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Chapter Three


He felt it once again…the burning sensation coursing throughout his body. He tried his best to ignore it, but to no avail. He clutched on to his muscular chest with one hand as he tried to suppress the awful feeling.

‘Not again!’ he thought with agony.

He let out a gasp as a pair of feathered black wings made their way out from his back and spread itself out. Even if all he had left, he couldn’t control the transformation.

He closed his eyes tightly as a set of horns began to grow on his head. It made it’s shape outward and slightly curled. He opened his mouth showing sharp teeth, then let out a blood curling scream, eyes now opened showing it’s ice blue color, which were originally brown. He stretched himself out as he did, releasing an invisible energy, causing destruction in it’s path. The figure wasn’t sure how far the energy went, but what was left of his conscious mind thought of one thing…there was a big possibility that he eliminated many lives…all because of what he now was.

After some time, he felt the energy leaving him completely, and he collapsed into the dirt on his knees. He looked up and his eyes widen when he saw a ghostly figure a few feet in front of him. She was beautiful, her shoulder length raven hair slightly held up by a single white headband. It matched the long flowing dress which fell to her bare feet. The woman smirked, but there was sadness in her eyes.

Jin,” she whispered loud enough for him to hear. She the proceeded in Japanese. “Kiken matsu no naka ni betsu no sekai.”

The demon in front of her glared, the icy look in his eyes growing much colder, but it was the lack of the conscious mind inside of him that spoke a single word to her.


Then, everything went black.

In cold sweat, Jin Kazama sprang upward from his futon bed with a small surprised-like yelp. His eyes quickly adjusted from suddenly opening up and found itself back in the darkness of his secluded home. For sometime, Jin stayed sat up trying to catch his breath. Once he did, he whipped the sweat off his face and let out a sigh.

It’s getting worse by the minute,” he thought to himself. “Eventually, the devil inside me will reveal it’s true self using me as it’s host.

For weeks now, he has been having these nightmares of him changing into the demon he was cursed to carry inside of him, one he had known ever since he learned about the Mishima family, his grandfather Heihachi being the owner of the Mishima Zaibatsu Corporation. It was Jin’s father, Kazuya, though now deceased, who released the rage of the Mishima curse, having to had sold his soul to the devil years ago. That part of his gene was passed down to his only son.

Jin’s hand balled up into a tight fist as he thought about the Mishimas. “Damn them! I wouldn’t have to go through this if it wasn’t for them!

He thought more back on the nightmare, and realized something.


His mother, Jun Kazama, appeared in the dream, which was the first time since the nightmares began. ‘Why did she appear in my dream?

Then he remembered her words to him. ‘Kiken matsu no nakai ni betsu no sekai,’ she had said to him. “Danger awaits in another world?” Jin said translating the Japanese dialogue into English. “What did she mean by that?”

Jin thought about it for another minute. It was only just a dream, right?

The young Japanese man looked over at the clock next to him. It was only two in the morning and he had gone to bed not that long ago. He ran his fingers through his spiky black hair before lying back down. He sighed a bit before shutting his dark brown eyes.

Not a minute even went by when Jin heard a rustle right in his room. He sprang up again opening his eyes. “What the…” he muttered out loud. He looked around the room, but saw nothing. The room was still and completely silent.

He slightly shrugged, now believing that it was most likely the wind. He lied back down on his bed again and turned to his side. Before he closed his eyes, he saw a folded paper next to an envelope…which was not there a moment ago when he looked at his clock.

For the third time, Jin sprang up from his bed. ‘Someone was in here…

The young man had a strong keen sense and knew if a presence of a living person was nearby. He tried to sense if anyone was around, but to no avail. He turned his back to the two items on his small stand. Jin slowly reached over for the folded paper and opened it up. He read the words slowly;

Jin Kazama,

The item in the envelope will help you break the curse of the devil gene. Come to the tournament and you will have answers. PS- You’ve done well in the King of Iron Fist Tournament…I wish you the best in this tournament.

