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Chapter Twenty-Five
The Final Battle
Part One

 The ten battles begin........

Guile walked over to Kano. Kano spitted and then got into a fighting stance. "Are you ready to try to squeal me like a piggy?" He laughed a little.

Guile got into a fighting stance and gave Kano the most serious look of determination. "Ready and waiting!"

Kano slowly walked up to Guile, his arms raised up. "Hold still so I can cream ya." Suddenly, a red laser came out of Kano's right red eye. Guile dodged out of the way. The laser burned a nearby rock.

"I said hold still," Kano said.

Kano shot the laser at Guile. Each time Kano shot the laser, Guile dodged out of the way. Then, Kano shot the laser out twice in a row. Guile dodged one, but the other one pieced right in his arm. Guile growled in pain and bended down to his knees. He looked at his arm. Blood slowly gushed out.

Kano slowly walked over to Guile and laughed. "Now, hold still again so I can kill you like that skinny skeleton from the tournament."

Guile knew that Kano meant Dhalsim. Then, Guile remembered just how Kano killed him.

Kano jumped in the air, and then performed a high-speed somersault towards Guile.

Guile laughed. "I'll show you a somersault." When Kano was inches away from his head, Guile quickly jumped in the air, quickly brought his legs forward, and managed to kick Kano right under his chin. Kano landed back on the ground with a loud thud while Guile safely landed back on his feet.

Kano got up. "You'll pay for that!"

Kano ran towards him and started throwing series of punches at Guile. Guile managed to block them. Then, he found an opening and kicked Kano right in the stomach.

Guile started to collect energy in his hands. "Dee Jay, Dhalsim......this is for you guys."

Kano got up, not realizing what Guile was about to do.


Guile let the yellow boomerang-shaped energy fly out of his hands. At a very high speed, it hit Kano hand sending him flying high above the air and over the mountains.

"Ha!" Guile cried out in victory. "That's one down!" Then, he heard a scream. Guile turned to the scream and saw something horrifying....

"Come on!" Cammy cried getting into her fighting stance.

The red Lin Kuei robot Sektor wasted no time. Instead of getting into a fighting stance, Sektor ran towards Cammy. Then, he jumped in the air and aimed his foot at Cammy.

Cammy quickly jumped in the air and somersaulted over Sektor. At the same time, they both landed on the ground. Before Cammy could recover from the landing, Sektor quickly kicked her in the face. Cammy almost lost her balance, but she managed to remain her poseur. Then, Sektor started throwing kicks and punches at her. Cammy only managed to block a few of his moves.

Then, Cammy found an opening. She performed a kick to Sektor's side and managed to jump back away from him.

Suddenly, Sektor teleported behind Cammy and gave her a hard punch in the head. Cammy fell forward to the ground. As she did, Sektor grabbed her by the legs and began to spin her rapidly. Then, he let her go. Cammy flew towards the wall and hit her side. She tumbled to the ground.

Sektor ran towards her again. As he does, Cammy quickly got up ignoring her dizziness. "Cannon drill!" she cried. She spun her body low to the ground, her feet towards Sektor. She managed to trip Sektor who fell hard to the ground. Cammy slowly got up still feeling dizzy, but did her best to ignore it.

Then, Cammy jumped in the air and did a hand stand on Sektor's shoulders. Then, she took him by the neck and, with her body, twisted it. Sektor's head ripped right off, sending electric sparks. Cammy quickly let go and let herself fall to the ground.

Cammy lied on her back breathing heavily and looked up at the dark sky. "Damn," she said. "I *gasp* I *gasp* I actually *gasp* beat him."

Then, she heard a loud scream. Cammy looked over to see where it came from........

Ryu and Baraka looked at each other, both with determination on their faces. Ryu got into a fighting stance.

Baraka raised his Bone Kamas up and ran towards Ryu. Ryu jumped in the air and kicked Baraka in the face. Baraka ignored the pain and attempted to stab Ryu with his blade. He completely missed as Ryu dodged out of the way.

As Ryu landed, Baraka let out a battle cry and started swiping his blades at him. Ryu would jump, duck, or step over to the side.

Then, as Ryu jumped, Baraka managed to scratch Ryu with one of the blades in the shin.

Ryu growled in pain. As he landed, he rolled quickly out of the way so he could have a little more time to recover. He started to collect energy in his hands as Baraka ran after him.

"Hadouken!!!" Ryu cried out. He let the energy out of his hands. Ryu was surprised when Baraka dodged out of the way of the energy.

"Damn," Ryu said under his breath. He got up ignoring the pain in his leg.

When Baraka was two feet away, Ryu jumped in the air, put one leg out, and started spinning rapidly hitting Baraka in the face.

"Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku!!!!" Ryu cried out. He then heard a snapping of a bone breaking into two. Ryu landed back on the ground. Baraka's now- lifeless body fell backwards on the ground.

