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Chapter Sixteen


As the sun began to rise for the new day, Chun-Li walked out of her house as she said goodbye to her father. She closed the door and began heading to the house next door where Ryu lived.

“Ryu!” Chun-Li cried out. Then she stopped in her tracks when she saw that all of Ryu’s bedroom windows were barricaded with planks. Then, she looked down and saw an unconscious Vega still dressed in his Peter Pan costume.

“What the…” she began to say.

Suddenly, Ryu came running out of his house. “Let’s go Chun-Li!”

“Ryu!” Chun-Li cried out, but she was suddenly grabbed and dragged by her boyfriend to school. A confused look appeared on her face the whole way there.

As they did, Vega woke up. “Ugh, where am I,” Vega said. He looked up and saw Ryu’s house. “I have to stop watching Peter Pan while listening to old MJ music.” He got himself up and walked away.

At the school Library

Everyone in English class had a test today and some of the students were studying in the library.

“STARS!” Mr. Nemesis the librarian cried out for no apparent reason as usual.

Yun and Yang were there as well studying for the test. In between them was Tessa studying for the same test. The boys looked at her and drooled a bit while Tessa has her nose in her book and concentrated on her studies.

After a few minutes of this, Tessa looked up. “Could you boys do me a favor and get me a Literature book?”

“Sure!” the boys cried out. They quickly got up, stared each other down, then raced around the library to see who can find the book first.

Yang turned a corner and finally spotted the last copy of the book…all the way up to. ‘Anything for Tessa!’ he thought. He found a long ladder, pushed it over, then began climbing it. He finally got a hold of the book when it slipped out of his hands and fell into Yun’s.

“Ha ha!” Yun yelled out before running off.

“Oh no!” Yang cried.

Suddenly, the Kool-Aid Man popped out from nowhere. “OH YEAH!” he screamed.

When he came out, he was close to the ladder and knocked it down sending Yang flying. Then, Yang ended up landing inside the Kool-Aid Man. Then, the Kool-Aid Man ran off.

“HELP!” Yang screamed out but to no avail as he is taken out of the library.

Yun managed to get to Tessa and sat on Yang’s chair. “Here you go Tessa.”

“Thank you Yun,” Tessa replied and took the book. “Wait a minute. This is not on Literature…it’s on the history of Captain Crunch.”

“What?” Yun asked all confused.

Suddenly, Captain Crunch came out from nowhere as well. “It’s crunch-a-time!” Then, he grabbed Yun and ran off.

“NOOO!” Yun screamed.

“Bye Yun!” Tessa cried out waving to him.

While that was going on, Li Mei is studying for her test when Scorpion came by pimpin’ as usual. He pulled up a chair and sat next to Li Mei.

“Hello there,” he said in a cocky voice. “Beautiful day isn’t it?”

Li Mei obviously got made and grabbed her melon. “It won’t be a beautiful day for you pervert!”

When she goes to boink him, she actually misses as he dodges out of the way. He made a cocky smile under his mask. “How about you and I get out of here and have some fun!”

Now Li Mei was really mad. “How about only YOU get out of here you pervert!” Finally, instead of boinking him, she manages to shove her weapon into his mouth.

“MMM!” Scorpion cried out. Li Mei continued with her studies as he tried to get the weapon out of his mouth, but to no avail.

Pepper spray was better than this,’ he thought as he got up and walked away.

Period 1- Criminal Justice Class

Mr. Hotaru looked at everyone in the class. “And now, we will be learning about why laws exist. And remember, no question is a stupid question.” Then Adon raised his hand. “What?”

“Didn’t we learn about that last week?”

“Don’t ask stupid questions!”


Suddenly, a whip came out of nowhere, wrapped itself around Adon, and dragged him into a closet. Adon’s screams were heard as the door closes.

“Anymore questions?” Mr. Hotaru asked.