It was all it said and it wasn’t signed by anyone. Jin then shifted his eyes to the envelope. He took it into his hands and opened it. After reading the contents, he looked up a bit.

“The Blood Tournament…taking place in an unknown location,” he said out loud. He saw the list of the ship locations and noticed that it expanded beyond Earthrealm. He then thought of his mother’s words once again. ‘Is this all just a coincidence?

He knew deep down that he shouldn’t attend the tournament. In the last tournament he was in, he was able to feel the power of the devil gene increase with each battle he fought in. It especially was a very close call when he fought Ogre, the demon soul absorber responsible for his mother’s death. He defeated the monster, but didn’t kill him, knowing that if he did, the devil gene would awaken.

But the very thought of not only his dream, but the fact that he would be fighting the best in the universe consumed him. He always looked forward to a good fight, but was also curious to know if the dream he had was a message from his mother from beyond the grave.

The tournament was within a few days, having Hong Kong being his closest location. Without even thinking, he got up, dressed in black civilian clothes, packed his gear, and headed off. It wouldn’t be until he got there that he would ever think of what he was doing…

San Francisco, California.

“Daddy!” a young toddler called out. He ran as fast as his little legs could take him as he passed a large garden area. He found his father practicing his martial arts training. The blond father heard his son call to him. He stopped what he was doing and turned his head, a warm smile appearing on his face.

“Hey Mel,” the father said picking up his son as soon as the toddler reached him. “What are you doing here?”

“It is time for dinner,” Mel said with delight. “Mommy is waiting for you.”

The older man smiled and scuffed Mel’s hair, which was blond as well. “All right kiddo, let’s go eat.”

The two headed inside the large estate they lived in. They walked into the large dining room which food was already set by the servants. At the table, a young blond haired woman looked up with a warm smile.

“It’s good for you to join us Mr. Ken Masters,” the woman said with a small laugh.

“I wouldn’t miss a great meal like this Ms. Eliza Masters,” Ken replied giving a kiss on his wife’s cheek. Ken set Mel on a chair with a seat booster, fastened him in, then sat down opposite of his wife. They put the food on the plate before consuming it.

“I was thinking,” Eliza said beginning the daily dinner conversation. “Wouldn’t it be nice to go on a cruise this summer? It’s been quite some time, and I think it would be great for Mel.”

Ken swallowed his food, then smiled. “That would be great. We can book as soon as we’re done eating.”

Eliza laughed a little. “Shouldn’t we try to decided where the cruise would take place?”

“Hmmm…I don’t think we’ve been to the Caribbean Islands yet, have we?”

“Actually we haven’t. I was thinking we should take the cruise to Hawaii again, but it would also be nice to go somewhere new.”

Ken raised his cup filled with red wine. “Then the Caribbean Islands it is!”

It was at that moment that their butler walked in with a stack of mail in his hands. “Sir Masters, your mail has just came in. Where would you like me to place them?”

“Right here is good,” the millionaire suggested patting an empty spot on the table.

“As you wish sir,” the butler replied. He placed the mail on the table and then walked out of the dining room.

Ken looked through the mail. Most of them were just bills and junk mail. When he got down to the last one, he blinked a couple of times in confusion. It was addressed to him, but his own address wasn’t even placed on the envelope and there was no return address.

“What’s this?” he muttered to himself. He slowly opened the envelope, then took out the folded paper.

Eliza had the feeling of what the mysterious mail was about. “It’s not another tournament, is it?”

Ken was silent for a moment before saying, “…Yes.”

“Don’t even think about it!” Eliza demanded. “Ken, we’ve talked about this so many times! There’s no reason for you to risk yourself at a silly tournament.”

