go fish,” Mr. Haggar replied.

“DAMMIT!” Mr. Fujin cried out.

Then, Principal Gen walked in. “Okay everyone, meeting time!”

“Poo,” everyone said. They stopped what they were doing and gathered around on the funky chairs. Principal Gen sat down in his leather armchair.

“Now,” Mr. Gen began. “In three days is homecoming, which means the football team will be having their homecoming game…against Namco High. The students have managed to complete their props for the parade as well so that’s quite an improvement from last year. Now, moving on, Mr. Hotaru wanted to make an announcement.”

Mr. Hotaru stood up and cleared his throat. “With the threat of a Kung-Fu Chickens, I fell that in order to protect the -cough- law -cough- students in our school, I managed to hire a better security branch.”

“If it’s the FBI again…” said Ms Ashrah.

“I tried them, but they said something about wanting to spend more time reading porn,” Mr. Hotaru replied. “Anywho, since our current security is of no help at all-”

“It’s not fair!” cried Drahmin the security guard. “We never did anything wrong!”

“Quiet unless spoken to!” Mr. Hotaru demanded. “Now, it took me sometime, but let me introduce to you our new security branch.”

Mr. Hotaru snapped his fingers. Suddenly, a swarm of squirrels entered the room wearing ninja outfits and holding various weapons. They all assemble themselves in the room.

Everyone had odd looks on the face as though Mr. Hotaru has gone more mad than the student Havik. “Eh, our new school security branch are a bunch of squirrels?” asked Dr. Raiden.

“Yes, they are squirrels,” Mr. Hotaru replied. “They are highly trained to take on any enemy and gladly will work for nuts. They are known as…the Ninja Squirrels.”

Mr. Gen sighed. “Well, I guess I can trust you on this one…”

Suddenly, a squirrel jumped on Mr. Haggar’s face and held on with it’s nails.

“AAAHHHH!” screamed Mr. Haggar jumping up and began running around. “GET IT OFF! GET IT OFF!”

While the teachers continued the meeting, the students began heading into the auditorium. After a month of debates, today was the day that everyone will hear the three running for Class President…Hsien-Ko, Quan-Chi, and Vega.

Mileena sat down next to Morrigan with a grim look on her face.

“Gee, like, what happened to you?” asked Morrigan. “You look grimmer than usual.”

Mileena sighed. “I’m so ugly, it’s not fair! Why I can’t be more like Kitana?”

“Don’t worry, I think you’re very pretty,” Morrigan replied.

“Oh yeah, then how do these make me look?” Mileena took off her veil revealing her Tarkatan teeth…which now have braces on them.

“AAH!” Morrigan cried out in surprise. “Um, eh, like, they’re not baaad.”

“Whatever,” Mileena replied. She put her veil back on and pouted again.

A few minutes later, Principal Gen came out and went on the podium. “Good morning students and welcome to the Class Presidential Campaign, where we tell the truth and they don’t.”

Suddenly, the government security popped onto the stage and began beating up Gen with clubs before running off. Gen managed to get himself up while stars spun around his head. “Eh, yeah, anywho, let’s present our first candidate for the ‘Everyone Be Happy’ campaign, Hsien-Ko!”

Everyone clapped as Hsien-Ko took the stand in front of the podium.

“Greetings,” Hsien-Ko began. “If I was elected your Class President, I will make sure that everyone is satisfied and happy with what they have at their school. That means, if you want more school dances, I’ll give you that. If you want fundraisers, I will give you that…and no, that doesn’t mean I’ll give you free issues of porn magazines.”

“Ratsssss!” cried out Reptile.

Hsien-Ko continued on with her speech until she reached her conclusion. Everyone clapped for her as she stepped down and sat back in her chair. Gen went back up on the podium.

“And now our next candidate for the ‘Make Everyone Beautiful’ campaign, Vega.”

There were only a couple of claps as Vega stepped up. “Hola,” Vega began. “If I was elected your Class President, I will be determined to make sure that all the ugly people in the school become just as beautiful as I. That means free cosmetic surgeries, a make-up parlor on school grounds, free beauty magazines, and all the beauty stuff you can ever access that are usually expensive.”

Vega continued his speech until the end. He stepped down and then Gen stepped up. “And finally, the last candidate for the, eh, ‘Take Over The School’ campaign, Quan-Chi.”

No claps were heard as Quan-Chi stepped up. Shang Tsung was relieved that Quan-Chi was wearing normal clothes and not a pink tutu.

