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Rant 1
Opinion on Certain Reviewers
by iceangelmkx
What this article is for: It's an expression of the writer's opinion.

For over two years, I’ve been writing Fan Fiction of various kinds. I’ve came up with various kinds as you may be able to tell from my list on the FanFiction page. I always follow the storyline the best way that I can, but I’m also opened to new ideas as long as there is a good reason for the ‘change’ in the official storyline (it‘s enough for me if you simply put “AU“ or “Alternate Universe“). You can say that I am a neutral when it comes to different types of fan fiction.

But I do have my limit.

There are only really two things that extremely bug me when it comes to the reviewers. The ones who religiously follow the storyline and those completely obsessed aka the Fanboys/Fangirls.

Let’s start with those who religiously follow the storyline of a video game, comic, etc. It’s great that one knows every aspect of a story because I know I sometimes forget a detail. Sometimes, I go to the ones I know personally and ask them for information that I may have missed. My real problem with them is whenever someone altars even the slightest change in the story (an example from my fic Living In Darkness would be the addition of my OC Alex Walker), they completely start freaking out and start a little rant of their own. Even with an alternate universe fic, they still have a reason to rant. I’m relieved to say that of all my time writing fan fiction, I’ve only gotten two reviews like that. One was for a no-longer-existing fic of mine, a Trigun fic called A Trigun Halloween. Though these aren’t the exact words, the rant goes something like this (the review contains a Trigun spoiler!)

Dude, Legato and Wolfwood died on the show, try to get it right or don’t write!

This was my first ‘flame,’ if you could even call it a flame. Another ‘review’ I got was a recent one for my Alternate Universe (clearly stated on the site as well), the sequel to the well-loved Street Fighter Kidz, called Street Fighter Teenz.

1. "High School" fics of universes where everybody isn't in high school in the canon tend to be bad, because they screw around with the chemistry of the fictional universe. Why do the canon characters have to be teenagers in high school, anyway? This fic is heavily clichéd.

2. "Ryu Hoshi- The Average Teen" - Average teens don't play in fighting tournaments. "Charlie Nash- The Constantly-Dies Teen" - How could someone die more than once? (Constantly losing is possible)

3. "(A reviewer‘s name)", what does that have to do with this story?

I fell on the floor and laughed over this, especially number 3. I normally reply to reviews in such fics like this one and here was my reply;

To be honest, I almost laughed when I read your review. I pity you slightly because you had selfishly wasted your own time reviewing the fic. Did you know this was a sequel to a fic which had received over 450 reviews (before it was taken down only because it was script formatted) in the Street Fighter section? Probably not. You also seem like the type who is WAY too strict on video game storylines. People here like to use their imaginations and come up with unique ideas whether it’s Drama or Humor and whether it follows the storyline or not. Don’t expect to see much fics that stay completely true to the ‘storyline.’ I created this ‘high school’ fic because it’s a very nice break from all my more serious fics. If I want to make the canon characters teenagers in high school then I will. There is a term in the Fan Fiction world called ALTERNATE UNIVERSE! Incase you don’t know the term, it means anything goes and you can do whatever the hell you want with the story. “Average Teen”- Then what the heck are Sakura and Karin doing in a Street Fighter tournament? As for Charlie, ever heard of “South Park?” Then explain why Kenny dies and comes back…unless you never saw that show of course. And on your last comment, this is what I am doing right now with you as I did with another REVIEWER named (reviewer‘s name)-replying to your idiotic review. On a final note, you’re lucky I was in a good mood when I caught this. My words would’ve been so harsh that I would’ve sent you a personal e-mail instead since this is a T-rated fic. How sad, my longest reply and of all people it had to go to you…

I believe that as long as you state your fic as an alternate universe then anything goes and you can do whatever you want. If you do something totally outrageous like my Street Fighter Teenz fic, then you should have a good reason why. My reason is because it’s a nice break from my more serious stories, as stated, and want to have a little bit of fun bouncing around different and silly ideas and sorts. I will talk about alternate universes in another digest in the future.