“But Eliza,” her husband began to protest. “Just the sound of it all makes it seem like it’s no ordinary tournament. We’re leaving by a boat, then taken to another part of the universe-”

“Oh, great, now this tournament is not on Earth.” She grabbed the invitation from his hands and read it herself. “And it’s even more assuring to know that it’s known as ‘The Blood Tournament.’”

“Eliza, we’ve also been over the fact that I’ll be doing things like this. I grew up like this.”

“But unlike your friend Ryu, you have family now. I don’t need someone coming into my house and tell me that my husband was killed and now I have to raise my son on my own.”

For a moment, Ken thought about his best friend Ryu, a wander Japanese warrior would went around the world searching for the greatest challenges. It has been a year since Ken had last seen him, but he had a good feeling that Ryu will be going to this tournament as well.

“Eliza,” Ken said putting a hand on his shoulder. “With Shadowlaw gone, there’s not much to worry about. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Not only will I be fighting the greatest on Earth, but I’ll also be fighting the greatest from worlds like Edenia and Keisei.”

“I just don’t want anything to happen to you anymore,” Eliza said calmly. “After Vega-”

“I’m sure he won’t show up,” Ken replied. “Listen…once I’m done with this tournament, I’ll never attend another tournament again. And I’ll be home just in time for that cruise we just talked about.”

Eliza looked into her husband’s light brown eyes and saw that he was telling the truth. “You mean that?”

“Of course. I never keep a promise I never meant to keep.”

His young wife embraced him in her arms and he returned the hug. “Come back home in one piece,” she begged.

“You know I will.”

“Eww!” Mel randomly cried out as he watched his parents hug. “Cooties!”

Ken and Eliza laughed a little at their son’s comment. “Let’s go eat and then we’ll plane that summer cruise,” Ken suggested.

Somewhere in Japan

In the deepest part of a very large forest area, a young man clad in a white karate gi and a red headband wrapped around his head, sat under a large tree. He sat with his legs crossed, his eyes closed and he seemed as though he was in full concentration.

For sometime, he could only see darkness behind his closed eyes and only a few gust of wind was heard. He was in deep concentration and not even a nuclear war could bring him out of his meditation.

The young man wasn’t sure how much time has passed since he sat down, but as he continued his meditation process, moments of his past suddenly flashed before him…

Two young boys practiced their martial arts, sparring with one another. One wore a white gi with a matching headband around his head, his short dark brown hair slightly moving as he delivered a punch. The other was in a red gi, his long blond hair flying back and forth as he delivered a kick, a small smirk appearing on his face.

They continued their sparring, which looked as though it would end up with a draw. It was then that their heard their master call out of them.

Ryu, Ken, you have done well in your morning session. Come inside now, I have much more to teach you.”

Ken sighed a bit, disappointed that his sparring session with his best friend Ryu was over already. He followed Ryu into their small dojo, where their master sat down crossed-legged on the floor. Two candles were lit on either side of him, signaling them that their master was going to either have a meditating session or teach them of life’s journey.

Ryu and Ken sat in the two remaining mats. “What shall we be doing today Master Gouken?” asked Ryu with curiosity.

Gouken smirked a bit. “You two have done very well these past years. Ryu, you have grown up well since finding you at my doorstep when you were just a babe. Ken, when you arrived here, you were arrogant, but with each training you have grown much wiser. What I’m here to tell you is that…there will be a time when I will leave this world.”

Both boys were shocked that their master was mentioning this. “You’re not dying, are you master?” Ken asked worriedly.

Gouken shifted his eyes over to the young blond boy keeping his smirk. “No Ken, I am quite healthy, but I am old and I know that I don’t have much time on this planet. A master begins a student’s training, but once the master is out of the student’s life, it is that student’s responsibility to continue his training, or it will all be in vain. Do not give up on your training for it will help you continue on your life’s journey. And never…give in to the dark side…”

The final sentence echoed in Ryu’s head. It has been so long since this conversation took place when he was just a mere boy.