“That’s right!” cried out Quan-Chi. “If I was elected your Class President, I shall dominate and take over this very school. You will all bow to me and Shang Tsung and wear tutu’s everyday as school uniforms. Everything will all be in pink and lavender and music choice will be of classical music, mainly Mozart. So, VOTE FOR ME!”

Shang Tsung smacked his own forehead and shook his head. “Idiot…”

Quan-Chi stepped down and once again Gen stood back behind the podium. “Now that you’ve heard the speeches, we will have a ballot passed out during your History or Criminal Justice classes and you will have the chance to vote for your President. One more announcement…in a few weeks, there will be an event called ‘Sports Night,’ where you compete against other schools in our division for the grand prize…which we are not sure of just yet. For those interested, you may sign up by my office.”

Period 7- History Class

“Okay students,” said Mr. Shunjinko. “Today we’ll be talking about the infamous American war, the Civil War. Does anyone know who fought in this war?”

Everyone blinked not knowing the answer.

“Okay then, guess I’ll have to choose,” Mr. Shunjinko said. “Um…Guy?”

“It was a war between the North and the South,” Guy replied.

“Excellent. Now, what they say on how the war was started is certainly not true. I was the fool who actually began the Civil War.”

(Flash back to the early 1860’s)

“You!” cried the South leader. “You stole my stash! Where is it?”

“What are you talking about?” asked the North leader in confusion.

“You know exactly what I’m talking about! I had a chest full of beer, various drugs, and porn magazines!”

“I know nothing!” Then the North leader looked at his assistant. “Shunjinko, do you know what he’s talking about?”

A young Shunjinko looked around nervously. He was also standing in front of a chest. “Eh…no…”

“That’s it!” the South leader cried out. “If you don’t want to tell me where my stash is then, this means war!”

(Back to Present)

“Mr. Shunjinko,” said Ryu. “I thought it was the North who began the war and were fighting to free the slaves in the South.”

“I know son, it’s all confusing, but you know History, always hiding things,” Mr. Shunjinko said.

Period 8- Film Class

“Good afternoon class,” said Miss Rose. “Today, the first thing I will go over is your next assignment. Since we are doing quite well with our past projects, I feel that it’s time to reveal a favorite project.”

Everyone slumped back a bit, not looking forward to yet another assignment in their agendas.

Miss Rose continued. “As a class, and you may invite others as well, you will be taking a weekend trip to the National Park two hours from here. There you will set up a camp and record the events that fold, even if it does end up quite boring, it should be a nice way to connect with nature and bond.”

“Yay,” said Demitri sarcastically.

“We’ll have the trip set up a week after Halloween. I will provide you with cameras and equipment, but you are on your own with everything else.”

“This should be interesting,” muttered Ryu. Some were all right with the idea of the project, but some weren’t thrilled that they have to spend a weekend in the woods surrounded by bugs. Ryu, being a nature person, was looking forward to it, unaware of the chaos that will presume.

Football Game

The Capcom-Midway football team now have a home game against Nintendo High School Mushrooms. As they waited for the team to arrive, they practice on the field.

“So,” said Ken. “We have our homecoming in three days.” He passed the ball to Jax who caught it. “You think we might beat them this year?”

“I don’t think so,” replied Jax. He passed the ball to Ryu who too caught it.

Ryu looked at Ken. “Even if they did beat us, the game will be nothing like the DC game we had.”

“I heard the two teams will be facing off in the state finals,” mentioned Rolento who caught the ball passed by Ryu. “It’s gonna be one interesting game. The tickets will go on sale in a couple of weeks.”

“That early?” asked Ken. “That was a quick decision.”

“As if of now,” answered Jax. “They’re both undefeated so, as Rolento said, it’s going to be interesting.”

That’s when a bus arrived and the Nintendo team get off and head to the field wearing their red and green uniforms. Their coach Donkey Kong went up to Mr. Motaro.

“O, o, ah, ah!” Donkey Kong cried out.

Mr. Motaro got a confused look on his face. “Eh, does anyone know what he just said?”

Everyone shook his head.

Meanwhile, the Nintendo cheerleading squad came on to the sidelines and began practicing their dance routines lead by their captain Princess Peach.

Frost sighed to herself. “This will be interesting. I wonder what else could go strangely?”

The referee blew his whistle to get everyone’s attention. “Okay! Will the captains please step up!”

Demitri and Nintendo’s Mario stepped up. “Nothing better fall on my head this time,” said Demitri under his breath.

The referee flipped a coin into the air. Suddenly, a squirrel landed on Demitri’s face.

“Heads,” said Mario. Suddenly, a squirrel landed on Demitri’s head and cling on to his hair.