Well, I haven’t heard from this reviewer since. Stating my own argument must’ve done the trick. Trust me to reply to any reviews like that in the future.

My next rant goes to the Fanboys/Fangirls. Okay, I am probably one of the biggest Kenshi fans you would ever meet and you will see me in forums with a Kenshi avatar, a Kenshi sig, la dee da dee da. But at least I know there is a limit to that fandom.

My fic The Outworld involved plenty of character deaths and I’ve gotten quite some interesting reviews back then. And also back then, I was quite new to the internet world (I didn’t bother with the internet much until Senior year of high school once I got back into Street Fighter) so the reviews didn’t bother me much ‘as long as people reviewed, then I’m happy!’

That’s about to change. My brand new fic Chishio No Me will involve plenty of character deaths as well. No one has died yet, but I’m almost prepared for the angry reviews I’ll be getting. I will let you rant if your favorite character dies because I know the feeling, but don’t threaten to stop reading my fic. If you really don’t want to read my fic any longer, than don’t say anything and just stop, because if you are all like, “OmG j00 killed my fav character, I ain’t REadingNo MoRE!!!111!!!!!,” than that gives me the thought that you indeed have an unhealthy obsession with that character.

If I decided that your favorite character should die, I’m sorry, and it was MY choice, it’s not like Capcom officially killed them off and they’ll never come back again. You also make it sound like I just killed your loved one or something.

Then there are those who bash you to death because of a simple opinion. A lot of people either love the Ryu/Chun-Li (Street Fighter) pairing, or hate it. Note, for next example purposes, that I do like the Ryu/Chun-Li pairing depending on the fic. I’ve done a couple of fics involving them and I have future fics of this pairing waiting to be written. For those who hate the pairing, I respect your opinion and your reasons.

For example, someone will say something like, “I hate Ryu/Chun-Li pairings because I don’t think they make that good of a couple.” Some will say, “That’s cool,” but then there are those who are like, “NOoo!!1111 j00 r st00pid 4 hatin them!!!!!!1111!!!!” This REALLY annoys me. This is called someone in complete denial and is afraid to lose hope that one day Capcom will official pair these two together. NO ONE should force their opinion on others and you shouldn’t hate them for their opinion (unless it’s extreme like racism, homophobia, anti-Semitism, etc., then I’d say go ahead and rip them apart). Something that’s simple as an opinion on video game characters shouldn’t be taken that seriously. People have different speculations on a storyline and/or the characters and everyone should accept others’ opinions.

I also want to point out one more thing on obsessed fans of a certain character. Sure, we have those little fantasies of actually being with the character and having sex with them (A LOT of people wouldn’t admit this, but some are open to saying this as long as it’s in a mature matter), but there are those who take so far it’s unbelievable. These are the ones who will say something like, “Im gonna have his/her babies 1 day!!!“ You’ll most likely see this from pre-teens, but I’ve actually, and recently, found a fan like this at 21!! That’s a year older than me! Her sig goes something like this;

Hotaru is my baby.No one acn have him. He is all mine. (sorry girls)

Then this is a reply to a thread involving new MK characters.

I know MY Hotaru kicks ass as a new character. He's has SUCH a sexy body and very built body.And he also has SUCH a CUTE little face. And HE IS ALL MINE NOBODY ELSES. (SORRY GIRLS)

…Even if Hotaru really did existed, I’d say, “Go ahead, he’s an a-- anyways,” but that aside, this is the best example for someone who can’t get a grip on reality. I’m sure someone like her is a very nice person, but this would get annoying after, let’s say…two seconds.

On one last note, please don’t bash me for this since this is my opinion. I’m sure those who are like this are nice people, but…for the Fanboys/Fangirls, GET BACK TO REALITY! For those-who-religiously-follow-the-storyline…CHILL OUT!

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