He continued to meditate, but the next flash in his mind jumped to years later when his master’s life came to a grueling end…

Ryu approached the dojo area and saw it in ruins. The building itself was still standing, but the yard was scattered with broken wood. He had just finished his training just a couple of miles away. When he left, everything was property put away and his master was…

Master…” he muttered realizing that he had left Gouken there. He began sprinting towards the dojo, not realizing the few drops of blood that he passed by. He pushed the swinging door back and only walked two feet into the building when he saw a horrifying sight. His brown eyes widened and he dropped his gray duffle back in shock.

MASTER!” he screamed out. Ryu saw the body of Gouken slumped over against the wall long dead. Above his body on the wall was the Japanese sign of ‘ten’ written in his master’s blood.

Another flash hit him, and Ryu thought he saw the face of the devil, his red eyes glaring at him and the fury hair matching the eyes was being blown by the wind he couldn’t feel. “Ryu…” the demon said.

Ryu managed to get out of his meditation process with a small yelp feeling a bead of sweat falling down the side of his face. He caught his breath, then leaned back into the tree he sat in front of. He knew the demon’s face without mistake. It was his master’s murder, his own brother…Akuma.

Since Gouken’s death, Ryu has been traveling around the world to not only live up to his promise to keep the Shotokan arts in recognition, but to also find Akuma to get revenge. The dark arts that his master mentioned…Ryu felt it within him that his body wanted to submit to the evil, especially when he felt angry. Ryu has been able to suppress it, but he wondered how long he can do so.

After sometime, Ryu finally moved, reaching into his pocket and taking out a white envelope with only his name written on it. A mysterious figure only dressed in a dark purple robe had given this to him yesterday…and invitation to The Blood Tournament. He knew he would be fighting the best of the best, which would no surprise to anyone who knew him that he had decided to attend this tournament. But he wondered one other thing…

Will he be there? My master’s murderer?

Ryu wasn’t too sure, but he had the feeling that Akuma will indeed be there. Akuma’s only purpose in his life was to fight the strongest, only to kill them in cold blood in sadistic pleasure. There was no doubt in his mind that somehow, during the time at the tournament, Akuma will show up.

I must stop him before he causes more chaos.

With that, Ryu picked himself up, threw his large duffle bag over his shoulder, and began making his journey to Hong Kong. He had only a few days before the ships would leave the docks.

Osaka, Japan

The First Annual Osaka Women’s Tournament

It had been an exciting week. Female fighters of different ages from all over Japan competed in a brand new tournament for the prize money. The tournament wasn’t as endorsed like the King of Iron Fist Tournament, but it brought enough of a crowd for the competition to become an eventful one.

After a week of many fights, it had finally came down to two fighters, with only one of them who will go home with the prize money. One was a older teenager by the name of Asuka Kazama. She was determined to win the money to rebuild her father’s dojo, which was destroyed just weeks ago. Asuka brushed her chin length brown hair back a bit, which was cut in layers. Her fighting outfit consisted of a glazed bluish-silver color with matching shorts. Underneath her jacket was a blue mid-drift tank top and also wore knee-high blue, black, and gray boots. Determination was glued on to her face.

Her opponent happened to be one of the three new friends she met at the tournament, the wrestler Rainbow Mika. Determination was also on her face as well. Her long blond hair was done in two wild pigtails and wore a banded mask over her eyes leaving holes for her blue eyes to poke through (her mother is of European descendent). She wore a blue swimsuit-like outfit with white trims at each end. The outfit was also cut revealing her shoulder, elbows, and her waist. Underneath, she wore a small white tube top with a pair of blue hearts on the front. Around her legs were blue bands and wore knee-high white boots on her feet.

Watching the two of them were two other friends who had participated in the tournament as well. There was the ninja Ibuki, who were an all black ninja outfit, but revealed her face. Her mouth was normally covered with a brown cloth to give her more of a ninja look. Her long black hair was down in thin dreadlocks and their were pulled back high in a single ponytail.