“AAAAHHH!” screamed Demitri in agony. He began running around in circles. “RABID SQUIRREL! RABID SQUIRREL!”

Mr. Motaro made a kiss noise and the squirrel got off of Demitri and landed on Mr. Motaro’s shoulder. “Sorry Demitri, he fell off from the pole he was hiding in while on Kung-Fu Chicken lookout.”

“Whatever,” Demitri replied.

The coin had landed on tails so Capcom-Midway was going to be receiving first. But just before everyone could began to assemble, most of the guys stopped what they were doing and began staring off into one place.

“What the…” Jax began but then saw what everyone was looking at. He began staring as well. “Ooooh…”

All the men began looking at a blonde-haired woman who only wore extremely blue shorts, pink sandals, and a pink bikini top. She smiled at everyone showing off her perfect white teeth.

Sub-Zero’s eyes almost bulged out from shock. “MOM!”

Indeed, it was the famous magazine ‘star’…Sub-Zero’s Mom!

“Uh oh,” Frost said realizing what was going on.

“Hello boys!” cried out Sub-Zero’s Mom.

“Hi Sub-Zero’s Mom!” everyone cried out…except Sub-Zero.

Suddenly, Nintendo’s Yoshi let his tongue hang out and began running over to Sub-Zero’s Mom. He went over to her leg and began humping it.

“Awww, you’re so cute!” she cried and picked up Yoshi.

A sweat drop appeared on Sub-Zero’s forehead. “Um, Mom, what are you doing here?”

“What do you think dear, I’m here to watch your game! Who wants cookies?” Suddenly, she whipped out a large batch of cookies (just enough for everyone there to eat) from out of nowhere.

“I DO!” all the boys cried. They all went on line to grab a cookie from Sub-Zero’s Mom’s tray.

Sub-Zero sighed to himself. “Great, even the males in the stands are getting cookies.”

“Don’t worry,” said BB Hood. “I knew this day would come.” She took out a little stick with a red button on it.

“What is that?” Sub-Zero asked with curiosity.

Then, BB Hood pressed a button.

“NOOOOOOOOO!” Sub-Zero cried out.

After a few seconds, nothing explode…but then suddenly a swarm of female dwarves began running over with spiked paddles in their hands. They went over to each male and forced them back on to either the stands or the field by giving them a whack in the booty.

Swirls were seen in Sub-Zero’s eyes. “Glad that’s not me.”

After a few more minutes, the game began. Sub-Zero’s Mom was offered by Mr. Motaro to sit right on the team’s benches. But because she was there, all the players couldn’t concentrate without taking a quick peek at Sub-Zero’s Mom. Because Sub-Zero and BB Hood were the only ones paying attention to the game (they didn’t even have to run at all), Capcom-Midway won the game.

“Well, that was easy,” said Sub-Zero. He sighed to himself.

“Mrs. Sub-Zero?” said Ken. “Would you like a ride home?”

“Ken, I thought you were giving me a ride home?” asked Eliza with her hands on her hips and not looking too happy.

A sweat drop appeared on Ken’s head. “Eh, um, well-”

Suddenly, Sheeva came out of nowhere. “Time for din din my big Keeeeen!” She scooped him up in her arms and ran off.

“NOT AGAAAAAIN!” he cried out.

“SERVES YOU RIGHT!” Eliza called out. Then she stomped off.

While that happened…

For a month, Pullum didn’t bother to get another job after quitting Chicken Warp. Everything was going quite well until her parents cut her allowance off completely, forcing her to go back into the job world. And once again, only Chicken Warp accepted her back.

“Okay Pullum,” said the manager Mr. Dudley. “Since you returned quite so soon, we don’t really have a position in here, but we do have one thing.”

“What would that be?” asked Pullum not looking forward to whatever task she was about to take on.

Then, Mr. Dudley held up a chicken costume. “This is a way to promote our company and to help continue the fight against the Kung-Fu Chickens.”

“Are you kidding me? I have to wear that thing?”

“I’m sorry Pullum, but it’s just for a little while. Would you rather cook the chickens?”

Pullum sighed. Wearing a chicken costume was better than that. Besides, it would cover her whole head so no one would recognize her. So, Pullum slowly took the costume into her hands and went into the back to change.

Later on, she was outside of the building waving people over to come eat at Chicken Warp. She was thankful that no one had to see the grim look on her face…well, she was more glad that no one saw her wearing this ‘pathetic’ costume.

Suddenly, a bunch of kids went up to her. “Look! A chicken!” They all tackled her down trying to give her hugs and stuff.”

