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Chapter Eighteen


The three warriors continued to fight the Tarkatan hordes, but it seemed as though it was never ending. They slowing began growing tired. Three was definitely not enough.

“We have to keep fighting!” Sindel called out as she took down a Tarkatan.

“There are too many of them!” Jade shouted.

Kenshi used his sword to stab a Tarkatan, then drew it out once it was dead. “We have to keep going…”

Even if it meant death, they would fight off as many as they could. Sadly, the three of them realized one thing during this battle…all hope now seemed lost…

The three then were cornered by the remaining Tarkatans, too many of them to count. They tried all they could to fight off as many of them as they could, even with the lack of energy within them. The group of mutants were closing in on them after a while and it would be soon enough that the three would meet their demises.

Just before they expected the blades to painfully enter their bodies, they suddenly heard a loud explosion close to them. Sindel opened her eyes to take a look at what just happened. A ball of fire just distinguished as pieces of half of the remaining Tarkatans flew in different directions.

“What in the world?” the Queen asked herself.

Just then, a Tarkatan jumped towards her. Sindel saw this just in time. She opened her mouth and a purple energy emerged out of her mouth, hitting the Tarkatan square in the torso sending him flying back.

Kenshi and Jade used whatever energy they had left to fight off the remaining mutants as guns were heard, the wielders firing at all the living Tarkatans that were left. Within seconds, the entire horde was taken down, not one of them left remaining alive.

“Kenshi!” a female voice cried out. “Are you guys all right?”

At first, Kenshi was a bit confused, unsure of who the voice belonged to. After a few mental analysis, he was finally able to match person to voice.


“And Jax,” Sonya replied approaching the three as she put her gun away in her pouch.

Jade raised an eyebrow. “Kenshi, can you tell me who they are?”

“These are officers of Special Forces in Earthrealm, Lieutenant Sonya Blade and Major Jax Briggs,” Kenshi answered. He then put his attention to the officers. “How did you two get here?”

“Long story,” said Jax as he slipped his machine gun into the scabbard on his back. “But to make it short, we’ve been searching for you for weeks.”

Kenshi smirked a bit. “I thought you guys forgot about me.”

“We never leave anyone behind,” Sonya mentioned while slightly pushing her short blonde hair aside away from her face.

“We had thought these mutants had captured you,” Jax said. “Sonya and I were looking all over Outworld hoping to find you, and we did. What happened to you?”

Kenshi sighed a bit. “Well, it’s a long story as well.” He then proceeded to tell his story of how he ended up in Edenia to his position now.

“Damn,” Jax whistled after the swordsman finished his story.

“Now.” Kenshi unsheathed his blood stained sword. “I must go find the Princess.”

“We’ll come with you,” Sonya replied.

“NO!” Kenshi cried out making everyone jumped a little. “Sonya, Jax, get Sindel and Jade out of here and meet me back here. Once we get Kitana, we’re out of here.”

“Please find her Kenshi,” said Sindel. “And make sure she’s safe…”

Kenshi only nodded before running off and disappearing into the darkness.

It seemed like many hours, but it really wasn’t that long before Kitana woke up. The Princess’ vision was a bit blurry the moment she opened her eyes. She blinked a few times until she was finally able to adjust them. Kitana found herself back in the dark, dank cell of the palace dungeon.

It…it was only a dream…’ she thought sadly. She believed that she had been in this cell this whole time and thinking that the aftermath of Rain taking advantage of her was only in her vision.

“So, you’re finally awake,” she heard a voice call out from across the room. Kitana stirred a bit before finally turning her head. Even in the darkness, she was able to make out the black and purple clad figure kneeling down in the corner and staring her down with his black eyes.

“You…” the young woman only managed to say.

Rain laughed a little before straightening himself up. “Don’t worry my little Princess…it was all a dream…just a dream…now you return to your true nightmare.”

Kitana said nothing as he approached her. She realized then that she too was in a corner sitting up. The Princess stared at the traitor with a blank expression as he reached her and kneeled down on his knees.

“Remember the first time we kissed at the masquerade?” Rain asked her. “I kissed you, but you didn’t kiss me back. Why is that?”

Once again, she said nothing and because of that, she received yet another slap to the face. “You answer when I speak to you!”

“Bite me,” was Kitana’s reply.

Rain jumped towards her and grabbed on to her shoulders so tight the skin around his fingers began to turn white. Kitana let out a small yelp from the pain and the sudden surprise. She should’ve known better than to not think he would do such a thing.

“Remember this,” Rain continued on. “No matter how much you deny it, you…will always…be…mine!

Quickly, he lifted Kitana up and threw her across the cell. She let out another small yelp as she crashed into the gray brick wall and landed back on the ground. Rain quickened his pace the closer he got to her once again.

“Now,” Rain said. “Let’s have some more fun!”

But before the purple clad ninja could move another inch, a sling! was heard before the sound of steel slicing through flesh was heard. Kitana felt a few drips of blood splatter on to her face as it dawned on her what just happened. Rain, eyes wide in shock, kept his glare on Kitana until he fell on to his knees. His blood from his head down quickly escaped his body before his right and left side of him split apart on to the floor.

Kitana moved back a bit as the blood began to spread on to the floor. Then, she looked up to see who had done the deed in killing Rain. She gasped as she spotted a man wearing a red blindfold holding his sword covered with the new blood.

“It wasn’t a dream…” Kitana whispered to herself.

“Kitana,” Kenshi said going over to the Princess.

Despite the lack of energy, Kitana forced herself to get up using the wall to guide her. When Kenshi approached her, he helped her finish getting up. As soon as she straightened herself, the Princess quickly embraced him. The swordsman returned the favor wrapping his strong arms around her slender hips.

Neither one of them said a word. The only sound in the room was the sniffs coming from Kitana, who had tears crawling down her face in relief. ‘Everything’s going to be okay now,’ she said to herself.

The two were not sure how long they held each other as Kenshi pulled back a bit. Kitana moved her head to face him.

“Are you okay?” Kenshi asked her with concern.

“I am now,” the Princess replied. She leaned up a bit and pressed her lips against his. For another moment, the two shared a deep, passionate kiss, relieve to finally be in each other’s arms once again. Then, Kitana pulled back as she realized something. “Mother-”

“She’s fine,” Kenshi replied. “My partners Sonya and Jax are getting her and Jade out of here.”

A sigh of relief came out of the young woman as Kenshi mentioned Jade’s name. She had thought that her best friend had also perished in the ambush. How the green ninja was able to escape was a question to be asked later.

“Then let’s get out of here,” Kitana suggested. “Mother kept her promise that we’d all be together again.”

“She did,” Kenshi replied. He picked up the Princess into his arms and carried her out of the darkness.


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