The other was the young schoolgirl known as Sakura Kasugano. She wore a blue and white sailor senshi outfit (aka her school uniform), along with her white headband, red shoes, and red fighting gloves. Her brown hair was also done in lairs, but it was about two inches shorter than Asuka’s.

Ibuki looked over at Sakura as Mika and Asuka prepared to fight. “This is so exciting, our two new friends fighting each other in the last round.”

Sakura smiled at the young ninja girl. “I know! I think I got better since my last meeting with Ryu!”

Sakura began thinking the white-clad man. He was an idol to her and trained herself in the martial arts. She had hoped to be trained by him one day, but that day hasn’t come yet.

Sakura’s thought were quickly interrupted when a man in pink jumped in between them and put one arm around each girl. “I know this is so great!” he cried out with happy tears forming in his eyes.

Both girls growled a bit. “Could you go away Dan?” asked Ibuki who was on the verge of killing the annoying man.

“But we are good friends and stick with one another until the end!” Dan exclaimed excitedly.

Sakura sighed. “How about you go get us some punch…and try not to spill it this time.”

“Okay!” the pink-clad Dan said before running off.

Ibuki growled. “He’s been annoying ever since the competition began…and what was he doing participating in a women’s tournament to begin with?”

“Beats me,” Sakura said thinking about the fight she had with Dan in her first round. She only took him out with only two punches…and she wasn’t kidding when she said two.

Then the announcer spoke into the microphone. “Ladies! You may begin when you are ready!”

“It’s starting!” cried Sakura.

In the ring, Mika and Asuka started at each other, their determinations still on their faces. After sometime of this, Mika smirked at the young girl.

“Good luck,” she said.

Asuka smirked back as well. “Same to you. And don’t think I won’t hold back.”

“Same here.”

After another few seconds, both girls charged at each other beginning the fight. Mika threw a punch while Asuka threw a kick, both of them colliding before pulling back again. The two girls exchanged punches and kicks, both of blocking each other for quite sometime before Mika jumped back.

Mika quickly turned herself around, bended a bit before launching herself backwards in fast speed. Asuka was surprised by the amount of speed Mika put. She tried to get away, but the young wrestler managed to knock her down. Mika landed back on her feet. She turned around just in time to see Asuka running towards her.

Once again, the girls exchanged moves, their determination still locked in her faces. Despite their new friendship, they fought each other as though they were enemies.

As they continued, Mika ended up missing a block and received a blow to the face by Asuka’s fist. Asuka then took the opportunity to spin herself around a few times. An energy wave entered her and during her final turn, she landed a hard kick to Mika’s side. Mika went flying across the mat and landed just at the edge’s corner. Asuka charged after her then. Mika quickly got up and once again, the girls exchanged more punches and kicks.

Then, to Asuka’s surprise, Mika managed to trip her. Before Asuka could get the chance to get up, Mika grabbed a hold of her leg and twisted herself around, her back facing the young girl…taking her leg with her.

The twisting of her leg caused Asuka to scream out loud. The referee on the mat bended down to her, waiting to see if the teenager will tap on the mat, which would end the mat. Mika continued to twist, but Asuka wasn’t about to submit just yet.

After sometime, Asuka shook herself from Mika’s hold, then delivered a kick to Mika’s face. Mika stumbled to the floor. Then, Asuka jumped up and landed her elbow into Mika’s stomach causing the wind to knock out of the wrestler. Asuka got herself up to give Mika room to breathe as she coughed a bit to catch her breath.

Mika wasn’t even ready, but she quickly turned around and tackled Asuka to the floor. The girls struggled against each other for some time. Everyone in the audience anticipated who was going to emerge the victor.

Finally, Mika got Asuka in a choke hold using all of her strength to hold the teen down. Asuka used everything she got to try to get out of Mika’s hold, but it was no use. After a few minutes, the teen realized that it was no use.