“AAHHH!” Pullum screamed out. “GET OFF! I’M NOT MICKEY MOUSE’S DOG! AAHHH!”

This lasted for sometime before the kids were pried off by their parents. Pullum was thankful that she was able to get up in that costume.

“Well,” she said. “It could’ve been worse.”

Suddenly, she saw a swarm of the Ninja Squirrels running towards her carrying various weapons.

“Squeak! (Kill Kung-Fu Chicken!)” cried out the squirrel leader.

Pullum let out a blood curling scream and began running away as quick as possible from her supposed ‘allies.’

While Pullum was being chased down by a bunch of squirrels, Ken was dragged off to Sheeva’s house. Despite always being dragged away by her, this was the first time Ken was dragged to her house.

Hmmm,’ Ken thought. ‘Sheeva actually has a nice house…quite big too…

Suddenly, the front door opened and a extremely large Shokan appeared with his four arms spread out. “Sheeva, darling! You’re home!”

“Hi Daddy!” Sheeva cried out excitedly.

Oh my God!’ Ken cried out in his mind. ‘I’m going to die!

“Ah, Ken, you made it!” Sheeva’s Dad said happily. “Come give Ismau a hug!”

Ismau grabbed Ken and gave him a big bear hug. Ken’s air supply was cut off and he began turning blue.

“All right,” Ismau said releasing Ken, who fell and began gasping for air. “Dinner is ready and your uncles are here as well!”

“Yay!” Sheeva cried out. She grabbed Ken and the three of them went inside. Sheeva sat Ken down on a chair and strapped him down with leather belts. Ken was more nervous when he saw Sheeva’s three even-larger uncles. Also there was Sheeva’s Mom named Kiku.

“Ah, so this is Ken Masters,” said the oldest Uncle Nobu.

“Yes, it’s nice to meet you finally,” said the second oldest Uncle Osamu.

“Yes, tell us about yourself,” said the youngest (but older than Ismau) Uncle Hikaru.

“Eh…” Ken began. “Can I go now?”

“Ah, so you are a quick-pace and easygoer, I like that,” said Ismau.

“Dinner is served!” said Kiku. She served food to everyone, which was not only in large amounts, but just the look of it didn’t settle well in Ken’s stomach.

“You know, I think I’ll pass,” said Ken.

Sheeva put a bib around Ken’s neck. “Nope, you are eating as well, my big Keeeeen!” She took a spoonful of food and shoved it into Ken’s mouth.

“MMM!” Ken cried out in agony.

“I’m so glad you like it Ken, it’s my specialty…fish and egg chowder,” said Kiku.

A sweat drop appeared on Ken’s forehead. He wanted to spit the food out, but because Sheeva was holding his mouth, he was forced to swallow the disgusting food.

“Oh yes, I almost forgot,” Ismau announced. “I was thinking my dear daughter…if you do very well in school this year and graduate…you can marry Ken!”

“YAY!” Sheeva cried out. “Thank you Daddy!”

“WHAT!” Ken screamed out in horror.

“Let’s go make out!” cried Sheeva. She grabbed Ken and dragged him upstairs and into her bedroom.

While Ken was receiving punishment, Ryu had just finished his homework at his house and decided to head to bed for the night. Since he and Chun-Li live next door to each other, they would normally talk to each other through their windows, which faced each other. Unfortunately that night, Chun-Li had to go to a dinner party for her father’s job that night and won’t be back until late that night.

Ryu got into his pajamas. As he got dressed, the female Kung-Fu Chickens looked into his second story window (how they managed to get up there was a mystery). Their eyes were in heart shapes as they stared at the half-naked Ryu.

“Blok blok! (One day, he will be our little love slave!)” said one of the female KFC. They giggled a bit before leaving.

Much later that night…

While Ryu slumbered peacefully, one of the windows to his room slowly and quietly opened. Once it was wide enough, a tall, shadowed figure entered the room. They went into Ryu’s room as quietly as possible.

But it wasn’t enough because suddenly the lights went on and Ryu was awake.

“What the…” Ryu said rubbing his eyes. Once his vision adjusted, he almost screamed when he saw Vega dressed as Peter Pan. “Vega?” he asked in complete confusion. “What are you doing here…and why are you dressed like Peter Pan?”

Vega was just as shocked as he was. “Well, um, eh, I am here to take you to my Neverland!”

Two milliseconds later…

“AAHHH!” Vega cried out as he was kicked out the window.

“AND DON’T EVER SNEAK INTO MY ROOM AGAIN YOU JACKSON WANNABE!” Ryu screamed out. Then he shut and locked the window.


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