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Chapter Twenty-One


Sindel looked down at her daughter Kitana, a small smile appearing on her face. “Let’s wait up for Kenshi and go back home.”

“Um,” Jade suddenly said. “I don’t think we’ll be going home just yet…”

With that comment, everyone realized they forgot a certain someone. They looked over and spotted the large shadowed figure belonging to Outworld’s Emperor…Shao Kahn!

The battle to save Edenia was far from over…

“Shao Kahn,” Kitana said glaring at the Emperor.

No one could tell, but a sadistic grin came upon Shao Kahn’s face under the skull mask he wore over his face. “You’ve done well against my army. Not many survive their encounters. But now, the next challenge comes before you…that challenge…is me!”

“Not that we haven’t figured that one out already,” said a sarcastic Sonya.

Immediately after, the Emperor shot out a green blast of energy from his hand. It came so fast that Sonya didn’t have time to react. The blast hit her, sending her flying across the room with a cry before knocking into the opposite wall and falling into unconsciousness.

“SONYA!” Jax cried out. Before he could get up, he too was hit with a blast of energy, sending him flying towards the same wall. Once he hit it, he too was knocked out.

“There,” Shao Kahn said. “I got the two idiots out of the way.”

Sindel growled at Shao Kahn with anger. “You bastard!” She got herself up and began running after him.

“Mother!” Kitana cried out. She quickly got herself up and began following her.

Jade sighed to herself. “No surprise…” she said to herself before following them, her staff ready to go.

The Queen of Edenia reached the Emperor first. She threw a few punches and kicks at him, but to no avail for he blocked all of them. He then took her by the leg and swung her across the room. Sindel landed on the floor and slid back a few more feet.

Kitana reached him next, her fan blades ready. Shao Kahn saw this and quickly dodged her moves trying to avoid the blades. When he found an opening, he kicked her on the side sending her flying a few feet back and landing next to her mother.

Jade came up next, staff ready in her hands. Immediately, Shao Kahn took out his war hammer and began swinging it at her. Jade dodged out of the way the best she could, but then she made a mistake and was hit in the shoulder blade. She dropped her staff in sheer pain, giving Shao Kahn the opportunity to grab her and throw her across the room. Kitana and Sindel were just getting up, but the flying Jade ended up knocking them back to the floor again. The impact made Jade fall unconscious.

“Jade!” Kitana cried out after realizing that her best friend was now out cold. Her and Sindel set her down to the floor, then they both went back after the Emperor in rage.

At the same time, the mother and daughter teamed up and attempted to land kicks at the Emperor. Shao Kahn blocked both of them. They backed up a bit, and began to attempt more fighting moves at him, but even with two people fighting against him, they were no match for him. Then, a green blast came out of his mouth and hit Sindel, knocking her back. She hit the wall hard and landed on the floor. She wasn’t knocked out, but the immense pain forced her to stay down.

Kitana realized that she was on her own, but she wasn’t about to give up just yet. She went after Shao Kahn once again, fan blades ready. She took one of them and flung it towards him. Shao Kahn dodged out of the way just barely, the blade leaving a small scratch on his arm.

“You expect me to be taken down by a mere blade?” Shao Kahn sneered.

The Princess said nothing as she continued to fight the Emperor. For sometime, they exchanged punches and kicks. Kitana was a bit frustrated, having not been able to land a blow on him. After sometime, she finally did, landing a kick into his abdomen. This angered the Emperor more.

“You bitch!” he screamed out. He landed a hard blow to Kitana’s head and was knocked to the floor with a yelp. She could’ve sworn she saw stars as she tried to regain her blurred vision.

Shao Kahn took the opportunity to take out his sword from it’s scabbard behind his back. He raised it up in the air with the Princess unaware of what was about to happen.

“Now you die!” the Emperor cried out, looking quite forward to finally killing the Princess. He still had the means of turning her and her wretched mother into his life-long slaves and couldn’t wait for that moment to come.

Before he could make the final move, he was suddenly, knocked down by an invisible force knocking him down. Kitana looked up just in time to see this and saw that the Emperor was surrounded by a light blue aura.

There was no mistake of who had just caused this. The Princess looked over and saw her savior Kenshi, his hands and head glowing in the same colored aura. Then, he put his hand down, the auras disappearing.

“Kenshi…” the young woman managed to say.

Shao Kahn managed to get himself up. He looked at the man responsible for the sudden push. “Ah, I see that I have a new challenger,” the Emperor said. “Are you willing to die as well?”

Kenshi said nothing as she got into his katana fighting pose. Shao Kahn got the hint and prepared himself with his sword as well.

“Very well then stranger. I see that you don’t like to talk. You might actually be a worthy opponent.”

With that, both of the charged at one another and began yet another sword duel. Kitana tried to get up, hoping to help Kenshi fight, but she found an invisible force holding her down. She realized then that Kenshi was using his powers to force Kitana not to get involved in the fight. She was a bit anger by his actions, but at the same time, she knew he was protecting her from any further harm.

The battled continued on for sometime. All the young woman could really do was pray that the swordsman would make it out of the fight alive.

She had thought that the battle would last for a long time, but it didn’t the moment she heard steel cutting flesh quickly. Kitana saw the fresh blood on Kenshi’s sword and became relieved that he had finally beaten the Emperor.

But then, at the last second before his torso would fall from his lower half, Shao Kahn shot out a much-larger green blast hoping to take the swordsman down with him. Kenshi let out a cry as he was thrown back. The hold on Kitana was finally released and she quickly got herself up as the Emperor fell to his death.

At the same time, her mother and her allies managed to get themselves up, surprised to find the Emperor dead. They saw Kitana running over to Kenshi, who was down on the ground. The Princess got down on her knees.

“Kenshi!” she cried out. “Are you all right?”

Kenshi let out a small groan and managed to smirk at her. “I’m fine Kitana…”

Kitana then noticed that Kenshi had his hand on his side, which was already drenched in blood. She took his hand away and gasped as she saw a serious wound on his side. She looked around then and saw that when Kenshi was thrown, a spear pointing out from the wall left a deep gash on his side.

“Mother!” Kitana cried out in panic.

Sindel heard her daughter call to her and ran as quick as possible to her. When she saw the wound, she gasped and got down on her knees as well. Jade, Sonya, and Jax caught up to them as well. Once she saw the wound, Sonya immediately took out a bandage and wrapped it around Kenshi’s abdomen.

“We have to get out of here!” cried out Jax as they suddenly felt the palace shake.

“Let’s go then,” Sindel said. They all got up with Kitana and Jax carrying the injured Kenshi out of the palace. They all made their way out just as the palace began to collapse.

“With the Emperor’s death,” whispered Jade as she looked back at the fallen palace. “Comes the death of his palace…”

They began their journey to the portal. The closer they were getting to it, the more Kitana saw that Kenshi was getting paler by the minute.

“Stay with me,” Kitana whispered to him. “I don’t want to lose you again.”

Kenshi forced a smirk. “Don’t worry…I don’t die that easily…”


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