“Now,” the teacher continued. “Laws exist, why? Because this world is full of stupidity and they must be disciplined upon action. Scorpion, do you have anything to imput?

“Mmm, mmm, mmm,” Scorpion tried to speak through the weapon in his mouth.

“Answer me when I call you!”

Suddenly, a cage comes out of the floor and locks Scorpion in.


“Continuing on,” Mr. Hotaru continued looking around the classroom. That’s when he noticed that one of the desks was empty. “Where’s the chaos kid?”

Meanwhile in the boys bathroom, Havik was in one of the stalls with a lit dynamite in his hand. He laughed before randomly shoving it into the toilet.

“Kids, don’t try this at home!” he commanded to you readers before running off.

Seconds later, the entire school hears a weird rumbling amongst the walls. In the girls bathroom, Lilith just entered a stall and noticed the water bubbling.

“What the-” she tried to say. Suddenly, all of the water in the toilets emptied out, then shot right out and onto the ceiling. Lilith screams and attempts to get out of the bathroom (but was already drenched).

All of the pipes in the walls burst and leaked through the ceilings and walls. Everyone screamed and attempted to escape the school when someone pulled the fire drill.

Outside, a not-so-happy Principal Gen sighed. “No surprise this happened…” he mumbled.

Luckily for the students, maintenance spent the next three periods trying to clean up the whole school before they were let back in. However, they weren’t able to fix the pipes or the toilets so the students had to deal with a the only available portable potty outside.

Lunch Time

Rena sighed to herself as she saw the long line that expanded around the school for the bathroom. “It’s a good thing I already went before this all happened.”

Guy sighed as well. “Too bad they won’t let us go anywhere else, on or off campus. Well, let’s go have lunch.”

They entered the cafeteria and passed the bullies who were devising a not-so-nice plan.

“Okay,” said Bison whipping out a box. “These babies are known as Oni Inferno Peppers, made by the Onis in the Netherealm. Only the Onis can withstand this stuff.”

“O! Can we eat them!” cried out Hsu Hao. Mavado, as usual, smacked him over the head. “OWE!”

“You idiot, we’d die if we eat all that!” Mavado yelled.

“So, what are you planning,” said Shang Tsung with curiosity.

“I know!” cried Quan-Chi. “We can use them as rose pedals around the stage for my future ballerina days!”


“You are officially an idiot,” said Baraka.

“So really, what’s the plan?” asked a curious Shadowgeist.

“Well,” said Bison. “I actually took the time to make us all a nice meal for us and the popular girls of Capcom-Midway High School. Just a small pinch will get them going, it’ll be much fun to watch.”

The guys laugh sadistically at the very thought of pulling the prank on the girls.

“Let’s get this going!” cried Mavado.

The guys go up to the popular girls table consisting of Kitana, Jade, Queen-Bee, Pullum, Chun-Li, and Eliza.

“I can’t believe Ken!” cried Eliza. “He promised me that he would take me home after the football game! Not only did Sheeva kidnap him, again, but he also tried to offer a ride to Sub-Zero’s Mom! What’s so special about her anyways?”

“Don’t worry yourself,” said Chun-Li. “I’m sure he was going to give you both a ride home.”

“But I wanted it to be just me and him, we’re barely alone!”

Suddenly, nearby, Sheeva jumped on to the table holding a not-so-happy Ken in her arms.

“Greetings Capcom-Midway!” the female Shokan cried out. “I’m here to announce today that Ken and I are engaged to be married! The wedding will take place after graduation!”

“Hooray!” cried those who had no idea what was going on.

“Whah!” cried Eliza. “Now he’s going to marry her!”

The male bullies heard her then and finally reached them. “Don’t worry,” said Sagat. “There are plenty of fishes in the sea…like us!”

“Like we would date a bunch of jerks like you,” said Pullum folding her arms.

“Well, you might just change your minds in two seconds,” suggested Bison. In lightning speed, he whipped out a table cloth, laid it on the table, placed candles on top, silverware, than the delicious-looking food. Bison made sure to give the pepper loaded ones to the girls and the ones without them to the guys.

