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Chapter Twenty


“Traitor…” Sindel muttered in anger after being taken down by Tanya.

A sadistic grin was on Tanya face as she approached the Queen with a knife. Sindel’s back was turned to her unaware of what was about to happen.

“Now, you shall die,” Tanya muttered with pleasure.

Jade looked up at that moment. She watched with terror as she saw the traitor, knife in hand, sneaking up behind the unexpected Queen of Edenia!

“SINDEL!” Jade screamed out hoping that the Queen would be alerted.

Luckily, Sindel heard Jade call for her. The Queen was just about to turn around when suddenly, a blur past in front of her and knocked Tanya down. Sindel gasped a little by surprise as Tanya and the figure rolled away. When the rolling stopped, Sindel was able to make out the figure and once again let out a gasp.

“Kitana!” the older woman cried out.

By the look in her eyes, rage filled within the Princess as she struggled against the traitor. At first, the fight was only the two of them scratching, biting, and pulling at each other’s hair until Kitana had enough strength to throw Tanya a few feet away from her. Kitana got herself up and stood in an Eagle Claw fighting stance.

Tanya managed to get herself up. She looked at Kitana as a sadistic smile came upon her face. “So, you’re alive.”

“You’ve almost destroyed all that I had left!” Kitana yelled. “Rain may had got to me, but I won’t let you get away with all that you have done to Edenia and it’s people.”

Tanya let out a maniacal laugh. “Face it dear one…there are more in the army than you think. No matter how many Generals you take down…and even if you take down the Emperor…we shall prevail. Your world and your army are weak.”

“We will prevail, just like last time.” With that, Kitana sprung into action, delivering a kick to Tanya’s side.

Tanya saw the move coming and blocked it with her forearm. Immediately after, Kitana took her elbow and rammed it into Tanya’s face. Blood immediately tricked out from her nose as the yellow-clad traitor stumbled back, holding her nose in pain. The Princess proceeded to throw another punch, but it so happened that Tanya managed to look up in time. She took one hand, her other one still holding on to her bleeding nose, and blocked the incoming move.

During the battle, Jade ran over to Sindel and helped her up.

“My Queen,” the green-clad ninja said worried. “Are you okay?”

Sindel only heard half of what she said. She watched with sad eyes as her own daughter fought with determination against the Edenian traitor. “My daughter…”

“We can’t interfere,” Jade suggested. “Let’s go over to Jax and Sonya.”

For a moment, Sindel watched the fight where she was standing. The older woman had the urge to jump into fight, her motherly instinct trying to get control of her. In truth, she knew that Kitana was now grown and could handle things herself.

Maybe I was too hard on her these last few years,’ the Queen thought. ‘I must let her do her own things without having to worry.

With that, the Queen nodded to her bodyguard. The two began their walk back to the two Special Forces agents as the battle continued.

Steel against steel collided with one another as the long-awaited battle between the swordsman Kenshi and the sorcerer Shang Tsung began. The sorcerer had a small smirk on his face as he fought with the angry swordsman, who clenched his teeth with rage as he fought with all he had, swinging his sword back and forth along with his enemy’s.

For sometime, the battle continued, each fighter holding his own whether he was walking forward or backward. For a while, it seemed as though the battle would end in a draw.

Then, in a surprise, Shang Tsung maneuvered himself to the side, dodging one of Kenshi’s attacks. Following that, the sorcerer landed a punch in Kenshi’s face. Kenshi stumbled back a bit, surprised by the attack.

Shang Tsung raised his sword, ready to deliver a fatal blow, but the swordsman quickly sensed it coming. He quickly got himself up and blocked the blow with his weapon. With their swords, they leaned into one another, trying all their best to overpower the other.

“You may have taken my ancestors’ souls and my vision,” said Kenshi. “But you will not win this fight.”

Shang Tsung smirked more at this comment. “We’ll see about that.”

Quickly, the sorcerer put a hand out, and a blast of fire took the swordsman down. Kenshi crashed into the stoned wall, some debris falling over him. He quickly got himself up despite the pain running up and down his back, then charged after Shang Tsung.

They caught each other’s movements within their weapons, and began colliding the steels back and forth once again. They walked either back or forth again, trying to overpower one another.