“You…win…” Asuka managed to say. Immediately after, Mika let go of her causing Asuka to fall forward in relief.

The announcer talked into the microphone again. “Ladies and gentlemen, the winner of the First Annual Osaka Women’s Tournament is…Rainbow Mika!”

Everyone cheer for Mika as she jumped up and down with excitement. As she did, the sponsors of the tournament came to her with a trophy and the prize money, which was packed in a black business suitcase. They opened it up to her showing her the money inside before closing it again.

After relieving the excitement, Mika walked over to Asuka, who was just sitting up after her defeat. She looked up at the winner of the tournament, who put a hand out towards her. “I hope this doesn’t change anything of our friend.”

Asuka was a bit hesitant at first. She was a bit angry that she didn’t win the prize money to fix her father’s dojo, but what was meant to be was meant to be. She forced a small smile at Mika.

“Nothing has changed,” Asuka replied taking Mika’s hand. Mika helped her up.

“You know,” Mika began. “I came to this tournament because I wanted to be the best. You came here for your father’s sake. I believe half of my winnings belongs to you.”

Asuka softly gasped at the offer. “Mika…I couldn’t…you won that fair and square.”

“I know, but it doesn’t hurt to give my wins to a friend in need.”

Tears formed in Asuka’s eyes and she hugged Mika. “Thank you so much. My father would appreciate this.”

It was then that Sakura and Ibuki joined the two girls. They formed a group hug in excitement. “That was a great fight!” exclaimed Sakura. “I’m so glad one of us won.”

“Congratulations Mika,” Ibuki said. “And you did great Asuka.”

“Thanks,” the two girls replied.

When Mika looked up, she saw that everyone had stopped in their places. A confused look appeared on her face. ‘Has time suddenly stopped?’ she thought nervously.

The three other girls noticed Mika’s expression as well. They looked around and saw that everyone had stopped in their places. Sakura almost laughed when she saw Dan carrying the drinks, but now was beginning to trip thanks to a mischief young boy who probably thought Dan was a nerd.

“This is weird,” Ibuki said. “What’s going on here?”

Suddenly, someone moved causing the girls to jump a little. A floating figure in a purple robe glided towards them. The girls became nervous, not sure whether to run, or just be as frozen as the people around them. That was until they all noticed four envelopes in the figure’s hands.

“Looks like he has some sort of message for us,” said Mika.

Soon, the figure was an arm length away from the four of them. The robed-figure quietly passed the envelopes to each girl, each one of them having their names on it. Then, the figure faded away. As soon as it did, time continued once again and everyone moved about as though nothing happened.

“AAHHH!” Dan cried out as he landed on the ground spilling the punches on the floor.

The girls didn’t even hear him. They all stared at the envelopes until they began opening them. They read what was inside, then looked up at each other.

“Another tournament,” said Mika. “What do you think?”

A smile came over Asuka’s face. “I think we should go. This sounds quite different from all the other tournaments. It sounds like a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.”

“I wonder if Ryu will be there?” asked a curious Sakura.

“You sure love talking about this Ryu,” replied Asuka.

“I think it would be great,” Mika replied. “And we’ll get to see which one of us will last the longest in the tournament.”

“I wonder what the prize is?” Ibuki asked.

“I’m sure we’ll know when we get there,” Asuka answered.

The girls began heading off out of the ring. As they did, one of the girls’ invitations fell out of the envelope and landed on the floor. It wasn’t until a moment later that Dan noticed the piece of paper on the floor. Letting curiosity get the best of him, Dan walked over to it, picked it up, and read it to himself. Afterwards, an excited look appeared on his face.

“This shall be a big moment for me!” Dan cried out. “With this tournament, not only will I be showing off my Saikyo style to all of Earth, but I’ll be showing them to all of the universe! I better get to Hong Kong and soon!”

Lifting his head high, Dan marched out of the arena with the invitation in his hand.

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