“You know,” said Jade. “You boys aren’t so bad after all.”

“Oh we know,” said Baraka.

“Hey!” cried Queen-Bee. “It’s the Evil Monkey from Family Guy!”

“Where?” the guys cried out turning away from the girls. Queen Bee quickly switched the girls’ food with the boys and added extra peppers to the remaining plates.

“Um, never mind, he ran away.”

“Poo,” the guys said and sat down.

“Well, let’s eat!” said Shang Tsung.

“Goodie!” cried Hsu Hao clapping his hands.

The group began eating their food. The guys took one bite when their faces suddenly turned red, almost purple.

“What the…” began Shadowgeist as smoke began coming out of their ears.

The guys started to feel the effects of the peppers with the burning sensation running through their bodies. The girls laugh as they watched them struggle to get cold water. Soon, they all had their water and relaxed.

“Enjoyed the peppers boys?” asked a still-laughing Kitana.

“Yeah, yeah, whatever,” said a not-so-happy Bison.

Suddenly, all of the guys’ stomachs made a very loud rumble, a sign of…

“OH CRUD!” they cried out. Bending a bid back, they ran outside and waited on the very VERY long line to the single portable potty while trying to hold everything in. Everyone laughed as they watched the boys suffer.

“Serves you right!” cried Jade.

After another long day, Capcom-Midway High comes to another end of the day for most students. Though for students like BB Hood, there was still the after school stuff left. On her way to the gym area, she saw that Scorpion STILL had Li Mei’s weapon in his mouth.

“Ha, ha,” said BB Hood. “I see that you still have that weapon in your mouth.”

“MMM! MMM!” Scorpion cried out.

“Well, all right, I’ll get out for you, but I’m doing it because I think I’ll have so much fun with it.”

Scorpion was about to run away, but BB Hood grabbed a good hold of the stick end of it and attempted to pull. In the meantime, Havik saw what was going on and began watching with delight.

BB Hood pulled with all she had and when she finally did, Scorpion’s head went along with it.

“MM! (OWE!) Scorpion cried out.

BB Hood shook the weapon a bit before Scorpion’s head went free. “There we go!”

“That hurt!” whined Scorpion.

“Oh don’t be such a baby.”

“Whee!” Havik cried out as he randomly ripped his head off and tossed it next to Scorpion. “Being weird rules!”

“Can I have my head back?” Scorpion asked.

“Fine, fine,” BB Hood said. She then had a funny idea. She took Havik’s head and placed it on Scorpion’s body, then took Scorpion’s head and placed it on Havik’s head. “There we go,” she said sadistically.

“Hey! This is not my body!” Scorpion cried out.

Havik laughs manically. “Look at me! I’m all muscular!” Havik began flexing the muscles.

“Hey! Give it back!” Scorpion demanded. He began chasing after Havik, who only laughed and ran off.

“That was fun,” BB Hood said before walking off.

Capcom-Midway Volleyball Game

The girls’ volleyball team prepared themselves for their upcoming match again Square-enix High School Chocobos. In the meantime, Ryu and Ken came into the gym and sat down in the bleachers with the rest of the crowds.

“I’m quite surprised football practice ended early today,” said Ryu.

“Well, yeah,” replied Ken. “After what happened to Coach Motaro today, I’m not too surprised.”

The thought of Mr. Motaro being attacked by the Ninja Squirrels (because he was eating a bag of peanuts) came to Ryu’s mind. “Oh yeah, I see.”

Nearby, Noob is dragged to the bleachers by Ermac and they sat near the front.

“Must we go to this stupid game?” complained Noob. “This game is such a pain.”

“Don’t be such a wuss,” replied Ermac. “We are here to watch hot girls play volleyball!”

Noob only grunted and pouted, though you couldn’t really tell.