Then, they collided their swords with such force that they ended up losing their grips on their weapons. The swords flew a few yards away from the two fighters. The two stood there for a moment, a bit shocked by what just happened. Then, they charged at one another and exchanged various punches and kicks.

This last for sometime before Shang delivered a kick to Kenshi’s abdomen sending him flying backwards. Kenshi landed on the ground. Instead of getting up this time, he laid there in pain.

Shang Tsung realized that victory was lying before him. He slowly walked over to the swordsman, his eyes beginning to glow green. “Now,” the sorcerer said. “I shall continue with what I began with your vision.”

As Shang Tsung put his hand out, Kenshi realized that the sorcerer’s sword was just next to him. The swordsman slowly reached for the hilt and waited for the right moment to strike.

The moment he felt the evil energy beginning to descend upon him, Kenshi quickly used his telekinetic powers to force himself up in high speed. With that, he managed to stab the sorcerer right in the heart.

For a quick moment, the sorcerer looked at him in shock. “I will…return…” he said as he finally collapsed, turning into a lifeless form. Kenshi didn’t bother to take the weapon out of the body. Instead, he used his telekinetic powers to bring his own katana back towards him.

From that moment, a swirl of souls surrounded the dead body. Kenshi could sense the souls. Most of the immediately began descending into the Heavens. A few others surrounded themselves around Kenshi as though they were attracted to the sword he held in his hands.

My ancestors…’ the swordsman thought. ‘They are finally free.

The souls continued to swirl around a bit. Kenshi lifted his sword high in the air. At that moment, the souls of his warrior king ancestors entered the katana, finally in their resting place after many years.

For a moment, Kenshi only stood there in silence. He was able to feel the energy within his sword. After a while, he placed the katana back in it’s scabbard behind him.

Now to go find them,’ he thought. ‘I hope Kitana made it out…

The battle between Kitana and Tanya continued on. At one point, both women pulled out their weapons. Kitana’s fan blades clashed with Tanya’s Kobu Jutsu (elbow blades). The Princess’ allies watched in the shadows, hoping that she would emerge victorious.

The more the two fought, their weapons colliding with one another, the more rage consumed within the Princess. For the sake for her family and loves one, she tried her best to suppress the emotion coursing through her body.

Though the Princess’s anger wasn’t as suppressed as she hoped, Kitana found herself slowly taking over the battle with each angry though surrounded her mind. What Tanya has done Edenia and it’s people…what she and Rain had almost taken away from her…what Rain had done to her…

Tanya was utterly shocked by the new strength coming within the Princess. She knew Kitana was now thinking irrationally and tried her best to take that to her advantage. The thing was…the Princess still had a small degree of her rationality left and wasn’t about to let Tanya take over the battle.

Blow after blow, Tanya began to lose the battle. The Princess soon knocked the elbow blades off of her enemy, then continued with the beating. Her allies nearby were in complete shocked by the Princess’s obvious rage. Though Tanya deserved it, it was becoming too much, one they saw the blood on Kitana’s fists.

“Kitana! That’s enough!” her mother demanded.

Those words fell on deaf ears as Tanya finally fell to the ground in exhaustion. Blood covered her face as she looked up at Kitana in shock.

“You bitch…that was an unfair fight…” Tanya replied.

Kitana lifted up her fan blades. “You know what’s really not fair…your selfishness…it’s because of you that so many had to suffer…and now…you will suffer in Hell!”

With that, Kitana swung her blade down and decapitated Tanya ending her life. At the moment of impact, Kitana herself fell to her knees in exhaustion.

When they knew the fight was over, Sindel, Jade, Sonya, and Jax ran over to the Princess. Sindel immediately took her daughter into her arms and embraced her. “Why?” she whispered.

Tears welled up in Kitana’s eyes. “It’s not like me, I know…I’m sorry mother…I dishonored you and all of Edenia…I let my anger get the best of me…”

Sindel held her closer. “Kitana…I love you with all my heart. No matter what happens, we will always love you.”

“Thank you mother.”

“Let’s wait up for Kenshi and go back home.”

“Um,” Jade suddenly said. “I don’t think we’ll be going home just yet…”

With that comment, everyone realized they forgot a certain someone. They looked over and spotted the large shadowed figure belonging to Outworld’s Emperor…Shao Kahn!

The battle to save Edenia was far from over…


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