Ryu looked down at his dead opponent for a minute, the wind blowing hard making his red bandana flap hard in the air. Then, Ryu heard a scream. Ryu turned to the voice........

Ken smiled at his opponent Sheeva. "Hey, I remember you."

"Yeah," Sheeva said. "You're that little runt that made those comments."

"HEY!!" Ken cried. "Who are you calling a runt?"

"Maybe if you didn't call me a mean, ugly lady, I wouldn't have called you a runt." She got into a fighting stance. "Now let's get this over with."

Ken got into a fighting stance as well, his face now looking serious. "Bring it on."

Suddenly, Sheeva jumped high in the air, her feet towards Ken. Ken dodged out of the way as she stomped on the ground making the ground shake a little.

"Whoa!" Ken cried out almost losing his balance. As Sheeva recovered, Ken took the opportunity to quickly run towards her and started throwing series of punches and kicks at Sheeva. Sheeva blocked some of them, but not a lot.

"Ha!" Ken cried. "This fight is a lot easier than I thought."

Suddenly, with her two right arms, Sheeva threw a hard punch at Ken's jaw and side. Ken pulled back a little to recover.

Sheeva laughed a little. "You think so now?"

She suddenly disappeared then reappeared in the air, her feet towards Ken. Ken saw her and dodged out of the way. Sheeva stomped on the ground again.

Ken saw an opportunity as she ran over to him. Ken lifted his right fist up and jumped in the air.

"SHIN-RYU-KEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" he cried out. As he hit Sheeva under her chin, his arm turned into flames. One part of the flames set her red attire on fire quickly igniting her body into flames.

"Whoa!" Ken cried dodging out of the way. He watched as Sheeva quickly burns into nothing but ashes.

Ken looked at his fist. "That never happened before!" He shrugged. "Must be because she's from a different race."

Then, he heard an ear-piercing scream. Ken turned to the noise......

Liu and Rolento walked over to Motaro.

Rolento spun his baton around in circles. "You ready for this?"

Liu got into a fighting stance. "I'm ready all right."

Motaro laughed. "You two ready to die?"

"I think that goes for you," said Liu.

The two good fighters stared at Motaro for a minute. Then, the Centaur ran after them, his hooves galloping into the ground.

Liu put his hands out. A fireball came out of his hands. Then, Motaro did the same thing. Their fireballs collided into each other creating a small explosion.

Rolento jumped after him hitting his baton hard against Motaro's head. It didn't seem to hurt Motaro as he grabbed Rolento and threw him over to the side. Rolento hit a wall making him a little weak.

"Rolento!" Liu cried. He growled at Motaro.

Motaro laughed. "You really think you can win this by yourself?"

"You never know," Liu replied. He jumped in the air and flew towards Motaro, his feet towards him. He attempted a bicycle kick, but Motaro blocked the move. Just like with Rolento, Motaro grabbed him and threw him towards a wall. Liu fell to the ground.

Rolento got up and ran towards Motaro with a grenade in his hand. "Take this!" he cried. He ripped the pin out of the grenade and threw it at Motaro. An explosion occured, the smoke separating Rolento and Motaro.

After a minute of waiting, Rolento smiled. "That takes care of him."

What Rolento didn't realize was that Motaro's tail slowly sneaked towards him.

Liu was the only one who saw this. "ROLENTO!!!!!"

Suddenly, the tail quickly dashed towards Rolento and stabbed him right through his back and out his stomach. Rolento let out an ear-piercing scream of pain. Then, his body went limp.

Guile, Cammy, Ryu, and Ken, all who were finished with their battles, turned to the lifeless Rolento and saw him with horror in their faces.

"Rolento!!" Ken cried as he and the others ran to his aid.

Motaro appeared through the smoke with Rolento at the end of his tail. "Just like this one, you will all die."

He swiped his tail, letting go of Rolento. Rolento flew in the air and over the mountain.

Guile looked at Motaro with anger. "For that, you'll not live to see another minute!"

Liu slowly got up. "Let's combine our powers!"

"Right!" everyone else cried out.

Motaro only laughed and got into a fighting stance. "Let's see you all try."

Guile looked at Cammy. "Stand back. We're all going to use our energy sources."

Cammy nodded and stood back.

Guile, Ryu, and Ken collected energy in their hands. Liu got ready to fire.

"Sonic Boom!"




All four of them released their powers. The four powers unite together and hit Motaro, causing him to explode. The five of them, including Cammy, shield themselves from all the bones, blood and flesh.

"Eck," cried Cammy. "Now I need to shower."

"Unfortunately," said Liu. "We have no time for that."

Guile looked up. "We have beaten our opponents, but the battle still continues. We can't let anyone else die!" He then shouted out, "Rolento, for you and your wife, we will win this!!!"

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