While Capcom-Midway high waited for Square-enix High to arrive, Coach Mika sat on the sidelines randomly scratching the back of Felicia’s ear.

Kira looked at her with a bit of jealousy in her eyes. “How come she’s not practicing with the rest of us Ms Mika?”

“Because she’s a kitty,” the coach replied. “She’ll come and practice in a few minutes.”

Kira huffed a bit before leaving.

Ms Mika continued with petting Felicia. Then, Mr. Fujin came up to the two of them. “Awe, look how cute Felicia is!” Mr. Fujin cried out.

“-Meow- I know,” said a happy Felicia.

Mr. Fujin was just about to go pet her himself when suddenly, a very angry Blanka came from behind him, grabbed him by the leg pant with his teeth, and began dragging away. Everyone ignored it when Mr. Fujin screamed for help in agony as he was taken right out of the gym.

“What a -meow- bummer,” said Felicia as she ran off to go practice with the rest of the girls.

Back in the audience, Havik randomly came in holding both an Emu and a Llama.

“Eh, Havik,” said Ken who was nearby. “What’s with the Emu and the Llama?”

“Hehe, I don’t know,” replied Havik. “And that’s what’s great about it!”

Maki happened to see them and walked over to them. “Awe, they’re so cute!”

“Wait, I forgot something.” Havik went into his duffle bag and pulled out a live Donkey. “Here we go!”

“EEEEEEEEEEEEK!” Maki screamed out before running off. The donkey spotted Maki and only began walking after her. Afterwards, the entire volleyball team glared at him.

“Eh, sorry, how was I supposed to know she was afraid of donkeys?” said Havik.

At that moment, the Square-enix High School volleyball team walked in. The team consisted of Yuna, Rikku, Paine, Kairi, Sophia Esteed, Tifa Lockheart, and Yuffie Kisiragi lead by Coach Lulu.

“All right girls!” cried out the referee. “Let the game begin! Square-enix Chocobos will serve first!”

All the girls assemble themselves on to the court. Square-enix’s captain, Yuna, was to serve the ball.

“Zero to zero!” Yuna called out. She tossed the ball in the air, then hit it forward into Capcom-Midway’s court. Before it landed, however, the ball suddenly turned into a monster!

“AAAAAAHHH!” the girls cried out. They all ran in different directions as the monster tried to figure out who to chase first.

The referee blew the whistle. “That would be a foul! No monsters in the court! Capcom-Midway takes the ball.”

“Poo, no fair,” cried Yuna.

“Maybe that plan doesn’t work anymore,” said Rikku. “Oh well.”

It never works you idiots, thought Paine.

The game continued on with three sets being played after a tie in the second set. In the end however, Capcom-Midway won the game. The girls celebrated their victory as Square-enix sat down in shame.

Paine began talking to herself then, not realizing she was near Noob. “My friends are a pain. This stinkin’ school is a pain. This volleyball team is a pain. Heck, even my own name is a pain.”

That’s when Noob unintentionally replied. “Everything is a pain.”

Paine turned her head to Noob, who looked at her as well. Out of nowhere, only to them, random Italian opera music began playing as they both became starry eyed.

Suddenly, Havik’s emu and llama let loose and went after the two. The llama spits on Noob and the emu chased Paine down trying to bite her.

“AAHH! EMU’S ARE A PAIN!” Paine cried out.

Noob sighed to himself. “Life is a pain.”

Meanwhile, Ryu and Chun-Li met up by the stands.

“Great game Chun,” said Ryu hugging her.

“Thanks,” Chun-Li replied.

“Well, I have an idea,” Ryu began to suggest. “When you’re ready, we’ll go to dinner, my treat.”

“Oh, that would be great Ryu!” Chun-Li gave Ryu a kiss on the lips them. “I’m going to hit the showers. Meet me outside at the parking lot.” Then, she began heading to the girls’ locker room. Ryu watched until she disappeared.

Well, he thought to himself. In two days is homecoming…


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